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When Mu Gen first came to Canteen 3, he was not welcome at all, and he could even be said to be rejected.

In the eyes of the cooks in Canteen 3, Mu Gen is a high-achieving student who’s from the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy! Someone from an ordinary school! Top-level in the industry!

People from there are all about using the most high-end ingredients, just how expensive that is! How much they waste! The people over there look down on their way of cooking the most and having the taste of meat on vegetarian dishes…too wretched.

Such a person, they can’t afford to give pointers——many people think so.

What’s more, Canteen 3 truly wanted an intern. There are 9 interns in total this year and they’re all fresh graduates of the Department of Diet and Nutritional Application from other military academies.

The Imperial Military Academy doesn’t have any department related to cooking but some military academies that are more focused on logistics and military supplies do. Every year, fresh graduates from these military academies also need internships. For them, military academies and the military are the most ideal places for internships and the Imperial Military Academy would only accept nine interns each year, one in each canteen, which is very fair.

The Chef of Canteen 3 spotted a freshman from the Department of Nutritional Application from Darrenxi Military Academy early on: Male! Height of two meters seven or eight! 1.5 meters wide! giganotosaurus species! The average grade of major courses is A-.

Strictly speaking, this is not a particularly good intern, but it doesn’t matter. Chef Ronan is interested in the honor column of his school grades: This intern actually won first place in three inter-school fighting competitions! When he was in school, he was locked up for beating his classmates!

So satisfied!

Such an intern can complete the task of buying food in the morning!

With good wishes, Chef Ronan ticked on the intern’s resume. As a result, the intern he got was little Mu Gen, and the intern he wanted was snatched away by Canteen 1.

Mu Gen, ape-human species, height (TN: the author didn’t specify), weight 89kg, Chairman of the Cooking Department in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, praised for being an outstanding student leader every year, respects teachers, united classmates…

Mothereffer! This is a good boy with a little white face! Look at those slender arms and legs, how can he grab goods from other cafeterias! Don’t talk about ingredients, it’s unknown whether he can even wave the kitchen knife!

For this quality to enter the Imperial Military Academy…even if as an intern in the cafeteria, I don’t believe he got in without going through the back door!

Helpless, Chef Ronan can only arrange for him the simplest and leisurely work: selling meals and driving cars.

Unexpectedly, this kid sold the rice very well! The business in the canteen suddenly became several times better than usual. With more work, Chef Ronan sent him more work, like cut the vegetables, feed the rafflesia, or something like that.

No matter what task he received, Mu Gen completed it carefully.

Hardworking and meticulous——such a young person is easy to get a good impression. After a few days of work, those colleagues who regarded Mu Gen as a young master who came in through the back door gradually removed their prejudice.

This kid doesn’t look like a young master~

When cutting vegetables, even the skin is often cut in. When the meat falls on the ground, it’ll be quickly picked up and washed for use. The little bit of food waste they’re reluctant to waste was fed to the rafflesia outside…no matter how you look at it, it’s all born from suffering! (Hey!)

In addition, Mu Gen has real talents: He cuts vegetables fast and well! Each one is of the same thickness, and due to the rapid movement, the vegetables won’t be polluted by human body temperature at all. Is this the strength of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s high-quality students?

Little Mu Gen’s vegetable cutting skills have been recognized by all cooks and now, everyone in need of help is always looking for him. Over time, everyone was willing to talk to him, and then would be happy to tell him some tips of their own.

Now, Talin didn’t even want him to wait in the car when picking up the goods but took him over to pick food.

They were unable to snatch from the cooks of other canteens, but they have to make their intern learn things. Talin simply began to teach Mu Gen on the spot what they had always selected:

“You can ask for the leaves of this kind of vegetables, or you can look for the half of the leaves over there. We can find another half and put it together and it’ll look like a whole vegetable…”

The taught Mu Gen picked up the leaf that Talin had pointed out to him.

After picking up the usable vegetable leaves, Tallin stopped again in a clearing.

It’s very smelly here and there are water stains on the ground. This should be the place where the Kara fish was put before. Today, the Kara fish were all robbed and only the grass ropes used to tie the fish was thrown on the ground.

“This kind of rope is made from a kind of sea vegetable. Although it can’t be eaten directly, it can be made into a jelly-like thing by boiling it, which is very delicious. I call it sea tofu.” Talin pointed to the straw ropes while telling Mu Gen.

Mu Gen hurriedly put the straw ropes away.

In the seven years at the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, Mu Gen thought he had known most of the ingredients. But after coming here, he discovered that there are still many ingredients waiting for him to discover.

Seeing the new intern happily pick up the straw ropes, Talin was a little relieved and a little sour.

He can obviously go to a higher luxury restaurant to learn more sophisticated recipes (←not possible), but now this kid can only learn how to use leftovers from their poor canteen…

Fortunately, the daily number of diners in each canteen is fixed and the amount of food provided is also fixed. The other canteens stopped buying the ingredients they needed for the day, so Canteen 3 can still get enough ingredients, but the taste and variety are not satisfactory.

After selecting the ingredients, if the time is not up, there will be someone in the spacecraft who can help you handle the ingredients. For example, the Kobe beast’s internal organs and the Kara fish’s intestines are very smelly and undesirable. You can entrust the people on the ship to get these things out. To save trouble, many chefs in other canteens do this.

These things are garbage that no one wants, but they’re different for the cooks in Canteen 3.

“You go down first and let’s get those fish intestines. The Kara fish intestines can make a good sauce, and it tastes almost the same as the Kara fish when poured on a three-eyed fish.” Talin is a person who doesn’t waste easily. Seeing those fish intestines, he can’t move: “Don’t you like to eat fatty intestines? I’ll bring back those intestines and make them for you tonight.”

The latter sentence was addressed to Mu Gen, who nodded happily. Dragging the sacks from several people, he slowly walked towards the car from Canteen 3.

The change came at this time.

After the chefs carrying the Kara fish and Kobe beasts left, Talin and the others took the entrails after confirming that they didn’t need it. They didn’t even want to pick it up, but the other party came back.

Not only did they come back, the other partly moved very quickly and stepped on those intestines on the ground.

“This is ours, why did you pick it up?”

It was a young man who stepped on Talin, wearing an apprentice outfit like Mu Gen, a “1” traced on the left chest to tell everyone that he’s the intern from Canteen 1.

“Do you want it?” Although Talin was very angry, he suppressed his temper and asked.

“Even if I don’t want it and even if this rubbish is now yours, I can grab it as long as I want. Isn’t that the rule here?” The tall young apprentice showed a malicious smile. Behind him, the cooks who also had the number 1 written on their uniforms laughed.

During this period, Canteen 3 robbed a lot of customers from Canteen 1, and Canteen 1 had long been aggrieved.

They’re clearly unable to get along——Talin’s face sank.

When Mu Gen put the sacks in the truck and came back to look for Talin and the other seniors, what he saw was the cooks from his canteen trapped in a corner and bullied by a giganotosaurus. Seeing that the giganotosaurus’ huge mouth was about to bite Talin, Mu Gen rushed over and moved Talin away.

His eyes were firmly locked on the giganotosaurus on the opposite side and Mu Gen remained silent.

“I won. These things are mine. I’m happy to throw it here so I’ll throw it here and you can’t pick it up.” The sturdy intern exulted, yelling in his original form and demonstrating to the cooks in Canteen 3.

Unfortunately, what he said was transferred to Mu Gen’s ears as: “Jue~~~Jue~Jue jue jue~~~~”

Mu Gen first glanced at the opponent’s strong neck, then at the other party’s thigh before finally falling on his towering back.

“Don’t fight with him, that guy is a giganotosaurus——” Feeling Mu Gen’s body trembling, Talin hurriedly pulled Mu Gen’s apprentice uniform.

Turning his head slightly, Mu Gen nodded to him. Just when Talin breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the matter was over in this way, Mu Gen’s figure suddenly disappeared in front of him.

Cleverly leaping on the giganotosaurus that the intern from Canteen 1 turned into, Mu Gen threw a punch at his opponent.

Left uppercut! Right uppercut! Flat uppercut! Uppercut! Side uppercut…Mu Gen’s punching speed was too fast! No one could see his movements for a while!

The tall intern who directly confronted him was embarrassed and suffering from pain. He instinctively wanted to resist, but Mu Gen’s movements were too agile! The punches came too fast! He’s totally overwhelmed!

Finally, after throwing a punch and pressing the opponent’s head to the ground, Mu Gen let out a sigh of relief.

Under the eyes of everyone, while Mu Gen caught his breath, the arrogant intern opposite them was kneeling on all fours!

The next moment, he fainted!

“Let’s take this dinosaur back.” Turning around, Mu Gen said happily.

“Ah?” The cooks in Canteen 3 with swollen noses were a little dumbfounded.

“Huh? Didn’t you want this piece of meat so you’re capturing it?” Mu Gen tilted his head.

The cooks of Canteen 3:…

Which eye did you see that we’re capturing it?

This is a big misunderstanding!

Of course, Mu Gen ultimately failed to take away the poor giganotosaurus but as compensation, he took away the Kara fish and Kobe beast beside it. Finally, Mu Gen happily collected the entrails on the ground. Although it’s been stepped on, they can still use it after washing.

This is the first time in four months that Canteen 3 brought back so many Kobe beast and Kara fish. When they sat on the truck going back, Talin and the others still couldn’t believe it and would look back frequently, thinking that this is just a dream.

“…that intern is the fighting champion of their academy for several consecutive years…” Talin said with emotion.

“Ah, is he? I’m also the first place in our Academy’s fighting competition!” Driving the car steadily, the young Mu Gen smiled and said: “Because I’m worried that this will affect the impression on the interview, I’m embarrassed to write it on my resume.”

Everyone in Canteen 3: …

They always felt like they’ve recruited a terrible guy…

The author has something to say:

Question, did Chairman Mu Gen really fail to recognize whether the giganotosaurus was a food material or a human?

PS: The content of these chapters began to pave the way for the next plot

PPS: Recently, my body seemed to be overwhelmed, so I decided to follow everyone’s suggestions and try the morning update.

The specific time needs to be tested tomorrow.

Alas, I always feel that staying up late is okay, but getting up early is so hard…

TINA V5C155: Special Counterfeiting Skills
TINA V5C157: Olivia Went For An Internship

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