STB Chapter 162: Worry“Although it’s not our first meeting, we can still make up for that since we …2019/10/22I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-10-22 00:00:52
STB Chapter 161: AirportJian Hua’s recovery was going well. After passing the check up on the sixtieth day, …2019/10/21I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-10-21 00:00:17
STB Chapter 160: FutureAs the season changed in late May, the temperature rose sharply. There was no delay …2019/07/15I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-07-15 17:12:10
DWBS SS2: Romance I“What!! That Dennis has a woman!? That virgin?” This year, Haruto, who became 25 years …2019/07/12Different World Business Symbol2019-07-12 00:00:56
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Alien 19: A Serious Sister Complex PatientAt this point, Yi Ti didn’t know what the jelly alien at home was thinking …2019/07/07I Heard You Are An Alien2019-07-07 17:47:07
Alien 18: I’m Not An AdultererOriginally, Yi Ti didn’t want to accept the flowers. She’s not narrow-minded, it’s just that …2019/07/06I Heard You Are An Alien2019-07-06 12:00:18
Alien 17: The Truth Is So DisappointingThe next day, while being “conveniently” led by Liang Chen, Yi Ti successfully handled the …2019/07/06I Heard You Are An Alien2019-07-06 00:00:05
STB Chapter 158: RecuperationInjuries like fractures had to be cast for three months. Ten days after Jian Hua …2019/07/01I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-07-01 00:00:07
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Alien 13: He Actually Reformed His WaysYi Ti was stunned, then whispered, “I don’t have dog ears.” Liang Chen: “……” “I …2019/06/29I Heard You Are An Alien2019-06-29 00:00:33
Alien 12: Moonlit Night AttackCecil was angry. After she laughed, he quietly got under the sofa and refused to …2019/06/17I Heard You Are An Alien2019-06-17 00:49:05
Alien 11: Do You Like It?In this way, at three in the afternoon, during the hottest part of the day …2019/06/17I Heard You Are An Alien2019-06-17 00:28:09
Alien 10: Awfully Reserved GentlenessUnder the guidance of the local alien, Yi Ti quietly searched under the “toy category”. …2019/06/17I Heard You Are An Alien2019-06-17 00:07:41
Alien 9: You Have This TalentBut it’s useless to grumble about it, it’s called a “trader”, so it’s obviously impossible …2019/06/16I Heard You Are An Alien2019-06-16 23:45:37
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STB Chapter 151: DisparityWhen he heard about Lu Zhao’s death, Jian Hua’s expression didn’t change. Until Li Fei …2019/05/20I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-05-20 12:00:24
STB Chapter 150: Post-bellumLater, people called this the doomsday in the history of human civilization. Pavements collapsed, bridges …2019/05/20I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-05-20 00:00:10
Alien 6: The Second EncounterIt had been morning when they had gone into the basement, but when the two …2019/05/19I Heard You Are An Alien2019-05-19 20:35:01
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STB Chapter 147: ReturnThe armored crabs were tied up by the mycelium, just as easily as hairy crabs …2019/05/11I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-05-11 10:27:32
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Alien 2: An Impolite TeenagerIn any case, since the involved party said it’s okay, the security guards couldn’t say …2019/05/05I Heard You Are An Alien2019-05-05 00:00:34
Alien 1: Miraculous EncounterYi Ti moved houses. About a week ago, a lawyer found Yi Ti’s home and …2019/05/04I Heard You Are An Alien2019-05-04 00:00:34
STB Chapter 144: Escape“Flame Demon is over there!” Flames lit up in the dark, bright and dazzling. The …2019/05/03I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-05-03 00:00:13
STB Chapter 143: BiochemistryJian Hua had long known about the movements outside. Actually, the monster herd began attacking …2019/05/01I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-05-01 00:00:42
STB Chapter 142: SiegeGiant spider world, the cave where Jian Hua and Li Fei had been. As the …2019/04/29I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-04-29 12:00:09
STB Chapter 141: TrendGeng Tian punched a rock wall, and the passage immediately shook. Mushrooms fell from the …2019/04/29I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-04-29 00:00:07
STB Chapter 140: ConflictTranslator: ChaCha     Editor: Izreate Jennifer’s group didn’t manage to leave the underground city successfully. …2019/04/22I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-04-22 00:00:42
STB Chapter 139: Divine LightHey guys, I found an editor and a proofreader. Yay!!! It helps that it’s all …2019/04/15I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-04-15 00:00:41
STB Chapter 138: First Love   Johnson knew the meaning of the movements next door.     With his age, he’d …2019/04/08I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-04-08 02:20:38
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STB Chapter 136: BurrowHis chest is stuffy and painful, making him unable to breathe. Jian Hua convulsed in …2019/03/25I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-03-25 00:46:30
STB Chapter 135: TravellingThe grinning gunman ability holders waited for the dust to settle and reveal their figures. …2019/03/18I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-03-18 00:00:04
STB Chapter 134: ConfrontationThis prey——not much meat ah! What’s the use of fat if it’s so short? The …2019/03/11I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-03-11 00:00:07
STB Chapter 133: TrapJian Hua heard and stared blankly as he carefully looked at the “girl.” It feels …2019/01/22I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-22 00:00:16
STB Chapter 132: Nice to Meet You“What, they fell into the void and disappeared?” Zhang YaoJin stared at the person who …2019/01/18I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-18 00:00:04
STB Chapter 131: Peer“We must leave here as soon as possible Dr. Mad is a wood system ability …2019/01/17I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-17 12:00:42
STB Chapter 130: NestThe ground is wet from the drips still coming from the top of the cave. …2019/01/16I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-16 00:00:20
STB Chapter 129: CrackWhen a vehicle carrying stones drove to a construction site, and open its compartment, it’s …2019/01/15I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-15 00:00:50
STB Chapter 128: Broken SpaceThe stores along the street have only two floors. When the giant spiders propped its …2019/01/14I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-14 00:00:57
STB Chapter 127: Initiative“Someone saw him, a foreigner wearing a trench coat, carrying an umbrella, and acting very …2019/01/11I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-11 00:00:25
STB Chapter 126: IndulgenceTracking Dr. Mad’s activity is not going well. He seemed to be running around in …2019/01/10I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-10 12:00:53
STB Chapter 125: ClueLi Fei just left, when Major Zhang ordered the release of Lu Zhao whom they’ve …2019/01/10I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-10 00:00:19
STB Chapter 124: MeetingWith the benefits of the blue lizard, Geng Tian finally recovered. When he tried pulling …2019/01/09I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-09 12:00:55
STB Chapter 123: Cause of DeathVarious countries have received reports about the hallucination effect of the new drug. It was …2019/01/09I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-09 00:00:33
STB Chapter 122: Twists and TurnsThe bullet hit the wall as the smell of smoke filled the whole street. Johnson …2019/01/08I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-08 12:00:31
STB Chapter 121: ComfortA person won’t know how long it can retain sanity in the midst of nothingness. …2019/01/08I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-08 00:00:29
STB Chapter 120: NightmareEven if Zhao Wen did not say anything, Li Fei could guess some of it. …2019/01/07I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-07 12:00:36
STB Chapter 119: Way to SurviveThe sky is no longer lit. Under the night, the wind brought the distant roar …2019/01/07I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2019-01-07 00:00:17
STB Chapter 118: Breaking ThroughThe cars of ability holders always have biscuits and mineral water; Red Dragon even prepared …2018/12/20I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-20 12:00:50
STB Chapter 117: ReinforcementsJian Hua put on his clothes as fast as possible. The room was initially air-conditioned …2018/12/20I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-20 00:00:22
STB Chapter 116: CodeThe bedroom only has a wall lamp, and the dim light illuminated two overlapping figures …2018/12/19I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-19 12:00:57
STB Chapter 115: Lost ContactIn this way, Li Fei’s bodyguard and assistant both laid down on the hospital. Compared …2018/12/19I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-19 00:00:11
STB Chapter 114: HostageAssistant Lin was blocked, scaring him senseless. He thought that the two groups of people …2018/12/13I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-13 00:00:13
STB Chapter 113: HelpIn the videos that initially appeared on the net, the names of the cities are …2018/12/12I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-12 12:00:12
STB Chapter 112: Suffer a LossThe sparkling river reflecting the neon lights of the city is very colorful. The crowd …2018/12/12I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-12 00:00:08
STB Chapter 111: ConditionsWhen Li Fei went to Haicheng, it’s already midnight. Because he received a notice from …2018/12/11I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-11 12:00:49
STB Chapter 110: Love LetterGeng Tian listened to the busy tone on his phone, face distorted. He’s physically powerless. …2018/12/11I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-11 00:00:34
STB Chapter 109: Demonstration8:00 pm, Northern time, Haicheng xx District 1 Community incident reached the top in the …2018/12/10I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-10 12:00:03
STB Chapter 108: NewsCorgi shook its head in doubt as it climbed the scale with its short legs. …2018/12/10I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-10 00:00:46
STB Chapter 107: Out of ControlJian Hua took the list of Old Cheng’s suggested medical examinations and went to find …2018/12/09I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-09 00:00:49
STB Chapter 106: ExileLu Zhao rounded his eyes. Jian Hua’s income is not that good, so where did …2018/12/08I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-08 00:00:40
STB Chapter 105: DriverNo matter how unwilling an ability holder is, spring will still come. Spring flowers bloomed, …2018/12/07I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-07 00:00:44
STB Chapter 104: Water DeliveryNight patrol spotlights passed through the window and flickered in the room. The hanging curtains …2018/12/06I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-06 12:00:03
STB Chapter 103: Night TalkZhang YaoJin paced in a room. There is Zhao Wen’s report on his desk. The …2018/12/06I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-06 00:00:47
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DWBS SS0: Back SettingA/N: It’s for self-satisfaction It doesn’t matter if it’s not part of the story and …2018/12/05Different World Business Symbol2018-12-05 00:00:22
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DWBS 47: ShufeltOne month has passed since the attack. Once the bodies were delivered to the policemen, …2018/12/01Different World Business Symbol2018-12-01 00:00:32
STB Chapter 93: TimeThe hot water from the shower head sprayed on the two people’s faces. Jian Hua …2018/12/01I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-12-01 00:00:31
STB Chapter 92: HuntingJian Hua found that his thoughts are too simple. Just because there is a pair …2018/09/23I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-09-23 00:00:12
STB Chapter 91: What a Coincidence!With the increase of Abandoned World arrivals, the ability holders are forced to shift their …2018/09/21I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-09-21 00:00:09
STB Chapter 90: AssessmentThe manhole cover slightly raised, showing a gap. Here in the Abandoned World, it happens …2018/09/19I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-09-19 00:16:26
STB Chapter 89: PrototypeOne month later. Frequent accidents happen around the world, such as buildings collapsing, roads collapsing, …2018/09/18I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-09-18 00:00:01
STB Chapter 88: Red Scorpion“What?” Federico’s broker failed to understand the words ability holder. He’s sick of those kids …2018/09/17I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-09-17 00:00:09
STB Chapter 87: HeadacheThe beginning of the tentative temptation quickly became a request. Their lips touch, slipping along …2018/09/16I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-09-16 00:00:27
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DWBS 41: ReunionT/N: Up till now, I’ve been translating this ‘Shokai’ as Chamber of Commerce. But I …2018/08/27Different World Business Symbol2018-08-27 00:00:51
STB Chapter 79: ErrorJian Hua was so shocked that he couldn’t speak. Listening to what he said……does Li …2018/07/27I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-07-27 00:00:12
STB Chapter 78: ThreatThe venue was dark, and the air was filled with the smell of the splashed …2018/07/26I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-07-26 00:00:55
STB Chapter 77: ChaosThe waiter is obviously Asian, exposing a cold killing intent. After seeing an exposed head …2018/07/25I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-07-25 00:00:21
DWBS 40: TalentA/N: The fourth arc begins. As a result of various considerations, I stopped dividing it …2018/07/25Different World Business Symbol2018-07-25 00:00:07
STB Chapter 76: SniperLi Fei subconsciously dimmed the screen. From the start of seeing that line of text, …2018/07/24I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-07-24 00:00:05
DWBS 39: FriendsA/N: This concludes the third arc. A month passed since the war ended. Emperor Westoria, …2018/07/23Different World Business Symbol2018-07-23 00:00:59
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DWBS 38: OccupiedA/N: It’s a little long this time Three days passed since Congress declared their surrender …2018/07/20Different World Business Symbol2018-07-20 00:00:24
DWBS 37: Kingdom CaptureA/N: This concludes the war 「Oi, what’s with this rise in price!! 」 Haruto shouted …2018/07/18Different World Business Symbol2018-07-18 00:00:20
STB Chapter 74: GraffitiOn the other side of the ocean, in a City in Massachusetts*. (T/N: I’m sorry, …2018/07/17I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-07-17 00:00:14
STB Chapter 73: CohabitationThe case of the unknown giant spider did not let Jian Hua worry. Because for …2018/07/13I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-07-13 00:00:59
DWBS 36: BattleA/N: I don’t feel confident about the war depiction. 「Has the hill been taken……we can’t …2018/07/13Different World Business Symbol2018-07-13 00:00:09
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STB Chapter 61: PlanLi Fei exposed a genial smile, waving at the camera. The program director shouted cut, …2018/05/26I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-05-26 02:22:17
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DWBS 31: GroundworkA/N: I wrote in the foreword to chapter 30 in detail, I made a misunderstanding, …2018/05/21Different World Business Symbol2018-05-21 23:59:56
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STB Chapter 54: ImpostorBack to the hotel where the crew stayed, Director Lu still remembered to praise the …2018/05/11I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-05-11 00:01:37
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STB Chapter 53: Suspension BridgeAbout Liu Shan, they’ve hooked the bait, and can only wait. After that incident, Li …2018/05/07I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-05-07 11:54:44
STB Chapter 52: Making ConversationT/N: Sorry for the late update. I got addicted and distracted from some other story. …2018/05/07I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-05-07 11:15:58
STB Chapter 51: PossessedSeveral assistants occupied a table downstairs. With their amount of funds, they ordered five lower-priced …2018/05/01I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-05-01 18:19:28
DWBS 27: EmployeeA/N: I corrected the income and expenditures from December to March since it was wrong. …2018/04/30Different World Business Symbol2018-04-30 12:53:07
STB Chapter 50: DinnerAssistant Lin takes a step back, sweat drops rolling on his forehead. He looked at …2018/04/30I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-30 12:23:14
STB Chapter 49: ExposedThe people living in the North can feel the change in atmosphere. The increased strictness in …2018/04/28I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-28 09:51:33
STB Chapter 48: Pay AttentionStar Entertainment Media is one of the three giants in the domestic entertainment industry. Two …2018/04/27I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-27 01:17:52
DWBS 26: LabyrinthA/N: I noticed it was cold to write it halfway, I can drop it because …2018/04/25Different World Business Symbol2018-04-25 00:08:57
STB Chapter 47: HolidayRaindrops fall on the window glass, making a trail on the dust stains. Jian Hua …2018/04/24I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-24 22:58:07
STB Chapter 46: PragmaticNovember 22, evening. The wind blew up the leaves and stuck them to the car …2018/04/22I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-22 11:35:23
STB Chapter 45: HoodwinkThe Actor Ren inexplicably looked at Li Fei’s line of sight. ——Is there anything on …2018/04/22I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-22 10:56:17
DWBS 25: Business Rival「So where is the Samaras Chamber of Commerce going to put up their store?」 Roa …2018/04/20Different World Business Symbol2018-04-20 12:58:36
STB Chapter 44: Picky EaterPrevious Chapter ⌉ Index ⌈ Next Chapter  Picky Eater Li Fei had a nightmare. The dark, …2018/04/19I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-19 21:46:12
STB Chapter 43: SituationThe author has something to say: Last night at 11 o’clock, this is a regular …2018/04/17I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-17 06:36:59
STB Chapter 42: WarehouseJian Hua thought that the voice sounds a little familiar. The people in the warehouse …2018/04/14I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-14 14:39:29
DWBS 24: RepaymentSlave’s trading system. I’ll write it before you point it out. Luxury Slaves(Beautiful appearance, have …2018/04/13Different World Business Symbol2018-04-13 05:10:38
STB Chapter 41: Survival“I heard that inside a makeup artist’s kit, they filled it with their belongings.” “……you’re …2018/04/11I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-11 21:34:03
STB Chapter 40: Do Your BestA groan came from the corner of the studio. Jian Hua heard the sound, and …2018/04/09I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-09 17:40:52
STB Chapter 39: NeglectWith such a fuss, today’s filming is naturally a bust. Director Lu squatted in front …2018/04/07I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-07 12:15:00
DWBS 23: State of Affairs 2A/N: Many new characters will come out。 Three days after New Year, the Empire’s Emperor …2018/04/07Different World Business Symbol2018-04-07 11:32:18
STB Chapter 38: HauntedThe initially dormant white silk threads suddenly sprang up. The studio is huge, and they …2018/04/02I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-04-02 17:58:23
STB Chapter 37: CrisisWith chopsticks sandwiching a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs, the delicious thick sauce …2018/03/31I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-31 00:36:16
STB Chapter 36: Flowery PointHe returned to his familiar environment. Jian Hua sits in the corner, watching the busy …2018/03/28I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-28 13:45:39
STB Chapter 35: Common UnderstandingLi Fei’s group was accompanied by the Assistant Director at the hotel.   This Assistant Director …2018/03/27I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-27 23:09:28
STB Chapter 34: Making ProgressThe girl who was tightly tied up in the net gritted her teeth. The spatial …2018/03/26I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-26 14:09:06
DWBS 22: New YearThis time, they were gone for a little long。 「That’s why I, Aisha, became Haruto’s …2018/03/26Different World Business Symbol2018-03-26 12:56:47
STB Chapter 33: Capture   Fourteen-year-old Johnson carefully stuck out his head from the rubble.    The rain has stopped.    There …2018/03/25I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-25 16:44:56
STB Chapter 32: Frank“Johnson Brown is an American from the Southern State, code name Hurican.  Transliterated from Hulakan, …2018/03/22I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-22 06:25:08
STB Chapter 31: ProtagonistThe shop signs fell on the street and got soaked in muddy water. Several old …2018/03/21I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-21 01:15:39
DWBS 21: Negotiation「I feel sick……。」 「Just a bit more, Haruto。」 The two were riding on a camel …2018/03/20Different World Business Symbol2018-03-20 00:14:23
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STB Chapter 29: Grim SituationIt’s reasonable to say that filling their stomach is the most important, but before they …2018/03/16I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-16 04:36:31
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DWBS 20: ThreatHaruto solidifies for a while、and reacted quickly。Asking while pretending to be calm。 「Why desert people?By …2018/03/12Different World Business Symbol2018-03-12 18:58:31
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STB Chapter 26: Mushrooms   The flame was extinguished。    Both of them struggled to get out of the deformed to …2018/03/11I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-11 07:19:09
STB Chapter 25: Roller Coaster   “Actually, there are some hand tools in the trunk of my car which can …2018/03/09I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-09 07:58:20
STB Chapter 24: Attack   The joke pulled in the distance between the two,changing the atmosphere。    There is too much …2018/03/07I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-07 01:07:52
DWBS 19: Lie「Amazing!To be able to read it。」 「Oh well、I am good at memorizing words。」 Haruto had …2018/03/05Different World Business Symbol2018-03-05 18:30:48
STB Chapter 23: Hairball     Monster?Li Fei is surprised for a moment. He’s still wondering where this monster …2018/03/05I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-03-05 17:45:18
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STB Chapter 20: Gathering PeopleJian Hua is in front of supermarket shelves buying biscuits and canned food. Now that …2018/02/27I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-02-27 07:48:54
DWBS 18: Desert People「Now then, Roa。Answer me straightforwardly。Who is this person?」 Haruto listened as Roa, and the mysterious girl …2018/02/27Different World Business Symbol2018-02-27 06:12:24
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STB Chapter 19: Fog     “Abandoned World, according to an insider is a particular kind of parallel world.” …2018/02/23I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-02-23 05:50:30
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STB Chapter 16: A Visit     Outside Universal Studios, and returning under the sun of a silent city, Jian …2018/02/20I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-02-20 05:00:55
STB Chapter 15: Careless——He always felt that he’d forgotten a particular thing. Jian Hua is cooking udon noodles, …2018/02/19I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-02-19 19:04:38
STB Chapter 14: TracingKnowing that the girl he likes had a Major as an older brother and that …2018/02/19I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-02-19 18:24:54
STB Chapter 13: Dumbfounded CircleAt the scene of Star Entertainment Media’s Press Conference, the cameras’ flashes lit up the …2018/02/19I'm Not Shouldering This Blame2018-02-19 16:02:58
The Journey BeginsThanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — …2018/02/19Uncategorized2018-02-19 15:15:07



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