Alien 3: She has a little secret

Alien 2: An Impolite Teenager
Alien 4: The Secret in the House

After replacing the flowers, Yi Ti simply closed the shop door and went back to the house. When she walked in, she could see a slime with a bunch of tentacles extended motionlessly in the air.

Yi Ti, “……” What is he doing? Is he receiving signals from his planet? Better not to disturb him.

So, she quietly waited for a while.

Five minutes later.

Yi Ti finally lost patience, coughed and cautiously asked, “What are you doing?”

“Staying still.”

“Ah?” She suddenly remembered that when she left, it seems she casually said “don’t move” and this guy really stayed motionless until now? Aside from being funny, Yi Ti, for the Nth time, couldn’t help but think this guy was……cough, a little cute.

“I said don’t move, not for you to not move but……how to put it? I meant that you shouldn’t mess with the room or easily appear in front of a stranger. In short……” After listening to Yi Ti’s explanation, Cecil gave a heartfelt lament, “The Earth language has a really rich connotation.” A few short syllables actually contain such a long list of meaning in it.

“……that’s about right.” Did she just inadvertently blacken Earth’s face?


The loud noise from her belly reminded Yi Ti. She smacked her forehead, and suddenly remembered that to move, she didn’t have a good meal today. No wonder she was so hungry.

Although everything in the kitchen and in the fridge was unpacked, she really didn’t have much strength to cook today, so she simply took a bag of biscuits and a piece of cake out of the snack cabinet. After sitting on the sofa, she picked up the remote control and turned on the TV, then tore open the bag, and “munch munch”, eat. It was not that she abused aliens by not giving them food, but when she tried, that guy said, “I’ve tried human food and can eat it, but I do not get any energy from it.”

Coincidentally, a food program was being broadcasted on the TV.

Yi Ti looked at the various hot and steaming food on TV then looked at the strawberry sandwich biscuits in her hand. She suddenly couldn’t eat anymore. That’s right, this feeling is the legendary abusing oneself.

“Humans really like to taste all kinds of flavors,” said Cecil as he used his tentacles to climb on the couch.

“Ah?” Yi Ti replied without turning her head, “Say, Cecil, can you taste it?”

“According to my experiments, Sutahna Star people, whether it is taste, or other senses such as sight, hearing, and smell, must be far beyond that of earthlings.”

Yi Ti silently turned her head to the side, “……” This guy, no matter how you look at it, only has eyes and mouth but he really dares to say that ah!

Perhaps because her suspicion was too obvious, Cecil went on to say, “This is not my true shape, but a mimicry that I had to use when I lose most of my energy.”

“Is it.” Yi Ti did not get the details, but she generally understood what he meant, so she handed him a biscuit, “Want to taste it?”

He seemed to think about it for a second and then stretched out a tentacle. He wrapped it around the biscuit, taking it from Yi Ti’s hands and swallowed it in one bite

Yi Ti felt that she could totally understand this guy’s movements——no teeth, so all he could do was swallow!

“How does it taste?”

“Very sweet, not the same as the one I had before.”

“You ate one before?” Yi Ti reacted. Normal people are unlikely to give him something to eat it calmly, so she asked, “Where did you get the food?”

“There’s a lot of food that humans put in those square metal things they call “trash can”, but it’s sour and putrid. The tastes of Earthlings are really special.”

Yi Ti, “……” Don’t blacken Earth people, okay?!

Now that she thought about it, their encounter might not be accidental. He must have been rummaging in the trash for food…what’s this sudden feeling of sympathy?

In short, Yi Ti, who originally has a soft heart, felt her heart soften once again. She put the bag in front of him and whispered, “Do you want to eat more?”

In this way, Yi Ti and an alien sat on the sofa eating a bag of cookies and a cake. It was very wonderful. She felt the biscuits are not so unpalatable after all. This may be because the food program had ended or it may be because she had someone to share them with.

After she was full, she felt a little dry in the throat, so she stood up to get some water from the fridge and asked, “Do you want to drink……what’s going on here?!”


“It’s not “what”! You……” Yi Ti stared at the slime, thinking he’s not feeling well. There’s a reason behind it. The biscuits and cakes it had just eaten, without exception, floated back and forth in its blue jelly-like body, looking like trash roaming the sea.

“Although I can taste human food, I can not digest it.” Cecil was a lot better than when he first came, but he still sounded a bit stiff and mechanical. “Not that I care. Soon it will all flow out on its own.”

Isn’t it strange not to care about it?

Yi Ti could not help but ask, “Why did you eat it?”

“Because you asked me to eat,” the strange alien replied, “You can not easily deny the kindness of a friend.”

“……is that a strange common sense you learned on Earth again?”

“No, it is my principle.”


Yi Ti was stunned and suddenly felt that this guy from another planet may be very gentle. At this time, she suddenly felt her palm become hot. She looked down and realized that she didn’t know when she put her hand on the other’s head, like praising a child.

“Ah, sorry, I unconsciously……” thought of you as a human child.

However, why did this guy’s body temperature suddenly become hot, is he shy?

As if to confirm her guess, the slime quietly slid to the ground and tried to drill under the sofa again. Tragically, his body contained bits of cake and cookies right now so no matter how hard he tried, some of his body was exposed and he couldn’t get it under the couch in any way.

Yi Ti, “……pfft!”

Cecil, “……” Drill, drill, drill……

After a while, the cookies and half-pieces of cake from Cecil’s body “flowed” out, and he successfully got under the sofa. He didn’t come out for a long time. Unexpectedly, his “excrement” wasn’t wet at all and in fact, didn’t even look eaten. However, Yi Ti did not plan to eat it, so she put them together in a bag and into the trash can.

As it turns out, aliens are really not suitable for eating human food.

A quiet night passed.

The next day, probably because she was sleeping in a strange place, Yi Ti woke up very early. After taking care of herself, she went to take care of the plants in the store for a while. When she returned to the house, Cecil is already on the sofa, turning over several expired newspapers with his tentacles, and looking at it with relish.

“What are you doing?”

“Collecting information.”

“Information huh……” Yi Ti thought then asked, “Do you want to use a computer?” In any case, it’s better than the expired newspapers.

“Can I?” Cecil’s voice sounded pleasantly surprised.

“Just don’t break it.”

Originally, she only had a laptop. But after moving in, she found a new desktop computer in the bedroom, and the model was pretty good. Most of the electrical appliances and furniture in this house was also like this. To be honest, after living in the house, it made Yi Ti even more curious about the elder who left all their belongings to her.

Yi Ti set the laptop on the coffee table, turned it on, and connected it to the wifi (the account number and password are attached to the router), then handed it over to Cecil. She went to the kitchen, prepared to cook noodles for breakfast.

While waiting for the water to boil, Yi Ti became distracted by her thoughts.

Speaking of which, she really didn’t think that one day she would own a flower shop. When she was young, she had a goal like that but……maybe this is the so-called “fate”.

In fact, other than the “keeping an alien” secret, she still had another, smaller secret.

About this secret, it goes all the way back to when she was young.

Because her parents died when she was very young, Yi Ti was raised by her big brother. Although their parents left them a large piece of property, using the “can’t rest on your laurels” principle, her brother, Yi Shao, took care of her and is very busy every day. And because she did not want to drag down her brother too much, Yi Ti tried very hard to learn how to do housework and also planted a lot of vegetables in the backyard.

Then, she discovered one thing——she is very good at growing vegetables

Even if she didn’t take care of them much, her vegetables were better than anyone else’s for no reason at all.

Then she discovered that it’s not only vegetables but all the plants, under her care, would always thrive.

However, although this was a secret, it wasn’t that big a deal. After all, many people are good at growing plants. It wasn’t like she could get them to grow faster, or bigger, or have them produce weird varieties. They were just healthier than other people’s. They say that “farming is a skill gifted by the great heavens”. At the very least, she is more talented since she mastered it earlier, so she’s not proud at all.

Then, because of elementary school, Yi Ti gradually didn’t have so much time to take care of the plants, and then left this matter behind. After college entrance exams, she thought about going into an agricultural related field. However, her brother said, “I will give you two options: One, obediently stay at home and let me take care of you; Two, find a career that is suitable for girls.” After thinking about it, she finally chose a teaching career.

Although Yi Ti’s brother sounded extremely authoritarian, all his words and actions were based on the desire to protect her. After all, her brother was the best person in the world.

He’s just a little clingy……no, excessively clingy. He just wanted to arrange her whole life which was a little bit of a headache.

Cough, in short, fate is unpredictable, and she seemed to have returned to the path related to plants.

So, it’s a coincidence.

The gurgling sound of boiling water interrupted Yi Ti’s thoughts, and she quickly concentrated her energy on filling her stomach.

When she carried the bowl back to the living room, she saw another shocking scene——this blue jelly alien actually put a tentacle into the computer’s USB port!

Did he think he’s a USB flash drive?!

Before she could say anything, it suddenly pulled out the tentacle and then his whole body went limp on the sofa as if he melted into a puddle of goo.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Yi Ti quickly ran over, and subconsciously used the chopsticks to pick up a tentacle……

Alien 2: An Impolite Teenager
Alien 4: The Secret in the House

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