TINA V2C079: For That Day

In the following time, the cold-faced instructor became the chief instructor of the freshmen. The freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy didn't find out about this, but the other instructors were very surprised: This unidentified instructor always comes to inspect work occasionally every year. No one knew his specific military rank and where he came … Continue reading TINA V2C079: For That Day

ACDWL 048: Unexpected Visitors

─Rudikda’s(Trik's Representative)side─   I waited for Kou in front of the Tower of Sarez. And I knew Rodokiaus-sama, his mate, would also come. When he came with Kou to the Tower of Trik yesterday, I just stared, speechless. I thought he was already humanized but it seemed like he wasn't. Even after humanization, his childishness … Continue reading ACDWL 048: Unexpected Visitors

TINA V2C077: The Correct Way To Eat Uncle Alpha’s Buns

It was already afternoon so the sunlight was no longer harsh, but softened. The other three companion planets hidden in the sky are now completely visible. If they're on Earth, this kind of scene would probably be called the sun and moon appearing at the same time. A very dreamy scene, but unfortunately, no one … Continue reading TINA V2C077: The Correct Way To Eat Uncle Alpha’s Buns

TINA V2C075: On The Road

"Those good at running should run quickly. The first 100 people who arrive at the destination must all belong to our Mecha Department!" The chairman of the Mecha Department——Domra, gave an order, and the Mecha Department freshmen behind him immediately yelled in response. In the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, the Mecha Department has the highest physical … Continue reading TINA V2C075: On The Road

TINA V2C073: Mugen Grass Found

At the end of the first day, the military training base, Tarol, sent the results of the freshmen military training to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. "What?" Hearing the results, Sorom, the Battleship Command Department Chief, frowned: "The Battleship Command Department only came second? Then the first place is the Mecha Department, right?" His first concern … Continue reading TINA V2C073: Mugen Grass Found