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Alien 94: New Changes
Alien 96: Meeting Once Again

Immediately after, Yi Ti bought a few sets of intermediate herbs commonly found in the universe and spread it into the space. Even then, she only occupied a small part very modestly, preparing for the future.

After reading the refining information, Yi Ti found that she could actually make intermediate potions even with her previous level of aura. It’s just that she’s too clumsy and wasted too much aura before. After increasing her proficiency by refining various potions, it’s also possible to make advanced potions during the Foundation Establishment period. But, these “possibilities” were impossible at her current level.

Of course, she thought these were too far away.

The road was already spread before her. She just had to take it step by step, having delusions generally wouldn’t have a good result. The previous lesson fully illustrated this point.

Besides, with a clear direction and knowledge on how to walk the path, Yi Ti’s vague anxiety from before was swept away.

The most important thing right now was to make up for the shortcomings caused by her “rapid advancement.” It shouldn’t leave more sequelae.

For a while, Yi Ti used the newly obtained breathing exercises to consolidate her foundation, while also studying refining potions based on the inherited pharmacological knowledge. Of course, in the principle of combining work and rest, she still often played games. The animation was made through the mind converter so there’s no worry. During this period, she also took several black iron missions in the “Hundred Ways Altar,” and worked hard to become a bronze member. As for the flower shop……cough cough, she still opened it occasionally although the business was still……very light.

Everything went well.

The spirit spring was also recovering day by day.

However, Yi Ti still decided not to use the genetic modification potion to her brother for the time being. Although he’s unlikely to have the same problem as her, it’s just in case? She still wanted to enrich her knowledge reserves so she had to be prepared.

In an instant, it’s almost the end of October.

This morning, as soon as Yi Ti opened the door, she saw Lu Kong rushing over in a hurry.

“Yi Ti, help! ! !”


She hadn’t responded yet when the other party dragged her and ran: “Come with me! Let’s go by car immediately!”

Yi Ti: “……wait a minute.”

Lu Kong shouted without looking back: “We have to save someone!”

“But you’re going the wrong way……”


Lu Kong burst into tears. Where’s his most basic dignity as a man?

He looked again, then cried even more, because even when he pulled so hard, she was still unmoved.

How could he go?

Without her!

Of course, this was also normal. In the past, Yi Ti, who only used primary genetic potion during Qi Condensation, could overwhelm him, not to mention in her upgraded version.

Yi Ti was also speechless. Did this guy have to show such a funny look so early in the morning? But she didn’t think of making fun of him easily since he said he wanted to save a life. That meant someone’s life must be at stake.

“Is it urgent?”


“You wait for me, I’ll pack something, then take you to the station.”


Quickly, Yi Ti packed her things and Cecil(what? ). By the way, Liang Chen would help take care of the flowers at home(although someone said they didn’t care), then she went to the nearest station with Lu Kong.

While walking, she asked: “What happened?”

“A’Jiang is going to die.”


Yi Ti was stunned.

Immediately, Lu Kong explained.

He said at that time, A’Jiang was summoned temporarily by his own father, so he took the opportunity to pass the message on. Who knew that he was called to fight. At that time, his old man was fighting a powerful monster and summoned all contracted monsters of the family to help out.

This battle was difficult to win.

The old man was injured. Fortunately, A’Jiang helped him stop a fatal blow, becoming badly injured in turn. He’s been in a coma from early September to the present. The old man wanted to recall Lu Kong immediately, but who knew that this prodigal son either sold his phone or lost it, so in one breath, just said to let him continue to “grind.” But seeing that A’Jiang might be “dying,” he decisively sent other contracted monsters to find him.

“Yi Ti, please be sure to help me this time!” Lu Kong said with a rare solemn expression.

Yi Ti: “……you don’t have to say it so seriously, I’ll definitely help if I can.” She still had a good impression of A’Jiang, just that, “Can’t you ask other spiritual plant cultivators for help?”

Lu Kong frowned then shook his head: “Actually found them.” She might not be clear, but asking for a plant cultivator would make them owe a great debt. But even so, it seemed to be ineffective. Regarding this part, the messenger A’Cong spoke vaguely, so he didn’t know what the situation was. And even if the old man was the patriarch, they could no longer ask a second plant cultivator for a contracted beast. And so, Yi Ti could be said to be his last hope. He couldn’t help but say, “As long as you can save A’Jiang, I’m willing for him to work like an ox and a horse for you!”

“……” Shouldn’t you be the one to work like an ox and a horse?

Probably because he found “hope,” a lot of Lu Kong’s anxiety was removed. He could even joke: “Great local tyrant, I invite you to sit on this dusty machine!” When A’Cong came, it also gave him money. Alas, his old man really knew him.

Yi Ti looked at him suspiciously: “Do you have money?”

“Don’t underestimate this big brother.” Lu Kong shook his head arrogantly. The yellow and white hair on the left side of his head trembled slightly, “Big brother is rich now!” Saying so, he touched his pocket, “If you don’t believe it! ……hey?”

He stilled.

After a while, Yi Ti heard a few miserable sounds.

“What about the money?”

“What about my money?”

“What about my money? ? ?”

Why is there only one big hole left in my pants? ? ?

She held her forehead, exchanging a helpless look with Cecil. This guy had obviously lost money countless times, but he didn’t even learn his lesson. It can be said that “repeated teaching will not change him.” Looking again, the over battered guy was already dying.

She was really speechless at this guy as Yi Ti gave her alien a look: Give it to you.

Cecil nodded and silently took out the purse that Xiao Ti prepared for him from his pocket, then said to Lu Kong: “Otherwise, I’ll lend it to you?”

“Really?” Lu Kong’s eyes brightened, quickly reaching out and wanting to grab the wallet.

Cecil shrank his hand, seriously saying: “I’ll keep the wallet, you have bad luck.”

“……” Bad luck……bad luck……bad luck……bad……

Someone covered in dark clouds was hit again.

Yi Ti covered her face. Really, that innocent tone was so powerful that it noiselessly stabbed someone!

Shortly after, several people boarded the plane to city F. Luckily, Lu Kong’s luck didn’t affect the flight. They happened to be in a three-seater row, Lu Kong by the window, Cecil on the aisle, and Yi Ti in the center——after all, she couldn’t open the window of a plane to get some wind, so sitting by the window was useless.

What she didn’t know was that almost as soon as she left, more people came to the city. This included Jing Yuan and Ding Yuan, whom she had seen before, Yan XiXing, whom she almost met, and several disjointed people……

And what she didn’t even know was that the purpose of these people was her.

As she completed more and more missions in the “Hundred Ways Altar,” these people made calculations based on the location of the other party and the time to complete the task, gradually setting their target in several nearby cities.

TianQiao was just one of them.

They obviously wouldn’t miss it.

Don’t know if it’s a coincidence or unfortunate, as they come and go, they passed each other. Instead, the monsters in the city were frightened. With so many practitioners coming all at once, what kind of trouble happened!

Fortunately, practitioners and monsters had reached a consensus a long time ago. As long as the latter didn’t do any evil, the former wouldn’t deliberately expel them. But even so, there was always a deviant in each circle. For example, the monster that Grandpa Lu expelled before was a typical example.

Although Yi Ti was motion sick, she wasn’t too dizzy. It’s just that riding on a vehicle made her particularly sensitive, making the noise a bit too loud. Fortunately, the earplugs sent by the shopkeeper before she took the plane was very convenient. She and Cecil had one pair each.

Lu Kong protested: “What about mine? ? ?”

Yi Ti glanced at him, put her hands in her pants pocket, then in the other’s bright smile, pulled out a paper towel: “Knead it yourself and block it.” She wasn’t really stingy or eccentric, just that the impact of the noise on her and Cecil was worse than Lu Kong. And she was unwilling to intentionally close her hearing because she just wanted to reduce the noise, not be unable to hear any sound at all.

“……Hey! ! !” Such differential treatment, is she really my first love? !

But, using earplugs didn’t mean that Yi Ti can’t grasp the situation around her.

Because after Qi Condensation, she got a new skill. She could glance at her surroundings with her divine sense. This feeling was very mysterious, like opening eyes in the sky, and letting her spirit wander around, making the situation all around her appear in her mind, the so-called “one sweep, can grasp much.” However, she wasn’t used to that feeling. She tried, and the maximum distance her consciousness could reach presently was about ten meters. Later, as she practiced, the scope would definitely continue to grow, and even if it didn’t increase, the current scope was enough for her.

It’s not something that everyone could notice. Cecil, for example, was acutely aware, but when she used Lu Kong as a test, wanting to test his reaction, he didn’t even sense it. She didn’t know if it’s because Cecil was too powerful, or because someone wasn’t cultivating properly.

Like at this moment, Yi Ti scanned the situation around her but he was still shaking his head and listening to music with headphones. Probably too excited, this guy actually shouted out loud: “Hey, listen?”

Yi Ti made a snoring sound. Almost nobody was asleep right now, but it’s tempting to make a loud noise.

Lu Kong touched his head and made an apology gesture to the few people who looked at him, taking off the headphones, he passed it to Yi Ti: “Can you hear it? It’s recently the hottest song!”

“The hottest?” Since moving houses, Yi Ti had been out of touch with the times. Besides, she didn’t chase celebrities, so she really didn’t know what’s in fashion right now. Curiosity drove her to take the headphones and remove her earplugs. She listened carefully and became speechless.

“The opening song of the anime version of 《Shame of Online Games》, nice, right?” Lu Kong shook his head, “The ending song is also very nice. Aggregate and Long XiaoTian are really amazing, I really want their autographs.”

Yi Ti held her forehead, so, this guy was my fan?

What’s with this feeling of total rejection?

Alien 94: New Changes
Alien 96: Meeting Once Again

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