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“Soldier 78520 please note: Next is A29, please use the No. 14 tool gun.” Just after completing the excavation of the previous target, a gentle female voice came from Mu Gen’s headset, and the next task arrived.

Digging a Star Gate is not as simple as digging a hole in the wall. While they are driving mechas, photon guns of different sizes are their mining tools. The multidimensional space in front of them was divided into very fine grids through special filters and the space in each grid has a corresponding name. At this moment, the experts of the Research Institute are collectively sitting in the surveillance room of New Eustaza, watching the progress of the soldiers’ excavation closely through the screen. The large computer calculates very rapidly so that each time the coordinates of an excavation location are obtained, this coordinate will be transmitted to the idle soldiers in their mechas.

The faster the digging speed, the more tasks are assigned to the soldier. Every time a piece of space is successfully dug, the system will convert these areas into corresponding merit points for the soldiers which will become one of the basis for their promotion in the future.

“Understood, task received.” A soldier’s voice came from the other end of the communicator and the mission was successfully claimed.

“Is the new task assigned to #78520 again? Wasn’t the last task also claimed by him?” Hearing the soldier’s voice, one of the researchers who’s more sensitive to sounds noticed the soldier’s number. Noting this familiar number, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, he also took the last one before that, but it has already been completed.” The other researchers then took a look at the record they didn’t pay attention to before. Now that the task completion rate of all soldiers is compared, it can be seen immediately: “This kid is amazing! His excavation speed is twice the average speed!”

“But the second place is also quite powerful. Although the task completion rate is a bit slower than the first place, the finish quality is more perfect!” He glanced at the second place data and when he saw the name, he was dumbfounded:

“Second place…Bulfat Lane?! Isn’t this the Chief researcher?”

He cried out in surprise.

Major General Bulfat Lane was new here and many people in the Research Institute have never seen him, but everyone is no stranger to him. This legendary technician who participated in making three generations of military warships and mechanical bases left his legends everywhere in the institute. His talents were not only reflected in military science and technology, but he also designed a special chair for the Research Institute, which was extremely comfortable to sit on and greatly reduced the incidence of diseases for researchers…every researcher in the institute is a beneficiary of this chief researcher, and everyone was very curious about him!

Knowing that he appeared in New Eustaza, a group of researchers immediately expressed their hope to reinforce New Eustaza, which showed the power of their idol’s appeal! However, Lord Bulfat Lane only spent one day with everyone on the first day and after that, he seemed to disappear. Now, it seems that this Lord rushed to the forefront and went to dig the Star Gate himself?


“Uh…different from the average researcher, this Lord’s results are said to be self-made and he has very strong hands-on skills…” In this regard, another senior researcher explained with a dry smile: “It’s said that he used it himself so his feeling is quite deep, and this led him to make better and better improvements over and over again!”

For this statement, the other researchers deeply agree. But they can only listen enviously. This sentence might sound simple but it’s not very easy to do. Researchers’ physical condition limits them and many times, they could only design and create, and can’t personally manipulate the results they created. Researchers with strong bodies like Bulfat Lane are very few.

This researcher is not from a military academy but graduated from the Battleship Command Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy and was said to be an excellent student! As soon as he graduated, he became the deputy operator of a large battleship and then became the navigator of a mechanical base. Bulfat Lane also received the Purple Cloud Flower Medal of an Imperial Navigator! If not for being seriously injured later and unable to continue driving, he might still drive a mechanical base to patrol a certain piece of the starry sky in the Empire, but to a certain extent, he’s also thankful that he cannot continue to drive, otherwise, the empire would have lost its most talented researcher in hundreds of years!

People say that it’s his excellent navigator status that made Lord Bulfat have such an outstanding performance in the transformation of battleships and mechanical bases.

However, this Lord stopped contacting warships and mechanical bases for transformation tasks hundreds of years ago. If it weren’t for the salary and expenditure table of the Institute having his name every year, everyone would have thought he had passed away.

After many years, what aroused the interest of this geek again? It’s not uncommon for researchers to discuss this matter with each other in private.

The Commander from the Military who received Bulfat’s application also checked his relevant background, then remained silent as he submitted a report to the Lords who should know about it.

However, in general, Bulfat being willing to participate in the development of the Star Gate made many people relieved. Although the Star Gate was gone in the era when Bulfat ruled, his mentor at the Research Institute was an old expert who had participated in at least nine large-scale star gate mining. Now that old expert has passed away long ago, and his only living disciple was Bulfat. Even if his more professional field is not Star Gate but another, the Empire hopes that he can participate in this project.

Sure enough, as soon as he arrived, things made exciting progress.

Although it’s a rare project that the Parliament and the Military worked together, if you blindly invest in it for a long time without any discovery, this delicate balance is bound to be destroyed. For the first time in hundreds of years, the two departments cooperated and many people secretly hoped that this peace will last as long as possible.

“Little Mu Gen, I have completed 18! Hahahahaha! I’m not that old!” After completing the 18th task, Boss Booney laughed.

No sound came from the other end of the communicator for a while, but because the two communication platforms are connected, Boss Booney could still hear Mu Gen.

Boss Booney then heard Mu Gen’s steady breathing and after a while, Mu Gen spoke:

“I just finished the 21st.”

“What!?” Boss Booney bounced while sitting on Epsilon and then immediately heard Mu Gen receive a task again.

“Huh? I’ll finish it before you and pick more too!” Boss Booney didn’t show any weaknesses.

Inside the mecha, Mu Gen smiled slightly.

After all, he can only dig so fast thanks to Boss Booney’s guidance. He used to help Boss Booney in the car repair shop before and from the beginning of the excavation, Boss Booney secretly used a little trick to open a special communication line for the two people. He knew this was to reassure Uncle Alpha——Uncle Epsilon is now Boss Booney’s mecha, and Uncle Alpha is also on top of the mecha as an assistant robot. When the line was connected, Uncle Alpha and the others could hear his voice at all times.

After all, the excavation of the Star Gate is a very dangerous job.

Boss Booney is more like a mentor here and while doing his task, he’s paying close attention to the excavation status of other soldiers and giving guidance from time to time. With his help, the overall efficiency of the Star Gate excavation was greatly improved. It’s because of often guiding others that Boss Booney is slower than him——Mu Gen didn’t think he could be higher than Boss Booney.

Driving the mecha, Mu Gen walked in the direction indicated by the task. After positioning himself, he change the caliber of the tool gun from No. 20 to No. 14 and began to excavate.

After doing the same movement thousands of times, Mu Gen’s movements became habitual and steady. He could even use his experience to know how many shots of the tool gun was needed to pierce this small area!

When the number of ray penetrations of the tool gun muzzle exceeded 300 times, Mu Gen felt that this space was a little loose. The next second was accompanied by another shot. Sure enough, Mu Gen saw a small black hole in the space below and the void and blur inside meant it was a success.

Parking the tool gun in the air, Mu Gen pressed the call button, about to report that the task was completed, when suddenly, he was stunned——

This bug…looks weird? The body is hard, divided into four sections and there are visible claws at the end of each section.

Mu Gen had never seen such a bug.

At this moment, the bug was crawling out of the black hole that Mu Gen just dug. The thin claws looked weak but extremely powerful. As they crawled outwards, Mu Gen saw the hole he made become a square and continue to widen.



“Soldier 78520, what do you need to report?” On the other side of the communicator, the gentle female voice from before rang. Just now, Mu Gen pressed the call button and the other party responded to the call request. After seeing Mu Gen not reply for a long time, she asked specifically.

“Report, I…saw a bug.” Staring at the bug and forgetting what he was going to say before, Mu Gen couldn’t help but report the strange scene in front of him.

“Bug?” It was Boss Booney’s voice that responded faster than the researcher there. Not only was he the first to speak, but he also moved to his side.

“This, this is…” Boss Booney suddenly raised his voice and switched the call channel to a public platform, then he yelled: “I am Major General Bulfat of the Research Institute. I order all soldiers working on the Star Gate to retreat! All retreat! Use your fastest speed! The farther you evacuate, the better! Quickly——”

Roaring out this command as quickly as possible, he wanted to catch Mu Gen and leave here, however, it was too late. The small black hole drilled by the weird bugs grew bigger and bigger. A huge gravitational force came from the small black hole, so Mu Gen and Boss Booney beside him was helplessly pulled in!

All the soldiers quickly completed the evacuation. Many of them simply obeyed the order instinctively but didn’t know what happened. After the evacuation was completed, many people remembered to look back.

They saw the space where they were working on was suddenly enlarged several times from before and the inside was no longer pitch black. Instead, it became a starry sky, as if by going through this hole, you can reach another starry sky…

Star Gate——This term came up in everyone’s mind!

The author has something to say:

Boss Booney’s business, I have foreshadowed before.

TINA V5C168: For Oli
TINA V5C170: Happy Reunion (囧)

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