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Although they embarked on this magical journey, Yi Ti occasionally felt that she’s dreaming. At this time, she’d always walk to the porthole and lie on it to watch the scenery outside.

The universe was not as beautiful as looking up from Earth. On the contrary, it’s often black. It’s different from any kind of black that she’d ever seen, but a deeper color that seemed to cover everything but felt warm for no reason.

Of course, she’d occasionally see planets, especially when passing through fixed routes.

Those planets that looked the same as Earth, if watched closely, would have a huge difference in size and color, and each planet had its unique style.

On the way, Cecil showed her a lot.

Logically speaking, she should have been used to this kind of life a long time ago, but she was still uneasy, because…the destination was different this time.

And that’s…

“Xiao Ti, are you nervous?” A voice suddenly came from behind.

“A-a-am I?” Yi Ti turned around as calmly as possible and looked at Cecil. Because he had not fully recovered his energy, he’s still in human form at the moment一一 wearing a white captain suit, white hat and white gloves, looking quite heroic and…cough, have a sense of asceticism.

“…” You obviously are.

“Aren’t you driving, what are you doing here?”

“…it’s on a fixed route.” So the spacecraft could sail automatically. Was she so nervous that she’d forgotten about this? However, he also knew exactly what caused this.

The young man walked forward, held her in his arms, and gently patted her back: “It’s okay, Xiao Ti, you don’t need to worry at all. My parents are very good and they will love you very much.”

“I know, but…” Even so, she still felt nervous, okay?!

She could now feel what Cecil felt when facing her brother. She really shouldn’t have been smug then. Look, she got retribution, right? QAQ

Yi Ti grabbed Cecil’s clothes a little nervously: “Is it really okay?”

“About what?”

“Me being an Earthling or something…”

“Don’t worry.” Cecil felt that his girlfriend struggling over this issue was so cute. She was like a timid little hamster. He couldn’t help but bow his head and kissed her on the forehead, as he comfortingly said, “Although Earth’s civilization is lower, you maintain a high degree of consistency with most planets in the universe in some aspects,” such as appearance and clothing. Also, “I had a neighbor who fell in love with a Snar Star female. They smoothly got together in the end, so don’t worry.”

“Snar Star?”

“En, the heads of people of that planet looked very much like a crucian carp on Earth.”

“…what?” F-fish head man? That must be true love!

“So you don’t have to worry at all,” Cecil touched her face, “You are much more beautiful than her.”

Yi Ti: “…” No, she didn’t feel comforted at all, okay?

But even if she felt uneasy, the spacecraft wouldn’t stop because of this and she wouldn’t stop Cecil from going home because of her mood. Not to mention, this alien told his parents the news that they’re going home a few days ago (using the cosmic calendar). Not surprisingly, the two old parents were now eagerly looking forward to their arrival. In this case, even if she wanted to procrastinate, it’s too late.

Yi Ti felt like a prisoner about to go to the execution ground. Although she was destined to go through such “a beheading”, but even before the guillotine struck, she already died!

She’s like an ostrich trying to escape reality, desperately putting her head in his arms to escape reality.


“We’ve arrived.”

Yi Ti: “…” Can she pretend not to hear anything? QAQ

However, the faint trembling of the spacecraft when it landed was real.

“Xiao Ti?”

“…” Pretending to be dead.

“Then should I carry you down?”

“…please let go.” Yi Ti burst into tears, “What should I do? My stomach suddenly hurts and my legs are trembling.” It’s easy to get these old problems when she’s nervous.

“…” Cecil sighed, “Xiao Ti, if you really don’t want to see…”

“It’s not like that.” Yi Ti quickly interrupted him and seriously stared at his eyes, “not like that, I’m just…a little scared.” She lowered her head, “It’s not that I don’t want to see your family. In fact, I’m looking forward to seeing them.” But she’s worried that they might not like her. If this happened, Cecil would be sad, right?

Cecil could fully understand her concerns but he still firmly believed his parents would definitely like her.

Because he liked her so much.

“Then, shall we go down?”

“…en.” Yi Ti took a deep breath, grabbed the hand in front of her, and followed him out.

When they got off the spaceship, Yi Ti was shocked, so shocked that she completely forgot about her anxiety.

A-are there really alien beings living here?

She looked around for a long time before asking uncertainly, “Cecil, are you sure you didn’t make a mistake on the route?” Why did everything in front of her look like a typical tropical rain forest? It didn’t even look like people could live here, so what happened?

“There should be nothing wrong, it’s just…” Cecil himself was confused. He could perceive that this planet was indeed his destination, but hadn’t it changed too much? What happened here during the days he left? But if something really happened, his parents should have told him. What’s this…

At this moment, the two suddenly heard a rush of wind, and their complexions slightly changed at the same time. Those who could appear in this dense jungle and make this kind of noise must be extremely dangerous animals.

Yi Ti threw out a handful of seeds without thinking much. It quickly absorbed her aura and turned into vines or soft branches as soon as they landed, firmly binding the ambushers!

“My dear…huh?”

“Wife, what are you doing…huh?”

They heard voices in succession.

Cecil: “…” These voices…

Yi Ti: “…” Before going on interstellar travel, she bought a translation software for herself so she could understand most of the races in the universe. Therefore, she could clearly distinguish that the two people tied up by her were not animals at all, but rather…people, or to be precise, aliens.

She took a closer look and found it to be true, and that the other person’s appearance was similar to that of a human being, with hands and feet, and also wearing animal skins…alien savages?

She was surprised when she heard her boyfriend yell in a slightly wronged tone: “Dad? Mom?”

Yi Ti stiffened, w-what? Are these two savages tied up like a mummy by her really Cecil’s parents?

I-it’s over!

At this moment, she really had the urge to destroy the world to “cover the evidence of her crime”!

But even so, she still didn’t, and quietly withdrew the seed the next moment. The two immediately fell to the ground and only then did Yi Ti clearly saw the other side’s faces.

Her first impression was——

No way, aren’t they too young?

In her impression, even if Cecil’s parents weren’t elderly, they should be middle-aged, but the two in front were no more than 26 or 27 years old.

The second impression was——

Handsome and beauty!

With this combination of genes, it’s only natural for Cecil to have such an appearance. And his appearance should be inherited from his mother except for the hair color and eyes, which was inherited from his father. In comparison, Papa Sai* had a more masculine face and with a smile at the corner of his mouth, he looked very gentle.

“Son!” As soon as Mama Sai fell on the ground, she immediately rushed forward, clutching Cecil’s face with her hands and rubbing on it, “oh, oh, he’s handsome again, he looks more and more like me.”

Yi Ti: “…” Was this really complimenting her son?

She just thought about it when the other person instantly stared at her: “Is this my daughter in law? She looks so cute, only slightly worse than me.”

Yi Ti: “…” Narcissists, please act with dignity.

Although she knew this was Cecil’s mother and considering the other’s appearance and way of speaking, she really couldn’t…treat her as a normal elder.

“Husband, what do you think? Who’s cuter between me and her.”

Papa Sai smiled softly: “Of course it’s you.”

Mama Sai held her face: “Really?”

“Of course it’s true.”

“Oh my God…”

Yi Ti: “…” PDA-ers, please act with dignity!

She felt like she knew Lu Kong’s mood right now and she really wanted to shout…cheaters!

“Okay,” Papa Sai smiled then said, “Go home first and talk about it.”

“That’s what I said.” Mama Sai nodded in agreement, and then pulled her son away and pushed her husband to the side. She then held Yi Ti’s hand, “Are you called Xiao Ti?”

“…y-yes.” Yi Ti nodded.

“It’s really great.” Mama Sai said while pulling her forward, “I thought that my son would never find a girlfriend. It’s great that you would want him!”

Yi Ti wiped her sweat. Is classmate Cecil so bad?

“Let me tell you, my son used to…”

“Mom!” Cecil wanted to cry. Mom, that’s enough!

“What do you want to do?” Mama Sai looked at her son.

Cecil: “…” What could he do to his mother? Obviously nothing, but fortunately, he had fully learned from the “topic diverting experts” on Earth, so he asked, “Why are you and dad dressed like this?”

“Didn’t you say that Xiao Ti likes plants? So we spent a few days changing the entire planet into a tropical rain forest.” Having said that, Mama Sai looked at Yi Ti expectantly, “How about it? Do you like it?”

Faced with this look, the words “I don’t like it” couldn’t be said. Yi Ti discovered that Cecil’s eyes might have been inherited from his mother. And even without this look, she’s already moved, whether it was them transforming the planet into a forest, or wearing anima skins…this was fine. Before she knew it, her anxious heart gradually relaxed and she began to have time to think about other issues, such as——

“I like it very much, but…if the whole planet was changed like this, wouldn’t someone object?”

“It’s okay,” Mama Sai replied heartily, “The whole planet belongs to our family so you can do whatever you want. No one will object.”

Yi Ti: “…”

Should she say they’re worthy of being galactic tyrants?

Translator’s Notes:

*Sai: As mentioned earlier, Cecil in pinyin was sai xi er, so using conventional Chinese naming, Cecil’s last name would be Sai.

Alien 168: Because It's Brother
Alien 170: His Family (2)

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