ACDWL 139: Kids Grow Up Fast

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The children grew up day by day.

I thought they’d gradually grow until they turned human, but it seemed that by the age of 10, they’d be about the same size as Rodo’s beast form.

Then their mane grew.

Right now, El and the others looked more like black panthers than cats.

…El and Dee were completely different in size.

Rodo’s height during beastification was around 1.5m.

His body length was about 4m.

El, who turned 6 years old, was already nearly 1m tall.

Would they grow slowly from now on?

His face became more dignified but he was still cute.

From then on, I decided to let El follow Rodo to his place of work.

Because I felt safer with him being in a place under Rodo’s eyes than in a place with no one.

It’s close to our house, so if something happened, I could rush over right away.

The people around me were all people I know.

Instead of El, who volunteered to be my escort, Cal and Dee were now my escorts.

Father-in-law was still my bodyguard.

Whenever I went out, he always came with me.

Father-in-law had retired from the front line, but he still looked active and could even fight.

He didn’t need to earn money and quit because he didn’t want to work anymore, he said while laughing.

But I’m sure that mother-in-law’s physical strength had declined, so he quit with her.

He said that she was more a “comrade” rather than a partner, and I guessed that father-in-law was just as important to mother-in-law.

(I’m 30 as well…)

My appearance was exactly the same as when I was in Japan, right before I came to this world.

In this world, it’s said that I had a childish appearance.

Most of the people in Marihect knew that I married Rodo.

Few people who came to Marihect from other countries knew my true identity.

When I went abroad, I often didn’t leave the castle, and even if I did, I only healed the seriously injured.

I had no chance to meet other people.

Nor would I want to meet unfamiliar people.

But I suppose that’s why they approached me when I met them in Marihect.

The children and father-in-law were wary of such people before they could even approach, so I could see them right away.

…but even though Akinists were supposed to emit a dangerous aura…why wouldn’t they notice?

Father-in-law was an Akinist and my children were half-Akinists, but they said those people just had strong wills.

Even so──why?

I’m still not sure.

Ever since he started going to the training center where the Third Division was, El started eating even more.

As expected, he liked moving his body and was very lively.

I understood that I was overprotective and restricted El’s actions.

If that’s true, I’d have to let Cal and Dee participate, but not until they’re at least 5 years old.

Even with the current El, I thought it was still too early.

I could compromise from the age of 5 or older.

If they were dissatisfied with it, they’re free to consult me about it.

But I hadn’t heard any complaints from Cal or Dee.

On the other hand, Rodo entrusted them as my escort and they seemed excited.

They said they’re proud to be entrusted with work by Rodo.

Come to think of it, El had been working hard as my escort since a long time ago.

At the moment, El is 6 years old, Cal is 3 years old, and Dee is 2.5 years old.

Physically, it’s my complete loss.

The physical abilities of people in this world were unimaginable on Earth.

Moreover, the children were beasts, so their movements were exactly like cats.

They jumped so high that it made you wonder, “How far could they jump!?”

…I still didn’t know the detailed attack power of animals.

But the children who could walk by themselves as soon as they were born were too easy to handle.

They almost listened to what Rodo or I said, and wouldn’t say selfish things in particular.

The children were good children who listen to what their parents say, even though they were half-Akinists, and looked spoiled.

But for me, who spoiled Sou, it’s nothing more than spoiling a child.

On the other hand, I often think that it’d be nice to spoil them more.

…when I was a child, I wasn’t good with the adults who made me dress up as a woman.

That’s why it’s better to stay with Sou, who wouldn’t force me to do that.

I guess it’s only natural for Sou to rely on and be fascinated by me.

──I didn’t think anything of it even when he called me brother.

Looking back on it now, I think I was dependent on Sou who spoiled me.

At that time, I thought the people around me didn’t understand my feelings.

I was aware of my cold eyes that weren’t childish, and it’s also the reason why I didn’t even tell my true feelings to my parents.

…once I found out that I like men, I suddenly started building walls at some point.

(I’m not growing at all…)

Not only the children but also Rodo was growing as a person and as a parent.

I didn’t think I changed at all.

Regardless of sending El off willingly, I was reluctant inside.

I kept telling myself that overprotection was no good as I desperately tried to suppress the urge to beat up the opponent when their hand or leg hit him during training.

“He didn’t get hit just now, this is just training.” I kept telling myself over and over again.

Was it because I couldn’t help but stare that my thoughts became like that?

It seemed my magic power would fluctuate from time to time, so I tried not to see El’s training as much as possible.

During Rodo’s training, there were many times when I could still watch calmly, thinking, “As expected of Rodo. That’s so cool!”

…was it better to watch the children’s training when I’m not nervous during Rodo’s training?

But Rodo wouldn’t defend himself, so I wasn’t nervous.

…wait, is this an excuse?

“Mahma? …okway? Grampa! Mahma, hwug.”

“Eh!? Are you tired?”

That shouldn’t be.

It’s bad that I was absent-minded while shopping.

Father-in-law quickly picked me up.

──I’m not tired.

Overprotection towards me was progressing day by day.

“Father-in-law, I’m not tired. Please put me down.”

“Even if you’re not tired, wouldn’t it be easier if I did this? What are you going to buy next?”

What’s more, if I’m picked up like this, it’s rare to be put down until we got home.

“It’s fine, it’s fine,” my protest was just washed away which didn’t make sense.

When this happened, I had no choice but to give up.

When I was picked up by father in law, Cal and Dee lined up on both sides of him.

This was always the case.

Father-in-law, who held me up, was walking a lot faster than when I walked alone.

Cal and Dee, as well, were light on their steps without any disturbance to their breathing.

…I would probably be short of breath.

Moreover, even when gasping for breath along the way, they could still adjust their breathing.

Thanks to their fast movement in the market, shopping was completed in a short time.

Cal and Dee wanted to carry the luggage, so I made a bag that could be worn on their backs and gave it to them.

For now, I padded it with cotton so that it could reduce the impact on the children’s bodies and the food.

And the things that didn’t fit in the bag were carried by father-in-law.

…even while holding me up.

Even if I carried luggage like this, the weight on my father-in-law would be the same, as if I was carrying nothing at all.

But they wouldn’t always give me something.

Even if they gave me something, it would be one of the vegetables I bought or something light which didn’t make sense.

Even when I tried to walk by myself, they wouldn’t let me down.

If I use movement magic, I could go down, but “the person in my arms suddenly disappeared” might become a trauma seeing their shocked expressions.

Afterward, they’d feel very depressed.

That was the same reaction as Rodo, and it made me laugh.

But there’s no way I could get out of my father-in-law’s arms by force.

In this way, the princess was hugged and carried away.

“…mahma, shorry. Toysh, meshy.”

It’s quiet today…I thought, but it looked like they had been wanting to say that for a long time.

Many of the children’s toys were purchased, but there were also things that I sewed from cloth.

Because it could be adjusted individually and above all, it’s repairable.

Most of the toys that His Majesty gave were already broken and turned into junk.

The toys seemed to break if Akinists played with them and Rodo seemed to have no memory of playing with toys before he became a human.

I heard he was out all the time.

…when I heard that he repelled the person who tried to kidnap him by himself, I was more distraught than surprised.

“When we get home, I’ll make you a new one, okay?”

The cloth was easily torn by the sharp fangs and claws.

I said it didn’t matter because it was made on the premise that it would be broken, but every time it broke, they’d report it like this.

If they didn’t tell me, the toys would just disappear, so I appreciated them telling me.

In the past, there were times when they hid it under the sofa or bed, but now they could properly report it.

It would probably be more durable if it were made of wood or metal, but the reason I stuck to fabric toys was so that when they break, they wouldn’t get hurt by the fragments.

I had been told that they wouldn’t get hurt that much, but I still worried about it, and if they got hurt…I couldn’t think of giving them a toy like that.

Besides, I was basically lazing around and had plenty of time to make toys.

Also, when I made it by hand, my scent seemed to transfer, so they feel relieved.

Hearing that made me nervous.

I have simple roots.

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