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As I was eating breakfast, I heard a familiar voice.

When I turned around, there was the person I expected with that voice.

……but why are you here?

“Father-in-law! Mother-in-law!”

When I ran up, my father-in-law hugged me.

……and Rodo immediately separated us.

However, I heard that my parents-in-law are retired from duty because they are elderly.

What happened for them to come to a town that applied for support?

Rodo said that my parents-in-law can still fight if they want to fight…

But I don’t feel like we’re short of manpower.

Rodo also said that we could return earlier than planned.

“What’s wrong?”

“We came to see Ko. Can’t we come to see you once in a while?”


……no, I’m glad you came to see me, but.

“Dangerous, right?”

“We’re fine. We won’t be defeated by monsters.”

It looks like they’re both strong.

“Injury, if you do, tell me?” (If you get injured, tell me?)


“We’ll ask you at that time, okay?”

Rodo said it was rare for an Akinist to get injured.

Akinists can almost nullify both physical and magical attacks.

That is why they’re called the strongest race.

But not getting hurt at all is impossible.

Because then, Rodo wouldn’t say that he would die from my attack.

If slashed with a sword, even Rodo will get injured.

Others have long said that Akinists rarely get injured like having their limbs cut off, but it’s probably because their skin and muscles are tough.

But that’s why I’m even more worried.

Rodo wouldn’t avoid the attack and would even attack from the front while receiving it.

He just tried not to do that when I’m there, but if I’m not watching, he’ll fight like that.

Since that way is faster.

When I first saw how he fought, I just screamed.

Although Rodo was quite impatient, he was also confused when I carefully examined his body for scratches then cried in relief when I knew he wasn’t injured.

It’s normal for him to fight like that, and no one seemed worried about an Akinist who rarely gets injured.

Only I, who got worried, am different.


“I’ll be staying for a while, so let’s talk a lot, okay?”

“I want to eat Ko’s food.”

“No! Only I can eat Ko’s food!”

“As usual, what an incarnation of possessiveness.”


Is this a parent and child quarrel?

…rather, Rodo’s the only one getting angry though?

The food I cooked had only been in Rod’s stomach so far, aside from mine.

While saying that it’s delicious, the Rodo that would eat more than usual is cute, so I can cook with all my might.

If I make it, will eat as much as I make.

Even if he can’t eat it, he’d say he’ll eat it later, but he won’t give it to anyone.

always had a strong desire for monopoly, but recently, it’s been quite strong.

In particular, yesterday when everyone said, “I might be your mate,” he didn’t leave me for a second since then.

I was so lazy yesterday that I didn’t go to the healing area, but I have to go today.

“Healing ground, two people, together, go?” (Are you going with me to the healing ground?)

Can I enjoy talking with my father-in-law and mother-in-law in my spare time at work?

“Yes, that’s right.”

“When it comes to healing, we can’t help. So can we just talk to the elderly?”


Both my father-in-law and mother-in-law said that they couldn’t do housework at all.

It seems like someone would come to clean several times a week.

Their salary also seemed higher than the current Rodo, so their sense of money is crazier than Rodo’s.

Because, when I got married to Rodo, I was told that they would buy some houses for me.

They even said there’d be homes for the children that might be born between us in the future.

──I stopped it.

I don’t need many houses “for me”.

Even if I have children, I want to live with them.

An Akinist’s aura becomes stronger when they humanized, so it seems that they have a habit of leaving the house when they just humanized.

…well, I don’t know if I can even go through the process of having a child.

After all, being embraced in the form of an Akinist…

I want to stroke Nyanko, but I don’t want to be embraced by it.

But if I don’t, I can’t have children.

Also, Akinists are semi-forced to have children.

……seems like there’s no helping it if you can’t do it even if you did your best.

This is probably because Akinist is a race that had difficulty having children.


But when I think about it, I think it’s a pity even if we had a child.

After all, it wouldn’t change the fact that there’s no more pure Akinist.

Rodo says I’m his mate, but mates have almost no chance of meeting in a lifetime.

In other words, the chances of the child encountering their mate were extremely low.

It seems that Akinists rarely love other races, and many are not even interested in other people.

My father-in-law and mother-in-law also recognized each other as comrades rather than couples.

They have feelings for each other but not love.

The two people would say that’s “natural” though.

It seems that the country arranged their marriage, but is it because it wasn’t a love marriage that love wasn’t born?


It’s hard to ask Rodo about his childhood stories, but my parents-in-law might want to talk about it.

I don’t know how to say “I want the child but I don’t like the act involved”.

He seemed to understand that I’m worried about what I had to do to have a child, but when I cry, he looked very sad.

……also, I can’t approve of Rodo embracing someone other than me to have a child, so I have to do it someday.

Even if I know it in my head, it’s still scary.

Although Rodo tells me that I don’t have to worry about it, that doesn’t mean I don’t want kids.

I don’t know how it’s born, but I think it’s moving to have a cat born from my belly.

Of course, I’m scared of being embraced in the form of an Akinist, but the scariest thing is that I’m not an Akinist……in other words, what should I do if a “human” is born.

It’ll be shocking enough when a cat with a total length of about 20 cm is born from me, but it will be much larger if it’s a human baby.

I don’t think I can do such a scary thing.

And they won’t understand because they have no concept of the “human” race.


“A lot, talk, want.” (I want to talk a lot.)

I especially want to ask my mother-in-law about the gestation period.

I hope it’s not ten months and ten days like humans.

……I’d also like to ask how a child is born when they have the same gender.

──Well, maybe some other time is fine.

“Rodo, going.”

I immediately tried to go to the healing place ── and was stopped.

“Ko, you’re still having breakfast.”

(Speaking of which, I am.)

I was eating breakfast just now.

In a hurry, I inhaled my breakfast, waved to Rodo again, then went to the healing place with my parents-in-law.


The townspeople gathered even though I don’t have any business, but today, they didn’t come.

……no, some people came, but they went home after seeing my parents-in-law.

I’ve heard that many people are afraid of Akinists, but this is too obvious.

Why run away when they’re not intimidating or glaring like Rodo?

Is the Akinist’s aura that strong?

I don’t feel it at all though…

Rodo said that his parents were older, so they’re less likely to emit an Akinist’s aura.

And yet, no one came.

Even the children didn’t show up.



In my spare time, I just want to have a conversation with my parents-in-law.

Even when Rodo and I return to his parent’s house, he always tries to return immediately.

It’s only natural that we don’t have an hour to talk.

It’ll be a long time before he comes to pick me up for lunch today.

Let’s talk all the time today without being disturbed.

ACDWL 086: Emitted Smell
ACDWL 088: Cute Son

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