Me and My Site

Hello there!

I started this site to reach a goal that I’ve set for myself: TRANSLATE A NOVEL. It would have been easier to choose a Filipino novel to translate since that’s my mother tongue, but I like to challenge myself. So I decided to translate a Chinese novel.

This dream started when I stumbled upon My obsession with the novels in it started and it came to the point that I spent all my free time reading novels. To the extent that I don’t even get out of bed.

But then some novels, I just can’t get enough of so I did what others do, I searched for spoilers. However, I’m still unsatisfied. I want the details and sometimes, the spoilers are so far ahead that I don’t even know if they’re talking about the same novel. So I made the next step, MTL.

That was a total nightmare!!!!

And so, to help my fellow brain-dead companions who paved the way and gave spoilers, this site is for you. (I just hope that the ones in a coma will wake up to read this.)

I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the translation but what I can guarantee is that it’s readable and understandable.

I probably botched some parts and probably mistranslated a huge chunk of it. So take note of the following:

  1. I don’t speak, read, or write in Chinese.
  2. The translations can be considered as:

a detailed spoiler” = if you want accuracy and you feel the grammar is shit

an awesome translation” = if you just want to read it for the joy of it

I frankly recommend having the second mindset if you’re reading it.

Anyways, I’ll see you when I see you.