37: Trying On Clothes

The next day. Kuuga received an explanation of the situation before the prototype was finished. What Gadillas and Uros were doing without consulting Kuuga was about the wedding ceremony. They didn't mean to trick or surprise Kuuga. Considering that Kuuga disliked it, they were silent until the last minute. "For the time being, I will … Continue reading 37: Trying On Clothes

36: Human-like Divine Beast-sama

King's office. There were only three people, Gadillas, who worked with Uros as usual, and Edallion was always near as the Royal Guards Knight Commander. Kuuga went out for a walk with Lewis. Edallion removed his envious look and suddenly started talking as if he remembered something. "By the way, I heard a rumor about … Continue reading 36: Human-like Divine Beast-sama

34: Mysterious Marathon

What was Edallion's recommended walking course? Kuuga wondered, but it became immediately obvious when he thought about it. Edallion, who loved animals in general, not to mention dogs, also served the mysterious role of a zookeeper. His recommendation was where the animals were. The first place he was taken to was the stables. The horses … Continue reading 34: Mysterious Marathon