I Heard You Are An Alien

Title: I Heard You Are An Alien (聽說你是外星人)

Author: Three Thousand Glass (三千琉璃)

Status in Original Country: 180 Chapters (completed)

Author Synopsis:

Yi Ti resented her name. From an early age, she couldn’t get away from the nicknames “ET” and “alien”.

But no one thought that one day, she would actually meet an alien.

Scared by the other, it seemed like she screamed……

She fainted, then fell face down or something like that……

She seemed to have had a bloody nose from being knocked out……

She doesn’t remember any of this!!!

The only thing she cares about is that after she fainted, the alien actually dragged her, chest down, back home – does the alien not feel ashamed?!

Author’s note:

PS: This article is purely yy. If there is any resemblance……anyway, this is impossible? Cough, if you feel unwell, please use the small cross in the upper right corner to escape, thank you for your cooperation.

PPS: This article is 1V1. This author is small and fresh so this one can’t write NP. This one asks to be forgiven.

Content tag: sweet story, portable space

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Protagonists: Yi Ti, Cecil
Supporting roles: passers-by A, B, C, D
Others: Mama, look, there is an alien here!

Translation: 1-12 by Novitranslations (Wayback Machine)

Translator’s Note: The first 12 chapters are already translated but the links are dead in NU. I found the chapters using the Wayback Machine and copied the previous 12 chapters. I’m currently editing them to make sure that the future chapters will be consistent.

Translation progress: 180/180 (complete)


  1. Miraculous Encounter (Novitranslations¦ edited)
  2. An Impolite Teenager (Novitranslations ¦ edited)
  3. She Has A Little secret (Novitranslations ¦ edited)
  4. The Secret in the House  (Novitranslations ¦ edited)
  5. Spiritual Plant Cultivator’s Inheritance  (Novitranslations¦ edited)
  6. The Second Encounter  (Novitranslations¦ edited)
  7. The Way To Help Him (Novitranslations ¦ edited)
  8. Red Bills Discrimination  (Novitranslations ¦ edited)
  9. You Have This Talent  (Novitranslations ¦ edited)
  10. Awfully Reserved Gentleness  (Novitranslations¦ edited)
  11. Do You Like It?  (Novitranslations ¦ edited)
  12. Moonlit Night Attack  (Novitranslations¦ edited)
  13. He Actually Reformed His Ways
  14. A Step Into The Cosmos
  15. One Step Towards A Big One
  16. Chat Groups Are Horrible
  17. The Truth Is So Disappointing
  18. I’m Not An Adulterer
  19. A Serious Sister Complex Patient
  20. A Very Cruel World
  21. Such Is True Love
  22. President’s Backyard
  23. Best Friends For Life
  24. Long XiaoTian’s Appearance
  25. This Is Your Child
  26. Called Out By That Person
  27. Seem To Fall In Love With You Again
  28. Taoist Meets Monsters
  29. Weak Men Meets Strong Woman
  30. Death Of First Love
  31. Local Tyrant Buy Buy Buy
  32. This Is True Love
  33. This Electronics Idiot
  34. Thieves Are Getting Smarter
  35. I Think You’re Beautiful
  36. Tyrants Will Pull Hatred
  37. The So-Called Animation
  38. Hit With A Sword To The Knee
  39. This Must Be Love
  40. Got A Message
  41. He Became Addicted To Games
  42. Special Profession
  43. Believe That You Are Better Than Science
  44. Don’t Look Back At Night
  45. Going To The Men’s Restroom
  46. Who Is This Man
  47. You Can Actually Change
  48. Something’s Very Wrong With This
  49. Inspiration Came Suddenly
  50. Could This Be A Coincidence
  51. This Must Be True Love
  52. She’s Really Not A Pervert
  53. Refreshed Three Views Again
  54. Hello Grandfather
  55. Goodbye Grandfather
  56. The World Is So Fair
  57. You’re Also A Poor Ghost
  58. You’re Her Apprentice
  59. Look For Orange Grape Juice
  60. You’re A Liar
  61. You’re A Master
  62. Believe You’re A Fool
  63. So You’re Afraid Of This
  64. And So It Was Cherished
  65. Calm Before The Storm
  66. All Kinds Of Knives
  67. You Give Birth To A Son Soon
  68. You’re Just Letting Me Go
  69. Who Is Your Mom And Dad
  70. That’s The Way To Pass
  71. Wicked Mother-in-Law
  72. A Little Jealousy
  73. Heart Skipped A Bit
  74. What Is It, Little Master
  75. What Are You Doing
  76. Very Angry Yi Shao
  77. I Want To Be Alone With You
  78. Sly Black Shadow
  79. This Is Probably Love
  80. Just Want To Tell You
  81. Say It Seriously
  82. Something Was Missing
  83. Sentimentality Led To Tragedy
  84. They’re Not Friends
  85. I Want To Take Care Of Her
  86. Come, Take It Off
  87. Promised Kiss
  88. Trailer Release Reaction
  89. The Organization Is Testing You
  90. Internet Addiction Beckons You
  91. Damn Tyrant, Quickly Go Away
  92. Must Face Things
  93. On The Brink Of Life And Death
  94. New Changes
  95. He Turned Out To Be A Fan
  96. Meeting Once Again
  97. He’s From The Shi Family
  98. Despised Lu Kong
  99. Lu Family Patriarch
  100. Meet Strange People
  101. Fiery Young Miss
  102. From Hope To Despair
  103. She’s Also A Plant Cultivator
  104. Pit Grandpa Pit Son Pit Father
  105. Awakening New Hobby
  106. Desolate Winds Amidst Winter
  107. Unfortunate Duo
  108. Turned Out To Be A Comrade
  109. You Try Again
  110. Some People Are Always Shy
  111. Fateful Encounter
  112. We Are The Organization
  113. Holding Hands On A Date
  114. Always Meet Acquaintances
  115. He’s Really A Fortune Teller
  116. Your Impressive Military Might
  117. This Magical Egg
  118. The So-Called Parenting
  119. Should She Scream
  120. Give Back Her Maiden Heart
  121. Worthy of Being Their Biological Child
  122. The So-Called Character Song
  123. Do You Have A Grudge Against Him
  124. I Do Have A Grudge Against Him
  125. Yi Ti’s New Decision
  126. Getting Pointers From A PDA
  127. Meeting an Old Acquaintance
  128. Happy To Coax Me
  129. He’s Also Reckless
  130. Just Want To Lean Like This
  131. The North Wind Blows
  132. What The Hell Is This
  133. Plants vs. Zombies
  134. Unexpected Second Time
  135. Another Old Acquaintance
  136. Found One Thing
  137. Finally Became A Man
  138. Who Was Dumped
  139. It’s A Misunderstanding
  140. Big Fat Sheep
  141. This Is Fate
  142. WTF WTF WTF
  143. A Girl’s Dream
  144. Having A Little Trouble
  145. Rich People Are Really Troublesome
  146. Do You Want To Bet On It
  147. He Really Guessed It
  148. This Is Pampering and Proud
  149. It’s So Right To Take Him
  150. Following While Carrying Her
  151. Crushed by a Roller*
  152. Second Kill*
  153. Momentary Palpitations
  154. Common Sense Is Dead
  155. LiuLiu and the Little Squirrel
  156. The Snow Mountain Couple
  157. Brother Is Angry
  158. Go To The Same End
  159. He’s An Expert Treasure Picker
  160. Life on Christmas Eve
  161. Surprise for Readers
  162. Tracing The Past
  163. Give it to Earth
  164. Reactions from All Sides
  165. Meet the Parents Together
  166. Spring Festival For Three
  167. Go Back Home To Get Married (main story end)
  168. Because It’s Brother
  169. His Family (1)
  170. His Family (2)
  171. Uncle’s Bitterness and Sorrow
  172. Yi Family’s Morning
  173. Marrying Brother (1) * nonrelated siblings
  174. Marrying Brother (2) *
  175. Marrying Brother (3) *
  176. Marrying Brother (4) *
  177. Marrying Brother (5) *
  178. Marrying Brother (6) *
  179. Our Family
  180. Life is Fund