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The next morning, the props team really brought in five bathtubs.

For the concert, the water in the tub would be replaced with a special compound that sparkles, but for rehearsals, they’d use mineral water as a stand-in.

Costume designer Qin Lu crafted a traditional Japanese bathrobe for him using waterproof fabric, its hem reaching below the knees and equipped with safety shorts.

“Boys need to wear safety shorts too,” Designer Qin said seriously, “just in case.”

Xiao Chi’s cheeks blushed as he nodded, changing into the outfit and stepping out.

The bathrobe was in a solemn and dignified navy blue, with crane feathers embroidered in silver threads, giving it a classic and ethereal look.

He slipped into the half-filled tub in this robe, instantly looking dignified and far from frivolous, exuding an unconscious purity.

“Let’s try one run-through first.” Wei Jie started the beat, “All five of you dance around the tub as the center, and Xiao Chi, you stay in the whole time.”

Everyone nodded, dancing clockwise to the rhythm, their distances from the central point ebbing and flowing, as if there was a deep-sea understanding between them.

Chi Ji sat on the edge of the tub, splashing water as he danced. Water droplets cascaded down his chest and waist, but they did not reveal the contours of his body, looking purely beautiful.

“Four, two, three, four—”


Bo Jue instantly turned, “Xiao Chi?!”

“Rip…” Chi Zhi rubbed his head, slowly getting up, “It’s so slippery, I couldn’t stand properly.”

Wei Jie immediately produced some non-slip pads, “Use these.”

They resumed their rehearsal. As everyone dispersed, the water-bound beauty in the center raised his arms in an attempt to retain them, his long sleeves unfurling like butterfly wings.

“Five, two, three, four—”


Xie Lianyun helped Chi Ji up from the floor, “What’s going on…”

“The edges are too slippery,” Chi Ji wiped the water from his face onto his sleeve, “I couldn’t hold on, sorry.”

Wei Jie looked to Qin Lu, “Should we switch to a coarser outfit? He keeps falling.”

Qin Lu shrugged, “If we change it, it won’t be ethereal. You want him to dance in a burlap sack?”

So they decisively switched from a ceramic bathtub to an oak one.

“Six, two, three, four—”


Wei Jie rubbed his head in confusion, “The wood is slippery too?”

“It’s not,” Xie Lianyun said, rubbing his arm as he sat up, “I tripped over my shoelaces.”

Chi Ji leaned by the bathtub and grinned, “Be careful, Yun-ge.”

Once the bathtub dance steps were generally smoothed out, Wei Jie led them to the adjacent dance studio.

The six mirrors had been moved over, shining brilliantly in the sunlight.

Mei Shengyao asked curiously, “Teacher Pei is not here?”

“Boss Pei has been very busy, he barely has time to sleep lately,” Wei Jie yawned. “Aren’t you guys confident with me guiding you?”

“Just gossiping,” Xiao Chi wondered, “I heard he’s starting a company?”

“Yes, he’s building a live-streaming platform,” Wei Jie revealed without much hesitation, “It might not be directly related to our field, probably trying to tap into a new market.”

Huo Ren stood at the center of the six mirrors, with the other five holding lanterns, joking and playing like a group of high school students.

“Quiet!” Teacher Wei knocked on the table, “Ready, one, two, three, four.”

The young men got into position as instructed. Huo Ren knelt in the center of the mirror formation, reaching upwards gracefully.

Halfway through the dance, he got a bit distracted.

Even though he remembered the dance moves clearly, dancing like this felt like he was seducing himself in front of his brothers.

So… embarrassing.

With Teacher Wei and the others watching from the side, it felt like a public punishment.

“Two, two, three, four, three, two, three, four—”

Xie Lianyun whispered, “Huo’s ears are red.”

“Yeah,” Long Jia laughed, “He’s so nervous.”

“No talking, five, two, three, four—”

“I suddenly feel Boss Pei has good taste,” Bo Jue commented, looking at the mirrors, “Huo Ren looks good even when he’s dancing solo.”

“That’s why he’s the center,” Xie Lianyun said leisurely, “He satisfies all visual fantasies.”

“No talking!! Eight, two, three, four!!”

After finishing the entire dance, Huo Ren covered his face and didn’t speak for a long while.

“It’s quite provocative, it’s normal,” Xie Lianyun patted him on the shoulder. “You’re an adult, look at it more openly, don’t be shy.”

“Actually, when you were doing the hip movement just now, you could’ve done it with a wider range,” Chi Ji studied the move beside him. “That way, it’ll make the waistline look longer and more attractive.”

“I didn’t…”

At the same time, the prison-themed props were also prepared as backups.

Long Jia chose a black and white American-style prison setting. The full backdrop required some detailed finishing and wasn’t ready yet.

Once the backdrop was completely constructed, not only would the bars and gates be fully replicated, but the color design would also be very impactful.

However, now, dance practice was the priority. They temporarily used an iron railing as a rehearsal substitute.

Wei Jie had to step out momentarily after guiding them through the formation once, but before leaving, he reminded them, “Don’t lick the railings! Don’t stick your head through them!”

Bo Jue scoffed, “Who would do such a thing?”

Xie Lianyun quickly pulled his half-stuck head out.

Incorporating obstacles into the choreography is both fun and complex.

Obstacles mean that the interactions can be increased. The six of them don’t have to wave and kick at thin air anymore. They can convey more stories and transitions.

But it also means that the formations become more intricate, requiring a keen sense of spatial awareness.

Long Jia’s cage dance had two doors. In the first half, he was locked inside alone. In the latter half, he locked the other five in. With entrances and exits in between, they had to dance, move around, and sing simultaneously.

In the past, when dancing as a group with swords, they were accustomed to having Huo Ren as the central point, with Chi Ji and Mei Shengyao helping on either side, which was relatively straightforward.

With these new detailed designs, they got all jumbled up in just half an hour.

“Xie Lianyun, out!!”

“Chi Ji, come in!”

“Wrong! Chi Ji, out! Mei Shengyao, come in!”

In the middle of their dance, Bo Jue somehow ended up at the very front. Long Jia, inside the cage, started to laugh.

Huo Ren stopped the beat, trying to guide Bo Jue back to his position.

The dance studio went silent, and Bo Jue realized his mistake, looking a bit panicked.

Long Jia, with one hand on the iron bars, gestured for him to come closer.

“Come here.”

Bo Jue instinctively approached him, only to be caught by the wrist and kissed on the cheek unexpectedly.

Bo Jue: !

Everyone: Ohh—!!

Bo Jue was taken aback for a moment, realizing Long Jia’s lips felt surprisingly soft.

Huo Ren pretended not to notice, contemplating internally on what excuse he could find to be kissed by the teacher.

Mei Shengyao boldly followed suit and kissed Chi Ji, who smiled and adjusted Mei’s hair for him.

Xie Lianyun held his head and sighed deeply.

It’s tough.

Being the only one in the team without a partner was really tough.

They didn’t have much time to train. As soon as they heard that the guest could start recording early, they all flew to Zhu Qian.

Wen Jun was a woman in her forties and a teacher. Due to the intensity of her job, her hair was graying, and wrinkles were evident.

She pondered for a long time before agreeing to the shoot.

Huo Ren led the team to greet her. She poured freshly brewed Longjing tea for them and took a moment before sitting down.

“I’ve been living alone for six or seven years,” Wen Jun began slowly. “I first heard your songs when I confiscated a CD from a student, curious about what kids their age were listening to.”

Sitting across from her, Huo Ren could sense the fatigue and aging emanating from Wen Jun.

“After my husband made his fortune, he wanted to marry a younger woman and have a son, so he sought ways to divorce me,” she said, her fingers unconsciously caressing the rim of the teacup. “My daughter, not wanting to burden me, chose to live with her father after we separated and rarely visits.”

Initially, she just listened out of curiosity, but over time, she began to loop the album repeatedly.

It felt as if she could draw youthful vigor from the music.

So full of optimism and drive, like an invincible army.

“I bought the new album intending to reward the student who showed the most improvement,” she chuckled. “The student said she’d help me with the lottery draw, and I let her. But when I really won… it felt like there wasn’t anything particularly significant.”

She hadn’t worn makeup in a long time.

After a moment of contemplation, Huo Ren asked, “Would you like to have dinner with your daughter?”

Wen Jun hesitated and then declined, “I can’t use you to please her. It’s inappropriate.”

She had considered it but felt it was too presumptuous.

“Not necessarily,” Mei Shengyao said with a smile. “Maybe she likes us too?”

“It would be an honor for us to meet you and share a meal with your family,” Huo Ren added.

Wen Jun hesitated, “Can we really do this?”

“Of course,” Bo Jue encouraged, “Why don’t you give her a call and see?”

The woman looked at each of them and finally dialed the number.

A voice came from the other end of the line almost immediately.

“Mom?” The girl’s voice sounded hesitant, “Are you okay? Has something happened?”

“Nan Nan,” Wen Jun whispered, “Do you want to come home for dinner this weekend?”

“Don’t trouble yourself,” the girl responded with a hint of resignation, “You always have to cook, and then there are dishes to wash afterward. I always want to help, but you never let me.”

Feeling a bit flustered, Wen Jun turned to the six of them and then asked her daughter, “Do you… do you follow any celebrities?”


Wen Jun, always conservative in her attire and behavior and never quite sure how to express her emotions, wasn’t used to discussing such topics. This sudden question left her daughter stumbling for words, thinking she might be getting lectured, “No, no, I haven’t.”

“Well,” Wen Jun continued, “Do you know of Corona? The popular boy group?”

The daughter rushed to answer, “I don’t know, I don’t! Mom, I’ve been focusing on my studies since I started college. I promise I haven’t been wasting time.”

Bo Jue was already trying to hold back his laughter.

Mei Shengyao poured another cup of tea for her, signaling her to take it slow.

“I won a contest,” Wen Jun said quickly, “All six of them are right here with me.”

There was a momentary silence on the other end.


“Mom, when did you start making jokes?? I don’t come home because I don’t want to be a bother, and whatever my dad does is his own problem—”

Huo Ren, after getting Wen Jun’s permission, took the phone, “Hello, this is Huo Ren.”

There was a sharp intake of breath from the other end.

“Your mom misses you very much. And since we’re here because of this show, how about we all go out and have a nice dinner together?”

Another gusty inhalation could be heard from the other side.

“Is this real—My mom—how??”

“How did she enter the contest? She only ever listens to Teresa Teng and not pop music!”

Xie Lianyun took the phone, speaking in a calm tone, “We just autographed three albums for your mother.”

Teacher Wen whispered, “I also collected all the photo cards.”

“She said she’s collected all the photo cards too.”

The girl, not even paying attention to chatting with her idols, urged him to hand the phone back.

“Mom?? You’re also a fan?? And we’re chasing after the same idols?? Who’s your ultimate favorite??”

Wen Jun quickly glanced at Huo Ren, embarrassedly saying, “Let’s not talk about this now…”

“Are you free to come home for dinner this weekend?”

“Why wait till the weekend, Mom? I can come home right now!”

Long Jia turned to the staff, “Can we shoot today?”

“It would be best to shoot today,” the assistant director glanced at the clock, “It’s 2 pm now, after hair and makeup, we’ll have plenty of time.”

Huo Ren nodded in agreement and handed a note to Wen Jun.

Nervously, Wen Jun said, “Don’t rush back right now, let’s meet at the Nan Du Hotel for dinner at 7 pm.”

“Ah! Mom, what should I wear to meet my idols? See you tonight!”

They brought Wen Jun to the studio, selecting outfits with a more youthful vibe for her.

Traditionally, it seems women past their twenties are viewed as depreciating, losing the worth and attention they once held. By the age of forty, society sees little difference between them and the elderly. Wearing lively clothes might come off as pretentious.

Bo Jue chose a Chanel outfit for her.

The classic black and white combination was both elegant and modern, completely renewing her look.

“Can we curl your hair a bit?” Long Jia gently suggested, “It won’t damage the hair, just a simple styling.”

Staring at her reflection, Wen Jun suddenly asked, “Can you dye it black for me?”

She was so overworked that her hair had turned a mix of black and gray, which looked disheveled and aged.

If it could all be dyed black, it would surely make her look more rejuvenated.

Hearing this, Huo Ren brought over some hair dyes, suggesting, “Would you consider these colors?”

Black tea, chocolate, and cocoa brown.

These hues would uphold her professional image while also complementing her complexion, making her appear younger.

Corona, because of their daily need for costume changes, often helped each other with temporary hair dyes.

Except for Bo Jue’s pure black hair which was hard to manage, everyone else would change their hair color every two to three months. Yet, their hair quality remained quite good.

After coloring her hair, Long Jia gently curled her hair using a hairdryer. Huo Ren sat on a high stool, braiding hair ornaments into her hair.

“You guys are quite skilled,” Wen Jun remarked curiously, “Do you already have girlfriends?”

“We’re single,” Huo Ren pointed at Bo Jue, who was selecting eyebrow makeup, “I often help him.”

They chose a natural and radiant makeup look for her. Droopy eyelids were corrected with double eyelid tape, her eyebrows were filled in naturally, and her pale lips were given a touch of color. The result was impressive.

In the mirror, the woman still looked to be in her late thirties to early forties, but her entire demeanor had transformed. She looked refreshed, and her eyes sparkled with laughter.

“You guys are amazing,” Wen Jun exclaimed, “So young, and yet you produce such great songs and are so thoughtful.”

“Don’t forget to praise us at dinner,” Xie Lianyun joked, “Your daughter must be on cloud nine now.”

“She surely is,” Wen Jun stood up, “She’s been…”

Suddenly, there was a noise from afar, sounding like equipment being knocked over. Uncle Jiang rushed over, looking very upset, “Xie Lianyun, Huo Ren, come here.”

“What’s wrong, Uncle Jiang?”

“Why are you in such a hurry?”

Huo Ren quickly bid Wen Jun goodbye and followed Uncle Jiang with Xie Lianyun.

“Let’s pause the recording for a bit,” Uncle Jiang hurriedly said. “Both of you, follow me for a meeting.”

The three of them quickly moved to a quiet corner. Uncle Jiang looked agitated, nearly bursting with anger.

“Xie Lianyun, you better be honest with your uncle now. All these songs you’ve written since childhood, have you plagiarized any of them?”

Xie Lianyun looked confused, “What are you talking about? How could I?”

Uncle Jiang was furious, “Are you still not going to tell me the truth?”

Xie Lianyun frowned, “I’ve never plagiarized, Uncle Jiang. You know how proud I am, right? I’ve relied on my own skills for a living since childhood. Why would I need to copy someone else?”

Huo Ren, who had just retrieved his phone from an assistant, saw the eye-catching headline on Weibo’s trending list.

Xie Lianyun Plagiarism Scandal

This incident emerged quietly, initially overlooked.

Earlier this year when Corona released “Only Remaining”, some people had commented that the electronic remix “Mess”, written by Xie Lianyun, sounded quite similar to another song.

Then, the “Cloud (Yun)” fans unitedly fired back at the criticism.

“Does it sound like your ‘Flying Spiral Banana Milk Stick’?”

“Why are you being so noisy under Xie’s Weibo? Does he need you to teach him when he started writing songs at such a young age?”

However, this issue quietly continued to ferment. Initially, someone went on forums and social media platforms like Douban to post comparisons, and later, even on Bilibili, people began to analyze and compare the tracks.

But it all seemed like an undercurrent, without causing major ripples.

— Until fifteen minutes ago when a Bilibili uploader posted an eight-minute exposé video.

A genius songwriter at twelve? Full breakdown and truth revealed!

The uploader had extracted ten to fifteen seconds from twelve songs written by Xie Lianyun, both before and after his debut, comparing them with other songs from both domestic and international artists. Surprisingly, after adjusting the speed or decomposing them, some parts were identical, matching at an alarming rate.

The uploader, not revealing their real voice, used a synthesizer to convey the information they had.

“— According to insiders, Xie Lianyun and his manager, Jiang Shu, are distant relatives, and his genius story is just a farce built with money!”

“An average of 400 original songs written each year at 17? And people believe this?”

“When he can’t write, he outsources. When the outsourcing fails, he rips off the works of great artists, domestic and international. Isn’t this just taking advantage of fans?”

“Wake up! There’s no musical genius; he’s a complete music tailor and fraud!”

Xie Lianyun calmly watched the video.

“An insider did this,” he analyzed. “The act of deception is technically demanding.”

The video’s maker must have had profound knowledge of music theory and understood the intricacies of composition to throw such mud convincingly.

“Are you not worried at all? Your reputation is about to be ruined!” Uncle Jiang was furious, slapping the rail. “If this was literature or a painting, I’d get it, I’d understand if you plagiarized. But Xie Lianyun, they’re saying you exploit little gaps, copying the essence from others without even modifying it, did you do it or not?!”

“He didn’t.” Huo Ren stated firmly.

“You’re vouching for him now?! Is this the time to flaunt your brotherhood?!” Uncle Jiang yelled. “Do you understand the gravity of this? If Xie Lianyun can’t clear his name, the future of Corona will be completely ruined!!!”

“Uncle, I’ve heard every song Xie has written,” Huo Ren said with unwavering confidence. “He has never plagiarized anyone. I vouch for that.”

Xie Lianyun sighed deeply, leaning against the wall and slowly sliding down.

“It’s hard to clear,” he said in a low voice. “If it really comes to it, I’ll leave.”

This statement was unexpected.

Uncle Jiang, already overwhelmed, was stunned. “If you didn’t plagiarize, why leave? What do you mean, Xie Lianyun?”

Xie Lianyun had always been strategic, whether in playing chess or video games. The core strategy was always to think several steps ahead.

He never made a move without analyzing the situation thoroughly, foreseeing the potential outcomes of his future choices.

Over the years, his insight had become as sharp as Huo Ren’s, and his intuition was uncannily accurate.

“Uncle, they’re working as a team.”

“And this trending topic might just be the first step.”

To frame and ruin someone, the smartest approach isn’t to pin a single charge on them but to bombard them with dozens of accusations.

If they go even harder, making the accusations serious and difficult to understand, clarifying and defending oneself becomes even harder than scaling the heavens.

Accusing him of theft or imitation for just one song is easy to compare and clarify.

But if they unleash dozens of charges all at once, the onlookers will simply jump on the bandwagon, relishing in the pleasure of beating someone when they’re down.

“If I want to explain, I have to analyze and clarify from a professional perspective,” Xie Lianyun looked up, “Uncle, do you know what they will say to my explanation?”

“They’ll say it’s too long, they don’t understand, and I’m just making excuses.”

And then they’ll continue their witch hunt.

Uncle Jiang stared at him, frowning, “We haven’t even tried to defend you yet, don’t be so pessimistic.”

“Uncle trust you. But before we proceed, we need to establish something. You can’t lie to me.”

“Regarding the loophole of the eight bars they mentioned, did you exploit it or not?”

Xie Lianyun suddenly smiled, eyes glinting mischievously.

“The truth is, there’s no such thing as the ‘eight-bar rule.'”


“Neither the ‘International Copyright Law’ nor the ‘Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works’ mention any eight-bar rule.” He said calmly, “If laypeople want to charge me en masse, how can I possibly escape?”

Uncle Jiang then realized that neither he nor SPF, their management company, could truly help him in this.

The waters of this issue were too deep.

If it were a matter of morals or law, they could present the facts and clarify.

But music has a threshold — creators and listeners simply don’t exist in the same world.

Huo Ren continued to skim related discussions on Weibo and asked, “What’s SPF’s PR plan right now?”

“A lawyer’s letter, a detailed clarification of the song’s creation, and a music analysis by experts from the Shi Du Music Academy.”

Huo Ren’s gaze darkened.

He knew that wasn’t enough.

But there’s no better solution at the moment.

The methods of framing and discrediting someone are endless. This kind of public relations issue had never been seen in the entertainment industry before— there was even no precedent to refer to for a solution.

“Anyway,” Xie Lianyun murmured, “let’s finish recording the show first. People are still waiting for us.”

“Why bother with the show now,” Uncle Jiang helped him up, his voice mixed with confusion and guilt, “Let me think of another way. Don’t record anymore.”

“But the makeup is already—” Xie Lianyun paused, realizing the potential problem.

Journalists were probably swarming outside the building by now.

If they accompany Ms. Wen to the restaurant, her and her daughter’s lives might also be disrupted.

“…I’m sorry.” He adjusted his glasses. “We’ll think of another way.”

That night, Corona immediately flew back to Shi Du.

Journalists crowded outside SPF company, and some even tried to find their residences using telescopes.

As the first video made its way to the top of the trending list, many started searching for more evidence to support the unnamed justice warrior’s claims.

People always took pleasure in three things:

Dragging gods from their pedestals into the mud, uncovering supposed ugliness and darkness, and completely obliterating a common target.

SilentCloud: This is absolute nonsense. They changed the speed and pitch and then said it matched. It doesn’t sound the same at all!

WhenDoIGetToLegend: Why are you fans still defending him? Can’t you hear those sections are exactly the same?

StraightMenAreAnnoying: As a neutral party, even original songs can have overlapping bars. But in this case, they’re basically identical. This is blatant plagiarism!

DidCoronaDisbandToday: Ha, Xie “Copycat” once criticized others for plagiarism, but he’s no saint. I bet all of your group’s songs are stolen. No wonder you didn’t win the OSC award; everyone can see right through you.

By 8 PM, new videos comparing and analyzing were released, throwing even more explosive accusations.

: Who has Xie Lianyun plagiarized? The Xie style teaches you seamless plagiarism—

: Xie Lianyun once supported originality and criticized plagiarized works as ‘utterly disgusting’ on the spot!

: 36 songs have identical sections?! The audacity of this popular idol!

SPF company immediately engaged in crisis management.

Step one, clarify the situation.

Step two, release expert evaluations, backed by verifiable credentials.

Step three, send cease and desist letters to those damaging their reputation.

“It’s useless,” Xie Lianyun sat on the sofa, letting Mei Shengyao and Chi Ji comfort him, one on each side.

He remained proud and calm, even maintaining an open posture as he sat.

“… I might have to leave.”

In the face of capital, any evil can be washed clean.

And any righteousness can be exploited like a poisonous weapon.

During the heyday of health supplements, the title of “expert” had been sullied beyond repair by vested interests.

Now, with experts stepping forward for professional explanations and analysis, the voyeuristic crowds remain unsatiated. Almost no one is buying it.

— The line between right and wrong has long been blurred in this age.

The situation is spiraling in a worsening direction.

Forums, message boards, and social media are in a frenzy.

The dual genius team and “High Mountain, Running River” have been dragged through the mud, with the voices of criticism growing louder.

After SPF presented evidence and clarifications, the mocking and ridicule on social media persisted, growing exponentially.

“He’s here, he’s here! He’s brought an expert team to clear his name!”

“Why are they using so many technical terms? We don’t understand! So, in plain words, he copied and won’t admit it, right?”

“In this day and age, they still threaten with legal letters? He’s a thief, and he has the audacity to defend his reputation? Did someone force him at gunpoint to plagiarize?”

SPF and Long Jia’s capital connections are trying to control the narrative by deleting posts and silencing critics, but the frenzy has already begun. The rate of propagation is geometrically increasing, far outpacing their attempts to contain it.

: Hasn’t he been exposed for plagiarism for a long time? I found it nauseating how you all fawned over corona.

: Geez, who still believes in legal notices these days? The experts blabber a lot but we don’t understand. So, what’s the deal with the identical melodies? How many notes are in a song that he had to plagiarize?

: Can Xie Lianyun leave corona? The other members are innocent, why should they suffer the backlash?

: I’ve never liked this bespectacled guy, his dancing is mediocre and his singing is average. He’s obviously there due to connections. Go to hell with your plagiarism! Get lost!!

At 9:24 PM, another bombshell dropped.

Xie Lianyun Plagiarism Scandal

Xie Lianyun plagiarized Mei Heng

A song Mei Heng released last year was brought into the spotlight, and one of its melodies and progression seemed similar to a track in Xie Lianyun’s recent album.

The person who posted the video sped up and balanced the two songs, further enhancing their similarities.

Bo Jue slammed the remote against the wall.

“What the hell are they talking about?! The motivations behind the compositions are entirely different!”

Xie Lianyun replied coolly, “The general public doesn’t understand what ‘composition motivation’ is.”

“The melody development and chord progression of your song have nothing in common with the senior’s song. Are they seeing plagiarism with their asses? Damn!”

Xie Lianyun responded calmly, “Their asses also don’t know what chord progression is.”

Enraged, Bo Jue threw a pillow at Xie Lianyun’s head, “Idiot Xie Lianyun, can you be any calmer?! You might not have a future in this industry! Damn it!”

Long Jia just finished a call and came over to pull Bo Jue away, murmuring words of consolation, “Calm down — Jue, stop cursing —”

The issue unavoidably involved corona.

Linking this with Mei Heng made matters even murkier and unpleasant.

Mei Heng’s social media was quickly occupied by onlookers, but he promptly clarified the situation.

Mei Heng: It’s not plagiarism. I’ve always admired Lianyun. I hope everyone can judge rationally and not blindly follow.

Those eager for a confrontation were disappointed and began accusing Mei Heng of compromising his integrity.

“At this point, you don’t care about your work being plagiarized?”

“Is the influence of capital so strong? Are you protecting him out of concern for Yao Yao being bullied in the group?”

“Who exactly is being irrational? Please, we have ears too. If you’re held hostage by SPF, just blink.”

The incident’s intensity was so strong that even Xie Lianyun’s fans of over a decade started to waver.

They had followed him even before corona’s formation, listening to his songs. Their expectations were high because of their deep attachment.

The revelations felt like a slap in the face to these fans.

Talent? Was it genuine talent or stolen work?

While the majority of the fans couldn’t accept the situation and were actively trying to control the narrative in line with SPF’s statements, a small minority were dramatically showcasing their “unfollowing” and even destroying albums.

By the next day, the third and fourth trending topics had also reached the top.

Xie Lianyun, leave corona

Suggesting a total ban on plagiarizing artists

The fans were devastated, the company’s PR department was on the brink of exploding, and Uncle Jiang was utterly stressed out.

Yet Xie Lianyun remained emotionally calm.

He could see through the calculated moves and traps set up behind these dramas.

He knew he might be ruined here.

Just like an inevitable loss in a game — even when he’s not the wrongdoer.

According to the contract, the brand photo shoot scheduled for the next day had to proceed without delay or refusal.

Brands had already reached out in the early morning to inquire about the situation, contemplating the possibility of terminating their contracts.

Uncle Jiang tried his best to calm the sponsors’ agitation, arranging for additional bodyguards to accompany them to work. Delaying now would trigger a chain reaction. They couldn’t breach the contract, or it would only make matters worse.

From the underground garage to the elevator, there was a distance of about ten meters.

Ten meters, which would only take three or four seconds to cross.

But the perimeter was blocked by fans and reporters, making it impossible to even open the car door.

The bodyguards did their best to shield them as they headed to the elevator, surrounded by constant questions.

“What do you think about Xie Lianyun’s plagiarism?”

“Xie Lianyun, are you planning to leave the group?”

“Is it true that Xie Lianyun got in through connections?”

In the chaos, a fan suddenly broke through, shouting at the top of her lungs, “How could you plagiarize?! Xie Lianyun! I’ve loved you for ten years — ten years! You beast, have you no shame?!”

The incident was so unexpected that when she hurled a glass bottle, all the reporters were busy taking pictures, with none trying to stop her.

The bodyguards, forming a human wall around them, couldn’t react in that split second.

The bottle hit a security guard’s head, and the shattering glass flew like shrapnel —

Huò Rèn quickly stepped forward to shield Xie Lianyun.


It was already too late.

A shard of glass cut across his brow, blood streaming down.

“Rèn?!” Xie Lianyun’s pupils constricted, and he shouted at the surrounding crowd, “What are you filming for? Get him a doctor —”

Xie Lianyun had never been so panicked, his voice choked with emotion, “Rèn, Rèn does it hurt? I’ll take you to see a doctor…”

“Rèn, can you see? It’s my fault —”

The crimson blood kept flowing silently.

At that moment, the scene was eerily quiet, except for the ceaseless clicks of camera shutters.

A cold, almost laughable indifference.

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