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The seemingly peaceful and beautiful Star Gate to others is extremely dangerous!

As early as when they got pulled by the gravity, Epsilon immediately hugged the mecha driven by Mu Gen. The two mechas were then pulled into the unknown space by the Star Gate’s gravitational force. Mu Gen was able to stay awake as much as possible in the beginning, but the high-speed rotation eventually exceeded his mental tolerance and Mu Gen finally fainted.

During the rotation, Sigma’s hands firmly fixed Mu Gen’s hands from beginning to end, ensuring that Mu Gen’s damage during the entire trip was minimized.

Sigma protected Mu Gen in the mecha while Epsilon protected the entire mecha driven by Mu Gen.

Although the protection of Epsilon is tight, Sigma can still see part of the outside scene through the mecha: He saw countless glowing vortexes.

Holding Mu Gen tightly, Sigma curiously looked at the large and small whirlpools. He quickly adjusted the image processing speed of his screen and after the number of frames processed per second was increased by 10,000 times, the vortices finally took on their original appearance. It turns out that these aren’t whirlpools at all, but light spots! Because they rotated too fast, these light spots present a wonderful scene of glowing vortices within the visual speed range of the human species.

It’s so beautiful!

Sigma quietly thought.

He “remembered” the scene when he crossed the asteroid belt with Alpha many years ago.

At that time, Alpha was responsible for driving Epsilon and Epsilon was responsible for carrying everyone to escape. Countless asteroids glided thrillingly by them and the spacecraft almost ran out of energy——

It’s not clear to Sigma what that journey looked like in the brains of other robots, but he thought those asteroids were very beautiful.

Like how these light spots are beautiful now.

Sigma poked Mu Gen in an attempt to wake him and share the beauty in front. However, after poking for a long time, Mu Gen didn’t wake up, so Sigma decided to take pictures of the scene before him and wait for Mu Gen to wake up before showing him.

Although he’s a robot, Sigma is a robot who studied photography. Together with his human brother, Sigma has thoroughly studied various forms of human aesthetics and artistic expressions. Although he has the same artistic talent as Mu Gen, he’s at least much better than ordinary robots in using the fingers.

After shooting the images he wanted to shoot from all angles, Sigma noticed that the light spots were not actually light spots, but holes.

The space where they are now is a long passage, and those “light spots” are entrance and exits embedded in this passage!

“Ah…” Sigma tilted his head and then shared the photos he took on the sharing platform of the robots from home.

“What is this?” At this critical juncture, there’s still leisure to put photos in the family album, Alpha’s attitude is already friendly right now!

“This is the static scene around us right now. Mu Gen is now in a coma. I will take a photo and wake him up to see it.” Sigma answered honestly.

If he just answered like that, it would be fine, but then he asked more curiously: “I heard that when humans get older, they can’t see the sights around them. Alpha, are you old? Are you dazzled? Can robots be dazzled?”

“…” Alpha was silent.

Of course, he’s not old and robots don’t have the problem of being dazzled, but the image processing systems of different robots are different: Sigma’s image processing system is a whole generation more advanced than the other Alphabet Series Robots, so the world in Sigma’s eyes is sometimes different from them. At this moment, Sigma can see the holes but even if Alpha adjusted his processing frame number to the maximum, what he saw is only a misty white overlapping space.

“Can’t continue to rotate in the Star Gate, long-term rotation will wear out the metal shell of Epsilon.” Alpha immediately issued instructions to Sigma: “Sigma, right now, from these exits, quickly find the exit that Olivia passed through.”

“Yes.” Sigma accepted the task.

He once again increased the image processing speed of his screen and at that moment, the world in his eyes greatly changed from before——

If what he saw before were glowing holes slowly rotating around them, then, the scene he saw now was completely still.

He saw a lot of “bugs”.

Some are big, some are small. It was the same as the bug that Mu Gen saw before and still caught by the mecha’s robotic arm.

Sigma even saw these “bugs” slowly devouring something in this space.

These bugs crawled in from outside the holes in the passage wall.

After looking away, Sigma looked at those holes again and found that the exits were not the only ones emitting white light. Many exits were very dim since something is covering the white light. If he didn’t increase his processing speed, it’d be impossible to notice it!

Sigma had adjusted his image processing speed to the highest!

And the scene that was hidden in the dark before was also very clearly displayed in front of his “eyes”!

He saw a lot of debris.

This debris rotates in space at high speed and the culprit for the friction on Epsilon’s body was this loose debris!


Sigma moved.

The arm of the mecha quickly grabbed the air and while the mecha’s fingers shattered, it also grabbed something. Sigma carefully commanded the mecha to open the robotic arm in a safe position and saw a circular signal egg lying quietly in the center of the palm with three broken fingers.

“It’s Oli’s signal egg.” He said with certainty as soon as he saw it. Among the high-speed rotating debris, Sigma captured the message from the signal egg which was incredible!

In this way, the two signal eggs that Olivia sent when leaving the Star Gate were found by Sigma and it pointed the way for Alpha and the others. Under Sigma’s guidance, Epsilon suddenly speeded up and broke free from the inherent gravitational force of the tunnel inside the Star Gate, then rushed out——

The next moment, Mu Gen and the others were suspended in another galaxy.

Mu Gen and Boss Booney also woke up!

Fortunately, they ate a lot of various nutrient solutions these days so it’s more easily absorbed by their body. They retched a few times but didn’t spit out anything.

Both of them were well protected by the robots. Except for a little dizziness, they had no injuries at all.

Alpha carefully checked the physical conditions of his family and finally confirmed that there was no damage except for the abrasion on Epsilon’s thigh.

“It’s not mine, it’s Sigma’s b*ttocks and legs. Boss Booney wrapped these two extra pieces of metal around my thigh.” Epsilon explained so Alpha’s last worry was also dispelled.

“Okay, all members passed without injury.” Alpha corrected his inspection results.

Sigma: …what should I do if my b*tt and legs are being used by others, and I always feel like it won’t come back? Waiting online, very anxious.

Mu Gen could only touch Sigma’s head lightly.

After entering this starry sky, the results of all coordinate tests of Epsilon were all question marks. Obviously: This galaxy doesn’t belong to any galaxy in the known territory of the Empire.

There are no coordinates here on the Star map.

But these aren’t important anymore. The important ones are: Right now, on Epsilon’s star map, not far from the light spot representing them, two other light spots appeared!

Alpha has placed a special positioning device on everyone in his family. Of course, these people include Olivia and Mengmeng!

The two light spots appearing meant that they’re here!

To save on fuel, Mu Gen and Sigma left their original mecha and moved to Epsilon’s body. The mecha was attached to Epsilon’s body and they moved forward.

Olivia, who they’d been searching for for nearly a year, is in the same galaxy as him. Watching nervously and excitedly as they got closer and closer to those lights representing Oli, Mu Gen’s dark eyes shone brightly.


A total of five dinosaurs were shot down from the sky by the local soldiers.

From the identification plates on their necks, Olivia identified them, but they remained unconscious. There’s also a treatment device on Tortland Haida, but it’s an antique model. It can only accommodate the volume of human beings, so the machines can’t be used when they’re in their original forms.

Knowing that these dinosaurs were soldiers and not food, the dinosaurs on the base were a little disappointed. However, Olivia also told them about the accident regarding the Eustaza base. He didn’t know what happened to Eustaza, however, seeing Lt General Michel Otte escape in an oxygen capsule, he knew it wouldn’t be a good thing. The specific situation could only be revealed when the Lt General woke up.

In the end, Xiao Tao and a few cubs discovered the reason why Lt General Michel Otte was unconscious.

The reason they were unconscious was: They’re too dirty and have bugs on them ← this is what the cubs said.

For Xiao Tao who can’t transform into a human form, the comatose Lt General looked, so, delicious! However, the “senior officer” (brought up in a military family, Xiao Tao knew that the term represents the boss since he was a child) said they could not eat it. As a future Private, Xiao Tao must abide by any instructions issued by the Chief, but if he can’t eat…he can always lick, right?

And so, Xiao Tao would squat next to the Lt General and lick a few mouthfuls of him every day while eating Mugen grass as a side dish.

 ̄▽ ̄

While licking, Xiao Tao licked the wound on Lt General’s body, then, Xiao Tao licked a bug out of the wound.

Fleshy, hairy, and with eight claws.

Xiao Tao couldn’t help but eat one at that time.

Crunch! Dragon meat flavor!

Xiao Tao caught four bugs from the Lt General’s wound and ate one, then the rest were taken back as a treasure and shared with his comrades.

Olivia carefully studied the bug that Xiao Tao brought back and didn’t recognize it even after studying for a long time. After that, they found this bug in several other soldiers who were not awake. Unable to determine whether this bug is a new parasite, Olivia could only let everyone on Tortland Haida work together to catch all the bugs.

This bug is much more delicious than that bug that only eats metal. The flesh inside when you peel off the hard shell was delicious when eaten raw, not only Xiao Tao and the others, but Olivia also thought that the most delicious food he had eaten during this time is this bug.

For a while, everyone on Tortland Haida was very interested in salvaging any victims of the Eustaza base. On average, a few floating oxygen capsules can be retrieved every few days and the people inside have a few parasitic words without exception.

Although you can’t eat the people who are salvaged, the worms on these people are delicious! As a result, the victims of the Eustaza base turned into Olivia’s food gathering grounds.

The disaster recipes provided by the cooks in Canteen 3 can add one more item.

The soldiers on Tortland Haida are responsible for the salvage and no matter how much they salvaged, they will definitely put one in Olivia’s room. This is a way to show respect to the Chief.

Olivia has thought about many scenes of a long-lost reunion between himself and Mu Gen.

But no matter what kind of reunion, Olivia’s vision was always full of being moved to tears.

These reunion scenes definitely didn’t include the following:

On Olivia’s table, in a barely wiped iron plate, little Mu Gen, who was naked and looks very beautiful and delicious, reunited with Olivia after a long absence.

Looking at Mu Gen, who was unconscious on the plate, Olivia’s fork used to catch bugs froze in midair.


Mu Gen and his party, who sailed following the signal to the vicinity of Tortland Haida, were shot down and caught by the soldiers on the base.

The author has something to say:

The bug is something like this:

Icky Bug, not for the faint-hearted

TINA V5C169: Star Gate and Bugs
TINA V5C171: Best Period

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