TINA V7C224: Mr. □□

TINA V7C223: Converge
TINA V8C225: Reunion

“Master Olivia, I’m your Robot Stone!” The moment he saw Olivia, Robot Stone immediately jumped out from behind Argos. Argos finally knew that this seemingly always polite robot would have an “excited” side.

Olivia froze for a moment——

“Olivia, I’m your little spacecraft White Cloud Duoduo!” Immediately after, a deep voice came from all directions. White Cloud Duoduo, who had always pretended that he couldn’t speak, suddenly spoke.

Argos’ expression instantly became very subtle.

Olivia felt a “pa pa pa” sound in his ears.

“Ah, turns out that the robot I came back to rescue belonged to Major General Olivia!” Argos’ voice sounded faint: “And also, this spacecraft without a ship number, suspected of possessing weapons of mass destruction, and doesn’t look like a spacecraft at all turned out to belong to Major General Olivia…”

The mocking smile froze on his face and the corners of Olivia’s mouth twitched: There seemed to be another papapa sound in my ear…my face suddenly hurt and feels swollen!!?? Mothereffer!

But Argos was not in the mood to appreciate his foolishness right now: This kind of “obviously hitting the opponent’s cheek, but feeling his palm hurt” with even his foot becoming swollen!? Mothereffer!

Isn’t this kid too lucky? Although the nanny robot from home illegally piloted a battleship, it led a group of robots to defend a large number of escaping humans including him; The spacecraft from home was traveling without a license but rescued the heroic robot that was protecting humans from fleeing at the most critical time. Not to mention salvaging a large number of robot wreckage, it even captured the enemy battleships that have never been caught in unknown ways! There are even three of them!

Papapa——Argos felt his slap hurt.

“Oh! Lord Argos, thank you so much for not only saving my robot but also recovering the spacecraft from my house that was robbed by a star thief. Even though you were seriously injured, you still didn’t forget to protect the property of the people of the Empire.” However, Olivia is Olivia after all. Staring at his little robot and “little spacecraft”, Olivia immediately changed the content and direction of the conversation accordingly. This so-called flexibility had never been so hard for Olivia.

While saying thank you, Olivia waved to Stone. The little robot carefully glanced between Argos and Olivia and then stood behind Olivia without hesitation.

Argos was a little lost in an instant.

However, when Olivia left with Robot Stone, Argos saw the robot suddenly turn back secretly and wave at him.

Argos waved back.

Then the robot turned its head again and walked after its owner.

So when Argos’ Lieutenant excitedly went to find his superior, he was surprised to find his superior reading. He accidentally glanced at the title and it turned out to be a novel about the struggles of robots in human society!!!

Isn’t Boss the least fond of reading? Didn’t Boss hate robots the most? Boss, this is…

Realizing that he was being squinted at by his Boss, the adjutant immediately corrected himself. Retracting his sight, he leaned in and after a long while, he took out an apple from his pocket like offering a treasure.

“Lord Lt. General, this, this apple is for you!”

Looking at the small apple lying in his adjutant’s palm, Argos was suddenly stunned.

After silently accepting the apple, Argos glanced at his subordinate and after a while, he touched the other party’s head.

After doing this, Argos gnawed on the apple. The adjutant stood there blankly, grabbed his hair, then hurriedly discussed other things.

There’s still a long way to reach Bailu Star and everyone is busy right now.

They’re traveling in Murdore Galaxy right now. This huge tourist attraction has a large number of tourists at any time, especially the number of people trapped here. However, the people of Murdore’s Official Tourism Bureau have good organizational skills. As early as the beginning of the disaster, they immediately gathered the tourists scattered in various travel spots. Now that the people in the army are here, they only need to receive the people gathered on these planets.

As a result, a large group of people in various fancy holiday outfits appeared on the spacecrafts and battleships.

However, after reading the list of refugees collected by his subordinates, Olivia insisted that there are still people waiting for a rescue. At his insistence, the fleet rushed to Ainilala.

Everyone was puzzled by this move. The refugees from Ainilala were particularly puzzled: Among the refugees of all planets, the refugees of Ainilala were the most complete. In this disaster, their death toll is zero which is simply an incredible thing! The reason is simple, long before the disaster, they drove the spacecraft to the largest nearby Murdore Tourism Bureau Office and took refuge there.

All the refugees in Ainilala firmly believed that their god have blessed them.

The night before the disaster, everyone who slept had the same dream. The dream asked them to leave the land under their feet and seek refuge at the nearest branch of the Murdore Tourism Bureau!

It’s fine if it’s only one or two people but with so many people having the same dream at the same time, they packed up and left.

Under everyone’s confusion, Olivia detoured to Ainilala.

Sure enough, he picked up someone there.

The vast majority of civilians didn’t see it, but the officers who followed Olivia witnessed a miracle!

They watched in amazement as Olivia approached the lonely planet in White Cloud Duoduo, and then…that planet turned out to be a person!

It’s a male with a good-tempered smile, boarding the ship with big bags and a string of small white birds behind him.

Turns out that he’s the last person that Olivia said was waiting to be rescued.


Can a planet become human?! Is this a new species?

Everyone who witnessed all this was in a mess.

The author has something to say:

I have to catch a train to Nanjing, so I posted half of it first. Do you remember Mr. □□?

Olivia still remembers him so he took a detour.

I’ll send the other half later, they should be in Bailu Star by then.

At 11:00 tomorrow morning, the author will sign in a corner of the CXC Nanjing International Animation and Game Exhibition.

If you have time, you can come over and talk to the author.

PS: Blades can’t be carried inside!


TINA V7C223: Converge
TINA V8C225: Reunion

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