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It’s no coincidence that Yan XiXing, Jing Yuan, and Ding Yuan came to this city at the same time. In fact, aside from them, there were others here too. Where in the world is it a coincidence? So many practitioners of the new generation have gathered in the same place at the same time, there must be a reason.

And there’s a good chance it’s the same reason.

And the other reason was一 as soon as “Orange Grape Juice” appeared, she caused a commotion.

Although she didn’t disclose any relevant information on the forum, if they really want to check, they could trace it.

For example, her(the average person wouldn’t think of a man with this name. Otherwise, it would be a mark of shame! )task completion rate quickly became 1, and she could only accept tasks that were Black Iron or Open. Plus, she’s a Plant Cultivator, so the task undertaken was probably related to potions. After three or two screenings, “TianLi ZhaoZhao’s” post appeared in front of these people.

The practitioner named TianLi ZhaoZhao did not deliberately hide his information, so many people knew his city. And then, these people came here. Since he never thought about hiding, it’s only a matter of time before they knew his true identity.

Of course, if the internal management of the forum was called, the city where Yi Ti lived would be immediately determined——the problem was, it’s absolutely impossible to do such a thing. This was an iron rule established after forming the forum, no one can violate it and even diamond members were no exception. There was no airtight wall on the wall. Once someone crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed, there would be more people trying to go over. An embankment of a thousand miles could be destroyed by a mountain of ants, the will of the people would loosen, and the “boundaries” set up would also disappear.

And so, even if it’s troublesome to do it this way, these people still came to this city.

The same was true for Yan XiXing, but unlike everyone else, he also shouldered the task of strengthening the seal for Li ShuCheng——the latter’s admission to the hospital again was the best indicator of “the seal weakening.”

He just didn’t expect that Li ShuCheng actually had something to do with “TianLi ZhaoZhao,” or rather, he was the first patient treated publicly after “Orange Grape Juice” appeared in the circle. He had to say, this was an amazing coincidence.

By chance, Yan XiXing, who wanted to do this and then look for “Orange Grape Juice” became the first person to get a clue, this had to be an amazing coincidence.

And just then, the door opened.

Li PengBin and his old friend, Xiang TianHua, walked into the ward and unexpectedly found that two people were already inside. The old man was wearing a red Tang suit and though not that tall, he had strong momentum. His hair was completely white, his beard shaved clean, and he acted like he’s not old. The young man beside him was wearing a similar but white Tang suit, looked very handsome, had an indifferent temperament and didn’t look old. At first glance, he looked like a junior.

“You are……” Li PengBin was confused. In these years, he had never seen Yan XiXing.

“You are……” The same words, but Xiang TianHua was shocked. This old man and this young man……felt so imposing.

At this time, Yi Ti didn’t know that a conversation was happening somewhere about her and didn’t even know that people were looking for her all over the world. What’s more, those who tried to find her were actually……people she met coincidentally.

Right now, she was devoting herself to the tourism industry.

As we all know, it’s a very sad thing to travel during the National Holiday. There were people everywhere and many times, you’d look around and only see a sea of people. This city with many tourist attractions was no exception.

But, Yi Ti didn’t find anything wrong. This was probably because of who she was traveling with, her brother and……an alien who always looked out of place. And so, she had a great time this holiday.

Of course, it would be better if Cecil was not always drawing near. She didn’t know where he learned these “chasing methods” but she really can’t stand it!

Halfway through, she had to forcibly stop him. Also, probably because this guy’s chasing technique was too strange, when her brother hit him, he thought he was performing the “customs of an alien planet,” so he also watched with interest for a while.

Yi Ti really……!

Their merry time passed by quickly. In the blink of an eye, the National Day holiday was over.

Because several people played from the day before the holiday, Yi Shao decided to take a bus directly back from the station here while Yi Ti would take another bus to her city. Before leaving, she packed up all the potions that her brother could use, and brainlessly gave it to him. She also asked Cecil if her brother could use the genetic modification potion. Unfortunately, he answered, “yes he can, but it would hurt.”

The reason why Yi Ti did not feel any pain when using it was that her physical quality had been promoted by the spiritual water before. However, when Yi Shao used it, he might feel pain. There was only him in the house over there, so how could she be relieved? As soon as the spiritual water left the space, Yi Ti could not take it to her brother at all, how could she be relieved to give him the genetic modification potion? So this matter could only be stopped.

She thought she’d give it to him when she had the chance or when she went to see her brother during the New Year. If she stayed with him, she wouldn’t worry about him using this potion. But it’s definitely not now. Her brother had a lot of work after National Day for something to happen to him now. It’d be better to take it when he’s idle.

With this complicated thought, they went around the corner.

Yi Shao bought his tickets earlier, so he needed to board first. After sitting in the waiting room for a while, the check-in time was coming soon.

Yi Shao stood up with his small suitcase then smilingly said to the younger sister who stood up with him: “I’m leaving.”

“Brother……” Yi Ti reached out and hugged the young man in front of her, put her head on his chest, then dully said, “be careful on your way.”

Yi Shao laughed. He lowered the suitcase in his hand and patted the back of the girl with both hands: “Okay okay, how come you’re so coquettish?” Cough cough, although he said that, his heart was actually very happy, “Otherwise you can sneak into my suitcase, and I’ll take you back?”

“……that kind of thing is impossible!”

“Good girl, good girl……” The young man touched the head of the woman in his arms, coaxing her softly like a kid, “I’ll see you as soon as I’m free, okay?”


“Xiao Ti.”


“You have to be good.”


Feeling the warm and familiar atmosphere of her brother, Yi Ti’s heart swelled with warmth. It’s not that the siblings hadn’t experienced any partings, but almost every time they separated, she left first. When the older brother came a few times, he never let her send him to the station. She thought she already knew why her brother did this……

Yi Ti watched the young man walk farther and farther away, thinking about what her brother said when he finally left. With a sour nose, her eyes gradually blurred.

He can’t let his loved one watch because she’d be very sad.

Not far away, the body of the young man stiffened. As if he felt something, he turned sideways, waved to this side, then, completely disappeared from her sight.

“Xiao Ti……” Cecil looked at Yi Ti, who kept sniffling and wiping her eyes, feeling terribly uncomfortable. He carefully spread his arms, then whispered, “Let me hug you, okay?” Maybe you wouldn’t be so sad.

A hug was born naturally.

Yi Ti buried her head in the young man’s chest, smelling the warm and familiar atmosphere that was different from her brother, and gradually felt that she’s no longer so sad.

Cecil extended his hand, with one hand around her waist and adjusting his strength based on her body’s response, then the other gently patted her back, trying to make her more comfortable, even just a little bit.

National Day was over. There were many people in the waiting area, so such a scene was already a “universal phenomenon” at this moment. But because of Cecil’s outstanding appearance, the two still caught the attention of many people. However, both people did not care about this and just quietly enjoyed the warm hug.

After a little while, Yi Ti, who felt much better, did not want to move as she asked in their current position: “Cecil, what did brother tell you when you’re alone before?”

“Can’t say.”

“……another talk between men?”


“……” How many things do they have in common?

Yi Ti was helpless but didn’t follow up. She didn’t want to bother Cecil. The latter remembered what Yi Shao said to him before leaving and secretly determined, I will take good care of Xiao Ti and never give her brother a chance to “find a new brother-in-law!” Although……it seemed a bit difficult, he will work hard!

“Xiao Ti.”


“The ticket checking time is almost over.”

“……why didn’t you say so earlier?” Yi Ti jumped up like a rabbit whose tail was stepped on, looked at the clock in the waiting hall, then pulled Cecil toward the ticket gate, waving the ticket in her hand and shouting at the staff who was preparing to close the small iron door, “Wait! ! !”

Cecil watched her jump like a rabbit with eyes bent and a very gentle smile that he didn’t even realize.

But, for Yi Ti who was about to ride a plane, jumping like a rabbit was an accurate “representation,” because……as soon as she got on, she became a “dead rabbit” who “only have a breath of life and on the brink of death.”

This time, she was not so lucky. The ticket they bought was in the middle. Fortunately, their tickets happened to be side by side, so they’re not separated. Otherwise, she’d really cry.

In this way, under constant yawns and tears, Yi Ti finally set out on her way home.


Alien 84: They're Not Friends
Alien 86: Come, Take It Off

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