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“Thank you very much! Now I can go to heaven properly.”

Actually, this is one of Katori’s failed work (“Eh, is this alright? Even with this bad performance?” or so Katori said.) but I said it can be used in a scenario like this, like when I’m about to ascend to heaven.

Then, the unexpected happened! An unexpected reaction!

“Don’t say such a sad thing!”

Not good, I was so surprised that I solidified.

I should have started ascending to heaven when the ring came out of the pond, but I completely missed the timing.

“Why don’t you live with us?”

And I was even more surprised here, so I lost the timing to move the maid dolls. This is dangerous. This is bad.

“No, I’m already dead. I can’t stay here forever.”

I want to go back early and prepare dinner. But, ahh, my ascendance.

“Please live with us! We’re begging you!”



…the fact that the Brass Band begged me meant that the other side is determined. Uhm, but please stop it. Please stop. Seriously, just stop.

“No, I can’t keep my master waiting forever. About the ring.”



…seems like the ring won’t be returned. And they made another 90-degree bow followed by a dashing request.

“That, that…ring.”



…alright, let’s think about it. Since they went this far, yeah. Their purpose is not to please me. But they didn’t dislike me either.

If so, what’s their purpose? The reason why they’re happy to have a ghost stay with them… No, a ghost maid…ah.

Ah. I understand. T-these guys…do they just want a cleaner!?

I see. Manually cleaning such a big house would be a pain.

But it’s better than living in a hall, so they still want to move here. Fortunately, this ghost maid seems to have a habit of cleaning, and she said it’s nice to stay here. Is that it!?

“…uhm, this house seems to be very big, can you show us around? Is that fine?”

The child who seemed to be part leader really wanted me to stay a little longer! Saying that in this atmosphere meant their real intention was to secure a cleaner, probably.

“…yes, well, then. Would you please return the ring once I guide you?”

However, there’s no point in repeating this loop question since the answer would be [No way, that’s terrible...] at this point. If we go inside the house, there’ll be maid dolls, so it’ll be a little better for me. Besides, the possibility that I’ll ascend to heaven once this guidance was over hasn’t disappeared.

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

“We thank you very much!”

“We thank you very much!”

And thank you for the dashing Brass Band ceremony.

“We will bring our friends, so please wait until then! Please stay here, Tachibana-san and Mitani-san of the Clarinet. Then, Trumpet, take the lead, Clarinet, support! Return to the hall!”



In this way, the Brass Brand members left some watchmen before leaving, going back the way they came.

…it’s over! They brought the ring! Ahhhhhh! I can’t ascend to heaven! What’s up with you guys! You’re supposed to send me to heaven in a good mooooodddddd!

Moreover, I couldn’t escape because they left guards! Uwaaaaaa!

“That…what’s your name?”

While I was screaming in my heart, the petite girl called Mitani-san asked me, so I became anxious.

…oops. I didn’t think about that. I shouldn’t be screaming right now. I’m Rosemary, no, Dahlia, no, uh, uh.

“It’s Eulalia.”

Eulalia = silver grass. The ghost, when examined closely, is withered silver grass, that’s what it means. Hahaha. …haaー…


For a while, I ended up talking to the girls called Mitani-san and Tachibana-san.

Oh yeah, I have to go back and prepare dinner! I don’t have time for this!

“Since when has Eulalia-san been here?”

“It’s been a long time now, so I forgot.”

Or rather, I didn’t think about that setting.

“What kind of person is Eulalia-san’s master?”

…I haven’t even thought about the settings around that…yup, well, whatever. Let’s go with the method of mixing lies with truth.

“Come to think of it, he was a wonderful person who was very good at his brain, athletic ability and has good taste.”

They’re all alive though.

“You got the ring from your master, right!? Was it an engagement ring?”

“No, when he made the ring, I heard that it was a failure, so I got it.”

That’s the truth, but Tachibana-san looked dissatisfied.

Sorry for the boring story. Should I have livened it up?

“But, Eulalia-san, you cherished that ring, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I got it from my master after all…”

When I answered like that, the eyes of the two girls shined.

“Be honest, did Eulalia-san like your master?”

Yup. I like them, but maybe not in the way they expected.


“Ehh…then, do you have someone else you like?”

“Because I’m a maid…”


“How boring.”

…somehow, is this small talk or a ghost Q&A! It was evening by the time I noticed.



For the time being, when Tachibana-san and Mitani-san went to the bathroom with me, I told everyone that I couldn’t go back today and that I’m not sure when I can. How annoying.

Even so, why do all girls want to go to the bathroom with multiple people?

It’s that, right? Is it for making an alibi? So when the others returned from the hall, they’d find a corpse.

…it’s a joke, but well, I won’t be the one who died. Yup.

Thanks to them making such painstaking measures to keep me, I managed to make countermeasures.


And the super frustrating time was over when a total of 87 Brass Band members came all the way with their luggage.

And Mitani-san and Tachibana-san joined them…ah, seems like that girl who gave me a super frustrating time was the vice leader. Yup. She talks like a vice leader…

“Eulalia-san! Thank you very much!”

“Thank you very much!”

…or so they said but I only promised to guide them. Yup. Then I’ll show you all.


“This is the dining room. The other side is the kitchen.”

When 87 people came along, it was no longer a march of spot-billed ducks or something like that. Uhm, it’s more like a military march?

“…and this is the courtyard. That’s all for the information about this house.”

And the procession of the army ended without hesitation. While my HP was being scraped, I finished the tour with a bow at the end. …now then.

“Please return the ring as promised.”

As I approached the vice leader, she seemed reluctant. After confirming that…it happened the next moment.

The ring fluttered away from her hand and slowly flew to mine while shining brightly.

And while I was surrounded by some kind of glittering lights, my transparency gradually widened.

“Thank you very much, thanks to you, I can finally ascend to heaven.”

I smiled widely since the vice leader couldn’t do anything. Fufufufufufu. Serves you right!

“Please feel free to use this house. When I could finally be with him, I was happy. Thank you, everyone. Goodbye!”

And after talking about various things that I didn’t even think about, I aimed to [Transfer] the moment the light increased in intensity. Fuhahahahaha! Mission complete!


…for the time being. For the time being, I will explain… while the two girls went to the bathroom, I operated several maid dolls instead of letting them move independently. This way, the maid dolls will be treated as part of my body. So in that state, [Disguise] would also work on the maid dolls. For some reason, even their clothes.

In other words, the maid doll can become a completely invisible transparent maid doll. And this doll picked up the ring from the vice leader.

And then, the laughable glitter effect.

That was one of the petite magic series called [Petite Light] that some of the maid dolls have. The effect is simple, it shines. Done. That’s it.

…maybe it might work on the undead. Though I don’t know.

But then, this petite magic is perfect for getting the desired effect at such times, so I mobilized it.

While hiding in my skirt, they tried their best to make me sparkle. Thank you very much!


By the way, I [Transferred] a little away from the house and on the blind spot of the Brass Band members with the maid dolls.

Because the order was given through [Share], all the maid dolls in other places were gathered. After confirming that everyone is here, I [Transferred] again.

Because we’re supposed to meet in Northeast 2F in advance, I headed there without hesitation. Hmm, I feel like I’m finally back…


“Ah, welcome back.”

The lab has already been deployed, so I went inside. …something has a delicious smell. I mean, they’re doing something.

“…uhm, what exactly is this?”

“Because you said you might not come back, so we cooked.”

…okay. Vice leader of the Brass Band. I won’t forgive you. The grudge from taking my maid business will surely be relieved someday. Absolutely.

By the way, what did they make? Hamburger steak and potato salad. It’s a basic cooking class menu. Seemed like the staple is bread since they can’t cook the rice.

Yup. I ate with everyone while in a complicated state.

…but it was very delicious. Yup.

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