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Later, according to Uncle Hai’s analysis, these three things were probably caused by “historical reasons”.

Decades ago, it was a time of national turmoil, so someone might have put their precious jewels in three bags due to irresistible reasons then put into the copper three-legged toads that seemed shoddy. They might have thought about taking it later but don’t know what happened, it was sent out and became a waste product after twists and turns. In the end, it fell into Cecil’s hands, whose “luck was simply in defiance of the natural order” by chance and saw the sky again.

“Not to mention anything else, just by your luck, little Ce, you can really do this job.” Uncle Hai praised loudly, then said regretfully, “Unfortunately you’re not local.” Otherwise, he really wanted to catch him as a student.

However, in today’s society, the distance in space was no longer a big problem.

So the two happily exchanged contact information.

By now, even Yi Ti had to admit that a certain someone might truly be gifted in this regard.

But, these things found in the three-legged toads certainly couldn’t serve as gifts. Whether it’s the imperial glass jade or the emerald, it’s too expensive. It was the first time she attended the Zhao’s birthday banquet that even without asking others, it’s obviously wrong to send this kind of thing and the diamonds were obviously not too suitable as gifts.

Then, under Sun Hai’s recommendation, Yi Ti finally bought an exquisite and small jade pot in the store. Although not a masterpiece, it’s still considered an antique, the price was also right and it’s nice to give out as a gift.

Cecil then “learned” from Sun Hai for a while and Yi Ti listened to the chatter of the fellow named Luo Xi who had returned after sleeping.

He said that the Zhao family in this city had and knew many prestigious people. Many people traveled here because of this birthday banquet and he wanted to receive an invitation but couldn’t.

He also said that a fat sheep came on this street two days ago and was very bold. He said he wanted a treasure that’s more than 500 or 1000 years old. The result was being brutally slaughtered by some people. Although she thought this person sounded familiar, she didn’t care because it had nothing to do with her.

Then Luo Xi talked about some anecdotes about the Zhao family and the Shi family until she left with her reluctant boyfriend. Shortly after, the two walked back with beautifully wrapped gifts (the packaging was Luo Xi’s handwriting).

Although the birthday banquet was half-past six in the evening, preparations must be made in advance.

Cecil’s was easy since having a suit was enough, there was nothing to prepare specially. On the other hand, her clothes were difficult to handle. When they went out, they didn’t expect to attend a birthday banquet and so didn’t bring any suitable clothes. They couldn’t just enter the venue wearing a down jacket, right? It’s not only her face that’d be lost, but the host would also lose face.

“So troublesome.” Yi Ti complained while walking, “Trying on clothes is troublesome.” If it was spring and autumn, she wouldn’t care since it’s not too much trouble in an air-conditioned store in summer. But in winter… it’s so hard undressing and wearing clothes!

The caring little angel immediately made a suggestion: “How about buying something in the trader?”

“What? Is that okay?” Yi Ti slightly imagined the dresses in the universe, and concluded—— can’t imagine it! But, “it would not look weird, right?”

“You could buy a dressing device.”

“…” Why did this sound like a prop in a certain shoujo manga?

Yi Ti couldn’t help thinking about that year. When she first read that comic, she was envious of such godly props like the makeup pens. It’s simply like “with one in hand, I can have the world”, okay? Even as an adult, when she saw a series of products online, she couldn’t help but want it all, okay?

Would now be the chance to realize that dream?

She’s suddenly looking forward to it!

“What are you waiting for, let’s go back quickly!”

So she dragged him away—— women always burst out their potential at certain specific times, like at this moment.

Soon after, “whirlwind” Yi Ti took the “kite-like” Cecil back to the hotel, and closed the door. After confirming that the room was safe, she quickly took out the plane trading device, and asked after opening it: “Which one?”

“You search for dressing device and try.”


She searched so quickly that one thing quickly appeared before her eyes.

“Dressing device…” After she took a closer look, she found that there’s still a difference from the props she had dreamed of when she was young. This dressing device didn’t really change the clothes on one’s body, but by changing the light near the body, it could achieve the effect of creating a visual illusion. In short, it just made you look good. Even if the user was wearing gorgeous clothes, the reality that already existed would not really change.

Probably because of this, the price was not too expensive, so Yi Ti decisively bought one piece.

Because the device must be worn, she chose a brooch. After getting it in her hand, she found out that it looked delicate and small. Its whole body was silver and decorated with a few colorless transparent beads, the texture of which was unknown.

Following the instructions she’d read before, Yi Ti used her fingers to press the inconspicuous bulge behind the brooch. A light screen instantly popped out and after she quickly set up her personal information, she let it scan her face and body.

There was no need to undress because it could “eliminate” the interference of the coat by itself.

Then she just had to choose the style.

In the database that came with the brooch, gathering the wisdom of countless women, there were so many varieties that left one speechless. And if you spend a little more money, you could also get updates at any time but Yi Ti deeply felt that this was enough for now.

She had heard Cecil say that there were many planets in the universe where the appearance of aliens was very similar to that of people on Earth. Not only that, but even the clothing style was also the same. However, Yi Ti didn’t find it real until this moment. Because although some of these clothes were exaggerated, most of them could be worn by Earthlings without any sense of violation.

After hesitating for a while, she chose a light purple evening dress, single long skirt style. Although she was actually wearing a down jacket, the birthday banquet scene would certainly not be cold, but considering the seasonal factors, she really had a little psychological barrier to short skirts.

The style of the skirt was extremely simple with the only decoration around the waist with its transparent crystal belt (made in the universe, don’t know what texture it is). It shone with a charming luster under the light and below that, the line of the lower skirt was relaxed a little bit. Several layers of fabric were carefully layered and the end result was like a lily just in full bloom. Yi Ti’s figure and temperament were well outlined.

Her own aura was similar to Cecil, gentle and not threatening. It might not be atmospheric enough in some people’s eyes but she could still pretend to be a “pretty daughter from a humble family” when dressed up.

Yi Ti projected a white fur shawl (made in the universe, still don’t know what texture it was) on her shoulders, a necklace of the same texture as the belt was projected on her neck, and finally, she chose the hairstyle and makeup. She was quite casual about this. In this regard, she and Cecil were a bit alike. To be honest, she had no talent for doing her hair since she could only do a ponytail and a braid. At this point, among her cousins, cousin Su was the best but it might be due to her profession.

And those beautiful hairstyles, to be honest, most look similar to her, so Yi Ti just chose one that seemed to match the clothes.

As for makeup, she carried a set of cosmetics with her, or the special products that Cousin Tang gave her. It was said that brother in law made it by himself and the effect was good without hurting the skin. Although she used it less often, out of female instinct, she always brought it subconsciously when going out. It just happened to come in handy right now.

After cleansing her body, her skin had become exceptionally good so there was no need to adjust her skin tone or conceal blemishes. With her bright eyes and rosy cheeks, the makeup was very simple but because it’s been a long time, her craft was a bit rusty though it didn’t take long.

After getting everything done, she pinned the brooch-shaped dressing device to her chest, lifted the skirt in front of the mirror (actually, she just lifted her pants, but her sense of sight was also deceived so there was no sense of violation), and smiled to Cecil: “Does it look good?”

“Good looking.”

“…” This really made her a little embarrassed.

Yi Ti shyly put down her skirt, scratched her cheek, then suddenly heard him say this——

“Can I not go?”

“Ah? Why?”

The young man shook his head then whispered: ‘Sorry.” He accidentally said something like that, it’s just that, “When I thought of others seeing Xiao Ti’s current appearance, it’s kind of…” bows head.

His happiness was cut.

“…” Is this guy jealous?

Yi Ti looked up, not knowing what to think in her heart, but then said, “Aren’t your jealous cells awakening too late? When Lu Kong said that he almost fell in love with me again, why are you not angry?”

Cecil fell silent then answered honestly: “Because he is so pitiful.”

Yi Ti: “…” So you couldn’t bear to be jealous of him?

This was really the weirdest “way to be sympathetic” she had ever heard.

She was sure that if Lu Kong heard this, he would definitely cry in the toilet.

“Instead of worrying about me, it’s better to worry about yourself.” Yi Ti walked over, grabbed his tie and pulled him down, “if I go out with you, the person who’ll feel at a loss is me.” It’s not inferiority complex but to tell the truth, in terms of looks, she was indeed not as conspicuous as this guy, so there must be more people watching him than her.

“…then you also help me buy a dressing device.”

“And then?”

“Earth’s heavy makeup should make me stop being looked at.”

“…enough already, people will only see you as crazy, okay?” Why blacken her Earth again?!

Alien 142: WTF WTF WTF
Alien 144: Having A Little Trouble

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