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Wherever I went in the house, El follows.


It sounds like “wait” and I just look back.

Even as a baby, he can already walk around on his own, so it’s often the case that turning around would trample him.

He spent most of his time within a meter around me.

Immediately after birth, I heard that he could play alone but it’s completely different.

Of course, there are times when he plays alone, but he’ll stop soon after.

…is it related to being a half-Akinist?

Or, is El just special?

I don’t think any parents aren’t happy to spoil their children but when El humanizes in the future, it seems like I still can’t leave my child.

Even if he’s a half-Akinist, there seems to be a rule to leave the house once they humanize.

Besides, El seems to be a strong one for a half-Akinist.

So I said that I would buy a house near the barracks where he would work when he was humanized.

However, it seems like the age of humanization varies from person to person, and it’s usually by the age of 20.

15 years old at the earliest.

In other words, I can only live with El during that time.

(…can I still smile when I send him out?)

Even in Japan, some people lived alone once they entered university.

If you think about it, I might not have to worry too much…


In this world, as soon as you humanize, those who became soldiers learn how to ride Sekisbas and immediately start working as apprentice soldiers.

The appropriateness of work is decided before humanization and the place where they’ll be dispatched after humanization is also decided.

El, a half-Akinist, has been decided to be a “soldier” without considering the appropriateness.

Since Akinists have to be distributed, he can’t join the Third Corps.

It seems like Rodo was supposed to be in the First Corps so I wonder if El will also be sent there?




As soon as I sat down, he jumped on my lap.

Since I sat down until now, he was sitting on my lap.

“Unknowingly, did you become able to jump so much?”


El, who jumped lightly on top of my lap, tilted his head as if to ask “what’s wrong?”.

I feel like El is taking care of me lately.

Because of my feelings…I can’t say that.

There are times when I wish he could act as he wanted and not just spoil me by being with me.

I feel a gentle feeling like with Rodo who’d fluster when I cry.

There’s an “as expected, they’re parent and child” feeling.


When stroked, El closed his eyes comfortably.

He’s a little bigger than when he was born.

But why did he seem to understand the language even though it’s only been about a month since he was born?

Seems like he also knows his name is “Eldred”.

──though I often say “El”.


“El, let’s go to the market.”


I can’t help thinking about things so I have to go shopping.

“Father-in-law, mother-in-law, I want to go to the market now, is that okay?”

When I called out to the neighbor──

“Of course!”

The window opened and my mother-in-law replied.

Akinists seem to have good hearing so the sounds from the house next door are clear.

I heard that and tried to make a soundproof barrier at night, but it became a one-sided conversation.

…because I can’t hear the other side.

I sometimes ask Rodo to listen to them but he’s at work now and not home.

That’s why they had to open the window and show their faces.


“El, what do you want? Do you want to go into the basket? Or should mom pick you up as usual?”


El doesn’t like the basket and didn’t even try to approach.

Even if I prepare a basket, he won’t look at it.

Again, when I tried to pick up the basket, his forefoot stepped on my arm and stopped me.

“Does El hate baskets? Then, let’s go like this. You won’t jump out of my arms, will you?”


So the basket has never been used.

His Majesty even prepared a sturdy one.

Unlike normal cats, are they not good with narrow spaces?

…but, he’d still stick his head into the gap between the sofa and my back.


When I went outside with El in my arms, my parents-in-law were already waiting for me.

“Good morning, both of you. Look, El. How do you greet Grandpa and Grandma?”


I don’t know if it’s a proper greeting but I think it’s okay as long as he calls out to the other party.

It’s proof that he already understood what I meant.

“It’s great to be able to say hello.”


Even if it’s just animal sounds, I praised him.

If he does that every day, he’ll know that it’s a greeting.


“Did Eldred not enter the basket again?”

“Yeah. He doesn’t like going into the basket.”

Rodo seems to have been in a basket when he was just born.

…but he seems to disappear often on his own.

But El never even tried to enter the basket.

If he doesn’t want to go in, I won’t force him.

“I think he just likes being carried by Ko, he’s a really sweet boy.”

Usually, no child is so spoiled.

“But I’m glad that El spoils me, you know?”

“As long as Ko’s fine with it, it’s good.”

I’m still being spoiled by my parents-in-law, but…why wasn’t I called a “spoiled child”?

When shopping, they always carry the luggage.

──even before El was born.


But for some reason, El would only spoil me.

I can guess that he doesn’t get close to Rodo and my parents-in-law because he felt intimidated by the difference between an Akinist and a half-Akinist, but he also doesn’t approach other adults.

He doesn’t feel wary of the others but just doesn’t like them.

…is he a shy person?

Or is it an Akinist trait where he’s just not interested in others?

…I’m still not sure.


As long as I don’t go out of Karzen, Rodo seems able to follow my smell.

Because he has excellent hearing and a sense of smell that can sniff the scent of his mate.

So in this world without a phone, I think it’s convenient so I don’t have to go report each time.

…though I can’t figure out where Rodo is.

With movement magic, as long as I imagine being by Rodo’s side, I can move to Rodo and appear in front of him.

There’s no other method so far.


“What should I make today?”

Rodo is a carnivore.

El only eats milk.

…should I buy meat after all?

But I also want to eat vegetables…

As I was thinking about the menu while looking at the ingredients──


El in my arms made a growl that seemed menacing.


Before seeing what El saw, I was hidden behind my parents-in-law.

I couldn’t see anything because their big bodies blocked my view.


“What do you want with our son?”

I’m glad that they called me “son”…but who’s in front?

Since they called me “son”, what’s the other person’s aim…”me”?

El is a “grandson”.

…I feel like the son, me, is more spoiled than the grandson, El…I don’t think it’s my fault for thinking that.

El also threatened the opponent who shouldn’t be visible with their backs.

I thought it was because of the two people that the surroundings were intimidated but maybe it’s because of El?


From between the two bodies, I saw a person facing us.

Apparently, they’re under pressure from my parents-in-law and didn’t seem to notice when I looked through the gap.

But I think he’s a stranger.

…who is it?

What’s the purpose of this stranger?

If they know I’m a healer or a magician, I can understand somehow but requests for me are accepted at the barracks of the Third Corps.

So I shouldn’t be asked directly…

Are they from another country?

But if they’re from another country, they should have told the King of Marihect.

Did he not hear?

The clothes he wore seem to be expensive so I don’t think they’re commoners.

ACDWL 118: Extra ─ El's Daily Life ─
ACDWL 120: Beautiful People Have Thorns

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