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Meng Qi: I didn’t, I haven’t.

Meng Qi deliberately wanted to make things difficult for others.

Until the evening, no one could “swear” enough to satisfy him.

It didn’t matter whether they were a three-feet tall child or a muddle-headed old woman with no teeth, he wouldn’t let them go!

The Holy Lotus Shrine was in charge of the rations of the entire QingHu Town, and the warehouse was on the threshing warehouse. Meng Qi deliberately avoided that area when he started demolishing the houses, and now, he brought a few bags of grain. The pots were readily available here since the townspeople would gather in the temple to eat. The Holy Lotus Shrine members, as long as they could do martial arts, were stripped of their coats and hung on the flagpoles in front of the temple.

The townspeople were dissatisfied, and although they were forced to scold ZiWei XingJun, their words were extremely vague. Meng Qi knew that these people were actually cursing him but he didn’t listen nor did he care. Sitting on the face of their idol, he looked at them with a smile.

“Demon, this person must be a demon!”

The townspeople didn’t dare look at Meng Qi. Although they’re afraid, they still turned around and began to mutter, full of hostility.

Meng Qi knew they were thinking about how to deal with him, but he was bored and he didn’t mind allowing these people to witness how unfavorable their methods are and made them feel repeated ups and downs.

First, the old man who was full of fallacious reasoning, tremblingly moved up, not afraid of death.

Meng Qi stretched out a hand to push an acupuncture point, the one triggering laughter.

Listening to the loud laughter that was completely opposite his crooked appearance, Meng Qi said: “I really can’t tell that the old man is very energetic!”

Then there were a few women who had torn apart their hair buns and rolled all over the floor. Not only beating their chest but also thumping their feet. As if to appear more vulnerable, they tore up their clothes. If changed to other people seeing this, they won’t treat it as assault and would only retreat three feet. These messy women were very experienced. Even if they met people who didn’t buy their act, they would tightly cling to the other’s legs, scratching and biting at all times.

Meng Qi didn’t press their acupuncture points this time. Seeing these people rolling in the mud, he simply slapped them into the air.

Masters of internal force have a skill called fighting cattle across the mountain and the technique of hitting people into the air was called Splitting Air Palm. Meng Qi neither killed them nor severely wounded them but instead shifted their tendons.

The women suddenly foamed at the mouth and twitched uncontrollably, as if going crazy.

Seeing this situation, the townspeople’s hearts went cold.

Meng Qi refused to let them go. When Mo Li returned, he deliberately talked and loudly laughed: “Physician, people are very ignorant in places like this. Even if you beat them to their knees, they still want to test your bottom line without giving up. Do you know what their two favorite tricks are? The sloppy woman, the old-fashioned bad guy…only letting the old man and woman come forward, but the young men stayed behind from beginning to end. By the way, what do you call such people in the Pingzhou dialect?”

No guts or balls.

The corners of Mo Li’s lips moved slightly, secretly giving Meng Qi a glance.

——he almost said such vulgar words. If Mr. Qin heard it, he’d be heartbroken since gentlemen wouldn’t speak such vulgar words.

In other words, swearing could be done but not directly.

The townspeople were enraged, and there were two reckless men who rushed over with a roar.

Meng Qi pressed their arms and pushed them aside with one hand.

He moved lightly but the two men held their arms. The pain was so bad that they wailed, even bursting into tears.

The pain came quickly and went quickly. They shook their arms suspiciously, and apart from a strange tingling sensation, there was no sign of injury.

They quickly wiped away their tears, feeling embarrassed but even more resentful. As a result, they hadn’t finished their thoughts when the pain came again.

They tried to hold back their yelps, it was that painful.

After tossing like this three times, the two of them were already sweating profusely and trembling.

The others were shocked, but Mo Li was very clear. This was Meng Qi’s fault. He entered a strand of spiritual energy and until this is exhausted, this kind of torture where they’ll neither die nor get injured will not stop.

Physician Mo felt like he’d seen it before. He seemed to have opened a new chapter in the use of aura

“This is…Bone Eruption Technique!” Someone exclaimed, “You’re also a remnant of the Hidden Killing Sect!”

It was the people from Jianghu that Mo Li had just brought back.

Under Mo Li’s “care”, they dug the graves honestly, made a coffin, and buried the little servant.

Seeing that the person was dead, they were dumbfounded and didn’t continue saying anything pompous to Mo Li. They didn’t even bother him and did their jobs properly.

However, that’s only until then. When the coffin was buried, that little guilt disappeared along with the incense they burned. They even thought that they’d done their best and it was all the bad luck of the little servant.

When Mo Li forcibly brought them back, they were a bit reluctant but didn’t dare speak out. Seeing Meng Qi’s “wicked martial arts” just now, they jumped up.

“The Bone Eruption Technique is a skill of the Hidden Killing Sect. Outsiders will never understand it!”

The people from Jianghu seemed to have discovered a secret, their eyes full of disgust and contempt. They were about to say something when they suddenly thought of their situation and quickly shut up.

Of course, Mo Li didn’t think Meng Qi had anything to do with that evil sect.

These guys don’t know how to use spells and can’t manipulate aura. If you think about it carefully, it’s actually almost no different from internal force.

The thing about special individuals was that they don’t have to meditate hard to get through the bottleneck. They don’t even need to accumulate inner qi for sixty years, just study a secret manual for sixty months.

However, there’s always an upper limit to internal force. This is the talent that Mo Li said. His current martial arts could still improve according to his mental state but without internal force, it’s already come to an end.

Mo Li didn’t know what the Bone Eroding Art of the Hidden Killing Sect was, but Meng Qi just used his spiritual energy to toss some people, and he knew how to do it after a little thought.

Without waiting for Mo Li to speak, the people from Jianghu quickly said, “However, martial arts with the same effect might not necessarily be the same.”

Physician Mo: “…”

Those words are so wrong that even a three-year-old kid could see through them.

Mo Li followed their line of sight and suddenly found that there was no one in the pit. Luo Bin lay on the ground, his nose and face swollen and one of his fingers bitten off.

The incense master lay upright, dripping with blood.

“He’s dead?”

Mo Li wasn’t surprised by this result. Both the incense master and Luo Bin had their martial arts abolished. Neither of them had weapons or poison or medicine, so they could only work hard. Luo Bin was very young while the incense master hugged the thighs of the Holy Lotus Shrine, passing his days comfortably, his spirits long gone.

Luo Bin raised his head with difficulty and resentfully glared at Mo Li.

It’s this person who pushed him into the pit, making him desperately fight for the chance of survival with the remnants of an evil sect like a dog. Now that his martial arts were abolished, even if he nursed his body in the future and learn internal force again, it’d be useless. How could he use a sword with a broken finger?

Mo Li turned a blind eye to Luo Bin’s insufferable resentment, just nodding and asking: “Since you want to root out the strong and give the people peace, how could I stop it? I made you personally avenge the abolition of your martial arts, what else are you dissatisfied with?”

Luo Bin gritted his teeth and angrily said: “Qingcheng Sect won’t…”

Several people moved in a hurry. One of them covered his mouth, while the others desperately winked at Luo Bin.

——speaking at this time, how could he save face and threaten others, it’s simply seeking death!

If you think about it carefully, Qingcheng sect will find trouble for these two evil gods of unknown origin in the future, but what could they do if they simply kill people to eliminate future troubles?

Luo Bin was stupidly looking for death but they don’t want to die!

Meng Qi saw their little movements and smiled.

What gave them the illusion that the little brother’s affairs had come to an end? Luo Bin might have been the leader, but he can’t decide everything. Everyone has a part in this whole thing, and the law that doesn’t blame the group is certainly not good for the physician!

Now that Luo Bin’s martial arts were completely abolished, these people’s martial arts were still there!

He’s not in a hurry.

There’s also the sick Lin Dou outside the town. It’d take three days to take the few medicines, but this also meant that Mo Li and Meng Qi will stay in QingHu Town for three days.


When Lin Dou was scolded by Meng Qi that day, he changed.

He took the medicine on time, and he was no longer dazed. After three days, he had the strength to get up.

Lin Dou packed up some things and planned to take Hu Zi to find another remote place to hide his identity. He originally planned to sneak back to QingHu Town to find some dry food, but when he was halfway there, he found that the town wasn’t right.


Those abandoned houses were still there, and most of the streets hadn’t changed. It’s just that there’s an extra island in the center of town with deep canals on all sides.

Lin Dou almost thought he had a fever.

He touched his forehead but didn’t feel any heat, so he quickly picked up Hu Zi and returned to the forest.

Lin Dou anxiously waited until noon before seeing Meng Qi.

“State Teacher, QingHu Town…”


Meng Qi was there to deliver medicine. His excuse was “because Hu Zi is pitiful” and “for the sake of Prince Zhaohua who died early”.

After the onset of his illness that day, Meng Qi remembered many things, all related to the “State Teacher Meng Qi”. Among them was Crown Prince Zhaohua Li Xian.

Li Xian was smart and eager to learn, and Meng Qi also taught him history for a few days. Of course, he’s not the only one. Crown Prince Zhaohua has a decent number of teachers, only the pioneers of the Chu dynasty can teach the Crown Prince. Simply put, Meng Qi just taught a lesson.

At that time, the Chu dynasty was in its heyday, and the whole world was at peace with the heir apparent wise and capable.

But Li Xian died before he was thirty.

At first, it was just a minor illness, but he later became severely ill and couldn’t be saved again. He died in less than half a month.

There were rumors that it was witchcraft which almost caused a disaster in Taijing. Fortunately, the reason was found in time. It was originally the concubine in the harem begging for a child, taking tonics all year round and secretly mixing them in the dishes. It happened to be mixed up during Li Xian’s illness and the medicine he took was at odds with the tonics. However, it wasn’t found in time so the tonics were added several times. After that happened again and again, it cost the Crown Prince his life.

——in the minds of others, those who died early make fewer mistakes.

Even though Meng Qi didn’t like Li Yuanze, Li Xian’s death was truly a pity.

Some people say that if Crown Prince Zhaohua was alive, with Li Xian’s talents and abilities, Li Yuanze might not have punished his former officials.

But people’s hearts are unpredictable, and it’s useless to think about what-ifs.

Meng Qi planned to wait for Lin Dou to recover from his illness so he could send them away, but seeing that Lin Dou had packed everything up, he just felt that this person was enlightened. Seeing Lin Dou cowering, as if he wanted to ask but didn’t dare ask.


“Why did QingHu Town become flooded?” Don’t know what Lin Dou thought of, but his face was pale.

“The sudden emergence of the underground river was an accident. No one could have thought of it.” Meng Qi solemnly answered.

Lin Dou: “…”

He didn’t believe a word.

When he was young, he heard about the unpredictable ability of the State Teacher about how he once wiped out a river and said that a dragon came and drank it. Now, even if he filled up the entire QingHu Town, he wouldn’t be surprised.

The author has something to say:

Lin Dou: The State Teacher can call a dragon, and the dragon drank all the water in a river!

Mo Li: ???

Meng Qi: I didn’t, I haven’t, I never drank it!

Meng Qi: That was Marquis Jingyuan’s water attack strategy. At that time, we blocked the water source!

Translator’s Notes:

Just a little FYI, Zhaohua is the Crown Prince’s title. Li Xian is his real name.

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