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She didn’t think there was a problem but Cecil was shy. Although most mimics didn’t require clothes (jelly and pinballs in clothes are too weird! ), but he can’t be naked after becoming human, right? Especially after he was taught not to undress in front of Xiao Ti. He checked specifically and found this was undoubtedly very bad. But, if Xiao Ti really wanted to do this……

Tangled, he blushed and bowed his head while tugging his clothes. The daughter-in-law then said: “Is it necessary?”

Yi Ti: “Uh……” Then she realized what she said just now and became instantly embarrassed. After coughing several times, she also blushed and tilted her head, “O-of course not in front of me!” After that, she shoved the clothes into Cecil’s arms, “Go ahead and change!” After thinking about it, she shoved another piece of paper, “this is how to wear it.”

“Oh.” Cecil couldn’t say whether he’s disappointed or relieved while nodding. Holding the clothes, he obediently walked into the bedroom.

Yi Ti touched her chin behind his back. She found that this guy always ran to her bedroom. All his belongings were in her room which she didn’t realize until now, but now that she did, it turned out that he invaded her life very early on, or rather, he became part of her life.

How to say it?

When she thought about it, she seemed a little embarrassed, but also a bit happy.

Thinking about it, she hummed a tune, then packed up the box on the coffee table. Her two sets were not mailed together. The seller mentioned it when shopping, the women’s clothing she chose was temporarily out of stock, so she said at the time that men’s clothing could be mailed first and the women’s could be delivered later. Looking at the letter of apology enclosed by the shop indicating that the clothing would still be late, it looked like she had to wait for a while.

It’s a pity, she also wanted to take a photo with Cecil.

After a little while, the bedroom door opened, and the young man came out. While walking, he was pulling uncomfortably at the wide sleeves. He looked at her foolishly and said: “Is this the right fit?”

Yi Ti silently lifted up the already prepared phone, the “kacha kacha” sound of taking pictures echoed. Cecil in hanfu (traditional Han Chinese dress)——get!

Although someone was an alien wearing the traditional clothes of a dynasty, he really felt like a “noble like jade.” Regrettably, it’s a different era right now, so the hanfu she bought can’t really consist of three parts: underwear, middlewear, and outerwear. It can only be a simplified version with the patterns and fabrics completely different from the past. It’s just that a family’s status was based on the garment’s length and there were different styles. Yi Ti chose what she thought was the most graceful and elegant deep coat.

He was wearing the white version now. The hem and belt were blue with bamboo leaf patterns. Light blue hair with faint fluorescent light fluffed out, a few strands on both sides sliding down the shoulder and more were incomparably scattered behind. For some special reason, his hair was almost dry, but still exuding the unique moist breath after washing. The whole person looked watery, and even looked at her with those blue eyes of the same moisture……

Yi Ti silently covered her nose: “Turn around.”

Cecil, although embarrassed, turned around obediently, and let her continue shooting.

“Face me!”

“Kacha kacha……”

While happily taking pictures, Yi Ti thought she had to make sure to create a special file to put……wait, why is this behavior so familiar?


Her smile froze, isn’t this exactly the hobby of her own brother? She had always secretly spurned this, but now that she became like this……

Should we say that the power of inheritance is huge?

Still, a beast named “pervert” that had been hiding in her heart made a terrible growl——”I want to shoot……I want to collect……” Ah, so tired, can’t feel the love.

Cecil looked strangely at the woman who suddenly became depressed, asking in doubt: “Xiao Ti, what happened to you?”

“……nothing.” TAT

He was even more puzzled. She didn’t look like she’s okay at all. She was obviously very spirited, but all of a sudden became like this.

The young man thought about it, then came forward, held her carefully with one hand, and gently patted her back with the other hand. At the station, if he comforted Xiao Ti like this, she never cried again. It should be useful now, right?

Yi Ti was initially stunned but immediately rested her head on his chest with peace of mind. Right now, she had a strong sense of peace and belonging. It’s like after traveling for so long, she was finally home.

She took a deep breath, then smiled naturally: “Cecil, you smell of milk.” There were obviously two bottles of shower gel at home, but he always used this one.

“This way I can have the same smell as Xiao Ti.” He said half and after thinking about it, replied rigorously, “The rough smell is the same, but when you read it, you’ll find……”

“That’s enough.” Yi Ti rubbed his chest helplessly, motioning him not to destroy the current “atmosphere”——apparently, the first half of the sentence sounded very touching. She suddenly noticed something, “Cecil, your hug is very warm.” Even before this, it seemed to be the case many times before, “Did you adjust your temperature?”

Cecil nodded slightly.

Summer was over, if Xiao Ti held the cold him, she’d catch a cold.

“This is really amazing.” But, after her life turned upside down, how could such a thing scare her?

Yi Ti, who regained her spirits, happily reached out her hand: “Let me comb your hair!” She wondered in her heart, should I give Cecil a higher ponytail or tie his hair loosely? But it’s also good to slide it down his right shoulder, the other side is also fine, and……

“En.” The “obedient” Cecil did not know that he and his hair would get into a lot of trouble. Don’t forget, on the sofa was another set of hanfu in black with pure red clouds.

But, even if he knew, it wouldn’t matter.

This kind of thing would not cost him much physical strength, and, when Xiao Ti was happy, he would also be happy.

Then, Yi Ti’s “new folder” had nearly one G content on the first day of its appearance. Cough cough, it’s really “the student surpasses the master” ah! Based on the premise that she was not mentally comfortable during the day, she yawned for the first time with subsequent yawns “visiting” one after another.

“Xiao Ti, rest when you’re sleepy.” Cecil removed the digital camera from Yi Ti (she even thought about going to buy a DSLR midway) and set it aside. Although he didn’t care about being photographed, after being filmed for so long, he also had a slight psychological shadow on this kind of thing. The same was true for the “kacha kacha” sound.

“Makes sense.” Yi Ti yawned again, wiping the tears that overflowed physiologically from the corners of her eyes, “Then I’ll go to sleep.” After that, she turned around, rubbing her eyes as she walked toward the bedroom. Approaching the door, she pushed it open, fumbled to turn on the lights that Cecil turned off before(He had amazing talents in being a “housewife” and knew he needed to save electricity and water! )subconsciously raised her head, and unexpectedly discovered that someone was actually behind her. Scared a little bit, she had a bad hunch, “What? You even want to coax me into sleep?”

He looked at her expectantly: “Can I?”


Look down.

“Even if you pretend to be pitiful!” For some principles, Yi Ti was very firm, but she also knew that it’s unlikely for this simple guy to make a fuss, so she curiously asked, “why are you following me anyway?”


“If you don’t say it, I’ll go in then.”

When Cecil heard this, he finally raised his head. As if doing some psychological construction, he then reached out his hands and held her cheeks. Hot fingers touched her bangs, baring her forehead.

He leaned down slightly.

Yi Ti only felt that a good smell waft over, her whole body became hot in just a moment, and immediately after, there was a warm touch on her forehead.

This seemed to be the second time he’d done this, but it’s not as hurried as before. Cecil’s lips rested on her forehead for a moment and after seemingly rubbing twice, he reluctantly left.

After doing all this, some guy didn’t hang his head like he did last time, nor did he desperately hide. Although his face was still blushing, he blinked and blinked, then looked at her tenderly again.

“What was that for?” Yi Ti stroked her forehead like last time, but not as panicked as before, just smiled and asked, “Is it to comfort me again?”

Cecil shook his head, his perfectly shaped soft lips moved slightly, spitting out the words: “Goodnight kiss.”

Yi Ti laughed out loud: “A way of chasing people again?”

“En.” He looked at her carefully, this time, she didn’t seem to hate it?

An alien was always taking notes in his mind, Xiao Ti hates giving money, hates poetry, likes to be piggybacked and good night kisses……

“Okay, good night.”

Yi Ti said so, took a few steps into the room, and after waving at him, closed the door.

Cecil: “……” QAQ

He reached out his hand in disappointment, wanting to pull open the door again, tearfully thinking: Xiao Ti, you forgot to give me one……

At this moment, Yi Ti, who penetrated the bed, felt this sad resentment and shivered. She nervously glanced around, then felt it was funny. Her master’s formation was in the room, so weak monsters or ordinary ghosts couldn’t get in a tall, what was she worried about?

Then, she closed her eyes safely.

A few minutes later, she bounced off the bed: Bad! I forgot to call brother!

After Yi Ti rummaged on the bed, she smacked her forehead, then immediately jumped off the bed and rushed out the door.

The originally “disheartened” Cecil saw her come out and immediately regained his spirit. Then he saw her ignore him, and rush directly to the sofa. After rummaging for a while, she took out a phone and after speed dialing, shouted rather charmingly——


“Cough cough, no, of course, I didn’t forget to call you~~I was too tired when I came back, so I fell asleep on the sofa, and just woke up.”

“Of course it’s true~~~”

*The wavy lines represent her strong guilty conscience!

Cecil: “……” Please don’t ignore me. TAT

Alien 86: Come, Take It Off
Alien 88: Trailer Release Reaction

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