Aggrieved Fish Sprite

Title: Aggrieved Fish Sprite (鱼不服)

Author: 天堂放逐者 (Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe)

Status in Original Country: 359 Chapters (completed)

Author Synopsis:

The protagonist Mo Li is a legendary doctor with unparalleled skills. He has a secret: in fact, he’s actually a fish sprite that has attained human form. Wishing to find similar companions, he has traveled all over the world in search of them – but, besides him, other fairy folks simply do not exist! Though he did not manage to find any comrades, however, he often got unjustly implicated in others’ troublesome affairs.

Translation: 1-8 (Peach Blossom Dreams)

Translation Progress: 87/359


  1. Zhushan County (Peach Blossom Dreams)
  2. Qi Mao Mountain (Peach Blossom Dreams)
  3. Spiritual Pond (Peach Blossom Dreams)
  4. Unexpected Occurrence (Peach Blossom Dreams)
  5. Clear Fine Day (Peach Blossom Dreams)
  6. The Wind Rises (Peach Blossom Dreams)
  7. Dragon in the Clouds (Peach Blossom Dreams)
  8. Connected to the Vault of Heaven (Peach Blossom Dreams)
  9. The Shining Sun and Moon
  10. All Houses Moved
  11. The People Are Scared
  12. Suspecting It’s A Dream
  13. Shock Stopped
  14. Differing Opinions
  15. Only Three Days
  16. Countryside Drama
  17. As If Nothing Happened
  18. When Asked
  19. Important Matter That Must Be Kept Secret
  20. Chase After And Ask
  21. I Don’t Know What Happened The Day Before
  22. Sigh
  23. An Embarrassing Illness
  24. People’s Homes Are Over There
  25. The Old Doesn’t Remember The Time
  26. Unknown Life Span
  27. The Countryside
  28. People From The Same Place
  29. Words Are Not Enough Nor Real
  30. What A Wonder
  31. Perhaps
  32. Trust the Dragon
  33. Ominous Solution
  34. Yeah
  35. The Man Who Goes Against the Heavens
  36. Dragon As Well
  37. Suffering from the Hardships of People’s Livelihood
  38. Can’t Bear to Cry or Move Houses
  39. Touching the Sky
  40. Reverse Life and Death
  41. And Then Escape
  42. Dragon Blessing
  43. People Disappeared
  44. The So-Called Spirits
  45. No More
  46. The Enabler Contributes
  47. Recipient of Virtue
  48. Work Together
  49. Adhere to Your Principles and Plan for the World’s Use
  50. Be Humane
  51. Profound Emotions Upon Hearing
  52. Sages Say to Extinguish Desire in Oneself
  53. Desire
  54. Private Thoughts
  55. Those Who Violate the Laws of Nature
  56. All are Born with Delusions
  57. Private Desires in Danger
  58. Teach and Believe In It
  59. The Mysteries of Fate are Profound
  60. Clear and Readily Available
  61. Today, There is A Dragon in Qimao Mountain
  62. Withdrawn Because of Love
  63. Small Land, Sparse Population
  64. To Conceal What One Has
  65. Is It A Crime
  66. Selfless
  67. Better Not Have A Book At All Than Believe Blindly In A Book
  68. Obsessed With Dao As If There’s No Dao
  69. Coarse and Vulgar People Should Not Be Underestimated
  70. Don’t Listen to Destiny’s Words
  71. End of Intent
  72. Thoughts Without Boundaries
  73. Why So Stubborn
  74. Then Talk About Gains and Losses
  75. Judging by Innocence of Heart
  76. Nowadays, Small Evils Go Unnoticed
  77. Virtue Goes Unnoticed
  78. Human Hearts Has Been Untraditional for a Long Time
  79. Awakened in a Shocking Thunderclap
  80. Employing Extraordinary Talents
  81. Avoid the Burden of Cliches
  82. One Should Not Regard Obedience As A Virtue
  83. Follow the Sages Blindly
  84. Talking Nonsense From The Past to the Present
  85. Talking So Much
  86. Present to a Friend
  87. —–