Alien 88: Trailer Release Reaction

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After making the call, Yi Ti wiped her cold sweat.

That was dangerous!

If she really forgot to call today, her brother would be very aggrieved for a few days after that. She could almost imagine his sour tone. Fortunately, she remembered, otherwise, it’d be a tragedy.

She secretly rejoiced, then walked back to the bedroom while holding a mobile phone.

She walked to the door and found someone still standing there, she asked strangely: “Why are you still here?”

“……” TAT

“……” W-what happened? That aggrieved expression, did she do anything bad?

Yi Ti thought about it carefully and didn’t notice anything wrong. Obviously, before she went to bed (? )the atmosphere was still very good, why was he suddenly complaining? It seemed like this man’s heart was like a cloud in autumn, always changing!

“What’s wrong?” Yi Ti tilted her head, reached out and pulled his hair, “Why don’t you say it so I know?”

Cecil shrugged and pointed a finger to his forehead, whispering: “Xiao Ti, you forgot to give it to me.”

“……” She froze, when the reaction came, she coughed several times, “Wh-what……” is that what happened?

I say, why does this guy always say such shameful things in a frank manner?


She tugged his hair again: “Lower.”

In the youth’s eyes, a pleasant color instantly bloomed. He immediately leaned down, and at the same time, Yi Ti gently tiptoed, nearing his face.

Without kissing his forehead, she pecked his cheek.


After touching, she covered her face, quickly turned around and walked into her room, said “good night” then closed the door.

She then smiled secretly in the bed while holding her face.

And another person was still standing at the door while carefully stroking his face, smiling stupidly as well.

Novice Cecil didn’t notice it. According to what they’re feeling now, it has almost entered the “love period” yet he continued to decide to work for “chasing Xiao Ti to lovers to marriage” route.

But, if the parties involved were okay with it, who’s qualified to comment?

At least, they felt happy and this was enough.

After that, Yi Ti’s life returned to its former calm.

Although she thought so, her two pseudonyms both caused very disturbing “waves.”

Not to mention the “Orange Grape Juice” which was being eagerly sought by many people, “Long XiaoTian”‘s name resounded completely on National Day. Once upon a time, “Great God Long” was already popular, at least in their circle, specifically to readers who loved the novel 《Shame of Online Games》, or maybe a little wider than that, but it’s still only to a small circle of readers. To be honest, many books were becoming more and more popular in recent years, and this was not the first book, nor will it be the last.

Although the comics produced by Long XiaoTian were of higher quality and the colored pages were amazing, it also fell into this category.

But this time was different.

Not to mention having comics, having an animation made it completely different.

Moving the still picture was easy, but making it move well and beautifully was hard. The plot and characters in Chinese animation were no worse than that of any country, even more exciting, but in other ways……not unique. After all, it’s still a matter of capital investment. Although the trailer was only a few minutes, it showed a very high level. Even if you compare it with the animation of a country famous for animation, many people even thought that it’s better. Of course, others felt that this was because of “National Pride.”

But no matter what, its approval rate was much higher than its opposition rate. Even reaching over ninety percent. One had to say that sincerity was a miracle, but also a miracle that’s not unexpected.

Not to mention, although only the voice of Ling Yu appeared, it’s also well received.

Many people’s messages say——

“Ling Yu’s voice in my mind was exactly like this!”

“Yu Yu’s voice is so cute!”

“My ears are going to get pregnant!”

“I’ve listened to it a dozen times!”

“Pregnant Ears +1”

“Ling Yu’s voice was only heard for a short time, you have to download it to hear the key points!”

“Thank you for sharing!”


Not only on the message board of Wei Feng’s website, but this video also went viral on other video sites and forum blogs. Not only domestic, but it was also spread abroad. Of course, this was inseparable from the efforts of the Chinese overseas.

Of course, compared to the frenzy domestically, the response abroad was obviously worse. After all, this was just a short film. Although well made, it didn’t mean anything. If they’re not a young Chinese, it’s really hard to understand their excited moods.

Immediately after, crafty……wrong, savvy Wei Feng network took the opportunity to hype up the 《Shame of Online Games》 comics. Of course, it’s a little more expensive than a pre-booked reservation. But the website said, after this batch, it might continue to increase prices, so don’t miss it!

Alas, it sold crazily.

The publisher was very happy, but also deeply regretted. Why did they propose that cooperation plan? They earned a lot less!

Wei Feng, which was particularly good at taking money out of the reader’s pockets, was making persistent efforts and raising a promo: “Buy the book now and you can draw the lottery. Those who win can get a large signed poster and various paraphernalia!” or something along those lines. Cough cough, of course, no need to worry if you can’t get it, various peripherals would continue to be on the shelves, just don’t miss it!

On the morning of October 8th, when Yi Ti opened QQ to see the chat history in the discussion group, she found Formaldehyde saying that Wei Feng was thinking about what new things should be launched in the next few months.

She felt her mouth twitch.

Of course, this was all based on the “animation.”

To this end, Formaldehyde specifically asked Yi Ti: “Do you really want to animate?” Because if the post propaganda could borrow such a wind, there’d be a Shang* X Tiannot enter heaven! )flagship!

(T/N: *Aggregate is ShangShi in pinyin)

Yi Ti looked at these messages while twitching her mouth. She never thought that Formaldehyde was so nagging. She searched the history and found that from the 1st, he started to leave her messages every day which remained there until yesterday——leaving the holiday mood of National Day to working mode was really hard. What made her speechless was that this guy actually wanted to mail some books to her “address in Russia” then asked her to sign her name and mail it back as a raffle gift.

She held her forehead, quickly left a message, some excuses that something happened recently, and had to cancel their plans.

And before Formaldehyde said anything else, she dumped two episodes of semi-finished animation (there are no opening, ending, and middle soundtracks), and blocked his mouth.

Formaldehyde reached instant enlightenment.

Formaldehyde 09:00:40

So you can’t wait for National Day to end, and did this on your holiday!

Yi Ti felt her mouth twitch again, but this was indeed a good reason.

Long XiaoTian 09:00:45


Formaldehyde 09:00:50

This must be true love! If both of you aren’t men, I want to match you two up!

Long XiaoTian 09:00:53


Formaldehyde 09:00:57

Is it true that in Russia, men and men can get married?

Long XiaoTian 09:01:04

Great Formaldehyde, your thinking is becoming more and more like Aggregate.

Formaldehyde 09:01:10

……wait for me to burn incense tomorrow!

Yi Ti: “……” Hey! What does this guy think of Aggregate? A possessed ghost?

After that, they talked a few more times, then Formaldehyde disappeared. It should be to watch those two episodes of animation.

After Yi Ti said “I’m back” in the discussion group, she opened the Wei Feng website and slipped to the admin side of the comic. Because she wanted to enjoy traveling, on the first night of National Day, she threw the remaining comics into the deposit box and had never logged in ever since. Now she saw that the comment area was still hot with a group of “worship Great God.” Fortunately, she set up a few volunteer girls in the group as the moderator of the comment area. Otherwise, she couldn’t clean it up alone.

Brushing the comments a bit, she realized something, quickly closed the webpage, and instead opened Aggregate’s article——hey hey hey, what’s the happiest for a reader?


Reading an update!

What is joy in their life?


Multiple updates from the author!

During National Day, she read the dozen of stockpiled chapters. At this moment, Yi Ti felt a sense of happiness, almost getting carried away.

And just then, Aggregate in the discussion group also spoke.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:07

The gangster hangs around for so many days, finally willing to come back. (picks nose

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:14

……I said I’m not you.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:20

Hmph, even during National Day, I still produced more text! (shakes hair in the wind, dandruff flying

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:24

I also updated the comics!

Aggregate(XXOOXXOO) 09:07:27

I told the readers Happy National Day!

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:32

I also said it!

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:35

I chatted with the readers in the group, and played moderator!

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:40


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:45

How? Nothing to say, give your knees a dedicated seat! (Ultimate bladder sword

Yi Ti was helpless and could only throw the white flag, surrendering and conceding. Immediately, they talked a few more times and didn’t greet “Happy National Day.” To be honest, after being shipped, these were unnecessary. After that, Aggregate mentioned that Formaldehyde had been rushing to find her these days. He even used the expression “as if he was bitten by a dog.” It turned out that people shouldn’t speak badly about others. Because just as Aggregate finished, Formaldehyde jumped out at the two chattering jokingly.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:07

XiaoTian, how often does your team makes animations? We need to make follow-up arrangements.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:12

One episode a week.

Although N episodes a day could be completely done——after setting all kinds of detailed data, you only need to enter the original text for animation, but Yi Ti knew, it’s better not to be aggressive at this time. Otherwise, people would be skeptical.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:24

Oh oh, I see, very fast! When do you think you can make the soundtrack? If you can’t, I can find someone to help you with it. When I go over the calendar, see which day is a good day for the first episode.

Yi Ti: “……” Hey hey, isn’t this too exaggerated?

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:30

The beginning and ending music were almost the same, For these few days, I’ll pass it on to you.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:36

OK! I’ll wait for your good news!

To be honest, he was really looking forward to it. Mainly because the animations produced by this team was too exciting. The sense of the picture, the sense of action, that fluency, they deeply conquered him. He believed, it could definitely conquer more people. And the voice of the characters, as well as the sound quality, was perfect. Each has its own characteristics and there’s no sense of disconnect. It’s like the character was actually talking instead of a voice-over.

And so, he had strong expectations for what Long XiaoTian made.

He had a hunch that when the animation came out, that grand occasion was bound to exceed now! Because a trailer and serial animation were totally different! At the same time, there was a strong excitement in his heart as the first viewer! He was the first viewer! ! !

For the first time, the Wei Feng website has adapted a novel into animation, and the production was so good. They even broadcasted it themselves. How big this matter was, he knew everything from the bottom. Must be hyped, maybe even a press conference, and, as the editors of both, he must show up!

If he didn’t have any sense of realism before getting the animation, then now, he was so excited he almost banged on the table!

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:40

The first episode?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:45

Huh? Didn’t you know?

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:50

About what?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:56

Huh? Don’t you know yet? Oops, XiaoTian, did you want to surprise Aggregate? Did I wreck it?

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:58


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:16:03

……you’re thinking too much.

Yi Ti held her forehead, Wei Feng website had male and female editors. Of course, there were male and female crossovers. But, Formaldehyde was obviously the editor on the male side, how did he become so rotten? Sure enough, was he not happy if he didn’t sell rot?

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  1. Just as an FYI two men holding hands in Russia will be mocked, sworn at, hit and worst case beat up or arrested. Russia is a very homophobic country. The LGBT community is still fighting for basic human rights there. I have no idea where the author of this got the idea that men could marry other men in Russia.

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