ACDWL 075: Celebrities

─?side─   The last Akinist in Marihect. ──that alone was a considerable threat. I heard that his mate appeared... There are various rumors and I don't know which one is true. ──it's said to be the return of the legendary "Erideya". ──Marihect's number one magician and number one magic power holder. ──unknown race, but a … Continue reading ACDWL 075: Celebrities

ACDWL 071: Cause for Reason Snapping

─Rodo's side─   Kou, who's talking to the Fourth Corps Captain who suddenly came, thought about something. I got worried and called out, but he said it's nothing. Just that── "Rodo's child, want, just thought." (I just thought I want to have Rodo's child.) (Do you want my child?) Even though we just connected our … Continue reading ACDWL 071: Cause for Reason Snapping

ACDWL 069: Oddity Among the Exceptional

─Renneiga's side─   Captain and Kou got married. Aside from Captain's parents, His Majesty and the Chancellor also came to Kalzen. I know Captain's parents. Kou seemed obsessed with them so he probably called them. Kou didn't seem to care much about anything so Captain will fulfill all of Kou's wishes. Seems like they went … Continue reading ACDWL 069: Oddity Among the Exceptional

ACDWL 067: Extra ─Rodo’s Past─

─Rodo's side─   From the time I can remember, I knew what an "Akinist" was like from the people around me. Everyone is afraid of me who is yet to humanize. Even those who came to see my parents are afraid of us Akinists. "Congratulations on the birth of the long-awaited child." "This has increased … Continue reading ACDWL 067: Extra ─Rodo’s Past─