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Alien 171: Uncle’s Bitterness and Sorrow

Yi Shao is angry! He's quite angry right now!!! This anger came from—— "Brother, I'm pregnant!" Yi Shao: "..." He suddenly felt dizzy. Well, although his sister had officially obtained a marriage certificate and held a wedding to marry an unreliable guy, in his mind, Xiao Ti was still far away from having a child … Continue reading Alien 171: Uncle’s Bitterness and Sorrow

15: Villain Looking Heki

Unexpectedly, Lewis was decided to be Kuuga's escort. However, he couldn't start today. So, Lewis, who seemed interested in Kuuga, reluctantly left the office to handle the transfer. And Edallion, who seemed disgruntled that his best recommendation wasn't accepted, couldn't extract a large number of resources from the Red Knights he previously belonged to, so … Continue reading 15: Villain Looking Heki

14: Tasteless and Bland Man*

TN: *Denotatively, "sappari" means "tasteless and bland." But connotatively, in English we would interpret that negatively, while in Japanese, lack of any significant stimulation of any sort is a positive. So the full correct translation might be "This is tasteless and bland, and I like it!" source It was a peaceful night when all the … Continue reading 14: Tasteless and Bland Man*

Alien 167: Go Back Home To Get Married

Partings always felt sad. Although it's better to think that "parting means meeting again", it's only for a bit. The longer she stayed at home, the more reluctant she was to leave. Fortunately...she's not alone. As the vehicle drove away, Yi Shao, who deliberately asked for leave to see her off, returned home and sighed … Continue reading Alien 167: Go Back Home To Get Married

Alien 166: Spring Festival* For Three

Although many people came to the graveyard today, the cemetery still seemed very quiet. Sometimes, the voices of ignorant children would rise up, and quickly go down under the reminders or scolding of adults. Even if they're not sensible, they intuitively know that this was not the place to mess around. Although only a few … Continue reading Alien 166: Spring Festival* For Three