Further Guilt

Title: Further Guilt (余罪)

Author: 常书欣

Status in Original Country: 111 chapters (completed)

Author Synopsis:

A senior in the police force once told me: Compassion doesn’t wield soldiers, benevolence can’t run alongside police. Good men can’t be police officers, because kindheartedness is a laughable weakness in the eyes of ones who flout the law.

I am very unlucky. I’m not a nice person, nor am I a weak person. Those weird and strange cases, the shapes and sizes of criminals all became part of my life. I have no choice but to think like them and act like them, for I must always be racking my brains for ways to catch them.

My name is Yu Zui. I am a Criminal Police. This is my story, a lost, perplexed, impulsive, and intense story…

Translation: 1 (Unchained Translations)

Translation Progress: 11/111 (hiatus)


  1. A Present At The Door
  2. Collective Pitholes
  3. Which is False and Which is True
  4. Buddy Love
  5. Inevitable Disputes
  6. Dig Out The Root
  7. A Different Person
  8. The Last Straw
  9. Right and Wrong
  10. Who’s More Ruthless
  11. Heartless Injustice


I found myself losing motivation for this novel and the grammar and paragraphs are a mess. I was wondering if it’s because it’s really written like that or my source is just an aggregator site and messed it up. To be honest, I can’t find the original raws so I’m pausing the translation for this for a bit.

I encourage others to pick this up, but if no one did, just give me a few months, then I’ll translate it again.