Alien 14: A Step Into The Cosmos

Alien 13: He Actually Reformed His Ways
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  Since Liang Chen packed two meals for Yi Ti, her life officially entered the “well-off” level. Although she heard that cultivators could sustain themselves, she’s clearly not yet at this stage. Besides, it’s hard to discard her appetite. 

  Also, now that she’s not afraid to gain weight. After drinking a little spiritual spring water every day, she could naturally keep in shape, awesome! 

  Led by this jovial mood, Yi Ti finally succeeded in formulating her first bottle of primary potions. 

  She shook her hand and showed a pale golden potion, her heart full of joy. Although her first time of making it made her nervous, fortunately, she succeeded. Plants from the universe didn’t seem that different from the herbs on Earth. She could feel its emotions as well and could extract the essence from its body. 

  After being identified by Cecil, Yi Ti determined that there was no problem with the potion in her hand, so four bottles were made one after another. It’s not that she couldn’t make more, it’s just that the herbs to make this potion needed time to rest and recuperate. Although the essence she created could improve the speed of recovery, to continuously recover then re-extract is obviously a cruel thing. It’s just like how a person with a full stomach exercised then was forced to eat and then exercise again. Perhaps it could physically stand it, but……moreover, are there other herbs that could be used to make primary potions? 

  Of course, expanding the planting area might be a good way, but it’s a pity. After Yi Ti planted a bunch of seeds, it’s already full. At that time, Cecil asked her to buy only one herb seed from each kind, perhaps also considering this aspect. By now, she couldn’t transplant the herbs. If plants that have become accustomed to this environment returned to a world with less aura, it would presumably be very painful. 

  Fortunately, according to the amount of Aura inside her, it’s just enough to prepare a bottle of primary potion. So for the time being, she didn’t have to worry about the「There is money to buy intermediate herb seeds, but there’s no place to plant」problem. 

  Therefore, increasing the area of the space is the key point, but even Cecil is helpless against this problem. There’re also space tools sold in the trader, but it’s just a simple space storage device. It didn’t have the same effect as the dongtian

  In the end, Yi Ti decided to forget it. For the time being, there are still many primary potions she hadn’t made yet, so why care about things she can’t do? And, even if she broke her skull, the method wouldn’t jump out by itself. 

  Excited, Yi Ti opened the plane trader device, and selected the「sell」option. This part is very simple. She just had to fill in the information, chose the simple or casual type. Also, with a commodity, the first time you sell something didn’t have any fees. If you want to modify the information afterward, you’d need to pay points. Of course, it’s not impossible to change it and then resell it (for example, she could change to a bottle that wasn’t scanned by Skynet) Just that everyone could only hang up to 5 items a day, but there’s no limit to the number of items that could be stacked. Cecil gave her a high-quality trader, so 8 items could be sold per day. 

  On the name, conforming with the norms of society, Yi Ti entered the words「Primary Energy Agent」. Although she typed in Chinese, once posted on the Internet, it would automatically be translated by the owner of the trader into the language of their choice. 

  Next is the product description, Yi Ti turned to look at Cecil: 「How should I fill it in?」

  「100% pure. 」

  「That’s it? 」

  「Yeah. 」Because that’s the point. 

  Yi Ti entered the words, then followed by the unit price. 

  「How much? 」

  Ordinary primary energy agents are 15 points, but according to Cecil, their purity is generally only 70 to 80 percent. More than 80, and the price would double. Hers is 100%, then it should be……five or six times more? 

   「1500 points.」

  「……huh?」Yi Ti felt like she’s bad enough, but she unexpectedly discovered that this rich second-generation alien is really black! In one breath increasing the price by a hundred times, is he playing with her? She swallowed,「Are you sure?」

  Cecil nodded:「It’s worth the price. 」Rather, the value is much higher than this price. 

  Primary energy agents, intermediate energy agents, advanced energy agents and even senior energy agents, the reason why the price gap is very large, one is because of the energy it contained and the other is because of its purity. The more advanced the potion, the higher the requirement for purity. However, the average advanced potion could only reach a level of 95%. Beyond that, there’s the legendary god-level potion, a height that few pharmacists could reach. The price couldn’t be calculated using general points. 

  By the way, potions are usually taken by a person, while energy blocks are for mechanical use. A low-level energy block contains energy comparable to three or four bottles of intermediate energy potion, so the price/performance ratio is obviously higher. Unfortunately, most people couldn’t use it. Just that, Sutahnna Star people are an exception. They couldn’t digest the impurities from the potions, but can completely absorb the power contained in the energy block, so they generally use this as food. But in contrast, the energy required by Sutahnna Star people is many times that of other races. This might be similar to the Earth saying「God opened a door for you and closed your window」right? ……that’s the right one, right? 

  「When you rack up the price that much, will someone really buy it?」Yi Ti is still worried. 

  「The average person wouldn’t buy it.」Although it’s 100% pure, but this price is enough to buy 10 bottles of ordinary intermediate energy agents. In terms of cost performance, the latter is much more suitable,「But some people would definitely buy it.」

  「How about stacking?」

  「No need.」


  Yi Ti said after setting it up, then finalized the sale. 

  Just at this time, a black vortex appeared on the screen. She followed Cecil’s instructions, put the potion in her hand, then quickly clicked on the 「confirm」button. The vortex and the potion disappeared together. 

  She was planning to sell the remaining potions together but was stopped by Cecil. 

  「Not now.」

  Although Yi Ti didn’t understand, she still chose to respect his opinions. Instead, she put the remaining potions back into the space, excitedly and worriedly waiting for the results. 

  What she didn’t know, in the distant starry skies——

 Someone was watching the trader at the moment. 

  Of course, they’re browsing. 

  The universe is so vast. Although the trader is expensive, it has long become a trend. Everyone is using it all the time, but this person has some connection with Yi Ti’s fate. 

  Of course, it’s not that type of pink relationship, because this person is a grandfather. 

  If Yi Ti saw him, she would be surprised, because the clothes he wore seemed to be no different from the people on Earth. This is also the reason why Cecil, who first arrived on Earth, was surprised. The level of civilization is not high, but in many ways, it has reached an amazing level, in short——Earth, in his eyes, is like an unlucky child of the technology tree. 

  To return to the topic, the old grandfather is called Zagu Maude. This seemingly common name had a well-known reputation in the universe. That’s because he’s a master pharmacist, even further than primary, intermediate, or advanced. He’s only a step away from the god level. Of course, many people couldn’t leave this step in their entire lives and he might be the same. 

  He’s a dedicated pharmacist with no wife and no children. He put all his life into this industry and had achieved extraordinary achievements that are difficult for ordinary people to achieve. If you calculate according to Earth’s time, he’s now 540 years old. As far as his race is concerned, he’s also considered old age. Even so, his love for pharmacy is deep. He spent his life making potions every day and the remaining time is spent on necessary rest, taking care of herbs, reading books and visiting traders to see if there are any new potions. Eat? Drink? Necessary excretion? What are those? 

  At this time, he’s watching the trader. 

  After excluding low-grade potions and intermediate potions that are generally inexpensive, Zagu focused on advanced potions. Although sorting by price is not absolute, but to some extent, it also showed the value of the medicine. As a master pharmacist, he could easily make all the medicines on the market. Even if it’s a new type of primary and intermediate agents, it’s not difficult for him to analyze the formula, so he didn’t focus on them. 


  He suddenly found a strange thing. 

  A bottle of primary energy agent is actually mixed into the ranks of high-grade potions, priced at 1500 points. 

  「Are they crazy?」His hand was about to move on, but suddenly, he clicked on it. 

  Therefore, fate is really wonderful. It’s a「just right」moment, not a second early or late. Sometimes, you’ll accidentally miss something important just in the blink of an eye or in thought. 

  And Master Zagu, luckily, didn’t miss it. 

  He looked at the product description on the bottle of potion, then roared out:「How is this possible?!」

  100% purity? 

  Is this a joke? 

  Even god level pharmacists couldn’t achieve this kind of purity! 

  This is something only a God could do! 

  Unfortunately, his race didn’t believe in God. 

  He felt that this kind of thing is impossible and secretly cursed the person to be disqualified and thought they’re newcomers who didn’t like to read the instructions (who else but newcomers wouldn’t know the rules?), but Zagu, in a curious coincidence……bought this bottle of potion. 

  Cecil guessed right. This price is almost the psychological bottom line of pharmacists above the advanced level. Lower would stagger their search, but higher and they won’t pay. There’s no economic loss even after confirming it’s a fake. However, even if they’re cheated of a small amount of money, they could comfort themselves and say it’s on a whim, harmless; to be cheated of big money would make them know it’s a trap and that they’re made into fools. 

  The moment of payment, he thought: Buy it, buy it, anyway 1500 points is not a big number, that is the price of a bottle of ordinary high-grade medicine. 

  If Yi Ti could hear that, she’d most probably scold: Local tyrants are the most annoying! 

  But this local tyrant brought her first bucket of gold from the vast universe. 

  That’s why, fate, this thing, is really unpredictable. 


To return to the topic, 言归正传, yánguīzhèngzhuàn, to return to the topic (idiom) / to get back to the main point

well-known reputation, 如雷贯耳, rúléiguàn’ěr, lit. like thunder piercing the ear / a well-known reputation (idiom)

curious coincidence, 鬼使神差, guǐshǐshénchāi, demons and gods at work (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation / curious coincidence

harmless, 无伤大雅, wúshāngdàyǎ, (of a defect etc) to be of no great matter (idiom) / harmless


Alien 13: He Actually Reformed His Ways
Alien 15: One Step Towards A Big One

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