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It was just a little over noon. And sitting in a heated room at noon, especially in winter, would make people prone to sleepiness.

For example, the young man sitting on the counter with his cheek in one hand, nodding off from time to time. After falling down, he desperately put his cheek back to his palm, repeating the cycle.

Uncle Hai looked at this scene, sighed, then walked over and knocked on the counter.

The young man woke up cleverly and opened his mouth to ask: “What do you want to buy?” Only when he saw them did he react, an awkward expression appearing on his face for an instant, “Boss, it’s you.”

“Who else could it be?” Uncle Hai said moodily, “if you’re looking after the store like this, you won’t even know if the place is emptied.”

“How can that be?” The young man sneered.

“I let you go to bed early at night, so don’t keep reading novels under the covers. Not sleeping at night, you’ll obviously feel sleepy during the day.” When Uncle Hai spoke, he had a bit of hatred for iron not becoming steel tone, “little bastard, your dad entrusted you to me. I want you to learn more about antiques, and I said that it’s okay to read some books related to it at night. But you only look at novels about online games and the title was even weird, something about shaming.”

“It’s ‘Shame of Online Games'”. The young man subconsciously corrected, then he rubbed his hands and smiled under Uncle Hai’s gaze, “Shame, shame, it’s about shaming, you’re right.”

Yi Ti, who was on the side, was a little surprised, not expecting that she would meet a “family friend” when she just went shopping, but she would definitely not jump out to “recognize each other”. Also, after learning about Aggregate’s real identity, she felt very complicated about this novel now… en, very complicated!

“All right,” Uncle Hai shook his head, “I’ll give you an hour to rest, go to sleep and refresh yourself. I will deduct your salary if you dare doze off in the afternoon.”

“Ai, thank you, Uncle Hai!” When the sleepy young man heard that, he was immediately invigorated. After yelling, he ran to the back and suddenly saw the two people standing near Uncle Hai. His eyes widened, looking at a certain alien and exaggeratedly shouted, “Uncle Hai, where did you find this handsome guy?”

“Aren’t you going to sleep? Then continue working without sleeping.”

“…I’ll sleep!” Ran away.

Sun Hai shook his head: “I let you see a joke.” Then he looked at Cecil and said, “Little Ce*, would you like to guess which item is the most expensive in my shop?”

“Okay.” Cecil readily agreed.

Yi Ti also looked around the store. The shop was not too big, however, such a shop on this golden street was enough to prove its strength. Also, in the eyes of some old customers, the older the antique shop, the better.

The decoration in the shop was quite charming. As soon as they entered the door, they were faced with a huge picture of cold defying snow plum carved patterns on both sides. There were also beautifully carved red wooden frames and glass booths in the shop. The lower part of the booth was also made of wood, the multi-purpose wooden structure made everything look quite antique.

Not only that, the setting of the ceiling, the arrangement of lights, the choice of floor tiles, and even the placement of plants, were all fine with every detail done to the extreme. More importantly, from the moment of entering the shop, Yi Ti felt a strange aura, as if something was gathering it. It’s just a bit of aura but it made the atmosphere more mysterious. Also, in every humble corner of the shop, she found several items with a bit of aura. She thought that this was probably the so-called ‘feng shui array’.

There was indeed one in the shop that had an aura, or rather, two.

That was a pair of bottles. Yi Ti had seen a similar one in an appreciation program. It should be called plum bottles. The shape seemed to be low on the bottom with the upper mouth round and thick. There was no obvious turning angle, the shoulders were lifted up, and the lines were very full and powerful. The underside of the abdomen was in a vertical state, while the end of the bottom was slightly outward. There were exquisite freehand patterns drawn on it with fluent lines, looking exceptionally exquisite.

Uncle Hai noticed her gaze and said: “That pair of plum bottles are blue glazed in the Ming Dynasty.”

Yi Ti stared at the well-preserved pair of bottles and said with emotion: “It’s not easy to preserve it until now.”

“Yes.” Uncle Hai nodded. “In order to find such a pair of ‘Treasures of the Town Shop’, I made a lot of effort.”

“So, are they the most expensive?”

“Well,” Uncle Hai showed a sly smile, “you guess?”

Yi Ti: “…” It’d be strange if she could guess.

If it was a group of magical artifacts and they let her guess which one was the most spiritual, then she would have no problem since she could just directly feel the aura. However, for antiques and the like, except for a few that will be contaminated with spiritual energy due to some incidents, most of them wouldn’t have this kind of experience. If they didn’t know specific methods, even a cultivator would find it hard to distinguish.

At this moment, Cecil stopped at a booth.

“Oh? Finished choosing?”

“En.” He nodded then pointed to the leftmost bowl in a row of exhibits, “I choose this.”

Uncle Hai was slightly startled, a ray of light flashing in his eyes: “Reason?”

“Because I like it best.”

Uncle Hai: “…”

Yi Ti snickered. Cecil, this guy, sometimes said irrefutable and difficult to respond to replies.

Uncle Hai shook his head and sighed. As he walked over, he said: “You might really have this talent.” Saying so, he opened the booth, took out a pair of gloves from his pocket and put them on, then handed another pair to Cecil. Only then did he carefully took out the bowl, “In terms of price, it is indeed the most expensive in my store. Come, I will teach you how to appreciate it.”

After that, the two started chattering again as expected.

Yi Ti looked at the sky. After being hit back then and eating instant noodles for a long time, she was not interested in these. This was probably the so-called psychological shadow, but since the two of them were so happy talking, she would definitely not bother, so she wandered around the store at will.

And while wandering about, she tucked her hand into her pocket naturally and just touched a cold thing.

Yi Ti then remembered that there was a broken three-legged toad in her pocket, and a certain someone still had spares.

She took it out at will. After looking around, her eyes fell on the trash can of the store. She was thinking, “it’s not very useful anyway, let’s toss it” but her eyes narrowed slightly. After hesitating, she reached out and easily broke the copper piece on the back of the toad along the crack. With her current strength, this was quite easy.

And the reason she did it was because…

She saw something strange through the crack.

Yi Ti broke off the copper piece by piece, and the things inside gradually revealed its true form.

This toad was actually hollow, and there was a small blue floral bag inside. She tore out the cloth bag in one hand. After opening it, she found that there was cotton inside and something was shining in the center of the cotton.

Yi Ti took it out and looked, finding it was jadeite with an irregular shape. The emerald green looked good in color and it even seemed to be glowing.

“What’s this?” She stared at the small piece of jade about the size of her palm with puzzled eyes.

At this moment, Uncle Hai’s gaze inadvertently swept over. His line of sight had already moved away, when it suddenly “turned” back, and fell straight on the thing in her hands.

Then Yi Ti heard him tremblingly say: “L-little Yi, can you show me what you’re holding?”

“This one?” Yi Ti raised her hand.

“Be careful.” Uncle Hai hurriedly shouted, then ran over and took it very carefully. He took a long time and kept mumbling, chanting “good stuff” over and over. It took a long time before he returned the thing to her hands, sighing and said, “Little Yi, I didn’t expect you to carry this kind of good stuff. You’ve hidden deeply.”

Yi Ti: “…is this jade very valuable?”

Uncle Hai was taken aback and asked: “It looks like a glass imperial green that had just been mined and not been carved. You didn’t know?”

“I didn’t.” Yi Ti showed him the three-legged toad fragments in her other hand, “Just now, this one broke and I found a cloth bag inside. This stuff was in the bag.”

Uncle Hai: “…”

Even Uncle Hai, who had witnessed many “lucky pick” incidents couldn’t help but shout “WTF!”. Wasn’t this luck… too evil? Just bought a rough three-legged toad on the road, the result was it broke and they discovered a sky-high grade jade. If he hadn’t heard the conversation and knew that these two were really newbies who knew nothing, and that thing was also an old thing decades ago, he almost thought it was someone who was playing pig eating tiger to play with him!


He looked at Cecil and with a trembling voice: “You said you bought three?”

The latter nodded and took out the other two from his pocket (actually from the space): “There are exactly three. The boss said to buy it together as a discount and I just bought it.”

“…how much is it?”

“One is 28 yuan so three together is cheaper at 70 yuan.”

“…” Uncle Hai wanted to vomit blood. He felt that his common sense had suffered a huge impact, 70 yuan? Cheaper? Did this kid know that a ring made of this glass imperial jade was worth at least a million yuan! He tried to calm himself down and asked in a shaking voice, “Why did you buy it?”

The young man blinked, his expression pure and innocent as he replied: “Because I like it.”

“…” The blood finally came out!

Yi Ti wiped her sweat, this guy still didn’t understand the “art of speaking”!

However, if there was such a thing in a copper toad, what about the other copper toads? Were they the same?

Uncle Hai, who was immediately overwhelmed with curiosity, looked at the remaining copper toads in Cecil’s hands. He felt the curiosity of a cat but was embarrassed to speak. After all, this was someone else’s belonging, he couldn’t just grab it and smash it, right?

Although Yi Ti was curious, she didn’t say anything. This was bought for a certain alien so of course, it’s his possession. How to deal with it was also his problem. But, she was really curious… was there anything in those two?

Cecil lived up to their “expectations” and gripped the two copper toads in each hand. They only heard a “click” before they’re broken.

Uncle Hai felt his mouth twitch, was this thing not hard? Or was this kid too strong? How did he feel like the latter was more likely?

Yi Ti was not surprised and just suddenly realized that this guy was not weak at all, he just always gave people a “soft” feeling. Geez, a natural “painted skin”, ah.

What she didn’t expect was that she felt good?

But the point was not this…

Under the two expectant eyes, after the two copper toads shattered, sure enough, a cloth bag was hidden inside. The fabric was exactly the same as the one in Yi Ti’s hand. Taking a look, one contained a huge emerald that had been cut while the other one contained a handful of shiny diamonds.

Uncle Hai: “…WTF!” He finally couldn’t hold back.

Translator’s Notes:

*Uncle Hai actually called him ‘Little Sai’ since Cecil’s name was Sai-Xi-Er in Chinese. I didn’t want to use Little Sai since it’s confusing so I went with ‘Little Ce’.

Alien 141: This Is Fate
Alien 143: A Girl's Dream

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