TINA V6C178: Olivia’s Secret

Olivia's body is very healthy and his data is even much stronger than the previous physical examination report. The Imperial Military Academy will provide medical examinations for all students once a year and these reports were delivered to the experts at the Imperial First Military Hospital as early as when Olivia got admitted. Under the … Continue reading TINA V6C178: Olivia’s Secret

ACDWL 075: Celebrities

─?side─   The last Akinist in Marihect. ──that alone was a considerable threat. I heard that his mate appeared... There are various rumors and I don't know which one is true. ──it's said to be the return of the legendary "Erideya". ──Marihect's number one magician and number one magic power holder. ──unknown race, but a … Continue reading ACDWL 075: Celebrities

TINA V6C176: Diplomacy Without Limits

The night Olivia was admitted to the Imperial First Military Hospital, a white spacecraft from the Imperial Capital Ifadia quietly landed in a private port on this planet. Under strict escort, the people on the ship moved into the Imperial First Military Hospital. They are experts from the Imperial Royal Hospital Cantasco and were ordered … Continue reading TINA V6C176: Diplomacy Without Limits

TINA V5C174: The Starry Sky In Boss Booney’s Eyes

Facts proved that Olivia's last-minute cramming paid off. Under his control, Tortland Haida entered the expected course smoothly. There are more than 3,000 buttons on the console and more than 700 buttons that have a usage rate of more than 60% per min. To be proficient in driving such a base, aside from the brain's … Continue reading TINA V5C174: The Starry Sky In Boss Booney’s Eyes