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Chapter 176: Marrying Brother (4) (non-relatives)

This carefully woven “trap” continued…

In their every day life.

Whenever he found that she had some new and different reactions, the joy in his heart also increased, but at the same time, his strong possessiveness also surged day by day. The closer he got, the more he couldn’t stop. Sometimes, he even thought that if all his designs became empty because of an accident in the end, then it might really bring about serious consequences…

But fortunately, for now, everything was fine.

Compared to her older brother who had unconsciously turned black bellied, Yi Ti felt more and more troubled. Because…

She seemed to mind her brother a little too much.

It obviously wasn’t like this before but ever since knowing that they’re not siblings, the situation seemed to have slightly changed. She didn’t know where this affection came from, but… would other sisters feel like blushing when they saw their brothers?

They wouldn’t, right…

She thought this was wrong, but if emotions could be controlled by reason, then emotional problems wouldn’t exist.

Moreover, she sometimes vaguely felt that she didn’t want to control it at all and even quietly indulged in it, because…

Time passed quietly in this delicate situation, and scenes similar to this happen from time to time——

“Brother, I’ve finished reading the book!” Yi Ti opened the door, poked her head in and said, “Anything else?”

Yi Shao, who just finished folding the quilt, stood up straight: “Yes, yes, but you can’t just look at this all day long.”

“I know.” Yi Ti wrinkled her nose, “Didn’t I do well in the exam this time? Besides, you’re there.” Hey, if there’s a brother with good grades to take advantage of, there’s nothing to worry about.

Yi Shao sighed and pointed to the bookshelf: “Find it yourself.”

“Got it.” Yi Ti nodded, ran straight to the bookshelf, inserted the book in her hand back to its original position, and picked up other books along the way. It took a while to choose. She turned her head and wanted to ask him when she accidentally saw her tall brother standing in front of the cabinet. He had taken off the upper part of his pajamas, revealing a muscular upper body and a very beautiful waist line.

She subconsciously screamed.

He turned his head, looked at her suspiciously, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

She originally just saw the side, but now that she saw the whole front—— this recognition suddenly made Yi Ti blush. She quickly lowered her head and said, “N-n-n-nothing.”


“R-r-r-r-really.” Her face flushed even more, and now she just wanted to quickly leave. She couldn’t think of anything else.

However, he walked in front of her, held her face in both hands, leaned slightly closer, and looked at her eyes seriously. He then asked in a low, slightly hoarse, soft voice: “Xiao Ti, your face is so hot. Are you really okay?”

Yi Ti: “…” This is terrible!

Her gaze swept across Yi Shao’s still naked upper body, then abruptly moved to his face, and became instantly lost in his exceptionally deep eyes. The distance was too close that her brother’s breath seemed to spray on her face, bringing the faint smell of toothpaste the same as the taste in her mouth. Just thinking about it brought a strong shame in her heart. Just looking , and looking, she suddenly felt that this situation was a bit wrong, and almost…almost couldn’t help but lean closer.



She was extremely embarassed and pushed him away, the book n her hand instantly falling on the ground.

“No, I’m really okay!”

After saying this, she hurriedly picked up the book on the ground, and ran out like a frightened little rabbit.

Yi Shao stood there, turned his head slowly, and stared at the door that suddenly closed with a muffled bang. His eyes slowly fell on the hand holding her cheek that looked like ripe apples, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised. With a smile, he gently kissed his fingers.

Xiao Ti’s taste…

At this moment, Yi Ti was in her room separated by a wall, shrunk on the bed with her hands pressed against her chest, feeling the heart that almost jumped out. She felt panicked, surprised and secretly sweet.

She just saw her brother’s body, why would she be like this…

She’d seen it before but this time, why did it feel especially…


She covered her mouth subconsciously, and then covered her entire face again, shrinking herself tighter.

She thought she finally knew what’s wrong with her recent abnormality.

Because she…

Fell in love with her brother.

Once she realized this, it seemed like this emotion would increase every day. But at the same time, she knew very well that it should not be said. Brother just treated her as a younger sister, right? Although they’re not related by blood. Once she say it…their current peace would be broken, and maybe her brother…would never treat her as well as now. As long as she thought of this, she would be very scared.

And so…

[It’s okay like this, right?]

Stealthily, quietly, secretly liking her own brother.

It shouldn’t cause him any trouble.

Although she wouldn’t get more, she wouldn’t lose anything because of it.

This way…

was fine, right?

She decided to maintain the status quo.

But obviously, this was not what Yi Shao wanted.

He could clearly feel that Xiao Ti had a good amount of affection for him, but he could also clearly see that she’s holding back.

He couldn’t take that crucial step first because he wasn’t sure and not confident enough. Although he was 90% sure, what if the truth was that 10%? What if he took the step, but she backed up and fled? He couldn’t bear the consequences of failure, so he waited and waited for her to take the first step. As long as she was willing to take this step toward him, he would walk the entire road.

And so…

[Xiao Ti, come to me.]

Maybe a little more “stimulation” was needed.

Yi Ti didn’t know she was being pressed, she just felt a little annoyed. Since entering university, although her brother chose a local university to be nearby to take care of her, he still stayed at school several days a week. In addition, for various dangerous sounding reasons, her school began to make high school students compulsorily live on campus. The chance of meeting him was suddenly much less than before, almost only on weekends.

But the less she saw him, the more she missed him.

In other words, it’s precisely because she couldn’t see him that this kind of thought became particularly obvious.

It’s obviously a rare weekend to see each other, but this idiot brother of hers said something like “I’m having a party with my classmates and will come back later” and left her at home to have dinner alone. It’s horrible!

Obviously when she came back, she went to the supermarket to buy his favorite food, thinking that the two of them would cook together. Now, she couldn’t muster enough energy… so she made a bowl of instant noodles.

Yi Ti almost gritted her teeth as she finished the instant noodles. After washing the dishes, she sat on the sofa and watched TV. From time to time, she looked up at the wall clock in the living room, feeling that time flew too slowly.

Why hadn’t he come back yet?

Just waiting and waiting…and waiting and waiting…

The long-awaited door opening finally rang.

Yi Ti dashed to the door and yanked it open before it was completely opened by the person outside.


Since her brother started studying in university, every time she saw him, there seemed to be a new change. The biggest change wasn’t the hairstyle, appearance or figure, but in temperament. In this way, he got rid of his former student aura little by little and gradually became a handsome young adult.

“Don’t run so fast.” Yi Shao touched her head with a big, warm hand then handed over a bag of things, “I brought you barbecue.”

“Uh-huh!” Yi Ti was very happy, her previous suffocation seemingly disappearing in an instant. However, she didn’t immediately took the things, but spread her hands out, “I’ll help you hang up your clothes first.”

Yi Shao smiled and took off the slightly thick coat, and handed it to her.

Yi Ti held the coat, turned and walked towards the hanger. She liked to do these things very much. Only at this moment could she feel her brother’s warmth, and…her brother’s smell. Thinking of this, her face slightly flushed and like before, she carefully sniffed.


Her expression changed.


Brother’s clothes had the smell of perfume.

Obviously not like a male perfume since it’s so sweet…

Her heart sank in an instant, standing still and forgetting to move, until she was “awakened” by his call…

“Xiao Ti?”

“Huh? W-what?”

“Why are you suddenly standing in a daze?”

“…n-nothing.” She shook her head and tried several times before finally hanging up the coat.

He stood at the table and smiled at her: “It’s going to be cold, come and eat.”

“…oh.” She walked over, only feeling that taking a step felt so heavy, extremely heavy, as if it pressed against her heart. Sitting opposite her brother, Yi Ti took the chopsticks he handed her. After hesitating for a while, Yi Ti carefully asked, “Brother, today…did you have dinner with your classmates?”

“Well, yeah, what’s wrong?”

“Is there…a girl classmate?” If he ate with a girl classmate, it’s normal to get some smell, right?

However, he shook his head.

“No, they’re all male students in the same room.”

“…” He lied to her.

If it’s only accidental contact, it’s absolutely impossible to leave such a strong fragrance.

When it came to the person you like, every woman seemed to be able to instantly transform into a detective.

However, she was no longer in the mood to think about other things, she only thought about one point in her mind—— her brother lied to her and even lied to her for other people.

“Xiao Ti, what’s the matter? You’re in a daze again. Don’t you want to eat?”

“…well, I don’t want to eat, I want to go and rest.” She lowered her head and stood up with both hands on the table. She didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to talk, and didn’t want to look at him. She just wanted to go back to her room as soon as possible and then…burst into painful tears.

She did exactly that.

However, the moment she turned around, her hand was caught.

There’s a clear tone of worry in his voice: “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Yi Ti only felt the pain in her heart become more intense: Since you decided to lie to me, leave me alone!

But at the same time, she knew very well that this kind of anger was unreasonable. Her brother… there’s nothing wrong with her brother. She was the one in the wrong. She was the one who had unrealistic delusions.

She sniffed and took a deep breath, trying to make her tone flat without crying: “No, I’m fine.”



He held her hand then let go.

Yi Ti’s heart also slowly fell to the bottom at the same time.


“Then go and rest. Right, this is for you.”

A cold thing was stuffed in her hand.

She raised her hand in surprise, and saw a heart-shaped glass bottle in her palm, which was filled with pink colored perfume, and the faint fragrance…was what she just smelled.

“This is?”

“I bought it for you.” He replied with a very natural expression. “When I saw it, I thought that you might like it and the smell wasn’t bad. You’re also a big girl. Use some…” Before he finished speaking, he felt warmth on his chest.

She had just plunged into his arms.

“What’s wrong?” He softly asked.

She didn’t answer, just shook her head desperately, her little head cutely rubbing against his chest.

“You’re already this big, so what are you doing?”

While comforting her, he…slowly raised the corners of his mouth.

[Right, this is it. Xiao Ti, care about me more, more…]

Alien 175: Marrying Brother (3)
Alien 177: Marrying Brother (5)

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