Alien 2: An Impolite Teenager

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In any case, since the involved party said it’s okay, the security guards couldn’t say anything. Besides, in this building, only the gates and elevators were monitored. In the absence of any probable cause, they couldn’t rush into the owner’s room.

After finally sending the two security guards away, Yi Ti was relieved and shut the door. When she turned, she found no trace of the alien.

“Alien, where are you?”

“It’s Sutahna Star person.” A transparent jelly came out from under the sofa, and with some dust on his body, said in a serious voice that was utterly inconsistent with the action.

“That’s too long, I can’t say it every time.”

“You can call me……” Then he uttered a word that sounded like “Cecil,” and said, “It means ‘blue’ in our language, and the word Earth actually means ‘Blue Star’ in ours.”

Yi Ti tested it out, “Cecil?”

“It’s……” The alien from Sutahna Star repeated it.

“So it’s Cecil, right?”

“……if you insist.”

Yi Ti was aware that this guy’s voice was slightly reluctant but decided to ignore it. As an adult who can easily copy “children’s pronunciation” and as a teacher majoring in Mandarin who has successfully obtained a Certificate of Competency in the subject, how can her pronunciation be substandard……this isn’t possible at all!

“This isn’t the point, let’s continue with the previous topic,” she continued, “You don’t know how to recover your energy, so what can I do for you?”

Cecil was silent for a moment, then in his still mechanical and blunt voice revealing a sense of loss, “I do not know……it’s just that you’re different from other people on Earth, and there seems to be something special about you that appeals to me.”

Yi Ti hesitated, and finally replied, “Sorry, I don’t think that’s a good enough reason.” Rational people know that they should not casually relate to such strange things.

“……I understand. Sorry for bothering you.” His slime jelly-like body trembled and slightly curled up. At this moment, Yi Ti was clearly aware of the other side’s dejection. Then, he moved a little toward the door.

Yi Ti watched the other person’s now mulberry colored back with worry, struggled for a moment, and only until the other side tried to burrow under the door did she finally shouted, “Wait a minute!”

The reason why Yi Ti was called a “good guy” from an early age is probably because of this personality. Every time she encountered such a situation, even if her brain convinced her to “leave it alone”, she can’t just leave it in the end.

The slime’s soft body turned to this side, incredibly using the only two organs on its body——the eyes and mouth to show a “doubtful” expression, “Is there anything else?”

“You won’t hurt humans?”

“Of course.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.” During the conversation, the strange alien stretched out a finger thick transparent blue tentacle in front of Yi Ti.

“Wha-what are you doing?”

“Pinky swear.” Cecil replied, “When I landed, I saw some Earth people doing this when they made a commitment. If they broke it, they would turn into Earth dogs.”

“……Pffft!” Yi Ti couldn’t help laughing. This guy really took everything he sees as common sense.


“Nothing.” Yi Ti stretched out her right hand, and the blue “finger” instantly wrapped around her little finger.

How do you say it?

It’s as slippery as she imagined but it’s not cold, it’s a little warm.

After a moment of hooking with Yi Ti’s finger, the slippery blue tentacle reintegrated into the blue jelly. In an excellent mood, Cecil then said, “Earth female, thank you for your help.”

“Don’t call me Earth female, it sounds weird.”


“Call me Xiao Yi or Xiao Ti, either is fine.” In short——don’t call her Yi Ti!

“Xiao Yi or Xiao Ti, either is fine, thank you.”

Yi Ti. “……” Is this guy joking?!

Although that miraculous night happened ten days ago, Yi Ti still kind of felt that she was dreaming. After all, this was really incredible. If she told other people that she met an alien, even if the truth is in front of them, they wouldn’t believe it!

Then again, aside from his strange appearance, the alien was actually quite easy to get along with, like this moment——

“Xiao Ti, can I help you with something?”

Cecil said as he drilled out of the giant foam doll in the shape of Spongebob.

Because of moving houses, Yi Ti temporarily made Cecil wear a “coat”, after all, no one could be allowed to see him. And she couldn’t put him in a box since it’s very easy to get hurt on the bumpy roads.

Yi Ti clearly remembered the look on the movers’ faces when they saw her holding the big doll even though it’s summer. At that time, she felt like she saw “ah” in the left eye and “youth” in the right eye. Her knee suddenly ached, she didn’t mean to, okay?!

This is nothing. After going downstairs, the two security guards looked at her strangely, with the left face reading “guilty” and the right face with the words “escaping”. Yi Ti felt her heart get shot by an arrow. She knew it looked like they were moving a body from a murder scene, are they blaming her?

Forget it, things already happened.

Yi Ti looked at the boxes placed in the living room of her new house, thought about it then said, “Can you help me open them all?”

“Of course.”

As soon as the words fell, Cecil’s body stretched out numerous tentacles. Faster than the eye could see, they wrapped around the boxes and in a moment, the originally stacked boxes were spread out and all opened.

Yi Ti watched it all with wide eyes and could only say, “That’s amazing!”

After being praised, the alien trembled and turned into a pool of liquid. He then raced toward the bottom of a cupboard to hide.

Yi Ti, “……” Is he shy?

Because it had been cleaned ahead of time, the house isn’t dirty at all.

The front of the house was the flower shop, filled with all kinds of flowers. Because of the lack of care, some of the flowers had withered and some nearly wilted. The first thing Yi Ti did after moving in was to give them water, and they now looked pretty good.

There is a door behind the store, which opens into a ten square meter courtyard. There are also many flowers planted in the yard. Because it’s in their natural environment, they can grow well even with the lack of care. Two of the remaining three sides of the yard are walls, and the remaining side is the house. There are two rooms and one hall in total. Although the place is not large, Yi Ti lived there alone, so it was plenty of room.

With Cecil’s help, Yi Ti spent an afternoon unpacking all the boxes and arranging everything.

Around six o’clock in the evening, Yi Ti looked around the well-organized house. It gave her a feeling of unspeakable joy. This feeling was similar to filling in a piece of white paper with their own color. This, was her home.

Suddenly, Yi Ti heard a noise from the shop in front.

Yi Ti realized that she had been so engrossed in unpacking that she forgot that the store was still open!

Is there a customer?

She quickly went over and had just opened the door when she heard someone shouting, “Old woman, where did you disappear to for so long…… Who are you?!”

Yi Ti looked at the teenager who was vigilantly watching her. He looked about 15 or 16 years old and was wearing a simple white shirt, black pants and a pair of sneakers on his feet. This boy looked quite handsome. What made him more attractive was that he had brown hair and green eyes——is he mixed?

Before she could speak, the juvenile’s nose suddenly shook twice, he frowned and looked at her with hostility, “Strange smell, who are you? Why are you in the old woman’s shop? A thief?”

Yi Ti, “……” He seemed to be an acquaintance of the old woman. She quickly waved and replied, “You misunderstood. I am not a suspicious person.”

“Why are you here?”

“Because Grandma Xu gave me this place.”

“The old woman gave the shop to you?” After listening to Yi Ti, the teenager stared at her with incredibly wide eyes, “Where is she?”

“She……” Yi Ti’s voice paused, but she continued, “has passed away.”


The atmosphere stagnated for a while.

Yi Ti moved her lips but didn’t know what to say. It seemed that the boy and the old woman has a good relationship, it should be difficult to hear that the old woman died, right? In front of life and death, it seems like any kind of words is thin and weak.

“So? She’s dead?” The teenager put his hands in his pockets and snorted, “So that human……”


“Nothing.” The other party directly turned around and opened the door, ready to go out.

The bell hanging on the door made a “jingling” sound.

“Please wait.” Yi Ti suddenly stopped him, hastily grabbed some flowers and bunched them into a bouquet. “I know the burial address of Grandma Xu, do you want to go……” Yi Ti carefully handed over the bouquet to the teenager.

When Yi Ti had decided to accept the house, she had determined that she would regularly visit the old woman in the cemetery.

The teenager watched her for a moment, then suddenly snorted, “Who needs this kind of thing?” With that said, he waved his hand, knocking down the flowers in her hand, and went out without going back. After a few steps, he stopped and turned to look at Yi Ti, “Don’t get me wrong, I only had a trading relationship with that old thing from beginning to end. Since she died, it has nothing to do with me. In fact, I would be happier if she died!”

“……” What’s going on with this guy? That’s a horrible thing to say, isn’t it?

Yi Ti, watching the retreating back of the teen, quietly picked up the flowers from the ground. She gently brushed off the dust and re-inserted them back into their original place.

Alien 1: Miraculous Encounter
Alien 3: She has a little secret

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