DWBS 17: Party

DWBS 18: Desert People

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「Hmm, what should I do?」

Haruto was troubled seeing the three letters. Crossing his arms, he wrinkled his brows. It’s the consequences that really worried him.

「Haruto-san, I finished washing my body. Next is Haruto-san…… are you still worried? Just what are you worrying about?」

Roa asked Haruto who had been suffering for an hour.

「Well, it’s a letter from Eugene, Adonis, and Branch…… please read it.」

Roa received the three letters from Haruto and started reading it.

The letter from Eugene was an invitation to a buffet party. The letter from Branch was an invitation to a wine-tasting party. The letter from Adonis was an invitation to a magic tool exhibition.

「Uwa~, this is a bit…… The contents seem suspicious. The intention to pull Haruto-san to their camp is so obvious.」

Roa frowned.

However, there was a temperature difference between the three letters.

The letter from Eugene implied『Of course you’ll come!』in a sort of ‘half-forcing you’ way. The letter from Branch was『I would appreciate it if you come.』but the pressure could be felt. Adonis was『I want you to come if you have free time.』which was quite passive.

「Eugene-san wants to entirely hold Haruto-san. We have a connection to Branch to some extent…… so that might be why Eugene-san is trying to steal Haruto-san away. On the other hand, Adonis seems to want to build a relationship.」

「A man who is famous sure have it tough!」

「But both of you are men……」

He laughed bitterly.

「So then, what do you think we should do?」

「For now, who is the person closest to Haruto-san’s political intentions?」

When Roa said so, Haruto answered while a little worried.

「Let me see…… is it Branch? It would be better if the prices of olives don’t go up.」

「Then it’s determined that we will go to Branch-san’s place.」

When Roa said so, Haruto made a scowl.

「What do I do with Eugene then? It’s a relationship where we’re tied firmly with that guy through debt.」

「Is it not okay if you go to Eugene-san’s place?」

「No, I’d feel bad if I went to both.」

Haruto remembered the story of the bat in Aesop’s fables.

A long time ago, birds and animals fought each other. The bat asserted that it’s a bird when the birds had the advantage, then argued that it’s an animal when the beasts had the upper hand. In the end, the birds and animals reconciled. The bat, who hadn’t chosen any sides until the end, was removed from either side.

「It wouldn’t be fun, but I would not complain to such a thing. In fact, many merchants do not belong to any camp. Actually, it’s more unusual if they belong to one side. It’s okay unless you made a clear betrayal.」

Roa affirmed. All three people were not children, and they were professional merchants. They only participated in state affairs since it’s necessary, they’re not interested in politics any more than that.

「Then it’s okay if we go to all three?」

「Rather, if you went to only one person, it’s better if you didn’t go at all.」

Roa confidently said. Although a little worried about some things, Haruto had little understanding of being popular.


If you go to formal events, then you need decent clothes. Haruto and Roa naturally do not have those things and thus have to purchase it. Haruto tried to finish it with cheap clothes but was stopped by Roa.

「People who understand can tell it’s cheap at a glance. If you do not buy proper clothes, you’ll be looked down on.」

Haruto was convinced. Although human value was not something you could wear, since you don’t know the inside of a person, it’s natural to judge by appearance.

Which was why they went to a famous clothing store in Claris. From that place, there was a large glass mirror, that’s why he knew that this shop was high class.

Haruto was not familiar with formalwear and threw the matter of choice at the clerk. As a clerk of a high-end shop, he didn’t change his expression at all while choosing clothes and gave it to Haruto.

Because he wouldn’t know until he wore it, he tried the clothes on.

「It suits you, Haruto-san.」


Wearing fashionable clothes and looking at his reflection on the mirror, Haruto put on a wry face. Not bad. But whether it suited him was another matter. Oh well, there was no problem if he looked the part.

「Well then, I’ll take this.」

「Yes, that’ll be 120 thousand Doria.」

Recently, Haruto’s paralysis regarding money was very fierce. He bought it without thinking about anything in particular.

As they left the store, Roa turned to Haruto.

「Well then, now we’ll go buy a dress.」

「Eh? You’ll also attend?」

Roa felt shy, and he felt like a buffet party was not suitable to bring her.

「At the party, many people will often bring women as their partners. Some will also hire women.」

Haruto was not familiar with the circumstances in Claris, and could only agree.

In reality, what Roa said was only half-true. First of all, no one would hire women. At the same time, rather than partners, meaning companions, it’s more correct to say they’re partners. This partner, of course, meant a marriage partner or a fiancee. Roa was thinking of burying the moat.

The two people headed to a dress shop at once.

The atmosphere of this shop was the same. Roa picked up a red dress and a blue dress after being troubled.

「It would be nice if it suits my body.」

She looked happy because the dress was what adult women would wear. When a child tried to wear it, it would look bad anywhere. But Roa was able to wear the dress properly because her height and breasts had recently grown with the chest size approaching C.

「Haruto-san? What’s wrong?」

Haruto, who was indulging at how the dress suited Roa, returned to his senses after seeing Roa look back at him.

「You, perhaps you’ve worn a dress before?」

Roa was dressed perfectly. Just because the body grew didn’t mean they could dress up properly. And it seemed like she’s familiar with choosing a dress.

「Yes, it’s because my house was rich. And my grandfather is a big congressman, so I attended parties several times.」

Roa was more upper class than Haruto thought. When he listened to Roa’s circumstances, he thought that at most, she’s related to a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

「I see……why don’t you teach me manners later?」

「Yes, that’s fine. Oh well, the buffet party is not something where you have to worry so much about etiquette.」

Roa laughed and said that.

「Now the next one is the shoes.」

He noticed after being told so. Although the thing that Haruto was wearing now was easy to walk in, it’s not suitable to wear to the party.

「The most crucial element to a buffet party is the shoes because you’ll be walking around. If possible, it should be easy to walk around in and high-class. People with eyes will look at the shoes more than the clothes.」

Roa proudly said. Haruto nodded as if he understood.

「Let’s go buy shoes right away. Please wear it from today so that you’ll get used to it.」

Roa said bossily.


It was the day of the buffet party.

「Haruto-san, are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything?」

「Ah, I’m fine.」

They headed to the venue.

The venue was big with many people talking to each other while having a meal.

「Oh, Asuma! You came!」

Eugene came running the moment he found Haruto.

「Many merchants are participating in this party. Making connections with people is important. Do it firmly. Of course, enjoy the party too.」

With Eugene said so, he moved his line of sight to Roa standing beside Haruto.

「Uhm…… are you sure……」

「I’m Roa Samaras. I got Haruto-san to release me.」

Roa smiled then briefly bowed. They were quite alike.

「I see, so it’s Roa Samaras. I am sorry. Still, it’s released…… heh~」

Eugene looked at Haruto while grinning. Haruto didn’t know why Eugene was making such a smile so he tilted his head unconsciously.

「Even so, getting it on with a former slave…… Speaking of Samaras…… By any chance…」

Eugene murmured. Because it was in a small voice, it didn’t reach Haruto and Roa’s ears.

「Oi, Roa Samaras. Did you mean……」

「Are you Asuma by any chance?」

At the same time as Eugene was about to speak, a big man called out to Haruto.

「Just call me Malthus. Thank you for inviting me to such a party…… Was I interrupting?」

The man said that while smiling and Eugene answered while waving a hand.

「No, we just finished talking just now. Then, I’ll let you go. Please enjoy the party by all means.」

Eugene left after that.

「Hello. My name is……」

Haruto started talking with the man, and while doing so, many people who wanted to come and speak to Haruto gathered around him.

It was two hours later that Haruto and Roa were released.


「Well~, that was amazing……」

「It was the first time since I was born. I feel like a 90-year-old man.」

Actually, some women were also trying to speak with Haruto, but Roa repulsed and glared at them.

「Now then, I’m sure there’s a glass of wine and dishes on your left?」

「Yes, that’s right. It’s after this. As the meals are arranged in order from the appetizers, please take them in order.」

Haruto ate the food as taught by Roa.

「Mm! Delicious. It looked expensive.」

「I agree.」

Roa said so while drinking wine. Haruto picked up the wine glass from Roa in a hurry.


「What ‘mu!’ Did you forget that when you were drunk, you gave me a terrible time?」

Haruto drank the wine he got from Roa. It tasted slightly different from what he drank when he was in Undine.


Haruto wondered if he could change the wine. If he got drunk, he might not be able to talk to people, and they have to hold their own.

This buffet party, for Haruto, was a meaningful thing.


A week later was the day of the magic tool exhibition.

「Will you also come?」

「Well, I’m not that interested. I’ll look after the shop.」

「I see.」

Haruto left Roa and visited the venue.

When he arrived, Haruto found Adonis and gave a greeting.

「For inviting me today, thank you very much.」

Haruto briefly bowed and greeted.

「Asuma-san! I thought you wouldn’t come. This is the documentation. Please go through it once.」

Adonis handed a bunch of paper to Haruto.

Haruto then left Adonis while scanning through the posters on the wall. The history of the magic tool, simple mechanisms and the like were written.

Before Haruto reached the exhibition hall, he had investigated a bit about the magic.

There seem to be three types of magic. One was natural magic. Next was the Divine Art, and magic tools seemed to be made by bestowal magic.

Natural magic was made with the soul and mental power as an energy source. There were no physical effects, but it could show hallucinations or read thoughts. Divine Art used one’s faith in God as an energy source. It could heal and make a barrier against evil. Magic using magic stones…… in other words, using the magical power stored inside stones as a power source, it could create flame or wind. It could also be used in strengthening an object. However, since its attack power was not high despite using a huge amount of energy, it seemed to be unsuitable for war.

Incidentally, it seemed like the Empire’s First Emperor ordered things such as prayers and curses to be categorized as magic. It would be just like Superman if he could make not only sweets but also magic. (T/N: Sorry, I really don’t get what he’s talking about on this one.)

The talk deviated. The magic from these three categories seemed to be something that could be used with a magic tool.

Haruto knew about it to a degree. Haruto flipped through the document, reading only the interesting places.

When Haruto turned over a page, he found something called『Lightning-causing device』. It’s probably about electricity. If he had electricity, he could manufacture caustic soda and didn’t have to rely on primitive caustic soda found from seaweed ash.

Within that time, the exhibition began. Haruto closed the materials and turned around to look at the magic tools. Scholars and merchants who came to see the magic tools did not forget to greet the technicians. Some of them were those he got to know at the buffet party. He understood that what Roa told the truth, so Haruto was relieved.

There were interesting magic tools, but the bottom line was that the『Lightning-causing device』didn’t appear. While searching and doing one lap, Haruto decided to ask Adonis.

「Wolfstan-san, do you have this『Lightning-causing device』? I’d like to see it.」

When Haruto said so, Adonis smiled while being troubled.

「I’m sorry, it’s not in the exhibition, but it shouldn’t be a big deal, right? The Empire’s engineers only made it halfway. They’re saying that the lightning produced was dangerous when touched.」

If dangerous current flowed, it could produce enough caustic soda. He didn’t know if it’s profitable, but it would be worth a try.

「How can I get it? There is something that I want to try for a bit.」

Haruto asked for it, and Adonis looked at him strangely.

「Oh dear, that’s not a problem…… but it will take time since it’s not something you can make easily.」

It seemed that it will take one year to prepare. Since the one asking was Haruto, he didn’t complain. Haruto thanked him. With this, Adonis could also have a relationship with Haruto, so he was happy.


Two more weeks passed and it was the day of the wine-tasting party.

「Haruto-san! Me too……」

「No! You are weak against alcohol.」

Haruto stopped Roa’s words. Roa puffed up her cheeks.

「Haruto-san just say whatever you want……you are cunning!」

「I understand. I will buy wine on my way home. It’s okay to be drunk when you’re inside the house.」

When Haruto said so, Roa smiled happily.

「That’s a promise.」

At the venue of the tasting party, he greeted Branch.

「For inviting me to such a gathering today, thank you very much.」

When Haruto lowered his head, Branch gave him a questionnaire form.

「Asuma-san! I’m glad you came. Please write on this paper if you liked the wine. After that, we are exhibiting products gathered all over the world at the back. Please check it if you like.」

Haruto gave out his greetings early and drank wine immediately. Each wine had a slightly different taste, and all were quite tasty. When reading the description, it’s said to be 100 years old. There was a thing that said a single one was 200,000. Haruto did not care because it’s free anyway.

A little drunk, he looked around. There were some people whom he met at the buffet party and at the exhibition. There was also a drunk atmosphere, so Haruto was quite close to them.

Drinking wine to some extent and after writing on the questionnaire, Haruto went to see the products that were gathered all over the world. Many were spices and perfumes with some silk also exhibited. In retrospect, this party might have an element of Branch boasting.

While looking around, he found something pretty good. Coconut oil and palm oil as well as castor oil. Coconut was from tropical Asia while the raw materials of palm oil and castor bean for castor oil was found native in Africa. In a city-state coalition with the same climate as the Mediterranean coast, even if he searched for it, he wouldn’t find it. Depending on the price, he would like to purchase it if it’s cheap.

Just right then, Branch happened to pass through. Haruto asked about purchasing it.

「That coconut oil, palm oil, and also castor oil, is it possible to purchase it?」

「Coconut oil is impossible. Palm oil and castor oil can be purchased.」

Both seemed to be about 2000 Doria per 1 liter. The price was about twice the price of olives probably because not much was being produced. But if he combined palm oil and castor oil with olive oil, the quality would be better so he considered it.

「Is coconut oil no good?」

When Haruto inquired, Branch nodded and answered。

「Because we don’t produce it here in the West. Trade with the East is dependent on the mood of the desert people……so stable supply is impossible.」

There’s no choice but to withdraw if he was told that. There’s only one that he can’t get, so he thought that it’s already rather good.

He chatted with the merchants and time flew away in the blink of an eye. Haruto bought a bottle worth 20,000 Doria and went home.


「I’m home. I came back just now.」

Haruto called out while opening the door and entering the shop. Arriving home, he heard a strange sound. Haruto wondered as he entered the room.

「Ha-Haruto-san!! Welcome home!!」

Somehow, Roa seemed to be in a hurry. Haruto thought that it was suspicious but for the time being, he showed the wine to Roa.

「Look, it’s the promised wine.」

「T-thank you very much.」

Roa gratefully said and tried to reach for it. Haruto then intentionally asked.

「Are you hiding something?」

「N-no, it’s not that kind of thing!!」

Roa’s eyes swam while denying it. When he looked closely, she seemed to mind the closet behind her.

「Is there something in the closet?」

At that point, Roa trembled. She’s a bad liar.

Haruto approached the closet. Looking closely, green cloth was caught outside. Haruto and Roa did not have any green clothes.

「U-um, Haruto-san! Why don’t we drink the wine? I have cheese!」

Ignoring the Roa’s poor deception, Haruto opened the closet.


Haruto was taken aback as soon as he saw who was inside.


There was a beautiful girl with brown skin inside.

Balance in October

Income: about 14,900,000 (Soap: 29,800 pieces)

Expenses: Total…… 11,790,000

  • 1,200,000(slave maintenance cost)
  • 100,000(shop rent & maintenance fee)
  • 60,000(four carriages’ rental fee)
  • 7,000,000(olive oil, 1,000 casks)
  • 900,000(seaweed ash, 900 casks)
  • 240,000(clothes cost)
  • 300,0000(mercenaries)
  • 10,000(salt)
  • 10,000(salary)
  • 480,000(sales tax)
  • 1,490,000(income tax)

Income - Expenses = 3,110,000

Liabilities: 20,000,000

Balance: 5,620,000

Real Property: (-14,380,000)

Other Property: 45 slaves


Accounting officer and slave director: Roa Samaras

Mercenaries: Rusk & Pudding


Warehouse 1(warehouse attached to the store): soap, 20 pieces

Warehouse 2(warehouse attached to slave accomodation):

  • 17 pots
  • 20 olive casks
  • 15 seaweed ash casks

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This is machine translated and all copyrights belong to the author. Please note that the translator might take creative liberties for better readability. Thank you for reading.

DWBS 18: Desert People

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