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Good morning. I’m alive, as expected. My head is connected again, just as planned. I guess Kariya fixed it right away.

And, as a result of detaching my head for a moment, I can now freely move my body below the neck. This was a pleasant surprise.

…I mean, think about it. Even if I lost an arm, it would be restored in an instant, right?

People with their lower halves charred or disappeared can just come back to life without any aftereffects. So, isn’t it normal for my head, which never actually disappeared, to be reattached? Uh, is that weird?

If I can come back to life, then it’s not a mortal wound or anything. It might have been troublesome if it had been left alone, but since Suzumoto was making that face, I’m sure he had already discussed it with Kariya or someone.

By the way, Suzumoto’s skill was beyond my expectations. Maybe having the [Pain Tolerance] skill played a part, but there was absolutely no pain.

Well, it was a good call to ask him for help.


I turned to Suzumoto and saw him looking at me with a pretty serious expression.

“Good morning. Sorry about earlier.”

“You should try beheading someone once. It’s really awful.”

“Sure, I apologize.”

I stood up and felt a little light-headed, but nothing too abnormal. It seems like I received prompt treatment.

“Don’t forget to thank Hagasaki-kun and Kariya later.”

“Of course. By the way, how’s the battle going?”

…I followed Suzumoto’s pointed finger and saw the glass spider sitting on the ground, with a large crack on its body. Well, considering how much it was controlling me, it must have been using something close to [Shared Control].

So, what would happen if its target’s head suddenly got cut off?

It would definitely be immobilized for a moment. It probably felt like its own head had been cut off in a way. Lucky for me, I lost consciousness right after being cut. It would have been quite unsettling if I had been conscious, I’m sure.

The glass spider didn’t seem to be talking or moving, but it lifted its head and stared at me intently.

…I have no idea what its intention is.

But in a sense, there are no words that can’t be conveyed. If you want to get your message across, you have to find a way to say it.

And so, I’ve decided that if a defeated monster gets up and looks at me, I’ll say this!

“Do you want to join us?”

The glass spider seemed surprised, and its glass body trembled slightly.

Behind me, I heard Toriumi burst into laughter, but I ignored it.

“Come on, answer with a yes or no.”

[Wha- Are you serious!?]

The spider spoke. Despite the cracks, its voice sounded lively.

“Perfectly serious. However, whether you can become my ally will depend on my companions’ opinions.”

[I-I refuse! Why would I want to be part of a group with those scary people!]

“Maito-san! I don’t mind at all!”

President chimed in.

See, there you have it! President is saying he doesn’t mind. He looks so lively and sparkling.

…But I’m sure he’s just interested in the poison and acid!

[Besides, why would you want to make someone who was trying to kill you just a moment ago your ally?]

“…Well, where we come from, it’s customary that if a defeated monster gets up and looks at you, you should make it your ally.”

Toriumi seemed to be having breathing difficulties, but I didn’t really care.

“And, do you dislike the idea?”

The glass spider pondered for a while before finally responding.

[I have a condition. Give me a little of your magical power.]

“Okay, deal. I don’t really know how to do it, though.]

Upon agreeing, the glass spider became incredibly… delighted. It was as if flowers were blooming around it.

[Really? Is this for real? You’re not kidding, are you?]

Uh, is it really that big of a deal to share some of my magic with it?

…Well, whatever. It’s fine.

“Yeah, a little is fine.”

[Yay! Oh, I can’t believe it! I had to try my luck, you know! Oh, are you sure it’s okay?]

Hmm, maybe giving it too much would be a problem?

…Well, never mind.

“Sure, a little bit is fine.”

[Yay! That’s great! Alright, let’s make the contract right away.]


[Yes, a contract.]

“…What’s that…?”


And so, after some discussion, I officially entered into a ‘contract’ with the glass spider, regardless of skills or anything like that.

Apparently, this ‘contract’ was something that should have been done with Ketorami-san and Hunter as well.

It seems that Ketorami-san handled it casually with an “I’ll just decide for you” attitude while Hunter responded with a nonchalant “Meh, whatever.”. In other words, until now, the decision-making authority for these contracts rested with Ketorami-san or Hunter, not me.

Regarding Ketorami-san, I have a lot I want to say, but with Hunter… I guess I can accept that when a maid is “babysitting,” the child is considered higher in status than the maid. So, it would be inappropriate in this case, and I’m grateful that Ketorami-san intervened. Thanks to that, I got to have my say.

The terms of the contract with the glass spider are as follows: First, the spider will listen to what I say. Second, it will protect us from anything harmful. Third, it won’t harm us. And if it does harm us, the spider will die.

In return, I will share some of my magic with the glass spider.

According to Ketorami-san, “It’s an excellent deal for someone like you. You probably won’t even use your magic anyway.”

So, what exactly is this “magic”? I asked Ketorami-san for an explanation, and here’s what I gathered:

…Let’s say a person has a generator. The electricity generated by that generator is what we call “magic.” And we use that “magic” to move and activate our skills, for instance.

At that moment, we create circuits and flow magic through them to activate our skills, it seems. To assemble those circuits, we need what is known as MP, which is understandable.

…But here’s the thing.

I… no matter how much magic power I generate, I can’t assemble the circuits.

For example, the circuit for body enhancement, the so-called “buffs”… doesn’t exist, so no matter how much excess magic power I have, it’s just wasted.

I’m not using the excess magic power, which is why it results in the state of having “high magic power,” so to speak.

Therefore, sharing a bit of that surplus with the glass spider is no big deal. In fact, it’s an efficient and brilliant idea.

Of course, I consulted with everyone about it.

Everyone seemed to be fine with it and quickly agreed.

They said the spider is incredibly tough, and having it on our side would make things much easier.

Plus, it’s huge. This spider is just massive.

Though it doesn’t feel too imposing due to its delicate and transparent appearance.

So, well, it will undoubtedly be useful. Without a doubt.

And what sealed the deal was understanding how to defeat it, I believe.

Hariu was the one who made a crack in this spider’s body.

This spider is incredibly resilient against blunt force, but when subjected to a powerful piercing attack on a tiny point, it immediately shatters and breaks.

…So once we knew how to defeat it, it didn’t seem like that big of a problem.

Then… the moment President heard “unlimited access to poison and acid,” he got really excited. I wonder how far he intends to go. He might not make it back. Well, he might be there already.

And so, I made a contract with the glass spider.

At that moment… my dog tag glowed, and I had an ominous feeling as I looked at it. It said [Shopping].

…Um, I think it means that I bought a mercenary with magic power as payment. Isn’t that a bit extreme?

[Hey there, how is it?]

With the contract in place, I could now clearly hear the voice of the glass spider.

“Yep, sensitivity is good.”

[I knew it! So, let’s get the payment right away, shall we?]

Alright then, let’s try to do what Ketorami-san taught me and imagine it. Magic power, magic power… and with the image of sending something to the glass spider, I attempted to do it through the Pass. Gradually, the glass spider’s body turned into a milky white, semi-transparent color, like water mixed with milk.

“Ahhhh! It’s cloudy!”

“Eek! It’s tinted with color!”

“Hey, is that alright?! Is it alright?!”

[Of course, it’s perfectly fine! I’m so happy!]

Even though it can’t move due to their injuries, I can imagine the spider running around if it were in a mobile state.

“Alright then, with this, the contract is complete. I’ll count on you from now on. Um… what’s your name?”

[Name? I don’t have one, so feel free to call me whatever you like.]

I wonder if monsters don’t have names. How do they identify individuals?

“Um, then…”

Glass spider. Glass spider. Spider… Spider-Man… Meat buns… Oh, no, no, no.


Glida, because it’s a glass spider.

[Oh my, Glida it is. Nice to meet you, Maito.]

“Pleasure’s mine.”

…I briefly hesitated to call her ‘Pita’.

Glida received treatment from Kariya and is currently resting. It seems glass can be healed too. I was quite surprised to see her glass legs sprouting back and returning to normal. Well then, since the rain has stopped, why don’t we join the drama club members for a late breakfast?

The bacon should be just about ready by now.

As soon as I opened the door, Akashi tackled me and I fell to the ground.

“Maito, you idiot! Why did you cut off your head!”

Akashi clung to me and started crying, leaving me unable to move on the ground.

“But, if I reattach it, it will be fine.”

“But it must have hurt a lot, Maito!”

Oh, come on, don’t wipe your face with someone else’s apron!

“No, it’s okay. Suzumoto is skilled at this, so there’s no pain.”

“Nooooo! Don’t talk about it! My neck hurts just thinking about it!”

“Shut up.”

…Akashi kept crying for a good five minutes until she finally calmed down. Thanks to that, the maid outfit’s apron is soaked with tears and mucus. Well, it’s not just that, my blood is also smeared all over it, so that’s the least of our worries…

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