STB Chapter 171: Disastrous Package

Chicken and mushrooms were bought by Li Fei in the supermarket at the intersection of the community. Because it was late in the morning, he was delayed. Li Fei was fortunate enough to avoid the peak period when he went shopping and coincidentally picked some fresh and cheap vegetables though there weren't many types to … Continue reading STB Chapter 171: Disastrous Package

STB Chapter 170: Serious

Xiao YaQin participated in the high profile cast selection and announced her participation in the filming. After the promotional photos were released, there were five roles including Li Fei's, but there was no Xiao YaQin. This was very embarrassing. Rumors have come out from various quarters. Some people say that Xiao YaQin was eliminated during … Continue reading STB Chapter 170: Serious

STB Chapter 169: Public Persona

Even with Federico's protagonist status and his own advantages, the most important thing was that the Morenza family was willing to invest in this movie! A lot of rich people lived in Hollywood and many celebrities were backed by a consortium. However, if things involved Wolf Morenza, these people were willing to take a step … Continue reading STB Chapter 169: Public Persona

STB Chapter 167: Cannon Fodder

“What international cooperation film? Don't be caught by that gimmick! Who didn't know the Chinese rarely appear in Hollywood blockbuster films?” Inside GuangShi Group, Director Wang's face was distorted as he hit the table with his fist. The ground was a mess, scattered with folders and broken glass pieces. The secretary didn't dare persuade him … Continue reading STB Chapter 167: Cannon Fodder

STB Chapter 166: Preparations

“We have reason to believe that humans will regain their abilities, and would even be among the children of this generation's ability holders!” “Existing technologies can't study which part of the human genetic factors will cause the abilities to form, but it does exist. This secret will be discovered someday, and this will be the … Continue reading STB Chapter 166: Preparations