Sharing System

Title: Sharing System (系统共享中)

Author: Cyan Wings/Qing Se Yu Yi/青色羽翼

Status in Original Country: 84 chapters (complete)


The holographic online game NPC Feng Lianzhu and an interstellar dragon were bound together by the system, swapping to complete each other’s tasks, and the worlds on both sides were chaotic.

Interstellar World: Holy shit! The cosmic dragon that only robbed actually helped the weak, promoted justice, and went to college!

Online Game World: WTF? What’s going on with Feng Lianzhu? I’ve respawned ten times and my equipment was completely blown up, and he’s only dropped a drop of blood?

This spicy chicken game is not humane! There was no announcement for these setting changes! Recruiting full-level players to form a team, 30 teams, and players with a ranking below 100 will not be used.

Translation: 1-3 (Amethyst Bells MTL)

Translation Progress: 22/84


Volume I: Hollow Bamboo

  1. Mutual Assistance
  2. Smart Cleaning
  3. Two Moons
  4. Task Penalty
  5. Healing Skills
  6. Ripe Fruit
  7. System Mall
  8. Poverty Alleviation Begins
  9. Atavism
  10. First Call
  11. Take the First Step
  12. Wood Body Triggers Lightning
  13. Interstellar Pirates
  14. Invaders
  15. Bamboo Fakes Dragon Power
  16. Ransom Agreement

Volume II: Unruly Dragon

  1. Game Suffering
  2. Help Message
  3. Shared Brain
  4. Dropping Scales
  5. Technical Staff
  6. Future Plans
  7. Divide Into Two Roles
  8. Ways to Make Money
  9. Three In One
  10. Mission Complete
  11. Teacher Green Dragon
  12. Primary School Essay
  13. Red Shirt Fire Pattern
  14. Overlay Task
  15. Guardian Beast
  16. Special Mark
  17. Break Free
  18. It’s Hard to Be Human
  19. Fat Dragon Fans
  20. Fight Panlong Again
  21. Get Off
  22. Genetic Evolution

Volume III: God Assist

  1. There is Phoenix Rites
  2. Golden Dragon’s Current Life
  3. Kirates
  4. Unrivaled
  5. Post-war Reorganization
  6. Presumptuous Request
  7. Vent For You
  8. Reward Points
  9. Close Friendship
  10. Check Homework
  11. Duplicity
  12. Fake Smiling Boy
  13. Knead Clay Figurine
  14. Testify in Court
  15. Return of Lord Dragon