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STB Chapter 140: Conflict
STB Chapter 142: Siege

Geng Tian punched a rock wall, and the passage immediately shook.

Mushrooms fell from the hole and rolled on the ground, then exploded into mycelium. In the blink of an eye, the entire passage was covered, like overlapping spiderwebs.

Geng Tian skillfully moved his hand, the experience of “cultivating” mushrooms in the Black Abyss for so many months is not for nothing.

The chased ability holders are enraged, shooting one after another.

The mycelium slowed down the bullets. By the time it reached Geng Tian, the “field” of an A-class ability holder is enough as a barrier. Geng Tian is also skilled and agile as he rolled on the spot and smoothly arrived at a safe area.

The mushrooms that “collected” the bullets are very dissatisfied. The impact broke a part of the mushroom cap, and after a rapid recovery, the mycelium intensified its pursuit.

The ability holders screamed in panic as they thought that the Demon is finally starting to fight back.

Li Fei can’t understand their words as he warily looked at the end of the passage. His magic eyes quickly told him the strength of these people and found all of them to be a blur. None of them are above C-class.

Li Fei turned to Geng Tian. He did not doubt the identity of the man who suddenly appeared because based on what he can see, even the special A-class in the original work, a Korean psychic who can change his appearance to anyone, can’t vividly portray another person’s energy signature.

“You’re worried about the gun in their hand?” Li Fei can’t figure out why these ordinary ability holders were pursuing Geng Tian.

This underground city can be called a maze. Many of the chiseled stone houses are exactly the same, both left and right flight of steps can go around in a circle, and each door and window in an area is shaped in patio-like alternating patterns. A person with a bad sense of direction won’t be able to tell the difference between east, south, west, and north after two turns, and won’t even know if they’d passed by the road under their feet.

Terrain like this is perfect for ambushes.

Geng Tian is a professional bodyguard. It’s not difficult for him to grab a gun empty-handed and to use guerilla tactics to resolve 180 people is not a problem.

“Someone else showed up here.” Geng Tian gasped for breath as he wiped the mud on his face. His expression was solemn as he said, “Riots also occurred in other places and I almost faced-off with an A-class ice ability holder.”

Geng Tian spoke while looking all around with a happy expression, “It’s all thanks to Lin Xiao retweeting other people’s travel diaries in his friend circle all day long; otherwise, I won’t even know where I am.”

“……” Li Fei felt like he got shot.

The actor is too busy with work. How would he have the time to click and read through posts about Assistant Lin’s friend circle?

“This underground city has a lot of A-class ability holders?” Li Fei frowned.

He’d already figured out the trend. If there are no A-class here, the “pull” from this place would not be so strong.

Geng Tian quickly told what happened to him. He cut such a sorry figure, all from being tossed around in the giant spider world. When he suddenly appeared here, the shock on the face of the old earth ability holder was not false since Geng Tian should be the first “uninvited guest” that he met.

Li Fei remembered that Johnson mentioned an American fire ability holder and determined the “source” to be those two individuals.

——in fact, the one that Jennifer pulled is Red Scorpion, while Geng Tian and the one he met on the way was pulled by Red Scorpion. Because Red Scorpion just had a fight with an A-class ability holder, he had no wish to act and instead shadowed them with ulterior motives.

“This place would be chaotic soon!”

Red Scorpion, hidden in his own space, observed the outside situation through a transparent barrier, silently grinning.

He got a perfect hunting method! There’s no need to find prey, he just had to find a place to squat, and soon there’d be cracks in the area, sending him powerful A-class ability holders.

Since there’s no shortage of prey, he’ll naturally be picky.

Between Geng Tian and the A-class ice ability holder, Red Scorpion chose the latter without hesitation——Geng Tian’s body type, of course, could not be compared with European and American people in Red Scorpion’s eyes with his “aesthetic” sense.

As for the old one, that won’t do. That old earth ability holder only had one bone left; Red Scorpion doesn’t even bother to look.

“If you can’t choose how to go back from the giant spider world and fell randomly, then there will be more and more A-class ability holder in this underground city!” Jian Hua found that Geng Tian is here and immediately shoved people into a room full of mushrooms.

Geng Tian still didn’t understand. Li Fei warned with a grave expression, “Another A-class coming over is not a problem. But if you met Red Scorpion, you won’t even see him at all.”

In the first place, the mycelium can break the invisible properties of Red Scorpion’s space.

Geng Tian was convinced and squatted among the mushroom bushes.

“Right, this is?”

Geng Tian still positioned himself as Li Fei’s bodyguard, wary of people who hastily approached Li Fei. When he found Johnson, he was quite astonished. With what he knew about Li Fei, he’s not so kind that he’d take in some poor kid and what not——donating money to help orphans in the real world is fine, but in the Abandoned World, you can’t use kindness even if divided into 800 parts. Not to mention how dangerous it is to follow a high-level ability holder, afraid it’s not to save people.

Johnson is sensitive to Geng Tian’s ferocious momentum, so he quickly shrank his head back.

“Picked him up by the roadside.” Li Fei indifferently said.


Can you do that? No, why would you pick him up?

Geng Tian’s gaze moved from Li Fei to Jian Hua. He knew the relationship between the two, so he can’t help but think of China’s tradition of looking after one’s aged parents and arranging proper burial after they die.

That’s wrong! Why would they look for a foreign boy? There’d be language barriers.

Not to mention Assistant Lin, even Geng Tian, as a professional bodyguard, has better English than Li Fei.

“We really picked him up.” Jian Hua decided to tell the truth to Geng Tian, and let him fully understand the seriousness of the situation, “He’s Johnson Brown.”

Hearing the mention of his name, the teenager once again revealed half a head from behind the wall.

Geng Tian: ……

What the hell happened while he was away?

The sweaty bodyguard’s expression is a bit cramped, “There’s three S-class over here, if Dr. Mad suddenly appeared, we have to prepare! That’s right, he was last seen together with you, and then……”

“He might have been blown to pieces.”


Geng Tian was a little dizzy. He instinctively felt that he stayed in the giant spider world not just for a few days, but rather years.

Li Fei actually subdued the protagonist, and killed Dr. Mad who’d been a headache to everyone? Geng Tian couldn’t help but admire Li Fei from the bottom of his heart, just look at the things he’d done!

“It’s not like that; I didn’t do anything. It’s all a coincidence.” Li Fei didn’t want to see Geng Tian miscalculate his strength. They still have a fierce battle to fight.

“Red Scorpion is very crafty; if he wasn’t ‘summoned’ by you, he wouldn’t show up so quickly……”

Geng Tian has a depressed face, “summoning”, this word is really shocking.

“After falling into the exclusive space of a spatial ability holder, only brute force can break it.” Jian Hua glanced at Li Fei. Johnson would have no problem since an S-class can use force to reverse the unfavorable situation, but Geng Tian, not necessarily so.

“Perhaps killing Red Scorpion is not that difficult, but I don’t want to see someone injured because of this scum, much less lose their lives.” Jian Hua said with a commanding tone.

Li Fei not only did not raise the slightest opinion but also listened carefully. Geng Tian has a strong sense of complaint in his heart.

“The mycelium can’t continue to expand since it’s touching the nerves of the ability holders here and causing panic. If the number of mushrooms continued to increase, they would abandon their former hatred, lay down their contradictions, and unite to deal with us.”

Jian Hua didn’t want to become the “public enemy of mankind” at all.

This kind of villain that pulls excessive hatred has a problem in their head.

“If all A-class ability holders come to the underground city, this is our chance!” Li Fei also said, “The book transmigrators established the Holy Gate Organization, and Red Scorpion seized the whole organization. Even if he’s not fully in control, the organization in his hands is not small. Even if an A-class ability holder didn’t do anything, those with power would naturally gather around them since they’d represent the country and also the interests of the different class in the future……”

Some people are like Johnson, young and hot-blooded. They fight for justice in their minds.

Most people are not so simple, behind the global ability holders’ war is the interests of all parties involved.

Many ordinary ability holders, even with power, are still ordinary people. How could they oppose those savvy politicians?

A large part of the complex situation of the Abandoned World in the future all came from the real world’s influential figures.

“Right now we have an excellent opportunity.”

Geng Tian felt fear and trepidation in the face of this disaster. He thought that Li Fei would say they’d take the opportunity to kill more A-class ability holders, to hold and strangle them here in the Kabadusia Plateau.

“Apart from the original A-class ability holders in this underground city, everyone else is here alone. They have no helper nor any forces behind them. Even the most brainless book transmigrators won’t join hands so easily……” Li Fei thought the current situation is fascinating. This is an opportunity to test the IQ and powers of an ability holder.

Jian Hua thought about it, then said, “They will ally.”

“That’s right; that’s it!” Li Fei said with approval, “They’ll fight and kill each other but then join forces against a powerful enemy in front of them. Before the enemy died, they won’t fight each other.”

Geng Tian said with a bitter face, “This powerful enemy is us?”

Piles of mushroom occupied the passages. Even if they wanted to hide and sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight, it’s impossible to pretend that you’re not the Devourer ah!

“An S-class’s deterrent effect is big so they won’t miss such a good opportunity. We’re also people who’ve lost the protection of ‘Black Abyss’.” Li Fei had a smile yet not a smile.

Geng Tian grinned sheepishly. What Black Abyss? It’s just an incompetent mushroom breeding team.

“When they feel that their power is strong enough, they’ll wait for a good chance……for example, a cannibalistic squid attracted by the S-class ability holders came to attack.”

“We had to deal with A-class ability holders and monsters at the same time?” Geng Tian worried.

“Isn’t this what happened in the original plot?” Li Fei asked in reply.

Geng Tian was dumbfounded.

“At least, for now, they made a serious mistake in estimating our strength.”

“Me?” Geng Tian is skeptical of his own use.

“……it’s Johnson.”

The teenager heard his name again and blankly looked at everyone.

“He’s good at camouflage so that the average person won’t guess his identity.” Li Fei evaluated fairly.

“How did you meet?” Geng Tian couldn’t help asking. The double system S-class protagonist, America’s National Abilities Bureau’s national treasure in the future, and the goal of all organizations. The result? Jian Hua threw the person into a mushroom bush.

“To be precise, it’s not that we want to pick him up, it’s the mushrooms who arbitrarily dragged him.”

“This again……all right, I understand.”

Geng Tian remembered that he was once tied up by the mushrooms and deposited at Jian Hua’s door. This happened to him when he was hungry and dizzy.

The author has something to say:

Telling what happened after they separated.

Jian Hua: This is the Hero we picked up

Geng Tian: F**k!

Li Fei: Dr. Mad was blown into pieces

Geng Tian: ……【I feel like I missed a hundred million years】


Jian Hua: Actually, we didn’t pick him up on our own initiative, it’s the mushrooms that tied him up

Johnson: ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Geng Tian: ……oh, it’s the mushrooms.

STB Chapter 140: Conflict
STB Chapter 142: Siege

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