I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 66: Jealousy

The lights are wrapped in silk, making the initially bright theater dim. With the tip of his nose covered in cobwebs, Jian Hua saw several bizarre things in the corner. The most obvious is a spherical object depressed in the middle, like—— “A monkey’s skull.” Li Fei’s eyes are better than Jian Hua’s. “It looks… Continue reading STB Chapter 66: Jealousy

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 65: Outlook

  Corgi squatted at its owner’s feet. No mushrooms appear so it’s only wary of Li Fei, regarding Jian Hua as just a passerby. About the relationship of Jian Hua and the mushrooms, Corgi……has not figured it out yet! No, it is very smart, but the smart dog isn’t aware of the bond between human… Continue reading STB Chapter 65: Outlook

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 64: Expulsion

Deep into the giant spider’s lair is a place full of danger. Suddenly finding among the victims caught by the spider, a “daring and talented” guy who successfully escaped, all the way dodging the spiderwebs! It did not even alarm the monster!! Smoothly rushing towards the exit! !! Even if the other guy refuses to… Continue reading STB Chapter 64: Expulsion

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 63: Tease Me

Feet tapped around the car, issuing dull sounds. Jian Hua heard Li Fei complaining about the car repair fees…… Fortunately, the spider and the rainforest squid are different. There are several transparent large webs between this congested road and the roadside buildings. The giant spider can walk in its own network and is also agiler… Continue reading STB Chapter 63: Tease Me

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 62: Giant Web

The ground is shaking violently. In front of black eyes, the world has become silent…… The process of the coming of the Abandoned World, Jian Hua has become accustomed to it. He subconsciously touched his pockets. There are two pieces of chocolate, a few tubes of vegetables and mashed potatoes. He does not have a… Continue reading STB Chapter 62: Giant Web

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 61: Plan

Li Fei exposed a genial smile, waving at the camera. The program director shouted cut, and the studio immediately became busy. The cameraman collects his equipment. The host of the show asks for a photo of the actor, saying auspicious words for a better career next year. Assistant Lin squeezes besides Li Fei, helping him… Continue reading STB Chapter 61: Plan

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 60: Picked Up

The motorcycle is moving very fast, letting out a deafening roar. Johnson is pressed to the man’s broad chest, smelling tobacco and a bitter orange smell of the man’s perfume, it made him dizzy. His frozen cheeks are tingling, making him regain consciousness, then he vaguely felt pain. He subconsciously wants to rub his face,… Continue reading STB Chapter 60: Picked Up

Different World Business Symbol

DWBS 31: Groundwork

A/N: I wrote in the foreword to chapter 30 in detail, I made a misunderstanding, and I completely forgot about the system of taxation. When I calculate again, I found that the numbers were different. However, it does not affect the progress of the story much, so it’s okay. 「So, it’s a price increase negotiation……by… Continue reading DWBS 31: Groundwork

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 59: Running Away

In the East Coast of the United States, Massachusetts is experiencing a snowstorm. The thickness of snow outside the house will reach past your calf, but three steps in front of the door will make you buried in the snow. The dog sled slid into the room. The neighbors have a cheerful smile, and from… Continue reading STB Chapter 59: Running Away