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Regardless of the gathering storm in Yi Ti’s heart, Lu Kong didn’t lie. He really liked these two songs. If he closed his eyes and listened, he would unconsciously sing along.

Yi Ti covered her face with the crowd watching, feeling ashamed. She wanted to remind him, so she suddenly stepped on someone’s foot. Didn’t expect this guy to be in so much pain that he cried out very loudly.

Yi Ti: “……” She began to seriously consider whether to change seats.

While she was speechless, Lu Kong whispered an apology: “Sorry, sorry, ever since my luck got worse, I haven’t been on a plane for a long time since I can’t afford the ticket, so I was a little excited.”

Yi Ti: “……” Just how poor is this guy?

But, if it’s like this, if she made a commotion, she’d be called stingy.

So she decided to “let it go”, closed her eyes and sleep for a while. As she did so, one hand quietly raised and gently rested on her shoulder. Yi Ti slightly hooked her mouth, followed the other side’s movements and let herself lean down. Then, with head tilted, she just leaned on him.

Cecil smiled, face turned to the side and also moving closer to her.

Their hair rubbed against the other, creating a slight noise.

Lu Kong: “……” PDA couples should just drop dead, drop dead, drop dead! ! !

Although she closed her eyes, Yi Ti, who wasn’t airsick, didn’t feel sleepy, and just sank into the quiet atmosphere at this moment. Just then, she unexpectedly heard an interesting conversation.

“I have a bad feeling.”

“……stop it!”

“Really, I didn’t lie.”

“Every time you have a bad feeling, something happens, I’m begging you! You mobile Conan!”

“……are you blaming me?”

“If I don’t then who will I blame? !”


The young man seemed to be speechless. At the same time, the young woman beside him continued to talk: “Every time you have a bad feeling, what happened? You can encounter someone grabbing your bag on a walk, can encounter fights in a restaurant, can encounter robbery when going to the bank. Now that we’re flying, you actually have a bad feeling again……couldn’t it be something as simple as a ter……wu!”

She hadn’t finished talking yet when the man beside her covered her mouth. He whispered: “This can’t be said casually.” International terrorist incidents have intensified and there’s a possibility they’d be sent to the bureau!

The woman knew she was guilty, so she rolled her eyes and ripped off the hand on her mouth: “In short, you stay away from me.”

“……my seat is right next to you.”

“Just get off the plane then!”

“Hey! Stop it, I’ll die.” The man weakly said.

He just said that when everyone in the cabin heard a scream: “Ahh! A dead man! ! !”

Man: “……”

Woman: “……”

The two covered their mouths at the same time.

Yi Ti: “……” She opened her eyes sharply, looking weirdly at the location of the man and woman. She thought they were just joking, but something really happened?

If that’s the case, the youth’s luck and Lu Kong’s luck could be said to be the same, the latter brought tragedy for himself, while the former brought tragedy to others. Unfortunately, Li ShuCheng is not here, otherwise, she’d borrow his eyes. Maybe he could see what was going on.

Cecil felt her mood swings, slightly lowered his head and asked softly: “Xiao Ti?” Because he was in a “somewhat strange state” just now, he didn’t even notice the sound nearby, so now he’s wondering.

Lu Kong quickly jumped up, held his seat with both hands and looked back: “What happened?”

Not long after, a stewardess came over, comforting the passengers with soft words, and saying “There are no dead people, it’s just that someone suddenly fell to the ground when someone went out of the bathroom. It was seen by another passenger who went there, and they just subconsciously called out.” Some didn’t believe it until it was broadcasted to the whole plane shortly after. They also asked if there was a doctor on board which made all the passengers relieved.

Although something happened, it’s completely different from finding a dead person. The latter meant that if not suicide, there might be a murderer beside them. Although they didn’t think there was any danger, who would be completely relieved?

“Are you going?” Lu Kong bowed his head, softly asking Yi Ti.

Yi Ti was stunned, then immediately reacted. If it’s not a lifelong illness, then she should be able to help, it’s just a matter of covering up. She glanced left and right. If no doctors come out, she’ll have to go to battle in person, after all, it’s a human life. It’s a pity that the bathroom was more than ten meters away from her, otherwise, she’d have discovered it first.

Just then, a hand clutching a black eye mask raised his hand: “Can traditional Chinese medicine work?”

This voice……

Yi Ti’s eyes widened. She turned around and looked. As expected, it was the “decadent man” whom she suspected of being a cultivator when she accompanied Liang Chen to buy a computer and in the hospital. She also gave Aggregate a “portrait” based on this person’s temperament. She did not expect to meet again in the plane, such a coincidence. But this time, the young man who loved wearing bright shirts didn’t seem to be with him.

Traditional Chinese medicine?

She couldn’t help thinking of the golden needle he had thrown at Liang Chen before.

Cough cough, so that was Chinese medicine. She thought he practiced exercises similar to 《The Book Of Sunflowers》……

She wondered why the needles weren’t thin at all!

Although the other party was not far from her, because he was sleeping with an eye mask as soon as he got on the plane, Yi Ti didn’t recognize him when she scanned the cabin. When they had a conflict in the hospital before, she didn’t remember the “breath” of the other person because she was in a hurry. Of course, this was also normal, this in and of itself was her weakness. Otherwise, she would have found the other person, but it’s not too late.

Yi Ti carefully remembered his breath, so the next time he appeared nearby, no matter how he changed his appearance, she must be able to recognize him the first time.

This could be regarded as another role of divine sense.

When the stewardess heard there was a doctor, a relieved expression appeared on her face. She quickly walked over: “Of course it can.”

“Then, lead the way.”

The young man stood up while talking. The smile on the flight attendant’s face froze slightly because she could clearly see that the other person’s chin was full of stubble, the plaid shirt on his body crumpled, one pant rolled up, the other didn’t, then the laces of the sneakers below were dirty black. More importantly, he also had dead fish eyes. With a lollipop in his mouth like a cigarette, one look could tell he’s a veteran smoker. He didn’t look like a practitioner of “Chinese medicine” at all.

But today, it seemed like there were no other options.

“This Mister, do you have a medical kit? If there isn’t, we also have a spare.”

“Kit?” Holding the mask in one hand, the young man with a hand on his trouser pocket froze. Then he yawned in reaction, nodding, “I have.” After that, he shoved the mask into his other pants pocket. After groping for a while, he took out a few silver needles, “Is this alright?” That action was like pulling out a few toothpicks.

The stewardess had the illusion that this guy in front of her would use this needle to pick his teeth the next second.

“What are you doing?” The young man saw her frozen and lazily said, “Human life is beyond value, ah.”

Flight attendant: “……” Are you really qualified to say that?

But when she looked around the cabin and found that no one else except this young man claimed to be a doctor, she had to take him to the scene without any choice.

And the remaining passengers then whispered to each other.

Although it’s a bit unkind, with things to watch, everyone seemed to be energized for the moment.

“That person……” Lu Kong frowned slightly, “I always feel like I’ve seen him before.”

It’s rare to see his face so serious. After Yi Ti got over her shock, she curiously asked: “You recognize him?”

Lu Kong thought for a while, then shook his head: “I seem to be, but……”

“He’s a cultivator.” Yi Ti said.



“Oh, oh.” Lu Kong covered his mouth. After looking around, he whispered, “What happened?”

Yi Ti glanced around and found that no one noticed the small “change” on their side, so she talked about their previous encounter. Of course, that time, Cecil took the opportunity to take his human form. By now, the only one who knew was her and her brother. Liang Chen knew that he could become a person, but didn’t know he’s not a contracted monster, but an alien visitor.

“It was him!” Lu Kong suddenly realized.

“Shh!” Yi Ti was helpless, how can this person not learn his lesson? !

Someone covered his mouth again. After looking around, he didn’t know where he got a notebook as he wrote desperately.

After Yi Ti waited for a while, she took the notebook and looked at it with Cecil.

【If I guessed right, he should be a member of the Golden Needle family. 】

Yi Ti thought about, then also took the pen and scribbled on it.

【Golden Needle Family? 】

【Yes. 】


After Lu Kong’s explanation, Yi Ti vaguely understood.

This Golden Needle Family was regarded as a middle class in the circle. Although not as good as some schools or families that have passed down their craft for hundreds of years, they have more than enough skill which had been passed down for more than a hundred years. It’s said that the ancestor of this family was originally a general doctor who lived in the late Qing Dynasty, but inadvertently received the appreciation of an old cultivator and was given a cultivation manual, and that’s how they stepped into this world.

The people in their family have recently practiced Traditional Chinese medicine, so they’re quite familiar with medical practices. According to Lu Kong, although this family was not that strong(I can beat several of them——Lu Kong’s original words), their accomplishments in that field were high. Not just that, they’re also famous among cultivators with many people asking for them. Therefore, their family status was considered high.

And the main sign of their family was——carrying golden needles.

The needle was said to be made of special metal and no one knew what it was.

In the circle, the Golden Needle family often contributes their medical expertise. Lu Kong had just been reminded by Yi Ti. He also remembered that he had seen the other person once as a child. But when he was brought back by his old man to join this world……

【Except when I was a kid, the Shi family I met later didn’t include him. 】

Alien 95: He Turned Out To Be A Fan
Alien 97: He's From The Shi Family

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