Alien 177: Marrying Brother (5)

Alien 176: Marrying Brother (4)
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Chapter 177: Marrying Brother (5) (non-relatives)

Yi Shao could feel that the events of that day left deep marks in Yi Ti’s heart. It seemed like this matter was over, but not yet. He was looking forward to what kind of fruit it would produce.

Next weekend.

While the siblings were eating, Yi Shao heard her ask in a “very casual” tone: “Brother, do you have a girlfriend right now?”

Yi Shao concealed the smile from the corners of his mouth by swallowing, and also asked “very inadvertently”: “Why are you asking this suddenly?”

“Just curious,” she raised her head to look at him, then quickly lowered her head, “do you have one or not?”

“None.” If he really said “have”, would she cry on the spot? Or would she find a reason to leave the dining table and return to her room to secretly cry?

Yi Shao’s mouth slightly twitched. No matter what, Xiao Ti, who shed tears for him, was really cute. However, forget it, he’s not willing to bully her like this.

Hearing his answer, she seemed a bit relieved, but she soon threw the second question: “Then what kind of girlfriend do you want to find?”

“What kind of girlfriend?”


“Why would you care?”

“…yes, your future girlfriend is not m…” At this point, her words stopped, as if she was reluctant to spit out the words, so she “willfully” swallowed it, “just making conversation.”

“Hmm,” Yi Shao “seriously thought about it” then smiled and replied, “I like Xiao Ti’s type.” Then he looked at her red ears with a chuckle——little fool.

Yi Ti tried her best to resist the urge to flee immediately, and after several mouthfuls of rice, said, “D-don’t make such a joke!”

“I’m not joking.” Yi Shao put down the dishes and looked at her face with one hand on his cheek, “Well, if I really want to find a girlfriend in the future, how about Xiao Ti help me check them?”

“…” Never!

“I only want what you like, if you don’t like them, then I won’t.”

“…really?” She raised her head, puffed up her cheeks, and looked at him distrustfully.

“Really.” He nodded, smiled and said, ‘Xiao Ti, how could I like whatever you dislike?” And, from the beginning to end, all he wanted was only one person, but when would this little fool be willing to come to him?

“…you promise?”

“I promise.”

She lowered her head to prevent him from seeing the corners of her mouth. Although she knew that her act of asking for a promise was really selfish…she was still happy.

If possible, she hoped that no one would ever disturb their lives.

At this point, their “relationship” had entered a period of subtle stability.

Yi Ti naturally got the promise, and then only wanted to get into the same university as her brother’s to get closer to him.

Although Yi Shao was a bit dissatisfied, since she was about to take the college entrance examination, he still held back for the time being. Although he didn’t care what kind of school she would enter in the future, he didn’t want her to regret the past after a few years—— what would happen if she studied hard and then…

For her future happiness, he could still be patient for a short time. Anyway, she didn’t really have the energy to think about other things, and she wouldn’t be taken away by some wild cats and dogs on the road.

In a sense, they truly have a “tacit understanding”.

But everyone knew that this kind of balance on the tip of an iceberg couldn’t be maintained forever.

Just after her college entrance examination was over, his patience almost reached its limit.

Eighteen years old was the age of adulthood.

She would step into a glorious “new world” again, face new things…and a large number of men of the same age. They would be like evil wolves just released from the cage, searching everywhere for fresh and delicious little meat. How could he relax?

He must first pull her into his bowl!

However, she seemed very satisfied with the current situation and seemed to have no further plans in the near future, which really frustrated Yi Shao. Xiao Ti was good in everything, but it’s the fault of “being comfortable with the status quo” that’s really…making him love and hurt. What he loved was that this made her happy to stay by his side, but even after many years of hurting, she still refused to take this step.

So he decided to make a dangerous move.

Soon after the results came out, Yi Ti was admitted to the university where Yi Shao was admitted. This recognition made her quite excited. Although after the exam, she felt pretty sure, seeing the real result was different.

She was excited to find her brother to celebrate, but he went out and didn’t come back for a long time…this was too much!

Finally, the door rang, and she rushed over, but caught a “drunk cat”.

“…why did you drink like this?” She was helpless and helped her stupid brother back to the sofa, then poured a glass of water.

He grabbed the cup several times but couldn’t catch it, obviously very heavily drunk. She held her forehead, leaned over and brought the cup to his lips, carefully feeding him.

After drinking a full glass of water, he seemed to feel more comfortable. He sighed slightly and explained, “I have to prepare for the future internship when I enter junior year, so I drank some wine with the seniors.”

Yi Ti pursed her lips and whispered, “Even if it’s business, drink less.”

He seemed very hot as he unbuttoned his chest, revealing a delicate and beautiful collarbone: “Are you scared?”

She didn’t answer, just picked up the remote control and lowered the temperature in the living room for a bit. She then picked up the fan on the table and lightly slapped him twice, unceremoniously complaining, “You smell like alcohol.”

“Is it really that bad?” He sniffed his clothes, then stretched out his long arms and hugged her. He then put his head on her shoulder and asked naggingly, “Is it really bad? Really? Xiao Ti, do you really think I smell bad?”

“…hey, go away.” Yi Ti’s face turned red all of a sudden. Of course, she didn’t like the smell of alcohol, but…the smell of alcohol on his body was actually not unpleasant, but instead made her feel a bit intoxicated. More importantly, their summer clothes were thin, and since getting close, the high temperature on her body seemed to pass over, almost igniting the torch that always existed in his heart.

He didn’t speak and just kept rubbing against her shoulder, refusing to let go.

Yi Ti, who was already quite uncomfortable, pushed the head on her shoulder, “G-get up.”

He hummed softly, held her shoulders in his hands, and slowly sat upright, but suddenly stopped for some reason, before his whole body fell again.

It was precisely because of this “accident” that she was directly crushed on the sofa by him.


She opened her eyes wide in astonishment, and his lips…coincidentally pressed against her lips.

This…this is…

A kiss?

Stunned, she didn’t dare to move.

And as if his brain was burnt by the alcohol, he also didn’t move. He didn’t even remember to get up. He only looked at her with “confused” eyes, as if he didn’t understand what was going on.

The heart that skipped a beat, suddenly accelerated and almost jumped out of her mouth, which seemed to happen in just an instant.

Yi Ti stared at the magnified handsome beauty in front of her without blinking. This face was familiar to her since it’s her brother’s. Although they’re not biological siblings, they had lived together for many, many, many years. She thought she was already familiar with everything about him, but at this moment, she suddenly felt it was strange. This was probably because she had never seen his face so close.

It’s almost…

Like a dream.

She blinked, and her consciousness gradually returned, but at the same time, a little “wild thought” also quietly appeared.

Look, brother is drunk.

Look, he didn’t know anything.

Look, he probably wouldn’t remember anything tomorrow.

And so…

It didn’t matter if she secretly did something, right?

If…if this relationship failed to bear fruit in the end, she could at least have this precious little memory, right?

This kind of thoughts was very selfish and shameful, but it couldn’t be dissipated.

She seemed bewitched as she quietly and carefully licked his lips, the tip of her tongue instantly filling with the smell of wine and his warmth…was this how kisses felt? It seemed different from what others described.

Although her movements were gentle, she still alarmed the “seemingly sleeping beast”. The next second, her small tongue was “captured”.

“Hnn…” It was too late for Yi Ti to make any response. She only felt that her tongue was in his mouth. He licked it little by little and every lick was full of temptation. Dazed, she felt her brother’s eyes suddenly became very clear, not at all like a drunk person. But she soon didn’t have the energy to think about it as she was completely overwhelmed by the torrent of passion.

Her cheeks were lifted and her lips semi-forcibly pried open as his tongue came in fiercely and took everything decisively with scorching temperature and unstoppable momentum. Then, he filled every inch with his taste, domineeringly not allowing the fish to slip through the net.

She was unable to resist and could only passively accept everything she had never felt before, or rather…she was willingly accepting everything.


She felt his hand slip along the hem of her skirt little by little. Her body abruptly trembled, and her eyes filled with panic. If…if her brother wanted her, then she…she…might not refuse, but in this case…when he’s completely drunk…absolutely not!

However, under his strong pressure, she couldn’t resist!

After struggling faintly for a few times, she seemed to have accepted her fate with tears in her eyes. At this moment, his head suddenly tilted, and then fell directly on her shoulder as he deeply fell asleep.

Everything came to an abrupt end.

Yi Ti: “…”

It took her a long time to come back to her senses. She didn’t know whether to be angry or laugh. Only then did she feel that her face was hot and her body temperature reached a certain level. She stretched out her hand and stroked her visibly red lips, as if there’s still his smell between her lips and teeth…

Alien 176: Marrying Brother (4)
Alien 178: Marrying Brother (6)

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