Alien 97: He’s From The Shi Family

Alien 96: Meeting Once Again
Alien 98: Despised Lu Kong

Seeing Lu Kong’s words, Yi Ti thought it was not a big problem because each house would not have only one offspring. It shouldn’t be strange to meet other members of the Shi Family, right? But then, she knew that things were not so simple.

When a big occasion made the people in the circle meet, anyone could participate.

But, there were only a few special meetups. At that time, the current leaders of each school would only bring their own “recognized” descendants. That meant the future leader of their sect or clan. This meant that the person recognized by the Shi family had changed.

It was once the decadent young man but it had now changed to another.

According to Lu Kong, although this was not common, it’s also not special. After all, who wouldn’t have any accidents?

Regarding this, Yi Ti’s only thought was——

【You’re actually the representative descendant of the Lu family? 】

【……what’s with that skeptical look? This big brother’s talent for cultivating is very high! Although my luck……cough, regardless! After paying the price, I’m the only one in our family一the only one who can summon my contracted monster at the fastest speed. I have a great future ahead of me! 】

Yi Ti still doubted this.

After all, this guy’s luck……if he became the “patriarch” in the future, wouldn’t it affect the whole family?

As the two chatted, Cecil was still acting as the quiet beauty. The young man had already returned to the cabin, with hands on his pockets, still looking lazy, making many people want to rush and grab his shoulder to shake him desperately to give this man a bit of vigor.

Many people couldn’t help but have such a thought: This guy didn’t kill the patient, right?

But the following broadcast showed that everything was completely opposite. He successfully rescued the patient who fainted in the bathroom.

The skeptical stewardess who followed two or three steps behind sent him a glass of water, then smiled sweetly: “Sir, this is the water you just asked for. Is there anything else you need?”

“Can I smoke?” The young man replied with his dead fish eyes.

“Uh……” The stewardess smiled again, “Sorry, this one……”

“Then there’s nothing else.” He said, drank the water in the cup, then took a lollipop out of his pocket, tearing the packaging and pushing it into his mouth, along the way putting the plastic wrap in the hands of the stewardess, “please help me deal with this.”

“……okay.” The stewardess’ mouth twitched as she left.

The other people on the sidelines also had black lines, what kind of person is this?

The lazy young man glanced indifferently around the cabin. His eyes suddenly fell on Yi Ti, but it was just a moment as he turned his head again, took out his eye mask and put it on his eyes. With his eyes closed, a slight snore was soon heard. It seemed like everything just now was an illusion.

Although she turned her back to the other, Yi Ti saw these things very well through her divine sense. If she read it correctly, that guy should be looking at Lu Kong?

“He seems to know you.” Although according to Lu Kong, they only met once as a kid……

“Of course,” Someone said extremely confidently, “This big brother is so handsome, of course, he’d be impressed.”


Yi Ti, who was still sympathetic to the stewardess, pursed her lips, resolutely turned her head, closed her eyes and leaned on her own alien, no longer caring about a certain shameless guy.

At the same time, she consciously or unconsciously focused on the young man and woman from before. The man was refreshing and handsome while the woman was very pretty. They wore casual sportswear in similar style along with a sports cap, but the main color on the man was light gray, while the woman was white. The latter was the same as Yi Ti, wearing a ponytail, which was not surprising. The strange thing was that the former also had long shoulder length hair tied by a rubber band. Although not ugly in terms of his looks, normal men wouldn’t have long hair, right? Oh, except her family’s Cecil. He’s an alien, he didn’t belong in Earth’s common sense!

As expected, after the passengers gradually became quiet, the two whispered again.

“Scared me, fortunately, nothing happened.”

“You’ll still sleep better. In case something bad happened again, I’ll just kick you off the plane!”

“Don’t do that, no matter what, I’m still your older brother……”

“Hmph, I don’t want an older brother like you.”

“……so you also don’t want me.” Covers face.


That’s when Yi Ti knew that these two were siblings. But this was also normal, after all, she’s not Xue Ye, who was extremely sensitive to blood. It’s impossible to discover that they’re related just by the smell.

However, this discovery made her feel intimate with them for no reason, ah, so they’re siblings.

But this brother was obviously not as strong as her own brother. This was also normal. There were so many people in the world, and there were so many brothers, but there’s only one Yi Shao.

Thinking of this, Yi Ti could not help but slightly smile, then she heard Lu Kong whisper to Cecil——

“Look at her smiling. I’m pretty sure she must be dreaming of other men! You have to be careful.” Bitter face.

Yi Ti: “……” Is this guy seeking death or does he want to be killed?

Then she heard Cecil’s answer——


“……you’re just saying 『oh』?”


“Any other response? Aren’t you jealous or angry?”

“First, Xiao Ti’s not asleep at all, so she wouldn’t dream about anyone;” Cecil answered sincerely, “Second, if I talked about other men, Xiao Ti wouldn’t be angry; Third……”

“There’s a third?”

“Xiao Ti heard what you just said, and was probably angry.”

“……Great God please spare my life!”

Lu Kong burst into tears, sure enough, it’s a crooked pot on a crooked stove, pimps look over mung beans, and birds of a feather flock together. Cecil, this guy who looked so honest, was actually black bellied! I was cheated!

During his painful “summary of experience”, the plane landed successfully.

The brother among the siblings didn’t have any more bad feelings.

Soon after, Yi Ti and the others got off the plane. When they walked near the exit, they unexpectedly found someone raising their hand toward them and saying hello.


This person was not someone else, it’s the one from the “Shi Family” in Lu Kong’s mouth. At this moment, he had a cigarette in his mouth, just not yet lit. With one hand in his pants pocket and a lighter in the other hand, he said: “Go out and talk, I’m a smoke addict.” While talking, the cigarette magically stayed on his lips, with no tendency to fall at all.

After that, he turned and left, even giving the impression that he’s wearing slippers rather than sneakers.

Lu Kong went silent for a moment, then he asked stupidly: “What just happened?”

Yi Ti looked at Cecil, really not wanting to answer such a question! And, in the conversation, she determined that the other person didn’t seem to remember her at all. Of course, this was also normal, after all, it was just a glance at that time. If it’s not for Aggregate’s portrait, she would not remember such a “passerby”.

So a certain alien did it very nicely: “He should want to talk to you.”

“……Of course, I know such a simple thing! The question is what does he want to talk to me about?” Lu Kong, who felt his IQ being despised, couldn’t take it!

“Probably why you haven’t changed for so many years.” Yi Ti turned her head.

Lu Kong: “……” Although it seemed like she praised him, why did it feel like he got scolded? So he asked Cecil, “What does she mean?”

“Probably……” the young man whispered, “your IQ.” Although this was a bit rude, he thought that’s what Yi Ti wanted to express.

Lu Kong: “……hey!” So she was despising his IQ! ! !

Stop it!

He has an IQ of 888!

Uh……although not yet tested, how can it be less than 50!

Although he said this, they still walked toward the exit. There’s three of them, it’s one on three and even in public, what’s he afraid of! Not to mention, Lu Kong knew that the girl who looked very soft was actually……a female armored tyrannosaurus who could pinch bricks into powder! Cough cough, if he knew that the Tyrannosaurus had recently upgraded, don’t know what he’d think.

F city was where Lu Kong’s house was located in a medium-sized city. There weren’t many “no smoking” signs on the road, so once they’re out of the airport, the lazy young man……or rather “Aggregate,” couldn’t wait to light the cigarette in his mouth and took a deep breath. His face fully expressing an “achieving Dao and ascending to immortality” moment. This made the passersby want to report him, “Uncle Policeman, there’s someone taking drugs!”, so they went around him, making his spot have a circle wide space.

Yi Ti and the others went over.

“Aima, it’s shameful to be with that guy!” Lu Kong spat out.

Yi Ti: “……” Only you’re not qualified to say that!

Seeing a few people come forward, the young man nodded, said hello, then: “Shi JingLe.” After that, still using that “smoking while speaking” stunt, “Lu Family’s young master, long time to see. Well, what’s your name? I remember it was……Lu QueShui (water shortage)?”

“……my name is Lu Kong!” Throws down!

She JingLe nodded indifferently: “Oh, really QueShui.”


“All right, lead the way.”

“What?” Lu Kong was dumbfounded, “Lead the way?” Why would he lead the way? !

Shi JingLe raised a brow: “Didn’t Patriarch Lu mention it to you?”

“Mention what?” Lu Kong froze, then reacted, “Is it for A’Jiang’s treatment……” If not, he couldn’t think of why the old man wanted to invite people of the Golden Needle family to come.

“That’s right.” Shi JingLe nodded again, then looked at Yi Ti and Cecil standing beside Lu Kong, “They don’t seem to be part of the circle, right?” No doubt, he didn’t notice the difference in breath between the two.

“They’re my friends!” Lu Kong subconsciously “kept Yi Ti’s secrets,” then answered immediately, “I’m taking them in for a while.”

Although Shi JingLe felt that the other party’s words had a problem, he didn’t take it seriously. He’s a doctor who was just passing by, not interested in the private affairs of his employer.

Immediately after, several people started walking toward his house under Lu Kong’s leadership.

After half an hour.

Shi JingLe took off the butt of don’t know which cigarette from his mouth, and with a lazy expression, looked helplessly at Lu Kong: “Can you explain, why did we actually go back to the airport by taking the bus?”

Lu Kong: “……” Could he say that, because he has no money to take a taxi, he got lost again? ! TAT

Alien 96: Meeting Once Again
Alien 98: Despised Lu Kong

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