ACDWL 048: Unexpected Visitors

─Rudikda’s(Trik's Representative)side─   I waited for Kou in front of the Tower of Sarez. And I knew Rodokiaus-sama, his mate, would also come. When he came with Kou to the Tower of Trik yesterday, I just stared, speechless. I thought he was already humanized but it seemed like he wasn't. Even after humanization, his childishness … Continue reading ACDWL 048: Unexpected Visitors

ACDWL 043: Extra ─Rodokiaus’ Conflict─

Author’s Note: PV exceeded 2 million! This is a thank you chapter. ─Rodo's side─   "Suu...suu..." From my arms, I could hear faint sleeping breaths. It came from Kou who’s now grown up like in that drawing. I thought he's already very beautiful just from the drawing, but he's far better than I expected. At … Continue reading ACDWL 043: Extra ─Rodokiaus’ Conflict─

ACDWL 041: Beautiful and Excellent Kou

─Renneiga's side─   Kou is sitting on Captain's lap while humanized. And in that state, Captain is feeding him. I’ve seen this scene many times when Kou looked like his younger version. However, I only saw it as between a "parent and child". But doing this now, it looks more like an interaction between mates. … Continue reading ACDWL 041: Beautiful and Excellent Kou