Alien 26: Called Out By That Person

Alien 25: This Is Your Child
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“Ah? Isn’t he?” Yi Ti recalled the appearance of the child with surprise, then compared it to the Liang Chen she saw that day, “But his ears and tail are the same as yours……”

“There’s a big difference!”

Yi Ti who was shouted at by him: He looked really angry……

The baby-faced young man took a deep breath and tried to calmly say: “Listen well, wolf ears stand upright, unlike most dogs whose ears usually sag; also, a wolf’s tail droops between its hind legs, not like a dog’s tail that often curls up. So the difference. is. very. big!”

Yi Ti wiped her face disgustingly, and successfully saw the other person’s face become worse with an expression full of “you dare to hold this against me?” Before he burst out again, she said: “The ears indeed……” Although the ears, hair, and tail also appeared to be brown, Liang Chen’s ears were really upright, unlike the child’s which folds down slightly. However, “His tail also droops.”

“Stupid!” Liang Chen snorted softly, “He’s naked now. If the tail didn’t fall down, wouldn’t some parts be exposed?”

Yi Ti: “……” The legendary little chrysanthemum?

Cough, did she just realize the secret of why the dog’s tail in anime movies was always drooping? It was for……


“……didn’t you make me think of it?”

“Hmph. ”

“……” This guy was really difficult to get along with. Anyway, “So that means, this child is a dog……”

“He’s not a dog person!”

Yi Ti wiped her sweat, a little timidly said: “I wasn’t planning on saying he was a dog person.” Since the last mistake she made, she had searched pictures to compare, only to find out how abyss-like her misunderstanding was.

“He’s a dog demon.”

“Oh.” She nodded as if she understood, “Then you’re from the same family ah…… what’s with that look?”

“It’s a long way off!” Liang Chen squeezed these words out of gritted teeth, “He’s a native oriental monster, and if we traced my family’s ancestry, information can be found in different European myths.”

“That means, one is domestic, one is imported.” Yi Ti now understood.


“You, I didn’t say anything wrong, right?”

After listening to the “Popular Demon Knowledge” for about half an hour, Yi Ti was finally rescued by Cecil. Like when he left, he walked back to the room with his tentacles carrying the clean puppy demon. The latter was wrapped in a white bath towel. With his whole body covered in white mist, he looked like a freshly baked bun. Along the way, the jelly alien’s tentacles moved up and down from time to time, and the boy kept laughing as it moved, looking pretty happy.

What surprised Yi Ti was——

“What about his ears and tail?”

“Of course it disappeared.” Liang Chen gave her a scornful glance while saying, “Demon dogs are different from werewolves. They can naturally control their magic powers. The reason it appeared before was that he was attacked. Now that the wound is healing, he can naturally change back to his human appearance.”

“So that’s why.” Locals were really mighty. Yi Ti glanced at the puppy’s clean body. After looking for a moment in the closet, she found a blue and white striped T-shirt that she didn’t wear much. However, she hadn’t walked over yet, when the boy, who was put on the bed by Cecil, became wary again. His whole body shrunk into a ball, holding a few tentacles tightly.

Yi Ti: “……” Was she really that hated? TAT Although it’s expected considering the situation, it’s still a little sad.

Cecil rubbed the top of the boy’s head with his tentacles: “Don’t be afraid, didn’t I tell you just now? Xiao Ti is a good person.”

The boy was comforted. He raised his head and glanced at Yi Ti secretly; his eyes didn’t seem so resistant anymore. She seized the opportunity and tentatively put the T-shirt over his head. Sure enough, he did not resist. As she dressed the puppy, she was thinking of asking Liang Chen to bring some children’s clothing when he came at noon.

Have to say, it could be clearly seen after washing that this child had a pretty face. Silky brown hair draped over his shoulder, making him look like a little girl. His eyes were also slightly brown, but just a look would make him shrink and dodge, don’t know what kind of experience he’s had before.

“Right,” Liang Chen put a hand on the child’s head, “I almost forgot to ask. Kid, what’s your name?”

“……Hong Ye (red leaves).”

“Are you born in the fall?”

He nodded.

“Okay, let’s go.” As the young man talked, he held the child in his arms, turned over and jumped out the window, landing steadily in the yard.

“Use the door!” Yi Ti shouted helplessly.

“Next time.”


Like that, someone suddenly came and “went”.

“Really……” Yi Ti sighed, then looked at Cecil and laughingly said, “Cecil, you will be a good dad in the future.”

Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——”

“……” Did she say something to make him shy?

“Xiao Ti, i-isn’t it too fast?” Struggling to reform, the jelly alien finally succeeded after N times and stupidly said.

“Hah?” Did he misunderstand something?

Cecil twitched and said: “You’re a good person……”

Yi Ti: “……” I have an ominous premonition.

“But we don’t know enough about each other, isn’t it too fast to get married?”

“! ! !” Yi Ti only felt a bolt of giant lightning struck her on the head, suddenly making her whole body shudder: “M-married?” When did she say that!

The slime nodded shyly: “Didn’t you propose to me just now?”


“You said I will be a good dad.”

“……where did you see this strange custom?”

“My hometown.” At this moment, Cecil finally reacted. He seemed to have misunderstood something. Embarrassed, he instantly returned to the flat puddle state, “Is there no similar custom on Earth?” Saying that the other person will be a good dad was equivalent to “I want to have your child” or something, searching……

“I definitely didn’t mean it like that!” Yi Ti insisted, “So you 100% misunderstood.” Anyway, being rejected by a slime creature, how bad could she be?

“……” QAQ

Cecil also felt bald for himself.

So he drilled under the bed.

Yi Ti: “……” Did he blame her?

She began to think about how to coax her little friend under the bed, is ham sausage okay?

While she was upset, a young man stepped into this street.

He wore a gray robe and carried a black backpack and a tan wooden box on his back. Without a cover on his head, you could see short, dark hair that was deliberately trimmed at a glance with a few strands of dyed yellow and white hair on the left. This kind of bizarre style that wanted to combine ancient and modern times would attract strange eyes from time to time on the road. However, he’s obviously used to this as the young man walked at his own pace.

Wind happened to blow on this street, slightly disturbing his hair. The sleeves bulged slightly and as his clothes billowed out, it revealed……

A pair of Nike sneakers.

Looking again, the direction of the tick seemed to be in reverse. Yes, this was obviously a low quality pirated good.

“Ah, wu——”

The cat squatting on the right shoulder of the youth yawned lazily. It looked like the most common yellow and white cat, scientific name “Chinese Pastoral Cat”. However, such a cat, actually spoke: “The aura is broken.” It was a young voice, difficult to distinguish between male and female, with a subtle husky feeling.

“Broken?” The young man with a sunny face was surprised. What surprised him was not that the cat could talk, but what the cat said, “That little monster would not be able to do it himself, so that means, did someone move?”

“Probably.” The cat yawned again, rubbing a few paws on the youth’s head, “Will you go there? However, I suggest it’s better to leave immediately.”


“Because this is a restricted area.”

“Here?” The young man looked even more surprised. Everyone in the community knew that the so-called “restricted area” meant the sphere of influence divided by powerful figures. Some of these people had a reputation and some are hidden masters but no matter which one, if you wanted to “do things” within their jurisdiction, then you must visit first, and get their permission.

Otherwise, you’ll die.

“Didn’t your grandfather tell you when you were training?” The yellow and white cat looked at the youth with scorn, as if to say “Can’t you remember? You stupid mortal!”

The young man made a hollow laugh: “Maybe I fell asleep.”

“When did you fell asleep?”

“Ahhh, let’s not mention this,” someone silently changed the subject, “right, whose sphere of influence is this?”

“The old man didn’t say it explicitly.” The cat licked its paw and slowly answered, “It should be a hermit, so don’t mess around.”

“I know.” The youth simply answered, “I just want to find that little monster. I won’t do anything extra.”

“That would be best.”

Shortly after, under the guidance of the cat on his shoulder, they stopped at the door of a shop that hadn’t opened yet.

“Right here?”

“En, the aura broke off around here.”

“Wu……” The young man touched his chin, thinking hard about what to do next.

Just then, the shutter door trembled, then suddenly rose up, revealing a shop full of flowers and a woman slowly raising the door.

The youth’s pupils narrowed instantly.


Yi Ti realized that someone was at the door. She quickly turned around. After carefully looking at each other, she slightly frowned: “You are……” a little familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she’d seen him before.

While talking, she walked towards the other subconsciously.

Didn’t expect——

“Don’t come over! I’ll be called out by that person again! ! !”

That young man was so scared that he screamed and retreated. He suddenly sat on the ground and desperately reached out his hand to stop her from approaching, as if he had done this a hundred times.

Yi Ti: “……”

She shouldn’t have done……that kind of thing, right?

Alien 25: This Is Your Child
Alien 27: Seem To Fall In Love With You Again

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