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“So fast?”


“Are you sure?”


What was it that’s finished so quickly?

What surprise did Cecil give Yi Ti?

That’s right, the game!

Although a certain alien was seriously lacking in some common sense, he was a man who “did what he said”. Since deciding to make a universe themed game for Earthlings, he had put in the effort without stopping. Therefore, he finally dedicated it to Yi Ti this Christmas.

Yi Ti blinked when she looked at the computer pushed by him, feeling a little unbelievable in her heart. Although she knew he had an intelligent core software as assistance, this speed was too fast, right? Could it be the universe’s version of “matching puzzles” or “mahjong”, uh… if that’s the case, she still had to praise him, cough cough, creative enthusiasm was still worthy of recognition!


“Where is the game?”

Cecil took advantage of Yi Shao’s absence and dragged a chair over then sat down on her left side. Next to her, he pointed at a solar system shaped icon on the monitor: “This.”

Yi Ti clicked it with the mouse and a standard window immediately popped up, which was quite fast. The background was a familiar blue planet, yes, it’s the mother Earth of all human beings. She took a look and found that the regular settings seemed to be the same with normal games, but there’s only one zone and the name of this zone…

“Earth Zone?”

“The players are on Earth.”

“I see.” Yi Ti wiped her sweat then asked, “What if there are new players in the future?” What would the division be? Earth Zone 2? Earth Zone 3?

“It’s okay with the intelligent core software.” Cecil replied, “It will automatically split the information and then…”

As she listened, she nodded repeatedly. Although she didn’t understand anything, Yi Ti thought he looked very handsome as he explained the situation seriously. Uhm, what did he just say? Anyway, serious men were the most handsome!

All in all, she understood one thing—— that was this game would only be one area from now on! But this one area was enough to support countless people online at the same time, and wouldn’t freeze at all.

Based on this, as a player deeply poisoned by game “lags”, Yi Ti felt that this game would become popular.

After enjoying this part, Yi Ti resolutely chose to enter the game, and the process was still fast. The background was still blue, but it’s a bit deeper than before, even shining with stars. That’s right, this was the beautiful sky that people look up to every night.

The first step was of course to create the character.

After reading the options, Yi Ti wiped her sweat: “These races…” In addition to humans, there were many local monsters, as well as vampires and werewolves… there was also relevant information from the Hundred Ways Altar. Cecil obviously borrowed it.

In a sense, it’s really realistic.

After choosing “human Earthling” and setting the gender as female, the time to test personal tastes had come. For some people, this step was simply a nightmare, such as for patients who agonized over numerous choices. Yi Ti noticed that there’s an option to “scan pictures” in the lower back corner. She clicked on it and was able to directly scan various pictures on the computer to set the character’s shape.

Yi Ti scanned the picture of Doraemon, trying to see what the result would be, but actually got the prompt “sorry, the picture scanned is not human, please select again.”

After trying several times, she randomly scanned an image of an anime girl, which was considered to be fine.

Yi Ti directly named the character “Experimental Item No. 1” and immediately started the game. At this time, the GM popped out. It was a furry blue animal, which looked a bit like a cat on Earth, but it was completely different in terms of its paws and tail.

“This is?”

“Carlo, the favorite pet of the Sutahnnas, smart and well-behaved, and will take care of the babies at home. When we get home, I’ll let you see it.”

“Oh, okay.” Yi Ti, who liked the furry creature so much, agreed unceremoniously.

The background of this game was like this. Because of an accident, a Carlo named “Subi” crashed on Earth with a simple spacecraft and was picked up by the protagonist (Yi Ti: a familiar plot!). The spaceship, fortunately, didn’t malfunction, but the trouble was that the Carlo couldn’t control the spaceship by itself, so it made a contract with the protagonist.

Under the Carlo’s guidance, the protagonist embarked on a journey to the universe…

Although the backgrounds seemed to be something new, the plot and images that followed deeply conquered Yi Ti. Playing this game, she seemed to be personally placed in the universe, truly embarking on a journey, a journey that began in a fantasy.

The mysterious and beautiful universe.

Each had its own unique planet.

Different races.

There were many more…

Unknowingly, Yi Ti fell deeply into it, not even knowing that her brother had walked behind her.

“Xiao Ti, what are you playing?”

Yi Ti regained her senses and found that her brother had ruthlessly blasted Cecil away and sat beside her.

“A game that Cecil made.”

“A game he made?”

“Yup, it’s fun! Brother, do you want to try it!”

Yi Shao originally wanted to say he wasn’t interested, but looking at his sister’s shiny eyes, he decisively abandoned his position: “Okay.”

“Then I will…”

“Use this.” Cecil pushed the computer Yi Ti was originally using, “I also installed a copy here.”

Yi Shao glanced at him: Boy, I’ll count you as an acquaintance.

As an online game, this game could be played in single mode but could also support more players online.

For example, in team mode, you can explore the game with two ships. In addition, there’s a very special mode—— Merge.

Ahem, this merge is not what you’re thinking but a very pure kind.

That was, if two players were determined to establish a permanent alliance, they could merge their spacecraft into one and on this basis, the performance of the spacecraft would be improved. At the same time, only one of the two could be the captain while the other could have other positions like deputy captain, navigator, strategic analyst, doctor, fighter pilot, and others (gradually unlocked as the ship’s level increases and each career have related skills). In a single-mode, NPCs could be hired on various planets, and in merge mode, real people could participate.

In order to enhance the interaction between players, the attributes of real people at the same level were of course better than those of NPCs, and every time a spaceship was merged, some occupations would have more hires than a single person spaceship.

Of course, the spacecraft could also be disintegrated through some form, but both sides would suffer heavy losses because of this. This warned people—— to be careful when doing a merge and that you’d have to sell a kidney to disintegrate.

Of course, the Yi siblings chose the merge (the very pure one!) with Yi Shao as the captain and Yi Ti as the navigator—— though she didn’t know the way at all. This game only supported auto-navigation for successfully arrived planets. That was to say, it’s necessary to manually explore unknown planets. At this time, the importance of the navigator was fully reflected.

In case you accidentally bring the spacecraft into a black hole or some dangerous planet… hahaha…

After seven consecutive failed navigations, Yi Ti shed tears of sadness, and resolutely stated that she would go on strike! This hurt her self-esteem! Although every navigator had conventional skills, the more proficient and exquisite they could use it, the better they could lead the way, but it’s undoubtedly too difficult for her as a one-two-three keyboard party!

She had accepted her fate and just served as the spaceship’s attendant to deliver coffee! TAT

The end result was that Cecil used Yi Shao’s own computer to join the game and became an honorable navigator. As the alien who designed this game, he was probably the most suitable person for this profession, no one else. And Yi Ti was turned into a… deputy captain who played soy sauce when Cecil opened the back door and cheated. Ahem, the captain authorized her to manage three cannons.

While complaining like this, she couldn’t help but continue playing.

Unknowingly, the three of them stayed like that until two o’clock in the morning.

“Be careful, there will be three cosmic monsters one light-year ahead.”


“Don’t worry, the weapon is ready, and the cannon is ready for the first mode!”

It wasn’t until Yi Ti took the time to drink water that she noticed the time displayed on the wall clock (all three of them were in full screen and could not see the time on the computer at all), and she was shocked: “Brother, it’s two o’clock.”

Yi Shao: “…”

After a daze, his mouth twitched, only to feel that his image was lost. It’s the jockey boy’s fault that he “played games unknowingly” in front of his baby sister!

“Xiao Ti, stop playing and rest early.”

“Brother, you also. You have to work tomorrow.”

Cough…” Yi Shao awkwardly coughed, closed the game, and stood up, “You go to bed too. Stay up late and you won’t grow up.”

Yi Ti: “…” How guilty was he? Could she even grow up at this age?!

But in any case, Cecil’s game had undoubtedly been praised by both siblings! Even Yi Shao, who always saw him unpleasant to the eye, had to admit that this game was really good, and he, who hadn’t played games for many years, was addicted. This was still the case when only three people were playing. When the number of people increased, the universe, which was still empty, would surely become more lively.

In a sense, once this game was on the market, it’s bound to be quite prosperous.

However, this was what would happen later. Right now, his task was to urge Xiao Ti to go to bed early, and… seriously warn an alien not to go into his sister’s room at night.

The next day.

Yi Ti was considering a problem. Although the game had been completed, it must be promoted before it could be widely known.



“Do you want to make money with this game?” If this was the case, she could ask WeiFeng to act as an agent, but according to her guess, this fellow would…

Cecil was stunned and shook his head: “No, I don’t have this plan. This is my gift to the Earth.”

“I see.” Yi Ti smiled, thinking she was right, then nodded, “Well, I know. But, did you think about what to do next?”

“First build a game website then promote it.”

“Promote?” Yi Ti tilted her head in doubt. For some reason, she always had an ominous premonition.

Because she was totally inept with these kinds of things, she could only let Cecil do it. He had been on Earth for so long that there shouldn’t be any common sense issues again.

In case of a certain alien with all his hands (not actually fingers) moving, the website was quickly built. But Yi Ti didn’t see his publicity plan, so she asked curiously and finally got such a serious answer.

“I checked the calendar, New Year’s Day is a good day.”

Yi Ti: “…” You pass! This guy was fully qualified as a resident of China! She never had to worry about him anymore.

However, the facts later proved that she relaxed too early.

Alien 162: Tracing Your Past
Alien 164: Reactions From All Sides

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