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「Now then, Roa. Answer me directly. Who is this person?」

Haruto listened as Roa and the mysterious girl was sitting down.

「This is Aisha-san of the desert people. I met her in the middle of shopping…… We became friends.」

Shy little Roa was able to make friends. He should be pleased about it. If it’s a friend, it was a bit annoying to come home without being notified, but it’s within the allowable range.

「So why was she in the closet? It’s not like you’re playing hide and seek, right?」

That’s the biggest mystery. He didn’t know the reason for hiding her.

「There are important reasons for that……Anyway, please listen to me.」


After Haruto went out, Roa went out to buy a wine screw. After purchasing cheese and while walking down the road trying to get home, she found a beautiful girl with brown skin lying down.

Since she couldn’t ignore it while passing by, Roa called out.

「Are you okay?」


「Eh!? What?」

「I’m hungry……」

Apparently, she was hungry. The Roa right now was working at Asuma’s shop but was initially an orphan begging on the street. She knew the harshness of hunger, and that it wasn’t other people’s business.

Roa decided to give the cheese and bread to ease her hunger for the time being. After the brown-skinned beautiful girl finished eating it with great momentum, she thanked Roa and introduced herself.

The desert people were ethnic groups living in the desert. They trade with Claris but also had a deep warring relationship. Since war just happened three years ago, their connection right now was terrible, so they couldn’t be seen much recently.

The desert people were famous worldwide as combative people. They’re an ethnic group that threw out the invasion of the Thunder King Anders IV due to them having superhuman physical strength. The fists of a desert people could kill a lion with one punch while a throw of the spear could pierce a dragon’s scales. It was said that each of them was comparable to a hundred trained soldiers.

Honestly, it’s a bullshit story but, it’s a fact that the desert people had high combat capabilities. Roa heard about the desert people from Aisha with the price of cheese and bread.

While talking, Roa and Aisha hit it off and they became very good friends. When she became friends with Roa, she heard the reason why she was in Claris and why she collapsed.

「I want to see what the world in the West is like. But if you walk through the streets, your wallet will be stolen. Moreover, you’ll be chased around by slave hunters……Thank you so much for your help.」

Desert people were sold at high prices. Many people tried to kidnap desert people aiming to get rich quick. Of course, it’s a criminal act, but the relationship between Claris and the desert people were not good, so it was tolerated.

Roa sympathized deeply with Aisha, so she wanted to help Aisha.

「Will you come home with me? You can hide there for a while……」

「Eh! Really? Thank you!!」

Aisha was delighted and embraced Roa. At that moment, Aisha’s big breasts touched Roa’s arms. At that time, Roa thought that Haruto might get taken away.

Aisha was a beautiful girl. Roa didn’t feel like she’d lose in appearance but Aisha had a better body. Moreover, their ages were similar to Haruto. More than anything, beautiful blonde hair and brown skin created an exotic atmosphere.

She might lose in collective strength……

Roa had grown recently with beautiful hair like ruby that would not lose to Aisha. But Aisha was very exotic. If Haruto fell for Aisha……

Roa made a little lie,  saying that the man that lived with her hated desert people, so when he came home, she had to hide.

Aisha swallowed it.


「That’s why……I’m sorry!!」

Roa was half-crying. On the other hand, Haruto had a bitter smile. He’d be too stupid to get angry over something so ridiculous.

Haruto sighed and caressed the crying Roa.

「I guess you had no choice. Don’t ever do it again though.」

When Haruto spoke kindly, Roa embraced Haruto.


She buried her face in Haruto’s chest and held Haruto’s body tightly. Haruto didn’t feel bad either, so they just hugged each other.

「Uhm, are we good now?」

When Haruto and Roa started having a pink atmosphere between them, Aisha called out to the two people. Roa’s face turned red and distanced herself from Haruto.

「Is it really alright since Asuma-sama hates desert people?」

Aisha tried to confirm with Haruto. Haruto nodded.

「Ah, that’s Roa’s lie. I do not dislike desert people,  not at all. Also, you do not need to add -sama to my name.」

When Haruto said so, Aisha had a relieved expression.

「Well then, Haruto, I wonder if I can stay here for a while?」

Aisha cautiously asked and Haruto answered with a smile.

「There seems to be somewhat complicated circumstances. I won’t care, however, I’m not so kind that I’ll let you stay for free.」

「So then, what will I do?」

「That’s right……I’m sure you definitely have some considerable strength? Do heavy work at the factory where we operate. Because all the workers in the factory are slaves, you cannot leak out any information. Also, teach me the language of the desert people. And then I want coconut oil. I want to buy it from the desert people somehow, so please introduce me to them.」

Honestly, the presence of Aisha was profitable for Haruto. By selling favor to the desert people, he was able to grab an opportunity on getting coconut oil.

「The factory and language is okay, you can just leave that to me. But the coconut oil is……it’s difficult in my position though I’ll try my best.」

Aisha smiled as she answered. Haruto wished that he could just accept those dubious words with no problems.

「By the way, you’re good at the Krist language. Where did you learn it?」

Haruto casually said, but Aisha answered while shivering.

「It’s something I must learn at home. When I was being taught, I thought that I have no use for such a thing……I didn’t know that I’ll fall back on it to save my life.」

「I see.」

Haruto nodded then held out his hand. Aisha got a red face for a moment as she took Haruto’s hand.

「Nice to meet you, Haruto Asuma.」

「Nice to meet you too, Aisha.」


When the two people shook hands, Roa groaned.

「Why are you abandoning me so suddenly! Even I have to attach “-san”!」

Roa complained to Aisha. Haruto turned to Roa and said.

「Then why don’t you also drop the honorific.」

「Really? Then I won’t hesitate. Ha-Haruto……-san. Ha-Haruto, Ha-Haruto……」

Roa tried to call Haruto’s name without honorifics several times. After a while, the red-faced Roa stomped her feet in frustration.


Roa puffed up her cheeks and turned around. Haruto laughed at seeing that.

「You should call me the easiest way for you.」

After Haruto said that, he lifted the wine bottle.

「By the way, do you drink wine?」

Aisha nodded heavily.


「Head hurts……」

Haruto got up from the bed while holding his head.

Yesterday, three people drank the wine that he bought. Because the wine was drained quickly, they bought a couple of additional ones. That was a bad idea. Roa was the first to go down, then Haruto crashed followed by Aisha.

「After that, I entered the bed without washing my body……」

Haruto casually put his hand to the side. Dangerous weapons touched Haruto’s hands.


He heard a feverish voice from below. In a panic, he took his hand back, seeing that it was Aisha’s breasts. Fortunately, she didn’t wake up. Haruto moved away from Aisha then went to wash his body.


After washing his body and returning, Aisha was awake, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

「Good morning. How about washing your face?」

「Un. Going.」

Aisha headed to the well outside.

「Haruto-san, good morning.」

Roa raised her voice to Haruto as she exited the warehouse. She had cleaning tools on her hand.

「Ah, good morning. Thank you for your hard work.」

「No no, this is nothing.」

Roa answered while smiling.

As Aisha finished washing her face and came back, they had a light breakfast. Because Haruto and Roa don’t eat much in the morning, it’s only bread and cheese, so the three people finished eating breakfast at once.

「Roa, take Aisha to the factory. I’ll go to secure some slaves and pots.」

The slaves he bought two months ago had gotten used to the production of soap. After discussing with Roa, they decided to add 15 slaves. With this, the number of slaves would become 60. It seemed necessary to add another building.

「Yes. I will explain it well.」


「What is it……Why are you here?」

Eugene’s voice was depressed. If he looked closely, there were dark circles under his eyes。

「Looks like you’re tired. Did something happen?」

When Haruto asked concernedly, Eugene answered with a sigh.

「Ah. Recently there are many……」

What incident could make Eugene look this tired? Haruto was interested, but he suppressed his curiosity and told him what he wanted.

「I see. Slaves……I’ll prepare it in one month, but it’s expensive. 170,000.」

「Oi! Isn’t it too high?」

Because the last price was 150,000, that meant it went up by 20,000.

「It was too cheap so far. Calm down. The price per people is low at 150,000. 170,000 is also cheaper. If you have a grudge, then take it out on the Empire’s new Emperor. Ever since His Majesty Westoria ascended to the throne, the economy is improving. The slaves are also decreasing accordingly. Slave merchants around the world are screaming. Because the money lending business is my main job, it’s a good thing that the economy is good.」

The overall price seemed to be rising as well. It couldn’t be helped. Haruto signed the contract.


「I want 10 pots. I would also like to have it in one month, how much does it cost?」

Haruto told Bacchus. Bacchus answered after thinking for a while.

「10 pieces in one month……I don’t think so. It’s a different story if the price is special.」

「How much is it?」

When Haruto said so, Bacchus smiled and answered while grinning.

「Maybe 550,000. Actually, I’d like to say 600,000, but you looked like you’ll be my customer even in the future. And recently, the price of iron is falling thanks to the new emperor.」

Since Emperor Westoria took the throne, the war between the empire and the kingdom ceased. It seemed like that due to the wars decreasing, the price of iron was falling.

「No problem. I’ll pay 550,000.」

When Haruto signed the contract, Bacchus smiled joyfully.

「Thank you. Please take care of me in the future.」


On the other hand, Roa and Aisha were in the factory.

「Aisha, please bring the olives and the ashes.」


Aisha then went to the warehouse.

Ne~, Roa-chan. That cute child of the desert. Why is she in such a place?」

Pudding asked Roa. Roa looked back at Pudding then replied.

「I heard that she had no money since her wallet was stolen and she’s also being targeted by slave hunters, so I decided to keep her for a while.」

「I see~ You are a good person~ Do the desert people……want to spar~」

When Pudding said so, Aisha just came out of the warehouse holding five barrels of olives.

「Where should I put this?」

Aisha’s expression showed that she still had some leeway. Roa answered with surprise.

E~tto, please carry it towards the person over there.」


Saying that, Aisha carried the olives with a trot.

M-ma~ That’s awesome……If I tried to spar, I would be strangled……」

Pudding muttered while breaking out in a cold sweat. The story of killing a lion bare-handed might not be a lie.

「I agree. By the way, how do the desert people get trapped by slave hunters? Even though they’re so strong……」

Roa looked at Aisha doubtfully. It seemed tough to tie them up with that strength.

U~n, if a large number of people shoots an arrow painted with numbness medicine, it will do something? After catching them……hemp rope will be torn off most likely, so they might need an iron chain?」

To Roa’s question, Pudding answered. Because she’s a mercenary, she seemed to be stimulating a battle in her mind.

While they were talking about this, Aisha had gone back and forth to get the barrels many times.

「It seems good to leave all the heavy lifting to Aisha. This will increase the work efficiency of producing the soap.」

They couldn’t get this much labor just by providing lodging. It was a good bargain if she thought about it now.

「I don’t know how she fell into my life.」

Roa instinctively said so.


「I just noticed that there is only one bed in this room. What should we do?」

Haruto suddenly said.

「That’s what I’m talking about. Nn? Where are Roa and Haruto sleeping?」

Haruto and Roa pointed to the double bed. Aisha blushed.

「U-unmarried man and woman sleeping in a bed together……Shameful!」

Roa had a red face while refuting Aisha.

「B-besides I have not done anything that I should be guilty about. Also, Haruto-san is like my fiancee……」

Haruto smiled bitterly. It’s certainly not preferable for an unmarried man and woman to lie down on the same bed.

「So what are you going to do? Should I sleep on the floor?」

「If Haruto-san sleeps on the floor, I would also sleep on the floor. Please use the bed Aisha.」

「Well, if I’m going to sleep I won’t sleep on the bed. It’s strange that you, the landlord, is sleeping on the floor. I will sleep on the floor.」

「No, Aisha is a guest of Roa. I’m uneasy making a friend of Roa’s sleep alone on the floor……」

「Well then, should I sleep in the slave dormitory?」

「That’s no good. It’s insane to make the guests sleep in the same building as the slaves!」

Three people continued to talk to each other. Eventually…

「Let’s sleep on the bed with three people. From right to left Haruto-san, me, then Aisha and there should be no problem.」

It was settled by Roa’s proposal.

November Balance

Income: ~15,000,000(30,000 soap)

Expenses: Total…… 17,730,000

  • 2,550,000(slave
  • 550,000(pot
  • 2,000,000(slave maintenance cost
  • 100,000(shop rental & maintenance fee
  • 60,000(four carriage rental fee)
  • 9,000,000(olive oil, 1300 barrels
  • 1,200,000(seaweed ash, 1200 barrels
  • 300,000(mercenaries’ salary
  • 10,000(salary
  • 10,000(salt
  • 450,000(sales tax
  • 1,500,000(income tax

Earnings-Expenses = –2,730,000

Liabilities: 20,000,000

Balance: 2,890,000

Real Property: -17,110,000

Other Property45 slaves


  • Accounting officer and slave director: Roa Samaras
  • Mercenaries: Rusk & Pudding

Warehouse 1 (warehouse attached to store): 300 soap

Warehouse 2 (warehouse attached to slave accommodation):

  • 17 pots
  • 20 olive casks
  • 15 barrels of seaweed ash

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This is machine translated and all copyrights belong to the author. Please note that the translator might take creative liberties for better readability. Thank you for reading.

DWBS 17: Party
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