STB Chapter 158: Recuperation

STB Chapter 157: Lighthouse
STB Chapter 159: Godfather

Injuries like fractures had to be cast for three months.

Ten days after Jian Hua was injured, Li Fei finally arrived.

The submarine crossed the South China Sea, then they were transferred to another ship. In the end, he used his relationship with Red Dragon to get a transport plane to pick him up to Ganzhou’s military base.

When Li Fei appeared in front of Jian Hua, Jian Hua almost didn’t recognize him.

——having not shaved for half a month and wearing dirty camouflage clothes with messy hair, even though his face is still the same, there’s the weird feeling that he’s looking at a stranger.

Fortunately, no matter how people change, their eyes wouldn’t change. Jian Hua, after three seconds of being stunned, determined that the person in front of him is really Li Fei. But he didn’t wait for him to say something when Li Fei hurriedly turned around and went out.

Jian Hua: ……

The skinny Zhao Wen who witnessed the whole process: ……

Zhao Wen’s heart thumped and immediately looked at Jian Hua’s reaction. He found that the latter’s surprised expression stayed on his face for a short time before turning into a pensive look.

These lovers who gained a new lease of life, even if they don’t hug right away, they should at least hold hands for a long time and get too excited to say words, right? What’s the deal when one turned around and went to who knows where? Zhao Wen felt bad and habitually wanted to report the latest emotional status between Devourer and Flame Demon to the organization. When he touched the phone, he remembered that Abandoned World disappeared and the ability holders had changed back to ordinary people. Jian Hua and Li Fei are no longer S-class ability holders that “threatened national security”. Not to mention if these two are being contradictory, even if they broke up because of love or hate and even tore each other up in the entertainment section headlines, it had nothing to do with the country!

Thinking up to here, Zhao Wen’s whole body relaxed.

With no mission to interfere, then there is only his caring (gossipy) heart. Zhao Wen found an excuse to go out of the ward, and immediately asked the whereabouts of Li Fei from the Red Dragon member on the corridor.

By the time Zhao Wen found him, Li Fei is busy with a borrowed razor in front of a mirror.

“……want a towel? It’s new.” Zhao Wen endured his laughter as he leaned against the door.

Li Fei is very calm as he casually said thanks.

Zhao Wen is very thoughtful. His consideration is also understandable (no matter what they did, they persevered in maintaining your good character). He found a set of toiletries, an empty ward (with a shower) and even prepared clean clothes.

With the idea of watching the fun, everything else is of good quality, but once he put on the clothes……

Li Fei took care of himself at the fastest speed. Although he had a professional team to do his styling and pick his clothes, as a famous celebrity, there are always unexpected situations where he needed to handle being caught on camera at a very short time.

Li Fei wiped the mist in the mirror with a palm, revealing his habitual elegant smile. After his eyes fell on the hanger, his smile instantly froze.

Blue and white striped coat and trousers with the same color. Stacked together, it had an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

That’s right, very familiar in his memory……

Reaching out and shaking the clothes, Li Fei clearly saw that the sleeves of the coat are wide enough to fit a leg, don’t even mention a model’s legs. It’s guaranteed that if he wore it on his body, he could stuff three thick sweaters inside. The cuffs would even cover the back of his hand. Although it’s called a coat, it’s better to call it a dust cover.

Li Fei compared himself with the trousers, tangled to find that it only reached the calf.

Just now, the Movie Emperor is faced with a tough choice: the dirty clothes that exude an unusual smell, or this school uniform.

After three minutes, Zhao Wen got a call from inside.

“I’m sorry, I think I need an explanation about the clothes.” Li Fei said with no expression.

“Supplies are in short supply, I thought you knew. Disaster reliefs are everywhere, and the durable camouflage clothing is only used for emergencies. Right now, the allocated emergency supply in this base is the spring uniform of the third high school in Ganzhou. The spare clothing is only this one, also……I know what you think, but the situation is particularly difficult. Just imagine yourself as a plain and simple youth, like you’re filming a campus youth idol drama!” The skinny Zhao Wen said with a smile.


Nonsense! Which campus youth drama protagonist wore traditional Chinese school uniform?!

There’s a reality show in the entertainment industry where they let the guest wear a variety of professional clothing, and becoming beautiful or ugly is the gimmick. Only today did Li Fei discovered that students also seemed to be a profession? It really tests the beauty of handsome men and women. He’d even worn a beggar’s outfit, but this school uniform is completely different!!

Fortunately, Zhao Wen didn’t give him everything in that size. At least he gave him……underwear……

Putting on the undershirt and shorts, he summoned up the courage to wear the school uniform trousers and considered it as cropped pants. He took a scissor and removed the ugly stripes, then he wore the coat while folding the sleeves.

Li Fei stood in front of the mirror and had never been so thankful for his face.

It held well, not that ugly……although, it’s a bit strange.

When Li Fei entered the door again, Jian Hua was eating lunch. He looked up and can’t hide his expression for a moment. This kind of wanting to laugh but can’t expression made Li Fei a little moved.

Speaking of which, he had a variety of ways to let Jian Hua reveal the expression he wanted to see.

——now that there are no mushrooms, this is important.

Jian Hua didn’t know that Li Fei’s thoughts had already reached the censored area. In fact, when Li Fei’s front foot just left, Jian Hua immediately knew that the Movie Emperor’s peacock disease reared its head.

He can’t stand ruining his image in front of his lover even if he didn’t notice this before. Separated for a long time and excited at reuniting with Jian Hua, Li Fei subconsciously forgot himself.

According to Li Fei’s habits, a school uniform or anything like that would definitely not be his choice.

Most probably, he was trolled!

However, even if he’s trolled, Li Fei can still maintain his image. He has an unparalleled self-confidence. This is the exclusive skill of a male god who had no dead angles in front of a camera lens, from a smile to a walk to different positions, it forced people to see his face first and then notice his clothes.

Even if the clothes are mismatched……

It’s okay with that face.

Li Fei walked beside Jian Hua’s bed at the fastest speed and sat down. He quietly breathed a sigh of relief and began to carefully look at Jian Hua’s injury. The fracture is covered with plaster, but Li Fei heard about the cause of injury. He thought of the height of the crack on top of Ganzhou highway and the ground, and couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat.

“Fortunately, you’re fine.” Li Fei knew his gaffe as soon as he opened his mouth. How can a fracture be okay? Being in a life and death situation is a significant event, and it’s also a big deal for a lover to stay in bed for three months.

Seeing that Li Fei wanted to recite the precautions against fracture injuries, Jian Hua quickly stopped him.

“It’s not the first time I had a fracture. I know these things.”

“Right, it’s not the first time……what?” Li Fei suddenly returned to his senses.

Two people silently looked at each other, their intentions almost the same.

After half a minute of stalemate, Li Fei was the first to admit defeat. He coughed then explained, “In my early years, I was pressured and inexperienced, I shot bad films and encountered aging equipment. It fell and broke my arm, so I had to lie at home for three months.”

Jian Hua nodded. He wanted to know how an actor like Li Fei suffered a severe injury, and how could it be completely hidden? Not appearing in public for three months is bound to lead to many speculations. Jian Hua didn’t pay much attention to Li Fei before since he’s just a fan of the character, not the celebrity. After signing Li Fei’s exclusive stuntman contract, of course, he did the necessary homework. Like being injured while filming a movie, or focusing on his travel arrangements. As a result, Li Fei’s public profile didn’t contain this news, so it should have happened in his early days before he became known.

“Leaving the entertainment circle for three days, not to mention three months is suicide. I rested at home for too long, so when I came back, all my advertisements are gone, and almost withdrawn.”

“Fortunately, you met CEO Liang?”

“He……” Li Fei felt somewhat wrong and immediately shut up. He hadn’t forgotten Red Dragon’s profile on S-class ability holders. More than 30% of the transmigrators believed that Li Fei and his company’s CEO had an affair.

It’s said that this data is initially 5% but after the book transmigrators came to this world, carefully studied Li Fei’s career, and also found a photo of Liang Jun on the internet, the number suddenly rose to 30%.

The transmigrators believing that Flame Demon had a physical relationship with Devourer reached 40% of Red Dragon’s survey, more than the Liang Jun x Li Fei option. But those who chose Flame Demon x Devourer also said that he had a bad relationship with the CEO. They insisted on this ridiculous reasoning because they think that the first one proved that Li Fei had no moral integrity, and since he had no ethical principles, he got together with Jian Hua.

Li Fei calmly tore the report to pieces, not letting Jian Hua look at it.

“He had good eyes. How much money do you think I’ve made for him over the years?” Li Fei said seriously, and can’t wait to bring the conversation back to the original topic, “How did you get a fracture? Is it when you’re doing stunts?”

Jian Hua is silent for a few seconds, then said, “No, I dropped out of school to work and earn money. I can’t eat anything all day long, and unfortunately encountered a robber.”

It’s a terrible thing to encounter a knife robbery in the middle of the night. If the guy just threatened with his knife, that’s nothing, but what about when the robber’s skills are above average?

Speaking of which, the national average is very easy to reach. If you could climb a tree and jump to the second-floor balcony with one arm pull up, you wouldn’t be as panicked at seeing a knife-wielding robber because the robber would have two hands full, ah! All the Chinese knew some martial arts skills.

“Is he particularly difficult?” Li Fei ventured to ask. He had seen Jian Hua’s profile. Jian Hua’s childhood home is well off. He also specialized in martial arts and ranked among the top in the martial arts circle.

“It’s okay. At that time, Lu Zhao was also there. He panicked and got in the way……”

Many years ago, Lu Zhao is still Jian Hua’s childhood friend. He also dropped out of school, and they worked together. Their friendship is still there although they’re not that well off. Where can you find a friend who’d share the same trouble? Just by having a person accompanying you, you have no choice but to accompany that person.

When Jian Hua didn’t want to put up with Lu Zhao, he had already become a person who didn’t need any friends. He didn’t feel lonely when he lived alone, and compared with the chattering childhood friend, he preferred peace and quiet.

Li Fei wanted to understand this point, somewhat angry at heart. However, this anger can’t be vented since that Lu Zhao person is already dead.

“……let’s not talk about this.”

Li Fei bowed his head, subconsciously wanting to say the precautions for patients with fractures when Jian Hua rushed to cut off that topic.

“I ate the medicine, and the results of the regular inspection are not bad. After the fall, Zhao Wen directly sent me to the hospital, so there’s no dislocation on the bone and no secondary injury. Now I’m just missing someone to boil me some soup.”

The Movie Emperor who can’t cook soup: ……

Wait a minute, he came all the way back not to talk about this!


A new lease of life – 劫后余生, jié hòu yú shēng, after the calamity, renewed life (idiom)

Summoned up the courage – 硬着头皮, yìng zhe tóu pí, to brace oneself to do sth; to put a bold face on it; to summon up courage; to force oneself to

Childhood friend – 发小, fà xiǎo, (dialect) close childhood friend whom one grew up with; a couple who grew up as childhood friends

STB Chapter 157: Lighthouse
STB Chapter 159: Godfather

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