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“Come on, say something, you perverted bastards!”

The person before my eyes was… Itoigawa-senpai, a senior from the chemistry club. Of course, she’s already retired from the club due to exam preparations.

…But still, why is she playing the role of a queen in this situation?

“…Senpai, it’s not like we’re dressing up Maïto in a maid outfit because it’s our hobby or anything.”

“Suzumoto, you’re so noisy. I won’t accept complaints from anyone who had a single inappropriate fantasy about Maïto in this maid form.”

“Then I’ll complain. Her actual profession is [Head Maid].”

“I see. So you’re into guys, Hagasaki. Understood,” she replied, and he immediately protested, “That’s not it!”

“Well, whether you’ve achieved enlightenment or not doesn’t really matter. It’s irrelevant. Anyone who lays eyes on my adorable Maïto will undoubtedly have perverted thoughts, just like those bloodthirsty demons out there. And those high school boys are probably as thirsty for women as they are for blood. It’s disgusting. Therefore, I won’t accept any complaints!”

…In just one minute of meeting her, Senpai managed to drain everyone’s mental HP to zero.

Even our President hasn’t said a word. He’s just staring into the distance.

“…Senpai, it’s great to see you doing well.”

“Long time no see, Maïto. Are you okay? These perverts haven’t done anything weird to you, have they?”

Senpai got off the throne and tackled me, giving me a tight hug.

…Huh, my ribs aren’t broken.

“…Senpai, I’m wearing this maid outfit of my own free will. It has nothing to do with everyone’s hobbies, fantasies, or demons and monsters.”

“It’s alright, I know that. You’re the kind of person who will clearly express your dislike for anything you don’t want to do, even going so far as to kick a guy in the groin. What I said earlier was just a joke.”

…Well, that joke really hit everyone hard, Senpai.

“But you look so cute! Truly, my adorable kohai! I love the long skirt; it’s wonderful. The modern maids you find in maid cafes are fine in their own way, but a classical style like yours is the epitome of perfection. …Yes, let’s call an artist. This world seems to lack cameras, but I don’t care about getting my portrait done; I want to commission a painting of you, Maïto.”


“Just kidding! Oh, your flustered expression is adorable too!”

Itoigawa-senpai… she’s always like this. This is just her typical self throughout.

Around last winter, she started paying attention to me, and by the time spring came, it had turned into this.

And we all realized something. Ah, there’s no point in arguing with her, we thought…

“Well, let’s change the location for now. We can’t relax here… [Shadow Clone].”

Then Senpai summoned another version of herself onto the throne.

The duplicate Senpai sat down comfortably on the throne, giving us a cheerful smile. Oh, my…

“This should be fine now. Come on, let’s go.”

Senpai then rolled up the tapestry behind the throne, revealing a staircase leading further down, inviting us to follow.

…Yeah, I don’t even know where to begin with her, that’s just how Itoigawa-senpai is.

Descending the stairs, we arrived at a commemorative hall.

Everyone was speechless. Inside the hall was another building…?

This was also a result of Senpai’s skills, but I’ll explain that later.

Sitting on the soft sofa in the commemorative hall, we were served tea by members of the tea ceremony club, and then… well, let me explain the people who were present here later. For now, we spent about an hour sharing information with Senpai.

We somehow figured out what had happened to Itoigawa-senpai.

First of all, she had decided on her university entrance through recommendation, leaving her with a lot of free time. She went on trips and did things that were quite unbecoming of a high school senior.

Then, on that day, she arrived in this world while carrying souvenirs from her trip and headed to the tea ceremony club, which was held at Kanbe-senpai’s place.

And from there, she somehow ended up in the courtyard of the royal palace.

Since the tea ceremony club’s activities took place in the commemorative hall, they were transported there along with the entire building. They all scattered on the tatami mats, equipped with dog tags, and were about to decide whether to equip weapons when… soldiers from this country rushed in and captured them all.

…And here’s where the isekai pretty-girl bonus came into play.

In other words, for the soldiers of this country, a group of stunningly beautiful girls suddenly appeared in the courtyard of the palace.

Imagine their panic.

Then, due to a series of unfortunate timing and choices, the original king of this country arrived. He apparently tried to take advantage of his authority to assault the girls, or rather, the beautiful girls.

That’s when Senpai showed her true strength.

In a state of complete confusion and unawareness of her own skills, she found herself standing on the front lines with the sole purpose of protecting her junior.

Having the title [Revolutionary] engraved on her dog tag, Itoigawa-senpai bravely approached the king and kicked him in a sensitive spot, then promptly put him in a headlock while declaring, “From today, I am the queen! Everyone, kneel before me!” It seems she managed to do it.

And yes, now Itoigawa’s current occupation is [Queen], probably making her the fastest to change jobs among all the students who came to this world.

After that, using her skill [Queen’s Command], she made the soldiers and the king remain on their knees and went on to explore the inside of the memorial hall to arm herself.

She found weapons inside an ordinary cupboard where the tea ceremony club kept its tea utensils. It seems cupboards and storage boxes here aren’t much different from the ones in our world.

It’s still hard to grasp everything that’s happening, and she remained unaware of her abilities, but driven by the determination to protect her juniors, she had already faced incredible challenges and taken on significant roles in this fantasy world.

And so, Itoigawa’s life as the queen began.

Although she acted out of the intention to protect her junior, her actions brought about a revolution.

Despite the chaotic circumstances, she managed to navigate through various challenges with surprising ease, as if everything just fell into place.

On her first day as the queen, she received information about how this country treats people from other worlds as slaves. In response, she issued a proclamation stating, “All foreigners shall pledge loyalty to the queen,” and decided to provide protection to them.

Certainly, that’s the most efficient way to ensure their safety.

Then, on her second day as queen, she mastered her skills and used [Royal Castle Manipulation] to create a massive space behind the castle, where she moved the entire memorial hall. This became the designated area where she gathered all the students who were treated as having no rights in this country, and she ensured their protection from there.

As a result, not only the tea ceremony club but also students from various other clubs like the sports gymnasium, the ground, and others have already been assembled in this designated space. It happened remarkably fast!

However, even with Itoigawa as the queen, the prevalent attitude in this country towards foreigners’ rights has not changed. Hence, she couldn’t issue any proclamations like “We will protect the foreigners.”

Consequently, they faced resistance from the locals. Given that all of them possess unique skills and abilities, the soldiers often ended up defeated.

In such situations, Itoigawa personally intervened, explained the situation, and even pretended to be brainwashed by the locals to bring them back to the castle for their protection.

And if the queen were to isolate all the valuable foreigners for herself, it would undoubtedly spark strong backlash from the people. If Itoigawa couldn’t continue as the queen, she wouldn’t be able to protect the students anymore.

Therefore, Itoigawa took the task of pleasing the public very seriously and embarked on significant reforms in the country. Thanks to her efforts, her popularity and support among the citizens have grown tremendously. I apologize, but this goes beyond my comprehension too!

“Furthermore, we found out that foreigners are being identified based on their black hair and eyes. So, I asked those who could change their appearance to go out and procure food or search for a way to return to our original world. However, it didn’t work out as smoothly as expected.”

As Itoigawa-sepnai spoke, she took a moment to sip her tea.

“At least for our group, we already have a way to return to our original world.”

With that, I left the explanations to Suzumoto and President, and we all enjoyed the tea and sweets. The tea was delicious.

“Is that so? Then, right away, we should help everyone leave this country. While being the queen provides them with basic necessities, life here can still be inconvenient. Once I finish sorting things out here, I’ll leave this country as well.”

“Sorting things out?”

“Yes, regardless of the circumstances, I am currently the queen of this country, so I can’t simply abandon my responsibilities. It’s my noblesse oblige.”

Noblesse oblige means that nobility comes with the duty to enforce something, right? Yes, it suits Itoigawa-senpai, and I think it’s a good quality.

“If I were to disappear, this country would undoubtedly fall into chaos… There might be some trouble ahead, but once we overcome it and find someone capable of taking charge and returning this country, I’ll hand over the throne.”

Wait, what did she just say?

“Apparently, it’s something the former king was doing. But even as an ordinary person, it seemed like the previous king’s rule was corrupt. So, before returning the country, I want to deal with the former king properly. Otherwise, it would be too irresponsible.”

There’s definitely going to be another issue to tackle… Something feels off, it’s bothering me…

For now, we have to figure out what to do with all the students Itoigawa-senpai protected. They were surviving by selling the former king’s belongings for money and using that for food, but that won’t work anymore. Oh, we’ll have to start with the food collection, right, I understand.

Then, we need to find a place for them to live. Until now, Itoigawa-senpai was using her skill to create partitions and makeshift living spaces, but other than the commemorative hall, there are no proper buildings to live in. Living in the gymnasium doesn’t sound like a viable option either.

We’ll also need to retrieve the gymnasium and other places we used for living quarters.

Since we found out that the scattered buildings in this town can’t be moved, they remain as they are. So, we’ll need to retrieve those buildings as well. However, suddenly making a large building like the gymnasium disappear from the town might raise some concerns…

…But the fact that all the students are gathered together is a huge relief. People are probably the most challenging to gather.

Well, that’s just how Itoigawa-senpai is, I guess. Always taking charge and getting things done.

For now, we decided to return. Once we’re back, we’ll construct some sort of accommodation, maybe around the 2nd floor south, in an area where the monsters are less aggressive, for the members of the brass band club to move into.

Oh no… that means I’ll be sewing again.

First, we’ll head back to the southwest of the 1st floor to collect Ketorami and Glida, and then use [Transfer] to move to the 2nd floor south.

Then, it’s time to prepare dinner.

Maybe we’ll have fish fry today. Glider caught a lot of fish for us…

Meanwhile, Ketorami had gathered plenty of meat for us.

It seems like a competition has started among the unique monsters, all because they have way too much free time on their hands.

Their idea of play is on a whole different scale.

Well, you know, I have a feeling that if we leave the food issue to these creatures, it will probably get resolved.

At least when it comes to protein.

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