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   Johnson didn’t understand Jian Hua’s words, but he can read other people’s eyes.

   ——it seems like there’s a problem with my appearance?

   Ever since Johnson woke up, he felt as though something has changed. He stood in front of the door and compared it with himself. He tugged at the short clothes on his body and finally determined that he really grew taller.

   There’s no mirror here, so he didn’t realize that the biggest change is in his face. Johnson used to be mistaken for a girl all the time. Aside from the uncut hair, the main reason was his smaller than a palm face.

   Children from Europe and America experience significant changes in appearance during puberty, especially in facial features.

   Johnson is growing the right way, although his looks didn’t change significantly, at least now, no one would mistake the developing teenager for a little girl at first glance.  His Adam’s apple became more obvious, fine hair started growing on his jaw, and the lines of his mouth and chin became sharper and more defined.

   “15 years old is a time for development; eat more nutritious things, and perhaps you can grow even taller!”

   Li Fei did not find the change unusual. The Red Dragon base had already discovered three or four additional medical uses for Abandoned World monster meat. Johnson has no injuries and is also in his growth period, so triggering the “nutritional boost” effect is not surprising.

   In fact, Johnson Brown in the original plot was a tall and fit man.

   For American heroes, muscles seem to equal beauty. Their originally thin and pathetic physiques usually change to give off a sense of oppression after reaching adulthood. This kind of transformation is also very popular with the readers.

   “Growing so fast, can his body handle it?” Jian Hua is a little puzzled. Will the protagonist have to lick monster bones if he had insufficient calcium?

   Johnson didn’t understand their concerns since he really liked the new changes.

   Growing taller, who doesn’t like it?

   When he was at school, he looked forward to growing bigger every day. That way, at least when he gets bullied, he would have the strength to resist. For example, if Johnson can kick the door open when someone locks him inside the classroom, what does he need to be afraid of?

   Johnson and his uncle relied on relief goods. It’s all high-calorie junk food; a lot of people get fat after eating it. Furthermore, Johnson couldn’t even eat a few mouthfuls of bread until he was six. His body foundations were also too poor, and it was difficult to absorb the nutrients in the stuff he ate. This resulted in the previous situation where a single gust of wind can blow him away.

   Now that he found himself getting taller, he can finally lift his head up when walking.

   Looking at the protagonist who is so happy that he even walked with the same hand and foot, Jian Hua’s eyes twitched.

   Li Fei: ……

   His communication with Johnson is a little laborious. Luckily, Johnson didn’t want to talk about Jennifer; it’s just that there’s a group of people looking for Li Fei. He said that they had a sketch of his face and wrote a letter A on the dusty floor with his toe’s tip to indicate the strength of the ability holders.

   A-level ability holders are not a trivial matter.

   Li Fei pondered, but he was not surprised that someone is looking for him.

   There are a lot of book transmigrators in the Abandoned World, and they described the storyline to many different people. These people then pass the information to their follower. Now, the number of people who know what the “Flame Demon” looks like is countless.

   Mushrooms suddenly appearing on this plateau is already strange. This isn’t China, and Turkey is separated from China by several deserts. Although the devouring mushrooms’ proliferation ability is strong, it shouldn’t reach here this quickly. It’s not hard to guess that either “someone brought the mushrooms here” or “the Devourer is nearby”.

   “It’s very chaotic here; don’t run around.” Li Fei hardly ever instructs the teenager.

   Before Abandoned World came, terrorists created explosions everywhere in this country. Now that the people in the underground city are no longer bound by former laws and have different religions, fights break out the moment two groups meet.

   The criminal action of ability holders in other countries are several times worse here.

   Li Fei didn’t want to control the life and death of the protagonist, but if Johnson really died, it is impossible to predict what kind of unsolvable problems will appear. Might as well watch him a little more closely; say what needs to be said, do what should be done, and if the protagonist is really that unlucky, there’s nothing that they can do anyway.

   Johnson looked at Li Fei and thought of the A-level fire system ability holder Jennifer. He couldn’t help showing an expression of admiration at Jian Hua.

  For ability holders, Jennifer only makes people feel warm, but Li Fei is such a powerful fire system ability holder that he can literally “burn” people. The “field” of the flame beast is also very aggressive. Rolling the sheet with a person like this, don’t say anything else, if they want to break up, he might directly burn off a layer of skin!

   Jian Hua was inexplicably regarded like this by Johnson.

   —the protagonist can envy him for anything, but he shouldn’t envy him for having mushrooms!

   Li Fei who saw the protagonist’s change in attitude was a little unhappy.

   However, Li Fei won’t eat Johnson’s vinegar, because it’s impossible for Jian Hua and Johnson to be together. No matter what kind of eyes Johnson looked at Jian Hua with, the two are complete opposites, their characters mismatched, and they don’t even speak the same language. How can these two people develop feelings?

   Since it’s impossible, Li Fei naturally won’t insist on making things difficult and won’t use the opportunity to exert his position.

  For anyone else, such a small jealousy may be trivial. If Li Fei’s brain really decided to start acting up and did something, Jian Hua would only look at him as if regarding a mental patient.

   Waiting until the teenage protagonist is gone, Jian Hua said with some worry, “Always letting Johnson follow us isn’t a good solution.”

   Three S-class ability holders gathering together, in the eyes of monsters, is probably like several hundred watt light bulbs converging. Similar to a lighthouse at night, attracting monsters like attracting starved ghosts to the kitchen.

   Although the mushrooms controlled the area, the number of monsters will slowly increase. Soon there will be big guys like the cannibalistic squid desperately trying to reach the feast. It’ll be troublesome no matter how you look at it.

   “People are more troublesome than monsters.” Li Fei says cynically.

   After feeling the “fields” joining together, Li Fei immediately became fascinated by their powerful defense and attack. Thinking about it, it was for the same reason that Johnson chose to come back and fight together rather than run away.

   In the Abandoned World, the most lacking and hardest to ensure is “safety”.

   —Jian Hua and Li Fei have no apparent hostility, Johnson has no map in his hand, and there’s also no familiar modern buildings around. Even if the teenager wanted to leave, he wouldn’t know where to go. In addition, Johnson still holds a small hope in his heart; since Jian Hua and Li Fei can suddenly appear in the United States, maybe they can bring him back.

   “I also know that he has nowhere to go, but the look on his eyes is really strange……” Jian Hua suddenly thought of the truth, “Hold on, is this wall soundproof?”

   The two men’s eyes fell on the rock walls of the dungeon at the same time.

  There’s mycelium blocking the door, the rocks also look thick, but the tunnels are all connected, and sometimes there will be echoes when you say something in the corridors.

   Li Fei and Jian Hua unanimously went silent.

   They’re not worried about Johnson eavesdropping, but playing R-18 audio in front of the protagonist is a different thing!

   If they were foreigners, maybe they wouldn’t be so concerned about something like this. It’s not like they are friend or relatives of Johnson. The problem is that they’re “conservative” Asians. In Jian Hua and Li Fei’s eyes, 15 years old is still a kid. It’s the age for children to be caught passing small notes in class by the teacher.

   “I was too impatient.” Li Fei took the initiative to take the blame.

   Jian Hua opened his mouth but didn’t say anything.

   It’s not like he can take the blame back and admit that he was the one who wanted it. No matter what, he couldn’t force the words out.

   Jian Hua’s entire body is uncomfortable. After sweating heavily during the intense exercise, he’d quickly put on his clothes because they needed to talk with Johnson. He was still sitting, but now there’s always a weird feeling in that place like there was still a large hot hard object embedded inside.

   Suddenly thinking about something like this, his waist became weak, and even his fingertips became numb.

   Jian Hua took a deep breath and restrained the itchy feeling in his pants. Right now, the situation is different; he can’t be intimate with Li Fei.

   Why are the mushrooms suddenly hungry? Did the two shells severely deplete the ‘field”?

   Jian Hua’s sleeping sickness is suddenly fully recovered. Li Fei is even more concerned about this issue than Jian Hua.

   Jian Hua muttered to himself, “Is it because the mushrooms found a path back to Earth?”

  If we calculated from there, when they encountered Dr. Mad in that small town was when the mushrooms first fell from the sky……

   “It’s very likely; it’s your abilities after all.” Li Fei agreed with this guess. It took a lot of energy to move in the void space, so it’s normal for Jian Hua to be unconscious. Now the channel is open, and Jian Hua is awake, the devouring ability also regained vitality.

  Wait a minute!

   Li Fei’s eyes slightly changed, blurting out, “Can we get back to China from the path that the mushrooms drilled out of?”

   Jian Hua is stunned.

   According to previous inferences, it was because the spider world overlapped with this world, that they were forced to use the spider world as a transfer station. Ultimately, it was using the position of high order ability holders of this world to pinpoint their destination that they could suddenly appear in the United States.

   However, suddenly appearing in Turkey was totally the mushrooms’ fault.

   If the mushrooms can bring them down from the hole in the sky, then theoretically, it should be able to take them to another hole.  

   “Let me think about it.”

   Jian Hua’s brain is a little messy; he needs to analyze the feasibility of this approach carefully. The void is not a bus transfer station. Who knows, how long can the human body be supported after going up there?

   “Don’t worry; just take it easy.” Li Fei sat down, holding his lover’s hand in comfort.

   Jian Hua’s body is still on the sensitive edge, quickly pulling his hand back after a slight shake.

   “How many holes are currently located above?”

   “About four or five.” Jian Hua seriously recalled his memories; after all, the scenes in the void space were more like a dream to him.

   Li Fei breathed a sigh; there are too many holes. It’s not only hard for them to find the right one, the entire Abandoned World……no, the entire world is, just like the what the book transmigrator on the Ganzhou Highway said, on the verge of collapse.

   “What about the number of giant worms?”

   “More than the holes, they may be vying for the holes, maybe……” even drilling more holes.

   Jian Hua composed himself, knowing that this matter can’t be dragged on. Even if they can’t go back to their homeland through the void, they must find a way to stop things from getting worse.

   “I’ll try to control the mushrooms for the next few days while you pay attention to the situation here.” Jian Hua reminded Li Fei. He didn’t think it’s safe here, especially after hearing that someone is looking for them today.

   “An A-class ability holder……”

   “Don’t underestimate the enemy.” Jian Hua looked serious.

   Li Fei originally wanted to say that he can basically deal with any A-class ability holders, but seeing that Jian Hua didn’t agree, he quickly changed his words to follow his lover, “I’ll be careful.”

   Red Scorpion is also an A-class ability holder.

   Such words, Jian Hua won’t say it and poke Li Fei’s sore spot, but his meaning was clear.

   Everyone has a hidden talent that can’t be underestimated; being powerful doesn’t mean you can be careless.

STB Chapter 138: First Love
STB Chapter 140: Conflict

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