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   “Cecil, the potion was sold!” 

  Yi Ti looked at the more than a thousand points that appeared in the account, very excited! She didn’t expect that even with such a high price, someone actually bought it. Sure enough, there are even more stupid local tyrants out there in the universe (Master Zagu took an arrow to the knee)! 

  Cecil looked at the time, then said: “Sell the next bottle in an hour.” 


  At this time, Master Zagu has already determined that the purity of the bottle of potion is indeed 100%, making him uncomfortable all over. The first thing he did afterward is not to analyze the ingredients, but instead, to grab the trader and search for similar potions, but the result disappointed him. It seemed the bottle he bought is the only special one. 

  Coupled with the desire to study in his heart, he quickly grabbed the potion and rushed into his medicine room to start analyzing. 

  Other also had a similar experience after Yi Ti sold the potions one after another. It happened again and again. It set off huge waves enough to subvert the entire pharmacy industry, it’s only a matter of time. 

  The initiator was giggling at watching the more than 7000 points left after deducting the “shipping” in her account. 

  Yi Ti very neatly bought a set of energy block for Cecil. Although she wanted to buy two sets, he stopped her. 

   “A set of energy block is enough to last me a while.” 

  According to him, because of his unfortunate fall to Earth, he could only absorb energy slowly and restore only a little bit. If he absorbed too much at once, bad things would happen instead. 

   “This……” She nodded, “So what else do you want?” 

  Cecil shook his head then said: “I don’t have anything I want, but there is something suitable for you.” 


   “Yes.” He replied, “Search for genetic modification agent.” 

   “Let me see.” 

  Yi Ti quickly searched for it, then discovered that that price is really beautiful, not daring to look at it again. She remembered that Cecil once said that advanced genetic modification agents are very valuable. It seemed he didn’t lie, there was a bunch of “0” ah……

  She chose to sort from low to high according to price. She found that the lowest price of primary genetic modification agent is at least 3000 points. 

   “Isn’t that too expensive? Aren’t primary medicines generally very cheap?” 

   “It’s an exception.” Cecil replied, “Because the raw materials for making it are expensive, and the formula is a secret.” He went on to say, “I think it should be useful to you.” The previous spring potion should have improved her physical fitness, while this kind of medicine would directly improve one’s physical quality itself. As for the impurities contained in the medicine, it shouldn’t be a problem for her as a spiritual cultivator. 

   “So that’s the case,” Yi Ti touched her chin, “Should I just go for the advanced one?” 

   “I didn’t expect it before, but Earth’s human body is worse than most races in the universe. I’m afraid you couldn’t handle the advanced pharmacy right at the beginning. It’s better to start from the lower level first.” 

  Yi Ti: “……” What is this feeling of being despised? 

  But, she still listened to Cecil’s words and bought this bottle of potion. She intended to follow his instructions, and use it stretch it to five sessions. 

   “Then I will prepare primary potions!” A bottle is 1500 points……that’s not a potion, that’s money ah! 

   “Don’t worry.” Cecil stopped her, “Before those people react, don’t rush to sell the medicine.” And when you sell it again next time, don’t sell at such a low price like today. 

   “Ah?” Yi Ti tilted her head, crouching down to see the jelly alien on the ground, “Although I don’t understand, that seemed to be the best way.” Cecil unexpectedly knew more than expected. 

  Gazing at her eyes, the slime shyly shook his body and quietly replied: “My father said that everything in the family would be handed over to me sooner or later, so I’ve been receiving the relevant information since I was a child.” 

   “Huh? That means, in the future, you’ll become the legendary……president?” 

  Cecil slightly looked up at the meaning of the word “president”, hesitated a bit but still nodded his head. But somehow, he always felt that something’s wrong. So he searched carefully in the stored information. A huge amount of information came out and drowned him in an instant. 

  The President’s Little Wife……

  The Underworld President’s Fleeing Wife……

  The Cold-blooded President’s Underground Lover……

  President, Don’t Run……

  Slag President’s Assassin Wife……

  President, Don’t Touch Me……

   “Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——” 

   “Cecil, what’s wrong with you?” Yi Ti was shocked. How did he become like this again? She didn’t do anything to him, ah! 

  Her hand touched him, and she heard him say this: “Very good, you succeeded in attracting my attention……” 


   “Information is confusing……little hussy……come here……need to sort this out……” 

  Yi Ti: “……” She felt her mouth twitch and vaguely felt like she understood something. 

  After a while, and after a difficult recovery, the sensible Cecil said to her with admiration: “The Earth is really a terrible place, there’s actually such a great existence like the President.” With a wave of his hand, he could shake the whole world. There are more legends about him than there are about gods. Could it be, is he the real religion of humanity? Otherwise, how can there be so many books about him for future generations to worship? 

  Yi Ti: “……” So, how the hell is his existence great? 

   “Xiao Ti, I’m sorry, I’m far from the president’s standards.” Cecil carefully summarized, a hint of shame in his words, as if he didn’t meet her expectations. 

   “……you don’t need to apologize for this kind of thing!” If he really became like those presidents, can she cry? 

  Through this transaction, Cecil succeeded in getting the energy he needed so Yi Ti no longer felt as hurried as before. It just so happened that the  “thought converter” had been adjusted, so she happily played with this high tech gadget. 

  The object’s appearance is somewhat similar to a silver-white headband and needs light energy to charge. In short, if there is no power, she could charge it under the sun. 

  Yi Ti put it on her head, while Cecil connected the other end to the computer. While adjusting the thought converter, he also modified the two computers in the house. At the moment, since he was very skilled, at least there’s no “booting on” wait. 

  It’s said that she only needed to think about it, so what should she think about? 

  Cecil’s good! 

  Then, Yi Ti thought carefully about Cecil’s appearance in her mind, plump……soft……smooth and slippery……like a gelatin……transparent blue color……

  Because the tool itself has a guiding effect, the image quickly became visible from the blur in Yi Ti’s brain. 

  This is a very magical feeling. 

  So she immediately opened her eyes and looked at the familiar figure on the computer. 

   “Is that me?” Cecil who was sitting on her knee asked. 

   “Uh-huh!” I felt it was easier to use than I imagined. So it’s true, this thing can be used by children. If she couldn’t use this as an adult, wouldn’t that be too much? 

  Then, what should I do next? 

  Yi Ti’s head tilted in thought, then she opened her favorite novel. 

  This is a novel about online games. Based on the current most popular game called《Fantasy World》as the setting, the author built a story about virtual online games. The male protagonist has an E-class physique and experienced all kinds of misfortunes in life. During the online game, he originally wanted to choose the warrior job, but because of various reasons, he became……a priest. 

  So an eternal legend spread in the novice village——a brutal priest who didn’t use Holy Magic but insisted on using his staff to beat a wild boar. 

  After that, the protagonist met other interesting comrades. For example, the majestic archer that looked like a Han, the warrior with the vulgar air between his brows, the magician who always aimed at his comrade-in-arms……you would burst out laughing after every scene. 

  Like many readers, Yi Ti liked this novel very much and she joined the discussion group. 

  Although the author has falling moral principles, the person’s integrity himself is nevertheless adequate. At the beginning of the novel, he said he will not do paid chapters, and the result was, he got caught red-handed. It’s simply unimaginable (this one speaks). Although many readers told him that even if the chapters are restricted, they’ll continue to read. Although he signed an agreement with Wei Feng website, he still wrote free chapters. Incidentally, in the discussion group, the readers would lower the limit. 

  Of course, Yi Ti is a veteran lurker

  When she secretly supported the author and read every chapter, she vividly imagined it in her head. 

  Of course, this kind of love is just a simple reader’s love for the author. Loving another person in the virtual network they had never seen before……this kind of love for Yi Ti is a really incredible thing. She’s not opposing or despising him, it’s just a little hard to imagine for her. 

  After getting the thought converter, the first thing Yi Ti wanted to do is to draw comics for this story. 

  Yi Ti opened the chapter where the male protagonist played, looked carefully for a while, then began to imagine it in her mind. 

  What does the protagonist look like? 

  Right, 25 or 26 years old, thin build, a barely considered handsome face, long hair unique to the character that is loosely tied behind him and hanging down his waist. He’s wearing snow-white priest clothes with a reluctant expression. There’s also a white staff shining on his hand, and under his feet is a poor wild boar vomiting blood. 

  Soon, an image formed. 

   “Amazing……” She could completely reproduce the image she thought of, and even in a colored version. 

  Yi Ti wanted to send this picture to the discussion group but stopped. 

   “What’s wrong?” Cecil asked her, “You don’t want to share it with the others?” 

   “I want to send, but, I feel that using this account doesn’t seem very good.” How to say it? There’s always the subtle sense of taking someone else’s things and then taking possession of it. Although this picture is indeed from her brain, it can’t be said that the credit is hers alone, “Cecil, who invented this thought converter?” 

   “Rooney Isshur.” 

   “That’s good.” Yi Ti clapped her hands, “This thing was invented by Mr. Rooney, and it’s Cecil who adjusted it, and finally, my brain made it up. And so, if we took the first letter from Mr. Rooney’s name (lǔ ní), then the first letter from Cecil’s (sāi xī ěr) second word, finally the first letter from the last word of my name Yi Ti, and we have LXT. The name should be……” Although this might be just self-comfort, at least she could get peace of mind. 

  While talking, she entered these letters using the pinyin input method, then got a name that made her burst into tears——Long XiaoTian. 

  However, if nothing unexpected happened, this is her future code. 


huge waves, 轩然大波, xuānrándàbō, huge waves / (fig.) ruckus/controversy/sensation

lurker, 潜水, qiánshuǐ, to dive/to go underwater/lurker (Internet slang for sb who reads forum posts but never replies)

burst into tears, 泪流满面, lèiliúmǎnmiàn, cheeks streaming with tears (idiom)

Long XiaoTian, 龍嘯天, lóngxiàotiān word for word, it’s dragon/imperial-hiss/whistle-day/heaven/sky. If you want to make sense of it, I got dragon roaring from the heavens or…whatever, a name isn’t supposed to make sense.

Alien 14: A Step Into The Cosmos
Alien 16: Chat Groups Are Horrible

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