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Yi Ti felt truly defeated by a certain deceptive alien’s Godly line of thinking!

He confessed, he apologized, he proposed……

What kind of thinking mode was this?

Normal people couldn’t do it!

Thinking of this, she felt weak. This guy was too strong and undoubtedly the greatest enemy she encountered in her life!

“Xiao Ti?” Cecil looked puzzled at Yi Ti’s “heaven falling and earth rending” expression. He didn’t understand why she responded this way. Simultaneously, he was quite stunned, is she so unwilling that she looked like this? If she refused……what should I do?

“I said,” Yi Ti pulled her hand out of this guy’s palm, “You……”


“Just stop before going too far! ! !” Smack!

An alien was somewhat startled at being swatted and flew on top of the bed, but he immediately whispered: “Your brother will wake up.”

“I……” Yi Ti, who wanted to say “I don’t care,” subconsciously lowered her voice. No doubt, her brother’s deterrence overwhelmed the mood that was taking over her heart. Once the momentum was interrupted, it’s really unsustainable. Moreover, she can’t blame Cecil. The customs on his planet were really different from Earth. After she took a deep breath, she walked to the bed, looked Cecil who had sat up, and said, “Since you searched for related information, you should know that our customs here are completely different from yours.”

“En, I know.” Cecil nodded.

“Now that you know, why did you still……” say those deceptive words!

“Because I’m Suhtannian, so I thought I should confess to Xiao Ti in my custom.”

He spoke frankly, so much so that she felt speechless.

“But, Xiao Ti is a human, so you can answer me in the Earth way.”

“……” He also made it very clear. Having said that, Yi Ti was a little curious, “The Earth way?”

The young man earnestly answered: “There’s still one more step called 『falling in love』 between us. If you answered my confession, we will enter this process. After some time, we can get married, then we’ll be mom and dad.”

Yi Ti only felt she couldn’t laugh or cry. It seemed like this guy did a lot of research. But, undeniably, he was really serious about it. Is this the so-called “relationship snare on the promise of marriage?” She didn’t expect to receive such a complete confession.

Don’t know why but her mood suddenly became relaxed. At the same time, there was a hint of a bad taste in her heart, so she asked: “What if I refuse?”


The youth’s eyes dimmed, the faint light of his hair gradually faded, he looked really pathetic. He slowly lowered his head, then answered: “I don’t know.”

“Have you considered this situation?” He was so assured she’ll agree, this feeling of being “eaten to death” made Yi Ti a little upset.

“I dare not think……” Cecil extended his right hand, pressing it to his heart. The Sutahnnas also have a heart. He was human right now, so his heart was in his chest area, “I always feel like I’ll be very sad.” Just like now.

On his planet, every Sutahnnian who failed in their confession would get everyone’s comfort. On that day, everyone would meet his every wish as much as possible and as long as it wasn’t excessive. He used to think they had it good and only now did he knew that even if he got all his wishes granted, the pain in his heart would not decrease even a little.

Yi Ti awkwardly scratched her hair. She originally just said it casually but didn’t expect him to become like this. She didn’t want to make him sad. She had nothing to gain from it, and……she would also become upset.

She coughed softly: “I said 『if』, I didn’t mean I’d actually……”

“That!” The young man looked up sharply, expectation flashing in his eyes, “Xiao Ti, do you mean……”

Yi Ti had to admit, she really had a bit of affection to this guy in front of her……okay, maybe more than just a bit. Maybe this kind of feeling had already existed when he was in his slime state but had been deliberately ignored and it didn’t come out until this guy became human. Speaking of which, did I have such a fetish? But even if he returned to what he was before, she still wouldn’t feel any discomfort. So……aren’t my tastes quite heavy? No no no, that’s not true!

The point was——it’s too sudden. This guy’s sudden attack really scared her, so she was a little confused.

And, she always thought there’s something wrong, where is it?

She thought for a moment, then finally got the answer——

“Cecil, I think you missed another step.” No wonder she felt awkward.

A certain alien was surprised: “Really? What is it?”

“En……” Yi Ti thought about it, how do you call the ambiguous period where friends became lovers? But the word ambiguous didn’t seem to fit right now, “Anyway, before confessing, there should be a 『chasing』 part.” She also responded in an “academic tone.”


“It should be……right.” Yi Ti, a novice in this regard, replied with uncertainty. Actually, she was right. This guy never chased her. She hadn’t experienced being chased at all, so the feeling was too sudden. Yesterday, everyone was still good friends, then they suddenly got married today……she felt it was a pity when she thought about it. As a woman, wouldn’t it be regrettable to have never experienced such a thing?

Although in the final analysis it was just a form.

Otherwise, just let him go through a trial? If he performed well……

“So it’s like that.” Cecil has a “learned something” look, then he stood up and pushed Yi Ti to the side, “You run.”

“What?” Yi Ti was stunned, “Why would I run?”

“How can I chase you if you don’t run?”

Yi Ti: “……” She was defeated again! ! !

“? ? ?”

“Forget it, I was only joking,” She covered her face, “you go back.”


“Go back!” Yi Ti pushed Cecil out with both hands. This guy was sent directly to the bathroom and as he went through the door, she said, “Hurry back!”


“And also, for today’s matter……” Her voice lowered, “Don’t tell my brother for the moment.” If her brother knew he came to her in the middle of the night, don’t know what he’ll do. She didn’t want to compensate the hotel for any damages.


Silence returned to the room.

After a while, Yi Ti whispered: “Still there?”

“Yes.” There was an immediate response.

“……why are you still here?”

“Don’t know.” The other honestly responded, “But I just don’t feel like it.”

“……go back, it’s very late, I’m going to bathe then sleep.”


Immediately, she heard “xi xi suo suo” from the bathroom.

After a while, Yi Ti carefully opened the door, it was really empty. She slowly exhaled then inadvertently seeing herself in the mirror——blushing and with bright eyes.

She unconsciously twisted the faucet. With hot water flowing out, creating fog, and shrouding the mirror in white mist, she could no longer see that figure.

She thought she would lose sleep this night, but she actually slept very well.

Opening her eyes the next day, it was already nine in the morning.

Yi Ti, who hadn’t slept that well for a long time, stayed in bed for ten minutes before getting up lazily. After stretching her muscles, she then went to the bathroom to freshen up.

When she took out her usual toiletries from the space, she subconsciously turned his head, looking at the half-open window, imagining someone climbing inside, and unconsciously smiled.

After a while, she heard a knock.

Yi Ti, who had just finished washing up, opened the door, not surprised to find her brother and an alien who finally knew to walk through the front door. The latter also carried breakfast.

“Put the things on the table.” Yi Shao waved his hand, speaking quite imposingly.

“Oh.” Cecil obeyed.

But Yi Ti unexpectedly found that Cecil’s face didn’t seem to be very good, what happened? Did he climb the window last night and was caught by my brother? No, if he was caught, her brother would not let him appear in front of her again, not to mention enter the room with breakfast.

What the hell is going on?

Although confused, she also knew that this was not the time to ask questions. Her brother was super smart. In case something clued him in, it would inevitably trigger a tragedy of massive proportions.

“Xiao Ti, today I can finish all my things and we can go back.” During the meal, Yi Shao said, “But since we’re here, we can also play before going back, just go out and travel. There are still some sights to see in this city, so want to go together?”

“Okay.” Yi Ti quickly agreed.

Anyway, she had almost explored the city she lived in since she was dragged by her colleagues everywhere after work, there was nothing new. Since she came to a new place, it’s better to play, and, this was the first time she’d be with her brother and……Cecil while traveling. She’s looking forward to it!

“That’s set then.” Yi Shao nodded, “I’ll go to the hospital again this morning, then let’s go to the nearby attractions in the afternoon.” Although he said it casually, the route and other related preparations have already been made. He knew his sister very well and he had a 90% of nailing what she liked, but even if she eventually chose to go back, that’s also nothing. Anyway, he came to see her on National Day, so as long as he could see her, everywhere was fine.

“Can I go with you to the hospital?”

“You want to go?”

“En, I would like to see their situation.” Although there should be no problems, it wasn’t a bother to take another look.

“Then let’s go together later.” Yi Shao also looked up, “How about you? Jockey boy.”

“I’ll go too.” Cecil didn’t care about the other party calling his name wrong, this was not the first time anyway.

After eating, the three cleaned up, then went to the hospital together.

Yi Ti quietly observed the situation of Song Yan and his wife. They’re really better than yesterday. She could be relieved. However, Han Rong’s mood was still a bit unstable. After thinking about it, she still decided not to disturb her.

Taking advantage of Yi Shao being preoccupied, Yi Ti whispered to Cecil: “What happened to you? Your face looked bad.” Others wouldn’t know, but she knew very well, he didn’t need to rest like a normal human, so he never had the problem of insomnia.

“I searched for information about 『chasing』 yesterday.”

“……and then?”

The young man rarely answered weakly: “Earth relationship behaviors are really too complicated, I can’t find any logic at all.”

Yi Ti: “……” You’re blackening it again! But she was really curious, what kind of information can make him look like this. So, “What have you learned?”

Cecil thought about it then took out the wallet that Yi Ti especially prepared for him before going out, withdrew a few hundred yuan bills from it, tucked it to her arms and said: “This is the money you want, from today on, you’re mine!”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey!

Alien 81: Say It Seriously
Alien 83: Sentimentality Led To Tragedy

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