ACDWL 152: Jeremiah

Jay's unique appearance at birth was something that surprised everyone worldwide. But when I was protected, I also received the same astonishment, so there wasn't much confusion specifically regarding Jay's appearance. He inherited the powers of an Akinist with weaker capabilities than the other children but possessed enough magical power to become a mage. Just … Continue reading ACDWL 152: Jeremiah

ACDWL 150: Family Running Smoothly

Author’s Note: Exceeded 10 million PVs! Thank you very much ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ" After the war with Sievert ended and the king declared defeat, I restored the petrified people to their original forms. As for what happened next, I left it to His Majesty and the others. I have no intention of getting involved in Sievert's future. … Continue reading ACDWL 150: Family Running Smoothly

ACDWL 149: To The Point of Being Stunned

-Rodokiaus' Side-   The battle between Marihect and Sievert. I carried Ko in my arms as we headed to the front lines. I didn't really want to expose Ko to the battlefield, but he insisted on not staying behind because this war had significant implications for our family. When the children expressed their desire to … Continue reading ACDWL 149: To The Point of Being Stunned

ACDWL 148: Object of Awe

-Edetrok (Prime Minister of Marihect) Side-   Immediately after handing over the declaration of war documents, a letter of war withdrawal arrived from Kisetoa. They have abandoned their alliance with Sievert and stated that they will not attack Marihect. They even wanted to apologize for presenting the declaration of war. (What did Ko do?) It's … Continue reading ACDWL 148: Object of Awe