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Alien 161: Surprise for Readers
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Although it was Christmas the next day, Yi Shao, this hardworking guy, still had to go to work. By the way, since his sister came back, although he always seemed sunny when he’s at home, he immediately became sad when he arrived at the company—— what did Xiao Ti do at home? Is she hungry? Is she thirsty? Was she touched by that alien? Did she miss her brother yet?

Although he didn’t want to go to work at all, he’s an adult and knew that his current job couldn’t be done without him, so even if he wanted to go home, he could only stay patiently in the company.

As everyone knew, this performance really confirmed the rumors of “the great devil Yi was dumped”.

People expressed admiration for the heroic woman who dared to dump him. Of course, some people suspected that it was actually a heroic man. However, whoever dared to assume boldly and not be careful to verify would die an unknown death!

In the end, this rumor actually reached the ears of the big boss.

So Yi Shao received such a call.

“Xiao Yi, I can give you a holiday today. Just go out and relax.”

Yi Shao raised his eyebrows: “My work has not been finished yet.”

“It’s okay, it’s the same when you came back and do it. Sharpening the ax won’t make the wood splitting take longer*, hahaha.”

“Boss, are you drunk during work hours?”


“Are you hit on the head by sister-in-law when you went home last night?” The big boss was Yi Shao’s past senior, and the two had a good personal relationship.

“…also no.”

“Did you hit the wall when you went out in the morning?”

“That’s not it!” The boss sweated. If this continued, he would be hit by a meteorite, “Anyway, if you feel tired, take a day off today.” After that, he quickly hung up the phone.

Yi Shao stared at the phone, tsked softly, then put it back.

He didn’t know the comments of other people, but he didn’t need to explain his personal affairs because of this, and he didn’t plan to take a holiday today. Pausing in the middle of work and doing it later was often a waste of time. If he finished it now in one go, he could squeeze more time with his sister. It’s easy to see which one was more important.

And so, he continued to work.

Behind the scenes, everyone sighed with emotion: The devil Yi was deeply injured this time! He could only divert attention by constantly working!

At this time, Yi Ti, who was also considered the “culprit”, was planning to go out.

Although Christmas Eve had passed, the streets on December 25th was still lively. Besides, she hadn’t been out since she came back. She hadn’t come back for a long time so she planned to stroll around, feel the changes in this city, and make a certain someone take a closer look at the place where she was born and grew up.

When the two of them walked out the door, they happened to meet the opposite tenant who came out to throw garbage.

The man walking out looked at them in surprise, and his wife behind him also looked surprised. Yi Ti smiled at them and pulled Cecil away. With the passage of time, some of the old residents here had passed away, and some had moved out for various reasons. Yi Ti vaguely remembered that this building was newly built when their family had just moved here, and then their parents died. In the blink of an eye, she and her brother became senior residents unlike the couple just now who seemed to have moved here last year. Moreover, the residents nowadays were not as closely related as they used to be, almost all of them live their own lives behind closed doors.

Compared to J Province, winter in this city was undoubtedly much warmer and it rarely snowed.

Yi Ti now lived in a similar city.

Although it’s great to have heating in the house after going to the north, she still preferred this kind of climate if she could choose. There’s no special reason, she’s just used to it.

The two people with slightly different heights wore the same scarf and walked on the street holding hands. Yi Ti wore the red long coat that her brother gave yesterday, looking quite festive. The scarf was white and directly covered half of her face. She wore a hat of the same color as her hair with a hairy ball poking on top of the hat—— yes, it’s LiuLiu!

Cecil was wearing a black coat with long hair loosely tied behind him. He wore no hat, but a scarf around half his face and a little squirrel’s head was exposed in a slightly bulging pocket.

“The changes are really big.” Yi Ti looked around and said sincerely, “If I come back later, I will probably get lost. By the way, Cecil, do you have any place you want to go?”

“The hospital where Xiao Ti was born.”

“…isn’t it weird going to the hospital on Christmas?”

“The kindergarten Xiao Ti attended.”

“…I’ll be regarded as auntie, silly.”

“The elementary school Xiao Ti attended.”

“…it’s muddy.”

She said no, but she was being very honest (hey!). Yi Ti turned a corner and pulled Cecil straight to another road: “It’s not far from the kindergarten I went to when I was a child, but it seems there’s no way to get in easily.”

The luck of the two was not so good. The kindergarten was closed for today because of Christmas and the guardhouse was shut.

“Young uns, do you want to come in and have a look?”

Just then, there was such a voice from the guard room.

Yi Ti turned her head and found that it was the elderly janitor who said that, and he beckoned to the two of them.

She asked with some confusion: “May I?”

“It’s okay, just don’t touch things randomly.” The old man said with a smile, “We often have young couples who come to see. We’re all used to it.”

Yi Ti’s face flushed slightly, and the other party seemed to have misunderstood subtly, but in order to succeed in getting in, she reluctantly… cough cough, pretended to be one.

However, it seemed strange that a certain alien didn’t object. She turned her head and saw something that made her be covered with black lines. She silently kicked his feet: “Don’t melt on public!”

In any case, the two finally succeeded in “mixing” into the kindergarten. Compared to the streets, the changes here were even greater. Whether it’s the layout, the buildings, or the various facilities, she could hardly see what it used to be.

Not to mention, many of Yi Ti’s memories before the age of six was blurry. Although it’s to revisit an old place, it’s no different from visiting a new place.

After looking for a long time, her eyes suddenly brightened: “Cecil, look at that!” Haha, she finally saw something unchanged!

Cecil looked in the direction of her finger and found that there was a tree about as thick as a person’s waist. He turned his gaze back to stare at her with a little doubt, and saw someone proudly saying, “I climbed that tree! It wasn’t so thick back then, and I…” She’s ashamed once she remembered falling from it.

“Climbed up?”

“…no.” TAT She shouldn’t have said anything.

But he couldn’t blame her. In the beginning, there was a group of friends climbing together. Don’t know who proposed it, let alone why. Anyway, after being discovered by the teacher, all of them were picked up and slipped back to clean up.

What an old memory…

She thought she had completely forgotten, but she unexpectedly remembered it again.

Yi Ti was feeling “the impermanence of life” and suddenly felt light. She subconsciously screamed. Someone actually “lifted” her from behind, holding her in the waist like a child.

“What are you going to do?”

The young man didn’t answer but “lifted” her to the tree in a hurry: “Xiao Ti, climb. Don’t worry about falling, I will catch you.”

Yi Ti: “…” Although her tone was a bit regrettable just now, she didn’t even think about climbing! TAT

The little squirrel got out of Cecil’s pocket, and went up the tree with a “swish”, even lowering its head to call out to her.

Yi Ti burst into tears. She didn’t want to climb, really!

LiuLiu, this little guy, also jumped up from her hat. It jumped onto the tree and screamed “Jiji” nonstop.

Yi Ti burst into tears, she really didn’t want to climb!!

“Hey, young uns, you can’t climb on the tree.”

The old man shouted from behind him.

Yi Ti burst into tears, she really didn’t want to climb!!!

“Everyone is already an adult, why are you as naughty as a child.”

Yi Ti burst into tears, she really really didn’t want to climb!!!!

“Teacher Wang also said that in the past, some children sneaked in during the afternoon nap and climbed the trees which frightened her.” The old janitor said, “After going back, they were scolded one by one.”

Yi Ti was stunned: “Teacher Wang… is still working here?” In her impression, her teacher seemed to be called Wang.

“Yes, of course, but unfortunately, she’s not here today. If you want to see her, come tomorrow.”


“There are seesaws and slides over there, do you want to play?”

Yi Ti: “…” So, what kind of impression did she leave on other people? TAT

However, in the end, she went to play.

In the blink of an eye, noon arrived.

After thanking the old man, Yi Ti took Cecil’s hand and walked out of the kindergarten. Along the way, she called her brother who couldn’t come back to eat, and then slid to a nearby store that had been around for decades.

Although many parts of this city had changed, some parts hadn’t changed.

In this way, this day was spent searching for traces of her past life. Although it seemed boring, both she and Cecil were fully invested. The latter said that his interest should be more and in his words, “I want to see the place where Yi Ti grow up even a little bit.” Especially after hearing Yi Ti said that there was a photo album about her at home, a certain alien fidgeted and wanted to fly back immediately.

Silent Yi Ti decided not to tell him—— her brother had many folders about herself.

Because she was worried that the two would fight.

Maybe it was to show the joy in his heart, or maybe it was to give something back, on this evening, Cecil also gave Yi Ti a surprise.

Translator’s Notes:

*磨刀不误砍柴工, módāobùwùkǎncháigōng, lit. sharpening the ax won’t make the wood-splitting take longer (idiom) / fig. time invested in preparations is not lost / a beard well lathered is half shaved

Alien 161: Surprise for Readers
Alien 163: Give It To Earth

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