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And so, it’s time to say goodbye to the members of the drama club.

We gave them the [Communication] bracelets and dispatched maid dolls, so we can always stay in touch and visit each other whenever we want.

But still, somehow, it feels lonely, that’s for sure.

While feeling that loneliness, I got hugged by a lamenting Akashi, and well, ended up with a broken rib. Why do my ribs break so easily…?

Now then, for us, it’s time to go beyond the sea.

In other words, to areas like the gymnasium and the sports fields, places that we are not very familiar with.

There are plenty of sports clubs over there, so they probably have enough manpower, but well, I’m a bit anxious. After all, we’ll need to keep in touch, and someone has to go.

As for how we’ll cross the sea, for now, we’ve come to the southwest area of the 1st floor.

“Oh, it’s the sea.”

“Yeah, it’s the sea.”

As far as the eye can see, there’s an endless expanse of sea. Even when using [Farsight], I can’t see any sign of an island; it’s just an endless sea.

“Hey, Glida, could I get on top of you for a bit?”

Maybe seeing from a higher vantage point will give a different view. So let’s get on Glida and look at the sea from a high place.

If you try to make full use of [Farsight], or try something else…

“Hey, guys, I found something!”

From this higher vantage point, we could see a part of the sea was missing, and there seemed to be large structures in that area.

“Didn’t we have a prophet who crossed the sea before?”

The sea had a gaping hole in it, and through that gap, we could see buildings and structures. It was quite significant, and we wouldn’t have noticed it if we hadn’t looked from this height.

I explained the situation, [Shared] what I saw with the President, and asked him to make a map.

“All right, we’ll go by air.”

Our plan was to fly over the sea and reach the point where the sea was missing. We’d cross the ocean from the sky. It seemed silly to have worried about ships when we could fly over the sea like this. That’s right, these guys have the power to fly!

“You had that sky-blue outfit before, right? I thought if we wore that, we could cross the sea.”

If we use clothing with the effect of [Flight], we should be able to fly freely in the air, and even cross the sea with ease.

“So, I’d like to try it out. Can you make it quickly?”

“Well… We’ve run out of sky-blue lilies, so it might take a while.”

But then, a sudden realization struck me like lightning.

“Oh, I have it! It’s already sewn!”

And there it was, the outfit known as “振袖 (Furisode).”

For the sake of the experiment, they decided to put it on, but I couldn’t shake off the feeling of guilt.

“Doesn’t it feel a bit heavy?”

“It’s to increase the fabric surface, so just bear with it.”

Indeed, kimonos don’t have much gender distinction. Maybe that’s why he didn’t resist much, but it felt like full-on cross-dressing. I’m sorry.

“So, how is it? Can you fly?”

“Yeah, I guess it’s like this.”

With that, he demonstrated by floating in the air.

Suzumoto was floating, completely suspended in midair. Not falling at all. It’s amazing!


Now we had a way to fly freely in the sky. With this outfit, we could confidently cross the sea. It was quite a discovery!

“How long can this flying outfit last?”

“It has pretty good fuel efficiency. I think it should be able to handle crossing the sea.”

Oh, I see. Then I guess it’s settled.

“Well, when we update our equipment, I’ll make one flying kimono and ninja outfit as well.”

I suggested. It’s a good opportunity, so why not try making them with Glida’s thread? Traditional Japanese clothing like kimonos and ninja outfits definitely look better with a silk-like texture.

“No, I don’t really mind. This outfit seems to have some bonuses too, so it’s fine not to put too much effort into it.”

“I won’t accept that!”

Even though you’re wearing it, I don’t think you’ll be okay wearing a furisode.

I immediately asked Toriumi to gather sky-blue lilies and started making a kimono and a ninja outfit.

Once Toriumi returned, I [Dyed] it, and then Suezono and Hariu traveled with the maid dolls.

Meanwhile, I transformed into a clothing-making machine and Glida became a thread factory. The maid dolls became our employees…

Although we didn’t completely update all of our equipment, the advantages of cellulose fibers are undeniable. So, mainly the outerwear will be updated.

…Well, if anyone wants to change all their innerwear, I’m fine with that, but you know… I wonder if cotton feels more comfortable than silk for some people? It probably depends on the individual. And as for the ‘[Glass Spider’s Thread], it’s as strong as ever. It’s strange, you know? It’s so supple and soft, yet it can’t be scratched. It feels like it’s similar to a stab-proof vest, but even more flexible. The comfort is outstanding.

I feel a little bad for Glida, but I think I’ll be asking for thread quite frequently from now on. Yup.

By the way, during that time, what were the others doing?

They were sleeping. Because of the battle with Glida in the early morning, they didn’t get enough sleep. I’m a bit tired too. Once I finish sewing the equipment, I might take a little nap.

…But there was no time to sleep!

It seems that Suzumoto and Hariu reached their destination relatively quickly. I went to pick them up as a taxi and came back. Then I woke up the others who were sleeping, and now it’s time for dinner. Man, the day goes by so fast!

Tonight’s dinner is grilled chicken and vegetable gratin.

“So, how was it at the gym?”

“It looked like the royal capital. The entire hole in the sea had become a single country. I took a look from above and found what seemed to be a gymnasium. Tomorrow morning, we’ll explore the town itself.”

Oh, they found the gymnasium! That makes things easier. …However, we still don’t know the shape of the grounds or how many people are staying in the gymnasium. It’s a bit worrisome; we might miss something important if we’re not careful.

“If it looks like the capital city, does that mean there’s slavery or something like that?”

“No, I didn’t see anything like that. Still, to be safe, let’s have Maito-san be Rosemary-san.”

Well, looks like they came back before knowing everything. Anyway, we won’t know for sure until we go there tomorrow.

Once dinner is over, I’ll finish adjusting everyone’s equipment.

There are some minor changes here and there. Since everyone prefers simple and non-decorative clothes, I added embroidery for the edge finishes or in inconspicuous places on the inside. It turned out to be very minimalistic. Yeah.

Oh, Phoenix? Of course, I did. No regrets at all.

Hmm, if I have some free time, I might make some flashier outfits. It’s kind of inconvenient that the Demon Lord’s army equipment is the strongest armor…

Ah, wait, if I say that, Katori will start making the 3rd unit…

Ah, I shouldn’t have brought it up.

While I was deciding on the hem length for the clothes, I heard a nostalgic sound.

It was Kadomi-kun shuffling cards with a shotgun shuffle.

“…Maito, do you want to join?”


Let’s leave the hemming for later.

“Well, once in a while, it’s good to do something like this.”

“Yeah, it’s been a while since I played cards.”

“What are we playing? Tycoon? I want to play Tycoon!”

It feels like it’s been a long time since we had this kind of atmosphere.

“Alright, even though we have quite a few people, let’s play Tycoon.”

Receiving the cards, peeking at my hand with excitement, and assembling strategies in my mind—it’s been such a long time since I felt this way.

“Now, what’s the bet?”

“It’s just for fun.”

“Alright, does anyone object?”

This atmosphere, it’s been a while. It’s something I’ve been missing, really.

“Alright, let the game begin.”

As the cards were played on the table, passing when unable to play, winning and losing—it was all so enjoyable.

…Not feeling frustrated after losing and still having fun—it must have been because I was really deprived of games for a long time.

After four games of Tycoon, one game of Doubt, and three games of Werewolf, the night had passed, so we decided to disperse and go to sleep.

…It was so much fun. Forgetting that this was a different world and immersing ourselves in games—whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t know. When you think you’ve gotten used to this world, this brings back memories.

But, even if this made going back feel difficult again, I believe that today’s games were worth it.

Forgetting and getting used to things—it’s a scary thing, after all.

Waking up early in the morning, I prepared breakfast while continuing with the hemming work. From today, I want to use this new equipment for our activities. I also remade my maid uniform into a new one.

Hunter’s space in my uniform doesn’t fit him anymore, so I made a pocket specifically for him. The skirt’s pocket has a slit design from which I can take out things like knives and feather dusters, so I made a separate pocket for Hunter.

I thought about making it lighter, but the skirt still remains long. It’s necessary so that the maid dolls can hide underneath it.

…And then, using the “Song of Wishes,” I made silver thread and wove it into a silver ribbon for Glida. I plan to tie it around one of her legs. You see, we did something similar to Ketorami-san in the royal capital as a precaution.

…Glida seemed quite happy with it. She seems to have a liking for fashion, so I might have to come up with more ideas for her in the future.

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